Thnk u 4 d brilliant prod @idonethis. Widout @idonethis I wud nt hv usd lists. Bt now m graduating 2 paper & pen (its more productive)
RT @Facebook_Idiot: That Awkward Moment... when you have OCD
RT @LifeCheating: Thank you, Robin Williams.
Thank you @PMOIndia for getting rid of attestation of documents. Now please get rid of company seals too. Archaic & duplicatable for 100/-
RT @ashu3page: The sad part is our watchdog and media is silent on curbing not corruption but Anti Corruption Bureau by modi govt. #saveACB for Delhi.
Thinking Figure1 & Google Glass
Ek se mera kya hoga? My busy charging station with two power banks to survive the day
Uberpool. Uber just added a few tens of bn $ to it's valuation
RT @anura: One of the reasons I shop online is to avoid the crowd, yet I'm getting a message that the store is overcrowded in @myntra :-(
Brilliant observation @themovingcloud I need to say "Jahapahan Tussi Great Ho,Tohfa Kabool Karo"
RT @themovingcloud: Ironic hw the leash we use to keep our dogs frm running free is actually a sign of freedom fr them. :) Freedom from the 4 walls of the house
RT @Powerful_Pics: We need more of this kind of humanity in the world these days!
RT @commonfloor: 'No Darr. Find Ghar' - Check out our very First television Commercial Let us know what you think?
RT @maheshmurthy: I see LIC owns 15% of ITC. So the champion of life is the largest shareholder in the merchant of death.
RT @Vishen: The god awful truth of how we started @mindvalley. Enjoy the pics!
RT @ArkJaiswal: One picture, two stories!!!
RT @MehtaSaurabh52: Ek tarf itne IIT khol diye aur dusri taraf ciggrate mehngi krdi . .. . . Ab kya #engineer badam kha kr padhege. .. . ??
RT @patio11: Treat your email list not like a channel but like a product. People should WANT to be on it. This will help with signups, opens, and sales.
RT @BeingPractical: +1 "@mattlauzon: create with intuition, iterate with data"
RT @nutanc: My view has always been: Founders. First ones in the company. Last ones to take an appraisal 2/2
RT @nutanc: Looks like I am paying myself way too little.Have to call a board meeting :),, thanks @cnha for bringing it out :) 1/2
RT @sbaghla: My fav startup from India @MyAkosha raised $5.2 million. Congrats @singlaank :
RT @acorn: The absurdity of one entity setting the price of a railway ticket in a huge country as India seems lost on us. Makes little sense.
RT @StewartRogers: “@SunniBrown: Now this is some truth.” Always a good reminder! #prodmgmt
RT @msuster: Agree. Wow MT @davetisch: This is incredible. @starbucks to Provide Free College Education to Thousands of Workers”
RT @i_sidh: Sighted. Iron Man @attorneybharti doing the rounds working with people of his constituency, fixing one broken thing at a time. Salutes!
RT @AbhishekGoyal: #GSB14 Phil Knight - "focus on inner calling, not jobs or careers"
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