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Mine is Longer Than Yours -
Deal With It: News is a Commodity, a Worthless One -
3 Reasons Why Facebook Communities Are Dead -
Fewer Choices, Please… -
Going Live is Really, Really Hard -
Mondays are humbling.
My office can't even give away #RedSox tickets anymore. How the mighty have fallen.
Your tax dollars at work attacking citizens and journalists.
"Video of Ferguson police gassing news crew and dismantling their equipment"
War Against Whites? I Think Not, via @nytimes
The internet is live. That why you should #GoLive.
Contrary to trade rumors @TomCaron has not been dealt to @espn for an announcer to be named later. #redsox
Ambulance Chaser in the House, via @nytimes
Paul Ryan and His Poverty Prophet, via @nytimes
RT @BostonDotCom: Cambridge-based biomedical researcher Broad Institute receives $650 million gift, Globe reports:
RT @hornOKplease: "I’m tired of making rich, white dudes seem more thoughtful than they are." One journalist comes clean on "content"
Weird not seeing World Cup doodles all over Google.
Supreme Court gives private corporations religions rights in order to keep women down.
This is for @JonTash. Hard to argue, my friend, hard to argue: #WorldCup2014
Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas, via @nytimes
Great news for content creators and those that pay them.
The anti-nipple people need to be stopped:
Here's an idea: buy a coffee maker, brew your own, and save $6,000 a year:
It's stories like this that give every agency person shivers. Just imagine how bad it must really be:
The Fog Machine of War, via @nytimes
Some day soon I'll remember that I need to write blog posts… Ugh.
Wow. Eric Cantor gets napalmed from the right. Can anyone truly be more right than Cantor?:
Reporter in Utah is removed from courtroom for wearing - no lie - a sleeveless blouse: #UtahBringBackThe50s
Oh no, not Dr. Leonard @TomCaron. Say it ain't so!
Smart forward thinking about not where social is going - but where it is. Right now: (via @cperry248)
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