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Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang

Professor of mathematics at Oral Roberts University
You can now print edible pizza with a 3D 'Foodini' printer.
BBC News - Planet formation captured in photo
The Syfy channel is adapting two of Clarke's works as miniseries: Childhood's End starring Charles Dance as...
I liked a @YouTube video Oral Roberts University: Dear Freshman
RT @ChemConnector: I will discuss #blueobelisk as the most active cheminformatics communities to connect with at the "Inspiring next generation" at #ACSsanfran
Several companies have contacted me looking for ORU CSC/CIT/MAT graduates. All our graduates already have jobs or...
RT @egonwillighagen: why CAS numbers should not be part of open database: meaningless identifier, not allowed to collect, incompatible with Open licenses
@egonwillighagen @ChemConnector Here you go. I'm going to work with Bill Acree of UNT on a new print edition. #jcbms
RT @egonwillighagen: @10705013 shows @newromney and @jcbradley Open Melting Point data set in their #OpenTox implementation #AMBIT #jcbms
RT @WildCation: Up next, Andrew Lang (@newromney) talking about JC Bradley and the origins of open notebook science. #jcbms
RT @McDawg: @newromney "Everything that Jean-Claude did was open and everything he put online was CC0" #jcbms
RT @ONScience: .@petermurrayrust awards four Blue Obelisks, to @newromney, Daniel Lowe, @ChemConnector, and @MatToddChem at #jcbms
Grateful for the Blue Obelisk award I received today at Cambridge University. #jcbms
RT @McDawg: The Jean-Claude Bradley Memorial Symposium was fantastic. JC would be so pleased that anyone in the world could take part. #jcbms
RT @ChemConnector: Intention, collaboration, trust and willingness builds the JC Bradley Memorial Symposium @newromney @ONScience
RT @ChemistryWorld: Open notebook science - guest blog post by @ChemConnector on the life and work of Jean-Claude Bradley
We're in Scotland — at Scottish Borders
Science journal retracts paper on stem cell discovery via "Science is built on trust." No! Use #ons #openscience
The Revelation of Jean-Claude Bradley -
The Revelation of Jean-Claude Bradley
I liked a @YouTube video Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality
I liked a @YouTube video Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality
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