Francine Hardaway
Re: How to Make Customer Service Matter Again Part 2 -
"I see this, too. But when a social media person who is authentically trying to help in an organization and responds to a negative tweet, she might be told "we usually find it is better not to respond be ause it escalates the issue and it is posted online." what's up with that? I never get answers, even from Starbucks. I want rice milk to be available at Starbucks because I can't drink milk and don't want to drink GMO soy. So I tweeted @starbucks and heard nothing I went to their acclaimed MYStsrbucksIdeas and found that someone else had indeed proposed my idea, someone else had voted it up, and it was in a black hole called "under review." Well, what does that mean? This particular idea has been under review for over a year. I think we need to boycott products and services that don't care about us." - Francine Hardaway