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RT @nickwingfield: Confirmed this report is true about MS shuttering Xbox original TV programming. Will complete Halo projects though.
Many* in the last one.
Skipping Coke for some milk and cookies. Seen and heard too much scary things today, wanna sleep like a kid.
Lays is becoming the Samsung of the chips market.
Kindle Unlimited is going to be epic, if it's true.
RT @stevelitchfield: Out and about with the G Watch. It's almost impossible to see! This is with the backlight on, too. 8-(
Case of the missing newspapers each morning has been resolved -- the wind took ‘em all.
Looks like it might finally rain today.
Skyping grandparents is like the coolest thing ever.
RT @DealsForGeeks: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott for ₹476 (regular ₹799) On Flipkart - //a must-have for aspiring writers.
“Boing da jahaaj sii”
Fucking clowns are scary.
RT @DealsForGeeks: We're giving away a ₹5,000 Visa pre-paid card to one lucky follower this week. Details coming up.
Stores that have these are my favorite ones.
One good deed of the day — done.
RT @DealsForGeeks: Register on Flipkart to buy a Xiaomi Mi 3 On Sale Day -
Bought a good chunk of whiskey glasses, coffee mugs, and what not. Now everyone’s like, “online le leta”. I don’t even...
Second lunch. (@ Pizza Hut, sec 10, Mohali.)
Why sit at home when you can go out and shop, and buy stuff you don't need. (@ Elante Mall)
This new TV show with Amitabh Bachchan seems to be too weak, at least for the first episode.
Audio on HBO Defined is messed up. Kya yaar!
My first, and probably only BlackBerry purchase.
Chinese for dinner, it’s been a while.
No matter what website or connections you used, this thing called “sanjog” gets all the credit for getting a marriage fixed in Punjab.
I’m that kid in a strip club when it comes to the vegetable market. Yeah, I always have that look.
Also, must start practicing those wedding-dance moves again.
So many weddings in the family, all being planned around the same fortnight, all in Delhi. This is going to be epic.
Financial stability is an oxymoron.
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