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WEEI in the morning going on a racist rant. Hate radio at its finest.
RT @dankennedy_nu: Congratulations to the @BostonGlobe for winning a Pulitzer for its coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.
Health Care Nightmares, via @nytimes
Brands, a tweet saying Read our CEOs take on SUBJECT is awful content. Give a glimpse of the actual content. Entice & tease. Don't bore.
Kids these days and their phones.
That feeling you get reading a BIG book and you don't get it:
I'm seeing lots of "safe unsubscribe" options on marketing emails. What exactly is "unsafe unsubscribe"?
Flaw Found in Key Method for Protecting Data on the Internet, via @nytimes
Oligarchs and Money, via @nytimes
Rube Goldberg Survives, via @nytimes
This is an excellent analysis of why Facebook's organic reach is diminishing at a rapid rate: thanks to @hornOKplease
Red Sox get their World Series rings today. The third time this century.
A Moon of Saturn Has a Sea, Scientists Say, via @nytimes
Journalism standards @gawker are amazeballs:
The best news of all is news that isn't real:
Surprise! The Rich Won One, via @nytimes
All the Fake News Fit to Print
RT @akenn: Thanks a lot to @HighTalk + @arikhanson for sharing their thoughts on "Earned, Owned...and Paid? It's all part of PR"
There is a certain glow of satisfaction that comes with unsubscribing from marketing emails.
Hey @TomCaron one down 161 to go.
Preparing for the lameness of April Fool's Day.
A 14-year-old can save the U.S. government millions - by switching fonts:
RT @sarabrody: Necessary. MT @biancagarcia: An infographic that helps you decide if you should shop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods
Reading this blog post will add at least 5 years your life - guaranteed: #amazing #mindblowing
This Blog Post Will Forever Change the Way You Read Headlines
MT @Variety: Advertisers Ambush Jimmy Fallon By Taking To Twitter - My client shows how its done!
Brands waste time using paid distribution to send people to websites - send them to content:
Airbnb, a service that connects travelers w/ people willing to rent their apartments, is valued at $10 billion:
Content First, Website Second
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