This is a Doctor Who cake one of my WoW friends made for someone. Looks pretty damn cool!
Doctor Who Cake.jpg
This one goes out to all of the librarians!
I need some iPad help!
Our iPad (3rd generation I believe) has started to randomly reboot itself (screen goes black and then a white Apple logo). It doesn't seem to be app specific but it is almost guaranteed that it will happen whenever I try to delete an app. Any suggestions Friendfeeders? - Chris Topher
I'd do a backup (either to your PC or iCloud) and then do a factory reset. There may have been something that went wrong with an update/install at some point, and usually that would clear it out. - Jennifer Dittrich
It's also worth checking how much free space you have - I've had a couple of apps that went nuts on space (Flickr and Tumblr) and that caused a couple of problems before I realized it as well. - Jennifer Dittrich
I cleared out a few large apps (the Nickelodeon was taking up like 3GB compared to on Heather's iPad it was only about 10% that size). It doesn't seem to have made a difference though. We might have to do a reset. I did setup an appointment @ the Apple store tomorrow, maybe that can yield good news. - Chris Topher
The Patriots need to figure out how to neutralize this new guy on the Seahawks #ChrisMatthews
Assuming the GOP take the Senate, what does everyone think will be first on their day #1 plan: impeaching Obama or repealing the ACA for the....what...54th time?
Colbert made a good point - would they want to impeach Obama (for whatever made-up reason) just to get Biden in there? They'll try to dismantle ACA. - Spidra Webster
So this happened.
She is very cuddly and incredibly curious. She also seems to thoroughly enjoy chicken! She is still going through some gastro issues that she's had for the past week, but I am confident it will pass soon. - Chris Topher
I can't wait to meet her. - Heather
Oh! Basic info: Her given name is Trinket, she is 5 months old, quite small for her age, and quite the talkative kitty...and is OBSESSED with sneaking into the bathroom o.0 - Chris Topher
The bathroom is where that revolving scratching veil is. - Spidra Webster
She is battling diarrhea at the moment. The adoption center gave us some bland food to mix with some regular food. Since we got her home around 3, she has had it 3 times so far. Does anyone have any tips/tricks for us until she gets better? - Chris Topher
A layer of newspaper in the bottom of the litter box will make it easier to clean, and until she gets better, you will have to clean it very frequently, so don't put that much litter on top of the newspaper. - April Russo (FForever!)
Thanks April! - Chris Topher
Minecraft players build working hard drives - CNET -
Holy...hell... - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
The Last of Us for PS3 is one of the best games I have ever played in my life! So good!
Craig Ferguson to Be Replaced by James Corden as Host of 'Late Late Show' (Exclusive) - TheWrap -
Craig Ferguson to Be Replaced by James Corden as Host of 'Late Late Show' (Exclusive) - TheWrap
Oh my god! Oh my god!!! #epic - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
Who? - rønin from FFHound!
No, not Who. He played Craig in that episode of Who. - bentley
okay, my mind is officially broken now. *sends in the Cybermen* - Big Joe Silenced
One Craig replaces another! :P - Chris Topher
<3 Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaig - Heather
One of the best culinary decisions I have ever made: cut up meatloaf as a pizza topping.
seriously, i could eat the whole pizza - Heather
‘Community’ Cancelled: NBC Ends Show After 5 Seasons | Variety -
Siege of Orgrimmar: Cross-realm Raids Enabled - MMO-Champion BlueTracker -
We’ve recently implemented an often requested feature to enable cross-realm raiding for Siege of Orgrimmar. Cross-realm BattleTag™ and Real ID friends can now raid together and take the fight to Garrosh on Normal or Heroic difficulty. - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
Which we're SUPER stoked about because we built a really cool pug team for our alt flex SoO and didn't relish having to give that up for alt regular SoO (we're not crazy about the main regular SoO team we have, which is comprised mostly of pugs we know on our server). - Hookuh Tinypants
This is Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder incarnate: Javier Diaz. [VIDEO] -
Drunken Lego Dungeon!! -
Drunken Lego Dungeon!!
NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! I would invite all of you over of course. - Heather
'The Social Network' Star Jesse Eisenberg Cast as.....Lex Luthor?! Jeremy Irons Joins as Alfred ~ Superhero Movie News | Comic Book Movie News 24/7 -
'The Social Network' Star Jesse Eisenberg Cast as.....Lex Luthor?! Jeremy Irons Joins as Alfred ~ Superhero Movie News | Comic Book Movie News 24/7
I think he will do quite well. - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
‘Verified insider’ issues massive Xbox One leak - http://boygeniusreport.files.w...
‘Verified insider’ issues massive Xbox One leak
White Xbox One? Yes please - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
It amazes me that people blame the government/the President when they lose insurance due to the ACA. They should be blaming the businesses who drop people for having a shitty business model.
That moment when you have exactly what you owe the clerk on a 3 year old gift card. #dunkindonuts
Mocha latte tastes like chocolate milk.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - Chris Topher
CAR HELP!! Early today, my '96 Honda Civic would not start. The engine would try its hardest, but it wouldn't go. The lights on the inside of the car dimmed during the attempted start up.
I charged the battery with a charger and I got the car to finally start. However, the battery light came on and there was a TERRIBLE squeeling coming from what I can only guess is the alternator. - Chris Topher
I don't drive the car too often and in the past I have hard times getting it to start right away with the cold MA winters, but nothing like this. - Chris Topher
Does this typically mean the alternator is dead? Or could it just be an issue with the cold weather? - Chris Topher
Update: After the few squeeling belt starts, the interior lights flicker while the door is open.... - Chris Topher
It sounds as though the alternator belt is loose. That may be all there is to it. - Friar Will
If the belt is loose, the battery doesn't get charged, and it makes that awful squeeling sound as well. - Friar Will
^ seconded for that. A friend's Subaru wagon used to regularly have alternator problems, and that was a hellish sound. - Jennifer Dittrich
My dad was on the open hood end of the squeeling belt, and he said that it was actually smoking. My mechanic buddy said thats typical of alternator problems. - Chris Topher
Hopefully we can have a mechanic friend look at it tomorrow. - Chris Topher
Ed Helms Firing Up ‘The Naked Gun’ Reboot for Paramount - Yahoo Movies -
Oh boy... - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
Yankees Agree To Sign Jacoby Ellsbury: MLB Rumors - -
"Ellsbury's deal is worth $153MM over seven years, including an eighth-year option that could boost the total value to $169MM" - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
So glad everything is back to normal on here :D
Normal? *chuckles* - Jim #teamFFrank
Normal as FF gets. :) - Heather
Brittany Murphy did NOT die from natural causes, report claims -
"A new toxicology report ordered by her father found ten heavy metals in the actress' system, meaning she might have ingested rat poisoning " - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
What's more surprising is that anyone thought she died from natural causes. - Hookuh Tinypants
^^^^^^ this - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
GMA's Amy Robach Diagnosed with Cancer After on-Air Exam - Today's News: Our Take | -
GMA's Amy Robach Diagnosed with Cancer After on-Air Exam - Today's News: Our Take |
"Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach underwent a routine mammogram live on the air last month as part of a segment on women's health. And the procedure may end up saving her life. On Monday, Robach revealed that when she went to get the results of the screening, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and now plans to have a double mastectomy." - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
Yikes. Although it's good news she got a mammogram sooner than she might have been planning had it not been part of the job. - Spidra Webster
Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton's Nightmare | New Republic -
ELIZABETH WARREN 2016!!!! - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
^^^ This. - Spidra Webster
I would hate to lose her as a Senator, but at least she wont have to quit in order to run :D - Chris Topher
I now know not to talk politics with my dad's side of the family. One of my uncles just said that the goal of the Democratic party is fascism.
The fun thing with people who toss around terms like 'socialism' and 'fascism' is that they're often incapable of giving a definition, much less an accurate definition, of the term. - Spidra Webster
Starting in 2014, the only health care coverage made available to members of Congress and their employees by the federal government will be coverage offered through the Health Insurance Exchange created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - the "Obamacare Act.".....that is something I was entirely unaware of....Hmmmmm....
"On 27 September 2013 BBC News revealed Series 3 of Sherlock will not be shown until 2014" MOFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 Cool Design Features Hidden On Stuff You Use Every Day Slideshow | -
19 Cool Design Features Hidden On Stuff You Use Every Day Slideshow |
Just read Clippy's advice :P - Chris Topher from Bookmarklet
IT WORKS! It's tip #1 - Heather
I met with a therapist for the first time last Wednesday. I told him that I had a hard time dealing with anxiety and stress, that I bottle things up inside, and that I have a hard time expressing my feelings.
Today, I realized that its probably due to my parents and sister always responding with "Don't worry about it" in a rather annoyed tone ever every time I expressed my feelings. - Chris Topher
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