Redesign A First Step In Bringing Order To The MySpace Chaos -
there can be no order in the myspace chaos. myspace must be destroyed, the world cleansed of its cancerous influence by fire. or at least bleach. - hisherness
HURRAY FOR THE VA! they won't give me medicine anymore. now i get to choose between medicine and rent! i choose medicine, i like being able to walk. maybe now i *will* start a blog. how to be a homeless, disabled veteran in Los Angeles. i'll call it Purple Heart Retirement.
on the plus side, i'll be spending a LOT of time in libraries, so that'll be fun. we have damned good libraries, if you know how to use them. it'll be an adventure in urban hermitage. - hisherness
this thing is cached out the yin yang ...
BBC NEWS | Americas | Head-to-head: Refuge for deserters? -
sorry, son. there's a big difference between you and many deserters given refuge for Vietnam. you weren't drafted. you signed on the dotted line of your own free will, so i suggest you learn your regs (LOAC/UCMJ) well enough to identify an unlawful order and back it up at a court martial. get your tail back to the states and deal with the consequences of your decision, because that's what it was ... YOUR DECISION. and yes, i've spent over a year out there, so don't tell me about the war. i *know* about the flippin' war. - hisherness
on a related note, y'know what song i really hate? "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. i HATE THAT SONG. ever imagine what a dog used for fighting feels like when its cage is rattled before a "match"? it feels like that damned song. i heard it once on the street when i came back, someone's stereo at an unreasonable volume. it was so hard not to scream. i hate that song so much. i understand why they want to run. i do. but it still wasn't a draft, and they don't have that option. - hisherness
US Wants 58 Bases In Iraq, Shiite Lawmakers Say -
seriously. just leave Jack Burton alone. - hisherness
McCain gets a free ride? -
well, that's sordid. - hisherness
Jeremy Gerard: Hillary Loses Again -
why didn't they find a woman to report? for the love of ... how petty can you get? here's the idea of equality. they don't go out of their way to find women to report. they don't go out of their way to prevent women from reporting. equality isn't a silver platter. geez. - hisherness
accessorize? well, i always have my towel. oh, and when i need courage i wear my lucky rocketship underpants. does that count?
3AM For Feminism: Clinton Dead-Enders And The Crisis In The Women's Movement -
so, what you're saying is that "stay at home mom" now means "rampant immature angst-ridden stupidity." right-o. and people wonder why sexism won't go away. here's a tip: separate yourselves based on a characteristic and that characteristic will be an issue. do so and behave like an idiot, and that issue will become an -ism. if you weren't so foolish, the rest of us women could make a bit of progress. - hisherness
L.A. to sue Time Warner Cable over poor service -
the lawd's own truth. - hisherness
homelessness ... the US military 401K.
the Johnson's Wax program, with Fibber McGee and Molly!
Our Miss Brooks! yay! i love Eve Arden.
i hate chilly days. (chill + shrapnel) * pain = cranky attitude. enough ranting. suck it up and press on.
really, Obama? you're going to make the VA pay for my pain meds and save my left eye? riiiight. such a gift for rhetoric, though.
if you could make them help me not freak out when a car pulls up next to me, though, that'd be GREAT. screw the eye.
just a small assist on the flashbacks, maybe. nightmares? maybe they could help with the nightmares.
at this point i'll settle for a leader who won't embarrass me. i don't expect anyone to help me with reintegrating as a civ anymore.
good health to all, from REXALL! and now... Dick Powell as Richard Diamond, Private Detective, transcribed in Hollywood
Bunk beds pose dangers to kids and adults -
bunk bed related injuries? it's a gold mine of hilarity, but i bet some kids actually do hurt themselves, so i'll leave it. bunk bed related injuries. - hisherness
DNA reveals sister power in Ancient Greece -
the problem with this is now i'll have to make up stories about these siblings in the stormy chaos of what remains of my mind. dang it. who could they be? - hisherness
Time Warner Cable tries metering Internet use -
oh, now, that's going to have a bit of the wailing and the gnashing of teeth. down and up? ooooh, you hate the p2p. you HATE it. - hisherness
archaeology sounds difficult enough without all of this red tape nonsense. ganbatte. - hisherness
Resurrection of the Little Match Girl - Movie - Part 1 -
that's not the little matchstick girl *i* know. swallow, swallow, little swallow, do as i command you. - hisherness
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Suffolk | Anger over 400 houses left empty -
haha! now *that's* the Air Force i remember. how nostalgic ... we lived in condemned buildings while the officers had new houses built and their old houses sat vacant. - hisherness
Drinking at an early age can lead to later alcohol dependence -
noooooo shit. - hisherness
Looking For Group: Page 153 -
lord ashendale? ... LORD ASHENDALE?!? i adore this comic. - hisherness
batman might be scifi in the "kooky scifi" temporal context of its original publication. it's DEFINITELY not cyberpunk, try as it might.
wah! not in the mood for Martin and Lewis, either! but i think Fibber McGee and Molly are next, so it's alright.
aaaaah~. i'm not in the mood for Dragnet!
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