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Everyone should vote. But it doesn't stop there. Follow the rules, keep things clean, and half the problems in this country will be solved.
Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letter are so good. So much love.
Sometimes a random notification sound on the phone scares me at night.
RT @DealsForGeeks: Win a brand new Pebble Steel smartwatch for two minutes of your time. Sounds like a good deal? #PebbleGiveaway
RT @brimil: France Bans Work Email After 6 p.m.
4 bottle cold coffee, kaam mera roz ka!
It’s a great feeling when you find a decent technician/electrician who knows his work, and doesn’t charge a bomb.
RT @DealsForGeeks: We're loving the response everyone has given to our #PebbleGiveaway. So much that we've got some surprises on the way. Soon!
45.5% votes cast in Chandigarh till now -
Tweet ke liye phaansi dena ghalat hai,ladkon se ghalti ho jaati hai,hum satta mein aaye to kanoon mein badlav karenge - Mulayam Singh
Honey Singh wants a hangover *tonight*. So badass, he won’t even wait till morning.
Installation guys without spare parts are like pizza guys without seasoning or napkins.
Honey Singh’s next song is titled Heartbleed Sohniye.
RT @DealsForGeeks: Apple iPhone 4 (Black, 8GB) For Rs.17989 On Amazon -
People don’t want to leave a place like Chandigarh for work, but there are no real jobs here, an issue no political candidate takes up.
RT @DealsForGeeks: If you haven't checked out our #PebbleGiveaway yet, why are you living under a rock?
30 Mouthwatering Photos Of Street Food In XYZ or 30 Ads You’ll See On 30 Pages
Is there any toothpaste not heavily recommended by dentists?
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I patched OpenSSL and due to the nature of the bug had to tell my old SSL cert that we are never, ever, ever getting back together.
When life gives you lemons - Tesla Motors
Narwhal - reddit on iOS 7 -
Would have been better if Chandigarh and Punjab went to polls together. Plenty of folks I know didn’t get a leave to vote today :|
Cooked the perfect cheese omelette ever, even a photo can’t do justice to this masterpiece, you’ve got to taste it.
More wearables. Keep them coming. It’s Terminator time.
RT @69fubar: see, anyone can find mistakes in writing, but not everyone can write a good sentence.
Sounds like the neighbors are playing musical chairs at this hour. Retards.
Mailbox for Mac should be interesting. I really hate the default Mail app on OS X.
Meanwhile Quora has raised another $80 million.
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