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Re: A Note About Bitcoin -
"Of course as a currency Bitcoin has promise. But currency arbitrage (which is kind of what this is) has always been a place for the experts. And there are, as yet, no real experts in Bitcoin. Trying it is the right thing to do, just as you'd try any other new product to see if it's viable. Fred, you're a smart guy:-)" - Francine Hardaway
Re: Advertisers Seem to Care More About Seeing Ads Than Publishers -
"Mike, the reason publishers aren't dealing with viewability is that the Media Ratings Council has an advisory urging people not to use viewability as a metric this year. Why? Because there is no common standard for viewability. At ZEDO and ZINC, we use comScore measurements, but there are also other standards. And besides, viewability has no bearing on engagement (and thus results). Our Zinc division is looking for engagement. An ad is now viewable if 50% of its pixels are in view for at least one second. Can YOU respond to an ad that's viewable for that short a time? Or that's only half viewable? The idea of viewability is good, of course, but we're quite a way from the reality." - Francine Hardaway
Re: From Our CEO: Practice Fusion’s Latest News -
"Congratulations Ryan. I remember interviewing you in a pedicab in SF and you told me about the time you put off your shoulder surgery to make payroll in the early days. You are a true entrepreneur and you deserve all the success in the world." - Francine Hardaway
Re: The Dark Side to the Collaborative Economy -
"The worst is #13, where the VCs make this a bigger market than it should be, and ruin it for everyone. It's like crowdfunding: can be good on a small scale, and will cause terrible repercussions on a grand scale, just because of human nature. Once there are a few bad actors, in comes the government to regulate and ruin it." - Francine Hardaway
High tea at the Ritz. Just my style:-( -
High tea at the Ritz. Just my style:-(
Re: Why I Won’t Try to Publish as I Move Towards Tenure -
"Totally, Dave. Believe me, it's all bullshit." - Francine Hardaway
Re: Why I Won’t Try to Publish as I Move Towards Tenure -
"Thank you for this. I fought through the tenure stuff, published three books I consider worthless, and left for a career in entrepreneurship. I've never looked back, and now that I am teaching one class in Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, I don't have that pressure as an adjunct and that's just fine." - Francine Hardaway
"As someone who lives with three "impossible" rescue dogs -- a wanderer, an aggressor, and an escape artist, I know what they can be like. All of mine are now wonderful pets. I had no idea you were a dog person:-) Congratulations on adopting Hope. She will be fine." - Francine Hardaway
Sammy Listens to Baseball Radio -
Sammy Listens to Baseball Radio
Brewster loves Sammy -
Brewster loves Sammy
Re: How to Raise Money When You’re Not in a Major VC Market -
"Phoenix, Mark. We are ready." - Francine Hardaway
Re: 7 Questions Every CMO Should Be Able to Answer -
"I really don't think so. What they're doing is working." - Francine Hardaway
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