Hassan Ibraheem
Got 781 MB of updates in fedora rawhide, and no Presto. That will take a while.
do you really need that much? :) - directeur
that much time or updates? :) Today's rawhide updates are huge for some reason, I'll likely upgrade the packages that interest me the most (intel driver, plymouth, phonon, notification-daemon, kde* ... etc ) first. - Hassan Ibraheem
I meant updates :) I am a kind of minimalist, even though I was and still am a Fedora lover (since FC3) I am currently using Debian. - directeur
I thought minimalists use Arch, Slackware or Gentoo ;-) - Hassan Ibraheem
and I'm not getting the updates anyway, somehow, all the RPMs I need didn't make it to mirrors yet. - Hassan Ibraheem