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RT @paulisci: How to determine the order of authorship in an academic paper.
RT @KAUST_News: “As a scientist you have to like be in unchartered territory and not be unsettled by the unknown."
RT @ContinuumIO: scikit-learn 0.15.1 is now available on all platforms! 'conda update scikit-learn'#Python #PyData
RT @ctitusbrown: An excellent blog post by @AmyeKenall on the Human Brain Project and the New Supercomputer #opendata
I just got free unlimited academic license from #atlassian for #bitbucket! Sign up with academic email and apply at
obogrep, the fastest way to find a term from an ontology file:
RT @ianholmes: Complete genes may pass from food to human blood
RT @dr: I'm genuinely excited about this Comic Sans replacement RT @craigrozynski Hey everybody I made a font: /via @kaibrach
Brief git repository guide: Bitbucket for unlimited private repos, GitHub for public repositories with plenty of collaborators.
RT @neilfws: Using consistent R and LaTeX fonts …
Perl Chef,, next level of abstraction in managing perl (web) projects #perl
RT @jandot: SNAP - scalable read alignment, statistics (speed, accuracy) look really good #ismb
RT @Alexbateman1: The new version of the RNA search software Infernal is now 100X faster:
RT @yokofakun: NCBI Variation Group has released a Perl module Variation:Reporter
RT @genetics_blog: Using Cloud Computing Infrastructure with CloudBioLinux, CloudMan, and Galaxy #usegalaxy #bioinformatics @myen
RT @lexnederbragt: Quip uses an original de Bruijn based de novo assembler, followed by read mapping, for short read #compression. Smart!, resources, tools and tutorials
RT @ctitusbrown: 1000 twitter followers! ht to @heikkil, who I shall arbitrarily name #1000, even though he teaches <gasp/sob> Perl.
RT @kraih: #perl 5.16.0 has been released, time to #perlbrew.
A list of data visualization tools
RT @fiamh: New standard to follow on reproducible research courtesy of @ctitusbrown #openscience #kudos
BBC News - The myth of the eight-hour sleep
RT @rbuels: Just released Bio-GFF3-0.8 to CPAN. Includes a low-level GFF3 parser that's pretty fast.
RT @fiamh: Visualizing genomic alterations with Gitools #vizbi
Teaching programming with #perl with live code in emacs org mode blocks. All written to HTML and code to .pl files at the end of the class.
Now running the UNIX Fundamentals for Biologist, a three day course at KAUST
RT @kraih: If you're working with #perl, you need this unicode cheatsheet. :)
RT @vsbuffalo: qrqc version 2 beta — complete rewrite with ggplot. Vignette: Package: Git:
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