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Hardly Working: Start-up GuysThe best web strategy is one you... -
This strip was Not Invented Here on Tuesday, May 03, 2011 -
Charlie Brooker: The AV campaigners have created a stupidity whirlpool that engulfs any loose molecules of logic -
Twitter rate limiting and Google App Engine -
Comic: A Quaint And Curious Volume -
At the windmill Brixton to see @bearsuitband. At least one of em is checked in on @foursquare.
RT @givp: Bye, Auntie - I'll miss you...
Bournemouth BSc Computing alumni! Guess who: ! This one's a little more subtle #aprilfools
RT @RobinsonS: i'm lovin' it™
RT @RobinsonS: The decision to make Twitter accounts auto-Tweet adverts unless a subscription is paid, is a bad decision.
Just booked a fancy hotel for myself for the night before our wedding. Fancier than the one we're getting married in I think!
RT @mymindgetslost: RT @johannhari101: This is the biggest lie in British politics - and how to debunk it:
Just what we need! A document dictating our development methods to us from someone who doesn't do any.
Anyone bored enough to double check something for me. What's this timestamp 1305901800 in BST?
Haha. JMeter has a Swing JTree bug it took me days to fix in the @altio applet client.
I don't agree with the article I just retweeted. It's just an interesting point of view.
RT @lpicanco: CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire .NET programmers (via @taq)
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