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Les Karenjy : Des voitures 100% malgaches à l'assaut du marché local #madagascar #innovation
Faire rouler des voitures "Made in #Madagascar", le rêve du petit atelier Karenjy via @LePoint
"@mattb: pictures from both days of #SciHackMada are now online. what a great event! /cc @harinjaka"
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube de @bigthink - Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube de @dagomc - IceBucketChallenge
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube de @dagomc - IceBucketChallenge
W/ Charles Ratsifeherana (@ Site Astronomique - Belvédère in Andoharanofotsy w/ @hdleague)
Site astro Andoharanofotsy avec Charles Ratsifeherana @mattb @arielwaldman @hdleague #spacegeek #science #tech
Quoted in an ITW: According to @hdleague & @harinjaka, "Silicon Island #Madagascar" is the ever-growing community of fun startups @HabakaMG
Quoted in an ITW: Acconding to @hdleague & @harinjaka, "Silicon Island #Madagascar" is the ever-growing community of fun startups @HabakaMG
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Dieudonné - Le manifestant Camerounais" à l'adresse
(PRESSE) Midi #Madagascar titre : @sciencehackday : De nouveaux projets développés en 48 heures #SciHackMada
RT : @sciencehackday : les « génies » malgaches se dévoilent #SciHackMada via @newsmada #Madagascar
RT @EndNoteNews: .@harinjaka @HabakaMG Glad you all took a healthy break from hacking! Looks like a fun-filled weekend!! #SciHackMada #GeekOutWithEndNote
"Magic Dog and shield" photo #SciHackMada see if @EndNoteNews can guess where the Glasses 8-| #GeekOutWithEndNote
Farewell to everyone who was part of @sciencehackday Antananarivo #Madagascar #SciHackMada2014. See you next year.
RT @aratsizafy: Thanks to all of you for this oportunity! @harinjaka @HabakaMG @EndNoteNews @ScienceHackDay.
Morning workout @Habaka Madagascar Innovation Hub: via @YouTube
RT @arielwaldman: @adactio people already begging us to bring tons more arduinos for next years event! maybe you can make it next year!
RT @adactio: It’s kind of crazy to think that there’s a @ScienceHackDay going on in Madagascar right now. So cool!
RT @arielwaldman: The Arduinos are thanks in part to @manylabs donating hardware for #SciHackMada - we will need to grab a lot more next year!
RT @maxheadroom: @arielwaldman @mattb @HabakaMG maybe setup a page were people can donate one when buying one for themselves. I'd be totally in.
[video] All Nighters Hacking Science in #Madagascar #SciHackMada
RT @arielwaldman: The Arduino frenzy around @mattb at #SciHackMada inside @HabakaMG! We clearly need more Arduinos in Madagascar!
A little-known species of ant in #Madagascar may be the most heroic little bug the world has ever seen #sofina
«@sciencehackday»tokony ho hita taratra @ kolontsaina ny fitiavana siansa izay tsy misaraka @ fikarohana #Madagascar
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