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Louis Gray
10 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account - http://www.businessinsider.com/10-reas...
The momentum behind people deleting their Facebook account continues to grow. I've never seen so many people choose this option after other changes at the network. - Louis Gray
Quite happy that i don't even have a FB account. - Roberto Bonini
I only need one reason - privacy - Sally Church
Sally: +1 - Jim Connolly
Like I keep trying to tell you, Louis, living in public is for you social media experts, not for real people. ;) - Dawn
Argh. Dawn just called me an SME! Blocked! :) - Louis Gray
there's nothing in my facebook account that i would not put also on twitter or friendfeed, except the audience there would be less interested. i just wish Zynga would stop emailing me - i never said ok. - Iphigenie
Agree with Joelle. - Ashalynd from fftogo
Okay, Louis, you're a social media dunce. Does that win you back? :) - Dawn
Yes, we're good now, Dawn. Thanks! - Louis Gray
I'm just there for the games ;) - WarLord
I'm there for the poking - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Another reason for people to focus on their blog/build their own community vs a social network.. my 2cents - Wayne Sutton
Don't put anything on FB you wouldn't post on a bilboard outside your mom's church ;) - WarLord
I wonder what the other 99.9999% of people who don't care think. - Johnny
+1 Johnny. These are the same people that scream out when 0.01% of Toyotas had recall issues, yet they called out for outright revolt and protest of the purchase of Toyota vehicles. Frustrating. They all need a "jump to conclusions" mat. - Nathan Chase
umm but the brakes failed and people died and FB is being deceptive so is it jumping to conclusions or are the people not concerned clueless - WarLord
Give me the skinny on what has changed. In terms I can explain to my mum. - Johnny
I simply dont like to use a site that makes its privacy settings so opaque. There being multiple layers of privacy settings isnt userfriendly for novices, either. I've not deleted, but I've stripped it down, and have walked famiy and friends through doing the same. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
"Hey, I only killed 6 people!! There are billions of people in the world I didn't kill. And 99.999999% of people don't care at all what I did, anyway. So why are you getting so mad at me? You're the one with the problem. Geez." - Dawn
There is a difference between responsibly reporting the deaths of 6 people and the mass hysteria THE SKY IS FALLING which I see the author of this post trying to whip up. - Johnny
But, still, if I don't change my account settings, what am I exposing myself too? Facts, not scare-mongering - Johnny
Johnny basically everything you said could be viewed by EVERYONE (including applications, public search engines and websites) can be passed to websites and stored forever, just like they already detailed back in Nov (http://www.eff.org/deeplin...). - Chris Myles
I just wonder why people are up in arms that people that are your friends (designated by you) have the ability to see what music you like at someplace other than Facebook (like Pandora). Why does this bother you? You wrote or chose to signify your taste for this music, and to share that with others. What benefit do you receive when sharing that information within a closed wall? You might as well tell your cat you like U2. You'll get the same level of reaction. - Nathan Chase
You're right my cat doesn't care about my music, my dog OTOH... - WarLord
Yeah, they've added some power and usefulness to those EVERYONE settings and now they says the sky is falling. You don't have to click like or even use facebook .. I'm excited to see what developers come up with. - Chris Myles
Personally, I have no problem at all with my information becoming public. But I'm really unusual that way, and I definitely expect the trend to continue. The reason I'm considering going away from facebook is the game and advertisement plague... but that would only be curable by an administrator- and corporate- free social network, and nobody has invented the technology to make that work just yet. - Nathaniel Thurston
Leo LaPorte has some great conversations around this issue on last week's TWiG and TWiT casts. I've seriously cut back my sharing of stuff on FB after listening to those shows; my profile is nearly empty now. - Jim #teamFFrank
why do you join a *social* network to be private? that's my question... - Nathan Chase
Amber, you can still tell your friends in a non-Public post just don't press the public like button! - Chris Myles
Why do "Privacy is dead" variants get run up the flag pole every time criticism is focused on the use or misuse of information. I'm sure Gizmodo will be happy when the mantra levels up to "property title is dead", but until then my fire hose is pointed at the privacy flames. - Micah
If someone wants to display that I read a magazine on a billboard, that's pretty cool! Where do I sign up for that service? - Nathan Chase
@Blu T - No. If I were in those situations, I would stay off social networks in the first place. - Nathan Chase
The best privacy setting of all is yourself. Period. - Martha
Martha - yes! - Nathan Chase
Still, no one has claimed what exactly they're needing to keep private and why. The only instance I've heard that made sense were because of the ignorance of outside groups (insurance companies claiming change of conditions based on inaccurate Facebook photographic "evidence" and teachers who are unable to post anything that's outside of the undocumented scope of "decency" dictated at random by school boards) - I still contend, that in both of these instances, you'd be wise to not take part. - Nathan Chase
Amber, Tomorrow is tomorrow.. I follow the Site Governance board http://www.facebook.com/fbsiteg... and when I get uncomfortable I'll leave. To date I haven't found anything that hasn't been made public without my knowledge. Now you can even use the new API to check your settings http://zesty.ca/facebook/. - Chris Myles
I'm not gonna try to convince anyone to stay on FB. If you wanna go, go. I used the zesty.ca app to check what's public for me and TBH I'm quite OK with it. - LANjackal
...checking out the zesty.ca app. Useful - .LAG liked that
zesty.ca shows nothing for me, empty or error on every set - dont think i can rely on that - Iphigenie
Joelle: Basically everything under "metadata" is private (except maybe your picture, if it shows up). Zesty's useful but it's also irresponsible in that there's not much indication of what the results mean - LANjackal
Between the farms and the mafia wars and the "top news"......It's called TRUSTING someone/company too much - Deleted
FriendFeed has a strong case to make for being an open network that doesn't violate any privacy (because it doesn't collect personal data). But there's an issue about its new owners... Argh. - Christopher Galtenberg
Isn't "socializing" the core idea behind "social networking"? In that sense, sharing personal information on any platform like Facebook is a significant part of it (regardless of the fact whether you are a real person or just an avatar) . The ethical policy of Facebook is surely a subject to discuss, but I don't capture how and why 'sharing information via a public profile' is becoming a part of this discussion, since this is all about how social networking itself is evolving. - özge
The whole question is: can a user define a permanent and inviolable set of private data on an otherwise public and open/social network? - Christopher Galtenberg
permanent and inviolable *forever* .. No! but a user must be notified when changes are made and it's up to them to decide if the value/benefit is worth more than the effort required to keep up with those changes! ex: assuming everything will someday be public (and sharing appropriately) is easier than monitoring/testing each release and reading every dialog to understand what is happening (which I do). - Chris Myles
Well Chris M, Facebook is doing that, and it's not good enough. So actually 'forever', yes, that too. If, in the future, I have to upload my genetic profile to my doctor's office, which only uses the internet, 'forever' has to be there. - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher, I agree but I think this is something different. Your terms of service with a Doctors office include VERY strict LAWS about security of private personal information and it's availability, facebook does not!! .. if those rules are "not good enough" for you personally than you shouldn't use the service! - Chris Myles
I don't disagree. But then we agree we have to rely on legislation, and that terms of service are inadequate means to protect anything? - Christopher Galtenberg
I disagree that we have to rely on legislation, but we do need to take personal responsibility for our actions and understand how we can/will be notified of changes when they occur. See Amendments http://www.facebook.com/terms.... How many users are fans of the Site Governance Page (http://www.facebook.com/fbsiteg...) 1.5 M? How many users read the notifications dialogs that they... more... - Chris Myles
Chris M, I'm not sure what internet you're using, but I really admire the users on it. I really watch this stuff closely, but *even I* am not a fan of Site Governance Page. I wish my internet had users (including myself) that had the intelligence and wherewithal to deal with every whim that Crazy Mark spins up this month. - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher, I just joined! I only found out about it after researching your statements about TOS (I can't stand on my personal responsibility soapbox if I don't).. I'm learning too. Obviously there will be a lot less users dealing with Crazy Mark after this, if my social graph is any indication! - Chris Myles
Paul Buchheit
Microsoft Education Competencies: Humor - http://www.microsoft.com/educati...
Microsoft Education Competencies: Humor
"To improve your proficiency, ask yourself the following questions on a regular basis: • In a seemingly serious situation, what nuggets of humor or irony can I find? • When faced with a potentially difficult situation, is there a way that humor could help? Could lead to a better outcome? • Am I funnier than I think I am? Less funny? Who will give me an honest assessment of my sense of humor? • Could I start my next meeting, presentation, or conversation by telling a funny story? • What are the humorous situations in my life that have taught me something?" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I love Microsoft. - Paul Buchheit
They really are IBM, with three additional primary colors - Christopher Galtenberg
And I know a group of people that will take this page quite seriously, likely test on it. - Christopher Galtenberg
This is just some generic education thing, adapted from something else by Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo. - Gabe
I need to work on my proficiency level. - Louis Gray
"To avoid overdoing Humor, ask yourself: • When have I used humor in the last year when I shouldn’t have? When it may have backfired? • Do I ever encourage a near party atmosphere because of my comfort with using humor? " - Clare Dibble
can't be having a near party atmosphere at work! - Clare Dibble
Actually, the proficiencies guide overall I found super useful when I was there. It is a good to remind you to not see people through a single dimension lens. There are competencies where I excel and others where I suck. That being said, the humor disection is funny. - Joe Beda from iPhone
The humor competencies are derived from the Leadership Architect Competency by Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo. May be we need to give Microsoft a break. - Shakeel Mahate
پاسخ افراد مختلف به این پرسش: چرا مرغ از خیابان رد شد؟ - http://www.flickr.com/search...
پاسخ افراد مختلف به این پرسش: چرا مرغ از خیابان رد شد؟
ــ مارکس: مرغ باید از خیابان رد میشد. این از نظر تاریخی اجتناب‌ناپذیر بود. - Mary
ــ فروید: اصولاً مشغول شدن ذهن شما با این سؤال نشان میدهد که به نوعی عدم اطمینان جنسی دچار هستید. آیا در بچگی شصت خود را میمکیدید؟ - Mary
ــ همینگوی: برای مردن. در زیرباران. - Mary
ــ سیمون دوبوار: مرغ نماد زن وهویت پایمال‌شدهء اوست. رد شدن از خیابان در واقع کوشش بیهودهء او در فرار از سنتها و ارزشهای مردسالارانه را نشان میدهد. - Mary
ــ صادق هدایت: از دست آدمها به آن سوی خیابان فرار کرده بود. غافل از اینکه آن طرف هم مثل همین طرف است، بلکه بدتر. - Mary
ــ کافکا: ک. به آن سوی خیابان کثیف رفت. مرغ این را دید و به سوی دیگر خیابان فرار کرد، ضمن اینکه به ک. نگاهی بی‌توجه و وحشتزده انداخت. این ک. را مجبور کرد که دوباره به سوی دیگر خیابان برود، تا مرغ را با حضور فیزیکی خود مواجه کند و دست‌کم او را به احترامی وادارد که باعث گریختن مجدد اوشود، کاری که برای مرغ دست کم از نظر اندازهء کوچک جثه‌اش دشوارتر مینمود. - Mary
ــ رنه دکارت: از کجا میدانید که مرغ وجود دارد؟ یا خیابان؟ یا من؟ - Mary
ــ ماکیاولی: مهم اینست که مرغ از خیابان رد شد... دلیلش هیچ اهمیتی ندارد. رسیدن به هدف، هرنوع انگیزه را توجیه میکند. - Mary
ــ فردوسی پور: چه میـــــــــکــنه این مرغ...! - Mary
خياباني: من هم مثل همه ايرانيها دوست دارم اين مرغ ايراني در رد شدن از ديگ جوشان موفق باشه. - ostad
شفیعی. به نظرم این مرغ نبود که از خیابون رد شد این شیر بود که در مرغ حلول کرده بود - بهنامترین
قطبی. این مرغ دل شیر داشت و ما هم نشون میدیم که دل مرغ داریم و از این خیابون رد خواهیم شد. - بهنامترین
احمدی نژاد. ما این مرغ رو از خیابون رد کردیم به حول قوه ی خداوندی و میدونیم که حضرت مهدی ما رو دید - بهنامترین
کروبی . من نمیدونم شب خوابیدم صبح بلند شدم دیدم مرغ رد شده - بهنامترین
میر حسین . ما کارینداریم که این مرغ چرا رد شد. میجنگیم و خون میریزیم که مرغ رو به سر جای اولش برگردونیم - بهنامترین
خاتمی . کاری به کار مرغ ندارم. بیشتر سعی میکنم ببینم کجا تخم میزاره از تخمش محافظت بشه - بهنامترین
اوباما. مرغ رد شد چون باید رد میشد. البته مردم من به مرغ شک دارن. باید ببینیم ژن مرغ کجایی بود اونجا رو تحریم کینم - بهنامترین
ــ پاریس هیلتون: خوب لابد اونور خیابون یه بوتیک باحال دیده بوده. - Mary
ــ پدرخوانده: جای دوری نمیتواند برود. - Mary
بودا: با این پرسش طبیعت مرغانهء خود را نفی میکنی. - Mary
قلعه نویی: یه دستایی پشت پرده بود که باعث شد فقط یک مرغ از خیابون رد بشه که اگه لازم بدونم بعدا افشاگری می کنم - mojtaba
برلوسکونی: ایشون که رد شدند مجردن؟ چند سالشونه؟ ماشالله چه قد و هیکلی دارن - mojtaba
ابطحی. دیروز داشتم میرفتم سینما. دیدم مرغه داره از خیابون رد میشه . توجه ام رو جلب کرد. فکر میکنم داشت دنبال آزادی میدوید شایدم تا آزادی میدویید - بهنامترین
شاهزاده رضا پهلوی: این مرغ تونست رد بشه چون در یک سیستم سکولار بزرگ شده و با رفراندوم تونست این حق خودش رو از حاکمیت مذهبی بگیره و به آزادی عبور از خیابان برسه - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
خامنه ای: این مرغ رد شد....من دیدم و نپسندیدم - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
دلقک نبوی: بیایید با کلک اسب تروا اونطرف خیابون این مرغ را بگیریم و بدیم دست نیروهای سپاه و بسیج - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
سازگارا: من چندتا آکسیون برای این مرغ دارم که در برنامه چهارشنبه شب خواهم گفت - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
اردی :))))/// قربونت نارون :) - mojtaba
جانم..؟ والاّ با این نوناشون../// مرسی نارون جان. - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
یکی از کامنتهای بهنامترین خیلی ردیفتر از بقیه بود. اونی که درباره میرحسین نوشته. :-)) بقیه هم بیایید بنویسید. - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
شادی صدر: این مرغ رد شد چون تحمل متلک خروس ها رو نداشت او شجاع بود او آزاده بود زنده باد مرغ - mojtaba
این شادی صدر هم یکی لنگه یه یارو تو همین فرفر هست که از فرط بی جایی و تحویل گرفته نشدن بخارات پایینش زده بالا و داره هذیون تلاوت می کنه - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
تلاوت:) - mojtaba
نوری زاده:دیشب بمن خبر داده بودن که تو جلسه خروسها نقشه ترور واسه این مرغ کشیدن و امروز میبینیم که توطئه اونها نقشه بر آب شده - mojtaba
امیرفرشاد ابراهیمی: این مرغ را که می بینید یکی از جاسوسهای سپاه هست و از درون ایران به من خبر دادند که ایشون در فعالیتهای اقتصادی به ویژه معدن گل گهر نقش ویژه ای داشته. آدرسش هم اینه ******. در ضمن من هم خیلی آدم معروفی هستم..! - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
:)))))اردی - mojtaba
میبدی: من تو " گوگول " سرچ کردم و دیدم این مرغ داره میره به یک خیزش عظیم و مدنی در اونطرف خیابون ملحق بشه - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
اردی و بهنامترین و بقیه دوستان این صفحه رو تا شب بالا نگه دارید کلی اسامی رو مرور کنیم بعد یکی زحمتشو بکشه بفرسته بالاترین ته خنده اس - mojtaba
منصور حکمت: من دارم فکر می کنم اندیشه های ما جهانی هستند پس باید پیش از رد شدن این مرغ اون رو بگیریم و بکشیم و بعد به صورت اشتراکی بین اعضای حزب تقسیم کنیم - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
اکبرگنجی: درسته که این مرغ به اعتراض رد شده و خواهان جامعه ی مدنی هست اما باید به پلورالیزم معتقد باشه خصوصا بعد از رد شدن از خیابون - mojtaba
علی دایی: ببخشید.!؟ ببخشید..!؟ بلای چی لد شد؟ مگه من نگفتم که لوک حمله من هشتم و کشی حق نداله از من لد بشه؟ - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
مایلی کلنگ رو برو:) - mojtaba
میلی کهن. نمیدونم کدوم کلاه به سر ندیده یی دویده بود دنبال این مرغه. حالا من نمیخوام بگم این مرغه از دست کدوم مربی سپاهان در رفته بود ولی خب احتمالا بهش نا عدالتی شده - بهنامترین
:))))))) - mojtaba
فیروز کریمی. این مرغه پارسال هم داشت از خیابون رد میشد. من همون موقع ازش اسم و آدرسش رو پرسیدم. گفت داره میره دونه های چمن ورزشگاه رو بخوره. با خودش کوله پشتی هم داشت قار قار هم میکرد - بهنامترین
غلام پیروانی. به خدا این مرغه حق ما بود. او پنالتی رو برا ما نگرفتن یی مرغه از دستمون در رفت . حالا دویده اونور خیابون بعد ما پول کافی نداره باشگاه که بده بریم دنبالش - بهنامترین
هاشمی: من به این حادثه خوشبین نیستم خروسها و مرغها باید وحدت خودشون روحفظ کنند و همگی پشت مرغ حرکت کنیم فقط ایشون هستند که میتونن مشکل رو حل کنند - mojtaba
آلبرکامو: هر مرغی اگر از خیابان رد شود و نمیرد او را نیرومند تر می کند - mojtaba
خیابان از زیر پای مرغ رد شد نه مرغ از خیابان! - پــرواز
یک آخوند/ این مرغ با پای خودش به این طرف خیابان امده /پس گوشت اش حلال هست/ ننه بچه ها سریش را ببرید و بگذارید وسط پلو و .....چند روز بعد در نماز جمعه/ حلال و حرام - mina_sydney
اقای استیفن جابز/ تهیه یک نتبوک تازه برای ....چرا مرغ از وسط خیابان رد شد - mina_sydney
بیل گیتس: مرغ رو باید بدون پوست کندن خورد چون اوپن سورس نیست :) - chakra
لایک بکامنت مینا جون و بهنامترین - aghah
حسنی (امام جمعه): این مرغ مثل گاو می مونه ..! همینطور سرش رو انداخته پایین مثل خر از خیابون رد میشه. - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
محسن رضایی: من نگران جون این مرغ هستم و جون این مرغ مثه ناموسم برام اهمیت داره - mojtaba
شخم برای بالا نگهداشتن فید - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
احسنت به این همه استعداد :)) - Mary
نیچه: چرا که نه؟ - Mary
ــ داروین: طبیعت با گذشت زمان مرغ را برای این توانمندی رد شدن از خیابان انتخاب کرده است - Mary
ــ اینشتین: رابطهء مرغ و خیابان نسبی است. - Mary
شیرین عبادی: نباید گمان کرد که رد شدن مرغ از خیابان به خاطر اسلام بوده است. در تمام دنیا پذیرفته شده که اسلام کسی را فراری نمیدهد. - Mary
!احمد خاتمی: چون این مرغ از خیابون رد شده با منافقان همدسته و گرنه از کوچه رد میشد - ƌ l i Ʀ e z ƌ
صدیقی: رد شدن این مرغ باعث تحریک خروس ها شده و زنا در مزرعه ها زیاد میشه و این منجر به زلزله و انواع بلایای طبیعی خواهد شد - ƌ l i Ʀ e z ƌ
ایول احمد خاتمی رو می خواستم بنویسم یادم رفت :-)) - ♔اردی‌خان♔­­­­­­
ـ روانشناس: آیا هر کدام از ما در درون خود یک مرغ نیست که میخواهد از خیابان رد شود؟ - Mary
حافظ: عیب مرغان مکن ای زاهد پاکیزه سرشت، که گناه دگران بر تو نخواهند نوشت. - Mary
ناصرالدین‌شاه: یک حالتی به ما دست داد و ما فرمودیم ازخیابان رد شود. آن پدرسوخته هم رد شد. - Mary
Why did she cross the road? - Jemm
الهی قمشه یی. به قول حافظ که گفتهعیب مرغان مکن ای زاهد پاکیزه سرشت، که گناه دگران بر تو نخواهند نوشت پس نتیجه میگیرم که عیب جویی باعث این میشه که مرغها از خیابون رد بشن بعد باید به این نتیجه رسید که مرغها که عیب جویی رو میفهمن پس عقل و شعور دارن. این شعور رو کی به اون داده پس به یگانگی خدا پی میبریم و میدونیم که غیر از این نیست وگرنه حافظ بیکار نبوده که بیاد اینا رو بگه.در کل یه نتیجه بگم و حمتون رو به خدا بسپرم و اون اینه که هر مرغی که از خیابان رد شده قصد داشته خدا رو به شماها و خروسها نشون بده - بهنامترین
قرائتی. این مرغی که از خیابون رد شد ه ه؟ شما بگید ه ه ؟ باریکلا جرعت داشته - بهنامترین
میلاد . مرغز از خیابونز رد شدز - بهنامترین
افیون . مرغه جیش داره رفت اونور خیابون دستشویی - بهنامترین
مشایی: من در حرکت ایشون معنویتی رو دیدم که وقتی به خود جناب مرغ هم گفتم اشک در چشماشون حلقه زد و گفت رحیم عاشقتم - mojtaba
شادي صدر: آن مرغ بخاطر ترس از آزار جنسي ناشي از متلك گويي يك جوجه خروس تازه به سن بلوغ رسيده، به آنسوي خيابان گريخت. - آتئیست
جريان اصلاح طلب: آن مرغ برخورد منفعلانه نداشت، بجاي نشستن به آنسوي خيابان رفت- پــــــِــــــــــــرچ! (صداي له شدن مرغ زير چرخهاي اتوموبيل) - آتئیست
Because not to do so, would be to deny its chicken nature :o> - Ken Morley
آلوچه. اون مرغه دوربین نداشت رفت اونطرف خیابون تا این عکاسه داره ازش عکس میگیره رو نبینه که یه موقع دوربین دلش بخواد - بهنامترین
جریان سلطنت طلب: این مرغ پس از اونکه شاهزاده رضا رو در اون طرف خیابون دید از شوق به اون سمت دوید - ترومن
Peter Norvig
Google's Broken Hiring Process - Google - Gawker - http://gawker.com/5392947...
Google's Broken Hiring Process - Google - Gawker
What do you know? Valleywag got everything wrong. Google is hiring, not laying off. Also, our interview scores actually correlate very well with on-the-job performance. Peter Seibel asked me if there was anything counterintuitive about the process and I said that people who got one low score but were hired anyway did well on-the-job. To me, that means the interview process is doing very well, not that it is broken. It means that we don't let one bad interview blackball a candidate. We'll keep interviewing, keep hiring, and keep analyzing the results to improve the process. And I guess Valleywag will keep doing what they do... - Peter Norvig from Bookmarklet
Nice shirt! - Jim Norris
That is a nice shirt. - τorƍue
You had at least three rounds of layoffs this year, Peter. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009... - Ryan Tate
Further, while you hired a rare few people who got "1" scores on one their interviews, you rejected 99 percent of those people, and you have no idea how they would have performed. Those you did hire turned out to be top performers. Sounds broken to me. (I am the author of the Valleywag post in question.) - Ryan Tate
Hi Ryan, thanks for commenting. First: we get over 1000 resumes a day. We can't hire all of them. I am painfully aware that a few of the people we don't hire would be as good or better than a few of the people we do. I feel bad for the people we have to reject who are equally qualified, but that is the nature of uncertain decision-making. Now what I said in the Seibel interview: we try... more... - Peter Norvig
It's a great shirt. Google is tops. No system is perfect -- so long as there's a weighting for intangibles and accounting for style differences between interviewer and interviewee, all should be fine. - Christopher Galtenberg
Bump. Maybe Ryan didn't get a chance to see that you'd responded, Peter. - Matt Cutts
Peter, did you ever read Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink? Seems to me the other piece of the hiring process to analyze is the cost-benefit analysis - is it worth doing so many interviews and so much testing if people's first hunch is often the best indicator? (Which isn't exactly what Gladwell said, but partially). - Laura Norvig
I'm very suspicious of relying on the first hunch. If you hired everyone based on your first hunches, you would discover that most of the time you are wrong. I've lost count of the number of times I've interviewed someone (either on-site or as a second phone interview), and learned that the previous interviewer did not ask them to write code, despite the position being one that required... more... - Piaw Na
Yeah! Always go with the _second_ hunch. - Andrew C (✔)
While I respect G for maintaining it's high standards for selection of new employees, one must caution against becoming myopic from seeking an image cast from itself. I've always thought that brainteasers were gimmicks and not real tests of one's ability, and using them in real-world hiring is just plain juvenile! While I don't know the details of their hiring process, I'd be curious to... more... - Sir Roxalot
People talk a lot about the brainteasers, but I know I've never used one in the hundreds of interviews I've done, and when we consider hiring someone, I'm not influenced if they miss a brainteaser question that someone else asked. I am influenced if they refuse to engage, or discuss the question. -Peter Norvig - Peter Norvig from email
I've never used a brainteaser in my interviews either. I don't like them, and discount interviewers who use them heavily. - Piaw Na
It's important to beware of survivor bias when reviewing the outcomes of your processes. Sure most of the 1's did well, but how about the 4's? It's easy to overtrain a system, and in any group of workers I've been in, I've shielded the slightly less competent Peacemakers from ridicule by the other Smart Guys because we need them just as much as they need us. - Jason Marshall
Mr. Gunn
How can I make a graph that looks like this, "tweet density" style, showing time intervals? I have a static data set, so it doesn't need to be fancy.
My data is in csv format (time started, time finished, date) and I'm most familiar with Excel, but sample R code would be OK too. I'd prefer something I can do locally, without installing PHP and a bunch of scripts or graphics libraries. - Mr. Gunn
What I like about the above visualization is that it simplifies data like a histogram but shows trends over time, too. - Mr. Gunn
Something similar could be done in Excel by splicing together a bar chart from each day. - Mike Chelen
I asked @tweetstats about it and he told me it's just Gantt chart, so I'm whacking something together as we speak. - Mr. Gunn
Yup, @TweetStats guy here. You can see the template I used on the bottom left of this page - http://www.fusioncharts.com/free... - I just modified the height/opacity of the bars relative to the frequency of tweets on each day/hour. - Damon Cortesi
XML source of the chart is available here - http://tweetstats.com/cache... (replace dacort with your own screen name to see yours) - Damon Cortesi
Thanks bunches! - Mr. Gunn
One day I will be able to proudly say that I had actually met Damon when he was still a security guy :) - Deepak Singh
Hmm...having trouble representing more than one time series in a given day. Probably going to mess with this more later. - Mr. Gunn
Wow, thanks, Neil. I'm definitely going to steal this. - Mr. Gunn
Bret Taylor
How Apple Has Rethought a Gospel of the Web - NYTimes.com - http://www.nytimes.com/2010...
"Those of us who have championed open platforms cannot ignore these facts. It’s conceivable that, had Apple loosened the restrictions surrounding the App Store, the iPhone ecosystem would have been even more innovative, even more democratic. But I suspect that this view is too simplistic. The more complicated reality is that the closed architecture of the iPhone platform has contributed to its generativity in important ways." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
great article. Interesting to see how Apple is building a proprietary empire similar to AOL and CompuServe... hmm. This fact alone has prevented me from buying the iPad, even though I love my iPhone. I don't want to be locked in to the Apple empire when it comes to a tablet device. - Susan Beebe
I am all for openness but some times control is needed to manage the chaos that will result. This is often seen in applications created on the Windows platforms. I am not saying that there are no quality software on the Windows platforms, of course I'm also an alien to that platform, having chosen the Apple OS's for the past 24+ years. I also agree that Apple may have been too strict... more... - Vinko
Let's see, you've never used the platform but you claim there's no quality software for it? I think Vinko's showing all the late stages of Apple fanboyism. I'm afraid it's too late for medical intervention. - Piaw Na
The open platform nature of the Atari video game platform was blamed for its failure as too many bad games flooded the market. Nintendo went the other way, deliberately limiting game releases and requiring game companies to apply for licenses to release more than 2-3 games a year. Then Sony came along and decimated that model with a much more open approach to licensing games. - Piaw Na
We've seen this movie before, Apple PC OS was original walled garden and umm evil ole MS ate them alive now in an even more open computing environment closed is a dead business model and ASUS is likely the one to write the obituary - WarLord
@Piaw, Vinko quite explicitly *didn't* say Windows has no quality software. - Andrew C (✔)
And as for Sony vs Nintendo, I would strongly disagree that Sony beating Nintendo had to do solely with being "much more open". Nintendo already opened up - Sega had gained a foothold in the US in the console market a generation earlier (with the Genesis) thanks to getting top ranked games like SF2 with a six button controller and a non-censored Mortal Kombat. In the next generation... more... - Andrew C (✔)
... But even if your point was valid... Sony was still - and is to this day - much more closed, much more controlled than the PC market. (Back in the days of the first Playstation, in fact, Sony America was reviled by a certain tiny segment of the market for how it tended to reject even allowing some Japanese games to be licensed for the American market, strictly on the criteria that... more... - Andrew C (✔)
It's clear that the next big challenge for open systems is to find a way to conceal the scars that make them look like a Frankenstien's monster. The price for openness cannot continue to be a degraded user experience even if it means we have to work harder to get cooperation between all the parties building on a platform. - Kelly Norton
I understand a strategy of control the core and allow a bit of chaos on the edge to drive innovation. Over time the the edge is folded into the core, the core grows, and the edge grows at an even faster rate. Trying to control the edge I don't understand. Open source shows opening the core also has problems, but the direction Apple is taking seems unnecessarily self-limiting. - Todd Hoff
@Piaw, Andrew is correct I did not say there's no quality software on the Windows platform. There are bad software on any platforms, as long as there are lazy developers. I have seen this on Mac and Windows OSs, but Windows is where I've seen the most even with the limited exposure I have for the platform. With Mac OS, Apple used to have a very explicit "guidelines" for how each... more... - Vinko
B.S. If you want to produce good software, you have to release frequently and iterate. A model where you can't do that (e.g., iPad/iPhone) makes it very difficult to even fix bugs. - Piaw Na
The Open Market always wins, Apple can only swim upstream for so long until the current's overcomes. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
This must be why the 3do and pc dominate gaming. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
@andrew C um, the playstation didn't hereld the end of the PC market. The playstation beat out its console bretheren because 1) it was real 3D, contrast this to the Saturn which was still designed for 2D grunt. Basically, then market dominant Sega miscalculated the next gen. 2) Wipeout. This game blew peoples minds and really helped to push the playstation into peoples homes. The PC... more... - alphaxion
I know the PC games market isn't completely dead, but when Epic, iD, and Cryteam - all former PC first developers - are all shifting to a console-first strategy... I would say the sun has set. And as for Farmville and Maple Story, I'm still not 100% convinced. Extremely financially successful FB games like Zynga's (used to?) depend on scams, and as for freemium games, I don't think it's comparable to boxed games. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
My contention was that the PS1 didn't hereld the death of the PC market... Tho, I agree that the PC market is no longer the powerhouse it used to be, but it still has the likes of Valve (largest independent games studio in the world) with their successful steam store, Blizzard, Gas Powered Games, Introversion, Blue Frog (recently born from former Bullfrog employees), Lucas Arts, Popcap,... more... - alphaxion
OK, 1 that sounds like sour grapes, and 2, Epic switching focus is important not just for Epic's own games but because the Unreal Engine is a top-tier piece of middleware and itself signals that most teams licensing UE are themselves also focusing more on consoles. My real point remains: if 'openness wins all', exactly when is that going to happen in the boxed game market? - Andrew C (✔)
It's not sour grapes, it's just being irked by someone with a massive ego talking bollocks. When he was confronted by journalists for proof of the reasons why they were quitting the PC market he refused and tried to deflect the conversation. Also, the Unreal Engine will always be available to the PC market for use - they wouldn't turn down extra money for no additional investment since... more... - alphaxion
Jason Wehmhoener
Global recovery? The real dimension of external debt - http://jasonw22.posterous.com/global-...
Global recovery? The real dimension of external debt
Posted via web from jasonw22's posterous - Jason Wehmhoener from Posterous
Stephen Mack
FriendFeed's new "Include @replies" feature -- starting April 6, FF is reducing noise by not importing @reply tweets from Twitter feeds (unless the account owner specifies they do want @replies included)
By default, "Include @replies" is off. From now on (starting today, April 6), if you have a twitter feed as one of your services, FriendFeed will NOT import any @replies UNLESS you check this box. To access this feature (only necessary if you DO want to import your @replies), go to http://friendfeed.com/setting... then click on your twitter feed. - Stephen Mack
Note that it does NOT apply to @mentions in the body of the tweet, those are always included whether or not this box is checked. - Stephen Mack
Ahhhh Now me understandy..... - Roberto Bonini
After Twitter implemented this I ended up using Twitter very differently and would send @replies very freely, but didn't want them to go to my 3000 twitter followers or my 3000 FF followers, so I removed my Twitter import to FriendFeed. Now that I can choose to exclude @replies from entering my Friendfeed stream I can bring the Twitter back! - Kevin Fox
Went to check the box to include them, and apparently... "We could not find the given account". -_- - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Penguin, I get the same error. FriendFeed thinks my account is protected, too, and it isn't. - Akiva
Paul and FF team, this is very cool, thanks for implementing this! (And thanks to Kevin and Ben for pushing Paul to implement.) I really like that this is UNCHECKED by default -- that means from this day forward, no more out of context @replies unless the account owner jumped through a hoop for us to see them. - Stephen Mack
it's a good thing I already know all the people I'll ever want to meet, huh? no need to discover who my friends are talking to. :( :( :( the fact that this wasn't the case on FF was one of my favorite things about the site. really. One of, anyway. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall, I see what you're saying, but 99% of the time it's totally out-of-context and just noise. That's how I feel about it, anyway. - Stephen Mack
Clarification from Kevin: This ONLY applies to @replies that are at the beginning of the tweet ("official" @replies). It will NOT exclude any random @mentions in the body (or if you use the starting-with-a-period-or-space trick). - Stephen Mack
Nice! Who said FriendFeed is no longer innovating and the devs are all working on other projects. That's more than Buzz has produced recently. - Jesse Stay
The great thing about this compared to Twitter is you can still enable @replies. Twitter there is no option. - Jesse Stay
Akiva and Penguin McSparkles, what is the problem you are seeing? I just checked both of your accounts and they seem to be working fine. - Paul Buchheit
Jesse, let's not pick on the little guys. They're working really hard to catch up. - Bruce Lewis
By the way, just to make sure I reference the proper sources and give credit: This hasn't been officially announced on the FF blog or anything yet. The feature was added by Paul B. today. FFers found out about it from Paul's post (http://friendfeed.com/paul...), and the feature was first uncovered in Kevin's post (http://friendfeed.com/kfury...) by Jason Fleming. I stole wording from Brian Daniel Eisenberg. - Stephen Mack
Interesting counterpoint by Jimminy here: http://friendfeed.com/jimminy... and blog post by Johnny here: http://friendfeed.com/jworthi... - Stephen Mack
Paul, it seems to be working okay now, but when I initially went to my services to check the box to include @replies, I got the error "We could not find the given account" after clicking to save my changes. After a few tries and a couple minutes wait, however, it did let me save the setting. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Penguin, glad it's working now. Akiva, is it also working for you now? - Stephen Mack
Thank God, they've updated FF with something! - Ciaoenrico
Penguin, it was probably due to Twitter server timeouts -- we don't always do a good job of distinguishing between different types of errors. - Paul Buchheit
This is great - thanks guys! - Martha
so FriendFeed IS getting dev time. whatever will Scobleizer and TechCrunch crow about now? EDIT: corrected typo/brainfart...i put TechCast and meant TechCrunch. SORRY! - Big Joe Silenced
Holy shit FF is still being developed #dead - LANjackal
Thank you Kevin, Paul and the FF team. EXCELLENT</Bill&Ted> - Micah
LOVE this! - Alix May
WIN you need to only look at my feed to see why it's necessary: http://friendfeed.com/sofarso... it's throttled with tweets ~ if you go back a page or two, as I'm pretty sure this feature was in place yesterdayish - sofarsoShawn
when filtering the feed we get from people we follow, can we filter them back out? I already have too much "non interactive" twitter noise in my feed... guess i should just remove all their twitter, if they dont interact here :D - Iphigenie
Good, I like it. - Amit Morson
hell yeaaaah! that's great :) - N.Onur ATAHAN
Sweet. FriendFeed lives! :D - Meryn Stol
Why isn't it configurable through the Advanced Twitter Settings? - Amit Morson
Amit, but that's for how FF publishes TO Twitter, not how your feed from Twitter comes into FF. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Cool, a new feature from the FF team. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I know hey Kol, craziness - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
More than 100 likes -- my takeaway is that there are plenty of people happy to see new features on FF. - Stephen Mack
A couple of other folks who don't like the way it was implemented. Anika: http://friendfeed.com/fabooma... and WoH: http://friendfeed.com/worldof... - Stephen Mack
Not only that I've been waiting for this for more than a year, but also because I see some new developments here for the 1st time in ages... :-) - Ton Zijp
It looks like you could create an 'imaginary friend' (now a private group) and import someone's public Twitter feed and get all the @replies, regardless of the setting that the user choses on FriendFeed. Yes, you have to work to @stalk someone, but it is possible. - Ken Gidley
I'm curious if anyone else a) is trying to turn this setting to on and b) finds that the setting won't stick? It saves without an error, but it also remains turned off. - Bill Mason
Bill, still seeing the issue? Try setting it from a different browser maybe? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah, I'm still seeing it. I've tried it now in 3 different browsers, on both a PC and a Mac. The setting doesn't save. - Bill Mason
Bill, that's bizarre. It saves for me. What if you create a new twitter feed for testing purposes, does it save if you create it from scratch? - Stephen Mack
When I created a new account, at first it didn't work. Looking at it, I noticed that the 'updates are protected' box was checked by default even though the test account was not protected, so I unchecked it and it worked after that. So on my main account, I decided to toggle the protected updates box there too. And it magically started working with that box toggled to 'on' even though my account is not really a protected account. So, go figure. At least it works. - Bill Mason
This would be a good thread for a "dislike" option. :) Count me as one who doesn't like the new feature, either. I'd much rather have had the option of whether or not to see *other* people's @ replies. It *will* reduce conversations on FF that would have been generated from @ replies - especially from folks with large subscriber bases... - Thomas
Yeah, setting seems backward to me too. I don't care whether others see my @ replies or not, but I do care if I see their @ replies. I now have control over the thing I don't care about and not about the one I do. - Ghworg
The feature I would like to see is a way to mention FFers in comments by using the @ symbol or some other character but alas that will never happen :( - BRҰANSAҰS
Thomasserio and Ghworg, I see what you both are saying, but really this mirrors the changes that Twitter made. On Twitter now, you have to be subscribed to BOTH people to see someone's @replies. I think the change that was made here on FriendFeed last week best reflects the way that Twitter works. - Stephen Mack
Paul Buchheit
How to cure your asthma or hayfever using hookworm - a practical guide - http://www.kuro5hin.org/story...
"This is my personal account of curing my asthma and hayfever by deliberately infesting myself with the intestinal parasite hookworm. It isn't for the faint hearted and for some should not be read while eating. It involves a great deal of research, a trip to Cameroon and a lot of barefoot walking in open air latrines in west Africa. If you have asthma, or know someone who has asthma (or for that matter Crohn's disease, IBD or colitis) and are suffering badly you owe it to yourself to consider this approach. Because although it sounds strange and is repellant it is founded on sound science and it has one other virtue. It worked." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This sounds a bit like deliberately contracting malaria to cure your syphilis. - Gabe
Does that work? - Paul Buchheit
Apparently some populations are more likely to have sickle cell anemia because of the mutation that protects them from malaria. - Kevin Fox
I read this article a couple years ago (it's from 2006), and there's an article in the NY Times about it: http://www.nytimes.com/2008... Apparently they've tested it, and it works. - Tanath
Relevant studies here: http://scholar.google.com/scholar... - Tanath
This paper (Asthma and Current Intestinal Parasite Infection Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis): says "hookworm infection was associated with a significantly strong reduction that was directly and significantly related to infection intensity" & "Conclusions: Parasite infections do not in general protect against asthma, but infection with hookworm may reduce the risk of this disease." - Tanath
I suffer from asthma, and I don't think I want worms inside me. - imabonehead
Then I guess you'll have to wait until they figure out how hookworms do the trick, and then turn it into something that can be mass-marketed, which gets tested in clinical trials, and then approved by the FDA, and the prescribed by your doctor... several years from now. - Tanath
The hygiene theory of asthma http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed... posits that the subsystem of your immune system that takes care of parasites becomes hyperactive, because in urban industrialized settings we no longer get the feedback from environmental exposure, which would normally reign it in. The hyperactivity of this subsystem is what is responsible for allergies and asthma. - Victor Ganata
Victor: I don't think it's quite that simple. The meta-analysis paper notes that in general, parasites don't help with asthma, and some make it worse. Hookworms were the only ones noted to actually help. - Tanath
I'm going to have to study this approach - my oldest son has asthma. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Tanath, heh, yeah, it's definitely not as simple as that, but that's the gist of the hygiene theory, which has been one of the dominant paradigms when discussing allergic and autoimmune diseases. Meta-analyses always need to be taken with a grain of salt. Ideally, someone would do an adequately powered prospective trial to retest it, but I imagine it'll be difficult to get enough subjects to volunteer to be deliberately infected with parasites. - Victor Ganata
Jess: That would be one way to do it... LOL. I'm sure there's other ways, but if not... could still be worth it. Better to know about the option, anyway. LOL, Cristo! - Tanath
wouldn't it be great to go back in time 60, 70 years and explain that in the 21st Century, infecting yourself with hookworms is considered cutting-edge medicine. also leeches are used in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. medicinal maggots are used to destroy necrotic tissue. and people pay extra money for food and drink that have been loaded up with gut bacteria (probiotics). also, we believe in bodily humors called "neurotransmitters" :-D - Karim
Cristo, yeah, when you put it that way, the 21st Century looks pretty incomprehensible. :-D "see, Twitter is like the wireless, only everybody sends short messages about what they are eating... no, really, the company is valued in the billions of dollars...." - Karim
I think I'd rather just have hay fever, man. (Well, assuming this works, it's also a shame there isn't some way to create hookworm-filled capsules that could directly deliver the works to the GI tract...) - Andrew C (✔)
Well, if the theory is right, the hookworm has to enter the bloodstream in order to fully activate the cascade of signaling molecules, which the hookworm can't do directly from the gut. I'm thinking that if they figure this out, they'll probably be able to just remove the actual hookworm from the equation, and just manipulate the appropriate molecules and receptors to stimulate certain pathways and inhibit others. - Victor Ganata
Ah. Then I definitely would prefer to just have hay fever and deal with it with the regular allergy medication for now. - Andrew C (✔)
Fighting Allergies by Mimicking Parasitic Worms - http://www.technologyreview.com/biomedi... - Ashish
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
"Stanford scientists' open-source camera could change photography by giving programmers anywhere the power to change camera features and create new possibilities. Jack Hubbard Stanford professor Marc Levoy plans to develop and manufacture the "Frankencamera" as a platform that will first be available at minimal cost to fellow computational photography researchers. L.A. Cicero Marc Levoy, professor of Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering and graduate student Andrew Adams with the open source camera. BY DAVID ORENSTEIN Stanford photo scientists are out to reinvent digital photography with the introduction of an open-source digital camera, which will give programmers around the world the chance to create software that will teach cameras new tricks. If the technology catches on, camera performance will be no longer be limited by the software that comes pre-installed by the manufacturer. Virtually all the features of the Stanford camera – focus, exposure, shutter speed, flash,... more... - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML from Bookmarklet
Ken Sheppardson
Twitter Shuts Down StatTweets: Should Developers Be Concerned? - http://mashable.com/2009...
Twitter Shuts Down StatTweets: Should Developers Be Concerned? - http://mashable.com/2009/05/04/stattweets-shutdown/
"StatTweets is a like a microblog network, where users can follow their favorite team and use the hashtag #StatMe to request statistics via Twitter. It’s a pretty neat service that avid sports fans would no doubt love. In fact, according to their post on the matter, StatTweets had managed to amass over 63,000 followers from their launch date in December until two weeks ago, when they say their accounts were suspended without warning." - Ken Sheppardson from Bookmarklet
Is this whole account getting shut down without warning thing even news any more? - Jesse Stay
Robert Scoble
Hmm, I am not surprised Twitter developers are writing me telling me how they feel betrayed by Twitter. They did that to me a year ago.
I did that 3 years ago, then 2 years ago, and even a year ago - I'm over it. Twitter even provided their own auto follow for awhile. They replaced lots of my features. So what. I can't believe this is such a surprise. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I have written a number of articles about the subject myself. Still, people are shocked. - Holden Page
No idea why. Twitter is IMO, making some of its smartest moves with this. - Holden Page
Deepak Singh
Moving on from what’s comfortable - http://mndoci.com/2010...
There is a flip side to this with things like Power Pivot that Excel may become both powerful enough to support different data forms natively as well as hiding that complexity behind a familiar interface - and that stuff from the Freebase guys is really impressive in that way as well. - Cameron Neylon
Definitely, and there are some projects that put an excel-like interface in front of Hadoop, but if you really want to do multi-dimensional analysis you need more robust approaches. - Deepak Singh
From an non-bioinformaticians perspective, there's another flipside. Excel is a low-threshold app for researchers who need to do programming-like tasks and do not know programming. Also, my experience is that our IT-professionals generally like it when we present them with an excel front-end that they can use for further development of data-handling. Taking away excel seems to me to be a great loss. Building on excel appears more productive. - Nils Reinton
Preserving the spreadsheet interface while extending the underlying capabilities would be a step in the right direction. For example BeanSheet http://bsheet.sourceforge.net/ includes a full Java interpreter, allowing far more robust programming than Excel's VBscript support. - Mike Chelen
Mike is heading down the right track. You can keep spreadsheet like interfaces. That's a presentation issue. I am talking about what you're doing. If you're using excel to do multi-table joins for a 2 TB database then you have problems - Deepak Singh
One specific situation that I am talking about here, 90% of time was spent just managing data in spreadsheets as opposed to having a robust data management system. Try storing technical replicates, biological replicates, treatment conditions, time points, associated metadata, etc all in a set of spreadsheets and try getting some biology out of that, and now do that for multiple terabytes of data. Non-starter - Deepak Singh
Good timing of the post. I think I convinced one of my colleagues today to move a project (that started a few months ago) from Excel to a relational database. Most users don't see the limitations of Excel. My arguments today: doesn't work for multiple users, difficult to connect multiple tables. - Martin Fenner
Deepak: Is Excel fundamentally less efficient at performing queries than any other database? If the desktop systems are underpowered, perhaps a client-server model would let dedicated boxes do the heavy lifting, used for example in Google spreadsheet. - Mike Chelen
Mike ... yes. It's not designed to be a query system that understands relationships - Deepak Singh from IM
Chris Messina
I love that Microsoft is now all about teh open: Microsoft Web Camps: free, fun, and open to all Make Web, Not War http://www.webcamps.ms
Louis Gray
The money made by Microsoft, Apple and Google, 1985 until today - http://royal.pingdom.com/2010...
great data and for now BillG and SteveB remain the Kings - Thomas Power
Christofer Hoff
In an Apple-esque move Twitter will now only allow access via Tweetie. All other sw using APIs will have to be written in ADA or LISP.
Jesse Stay
RT @davewiner: The guys who make Twitter clients that aren't acquired by Twitter are going to wish they had federated independently of Twitter.
A post that talked about just that directionality, for Seesmic, from last year. http://ff.im/3c8MN - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The wise developers don't feel threatened by this. I've been through this for 3 years. You compete and move on. Twitter never does anything "the best". They may have the platform to promote it on, but there are plenty of other platforms to make a success. It's fun to laugh at though. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I think you're one of the few who actually prepped for it, in some fashion, though from what I can assume the majority of your services are Twitter-centric, you've also done some diversification into Facebook. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy, there's still much I need to do, but I'm just used to it. The fact is Twitter is going to put you out of business very likely. It's a risk of doing business. 90% of all businesses fail. You quit, compete, or move on. - Jesse Stay
I'd think that they would have purchased SocialToo by now for phishing protection, but apparently they're more willing to throw roadblocks at you and go it their own. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy I would love that, but Twitter only buys on rare occasions. I'm unaware of anyone inside Twitter that uses SocialToo, also, so it's a tough sell. - Jesse Stay
Yeah, they've only previously purchased Summize, which was for their search, and Tweetie, those are the only two I know of. So it would be a tough sell. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Bruce Lewis
I like to say what she says #mow. - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
I like to say what she says #mow.
(would have made more sense with another Moment of Win.) - Bruce Lewis from Bookmarklet
heh heh - Josh Haley
Brian Lyttle
RT @loadstorm: USS Yorktown, SmartShip: crew entered a "0" into date entry form, ship was dead in the water for nearly 3 hrs. “Divide by 0” error. #bug
Robert Scoble
RT @mikeash: What's the motivation behind Apple's new ban on non-C languages on the iPhone? It just makes no sense to me.
I don't think they want dynamic languages because then you could download programs on the fly that would bypass their static checks and review process. It only seems like a real computer :-) - Todd Hoff
Sorry, that was for the old restrictions. I didn't realize there were even newer more horribler restrictions. Seems like they don't want development for the iphone commoditized so that just one app can run everywhere. Lock-in. - Todd Hoff
laura "@pistachio" fitton
"got brass... in pocket..." (SO stoked for S's - my first born - first Red Sox game tonight!!!) http://yfrog.com/ju6quj
"got brass... in pocket..." (SO stoked for S's - my first born - first Red Sox game tonight!!!) http://yfrog.com/ju6quj
We all went to our first Red Sox game last summer at Fenway - it is an experience everyone must have - Jesse Stay
Posted via web from Docking Bay 94 http://jeffisageek.posterous.com - (jeff)isageek from Posterous
That just gave me a major case of heartburn. - Damien Franco
I'm no physicist, but I doubt that could achieve warp velocity. - Marty
phire pharton torpedoze! - Big Joe Silenced
that photo is making my already supercritical warp core buckle and implode. - Big Joe Silenced
Louis Gray
Graphs: FriendFeed's Fade From the View of Downstream Traffic - http://blog.louisgray.com/2010...
Graphs: FriendFeed's Fade From the View of Downstream Traffic
Not beating a 'dead' horse but FriendFeed is definatlely a more social/non hardcore place now. That may be the largest reason. - Johnny from iPhone
RTFA. :) I said that a bunch of times. - Louis Gray
I know, I read it twice. - Johnny from iPhone
Keep using it. - Johnny from iPhone
Keep using it for social if you want, just know what you're going to get. - Louis Gray
FWIW, I still get the vast majority of tech news from here (outside of podcasts). Discussion is a feature, not THE feature. - Johnny from iPhone
And Johnny, you know I do both here. I use Google Reader a lot, obviously, and some is from Twitter as well - made much more useful ever since I unfollowed about 14,000 people. But I thought I would share the numbers. I had an inkling it was like this, but finally ran the stats this week. This is not a criticism here at all, as you know. - Louis Gray
Oh. And referrals from SocialMedian.com are at Zero. :) <wink> - Louis Gray
This article made me a little bit sad. - DGentry
:) - Johnny from iPhone
Damn, the way you guys are talking about social vs. tech news is making me feel stupid. - Lo
I never really had much traffic to any of my blogs from friendfeed, until recently. But it's traffic coming from some rather old items that have no likes or comments here, which leads me to believe that it's really originating from search engines and not members. - April Russo (FForever!)
We had to let go of our Friendfeed integration. Their API had 20 sec response time and they won't respond to support inquiries. Sad but time to let go. - Stephan Osmont
What Louis has said is true - it's not a traffic generator any more like it used to be. That doesn't mean it still doesn't have its place, but for some people, where it used to make sense, it no longer does. - Jesse Stay
Louis, you're delivering the long tail of hard news; but it's no secret the site has abandonment issues and it shows, and we all know it on some level (Stephan, that's sad commentary and must be frustrating, but thank you for logging it here). What do we do now? Everyone has to decide that for themselves, and there's no one answer. - Micah
This isn't a "Louis Leaves FriendFeed" post. I'll never too that. I'm addicted and part of this place. :) Just explaining what I've seen and also reinforcing how big a place it _used_ to be for driving traffic. - Louis Gray
Nice post, thanks. - Oguz Serdar from Android
The most distressing comment is Stephan's. - Nick in Manila
Tech news has slowly but surely been decreasing and been taken over by social conversation for a long time now. Tech is still out there but its a nice balance now I think. - Kol Tregaskes
It's good to know traffic on your site is increasing, Louis and this fact alone would make the contribution of FF less if you are not getting new followers here. But I can't deny the logic behind what you are reporting. The fact remains that it's only ever about the people who are here. If you can find the people you want (for traffic, interaction, friendship, whatever) then you stay... more... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Kol Tregaskes
So #FriendFeed is just a bunch of cliques and won't let anyone new in or there are no new users getting popular?
A lot of people say that but I seen new people getting popular. You just need to engage with others a lot first then others will eventually engage back with you. FF needs a lot of work put into it but you get the rewards. - Kol Tregaskes
Which Ginger? - Kol Tregaskes
Ah OK. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I find it's much like any other online forum: A small circle of very prolific users who mostly engage each other, surrounded by a lot of people who post infrequently. - rowlikeagirl
Am I in a clique? I don't think so. - Shawna Benson
Shawna, I don't feel like I'm in a clique, at least not in a negative way. There are a lot of regulars here and a bunch of people I follow more than others but I'll chat to anyone and always welcoming new users to FriendFeed. - Kol Tregaskes
I see a lot of newbies when I search for them (when search is working, that is) and welcome them but they rarely ever subscribe to me, comment back, or seem to have any activity past the initial "I'm new!" post plus their imported (and abandoned) feeds. I don't think the problem is cliques as much as it is new people just not putting forth effort or trying to get involved. - Rochelle
The only people who see cliques in a negative way are people who think that they're excluded. People naturally form little groups. Nothing wrong with it except when you actively exclude people. I don't see that happening here. - Akiva
People get popular all the time; Mary Carmen hasn't been on as long as others, but is very popular. You see people rise all the time. - RAPatton from iPhone
Ginger is indeed awesome. Granted, I've known her for my whole life, so I can say that. :) Seriously, I see the same thing Rochelle does. Some new people jump in and embrace FF, and other try it out, don't do much with it, and move on. - LB needs a break.
I am a relatively new user. I find I don't have the time to put effort into getting noticed on FF (commenting on other threads etc.). I actively use it and maintain my feed but keep a low profile. - Pavan
FriendFeed is small compared to other social nets, but it's still big enough to have a variety of people. Some will form cliques, some will actively exclude people (taking their feed private and removing followers) and others will be generally open. You just have to look around. - Bruce Lewis
I've been here a little over a year but I'm not that active. I'm really surprised how many people subscribe to me, especially as I don't subscribe first. I got some attention as a very new newbie and it seemed to grow with the sort of 2nd hand way you get people into your feed. - Heather
I (shockingly) agree with Joe. I have a private feed. I get a lot of subscription requests. When someone requests a subscription, I check out their feed and oftentimes, approve them. I just like to know who is reading my feed first. - Rochelle
Not to get too semantic here, but a clique is exclusive, so either you're not in a clique because you're not excluding people or you are excluding people because you're in a clique. If you feel like you're being excluded maybe you are, maybe you aren't... i'm just saying that clique is a pejorative term and to say that it's not is just wrong... (imho) - Chris Heath
You mean *sniffle* I'm NOT popular? I guess I'll have to keep trying. Seriously though. I'm NOT popular, I know a couple people, follow a few feeds and still enjoy myself. Seems to me the most popular feeds arent all that worried about being popular. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Chris, oy vey, semantic arguments are so very boring but I'll clarify: a group of people is just a group of people; it only seems to be a clique when you think that you're being excluded. - Akiva
I can see how people with private feeds might be seen by others (on the outside looking in) as being exclusive - i rarely will request a sub to someone with a private feed - i figure that they're the one with the private feed, they'll have to sub to me - Chris Heath
not to get too deep down this rabbit hole, but -- "it only seems to be a clique when you think that you're being excluded." or you are being excluded -- and with a private feed you're excluding by default -- just sayin - Chris Heath
Okay. But I wasn't talking about private feeds. - Akiva
Kinda hard to answer that. But, since I seem to have little interaction lately I just use this as an thing to post stuff to Twitter if I need to. - Outsanity
sure, but isn't that part of where the clique perception comes from? - Chris Heath
Doubtful, Chris. Most of the most prolific (and arguably popular) FriendFeeders don't have private feeds. If there are a group of people with private feeds who only subscribe to each other and accept subscription requests from no one new, it's news to me. - Akiva
Heh. Joe has me blocked, so I don't think I'm especially welcome to join his feed. - Rochelle
but it says you have a private feed... it just turns a stranger away... maybe that's the barrier to entry that you want to have for subscribers... and that's fine it's your choice... i'm just sayin it turns people off - Chris Heath
I agree with Chris. I simply don't subscribe to people with private feeds unless I start interacting with them a lot in comments on other posts which is fairly rare. I just don't see it as cliquish behavior. People have a right to control their privacy online. - Akiva
i still haven't sub'd to you yet joe... (fyi) - Chris Heath
I am a clique of 1. - Mike Nencetti
sometimes you have to save the best for last, right? - Chris Heath
Of course, some people who have private feeds are just flat-out douche bags. So I don't think that there's a common motive that binds them together as a clique. - Akiva
I guess I'm my own clique since I have a private feed and don't let assholes in. Nice noobs are always welcome. It's been a while since any noobs have requested a subscription though. I think the number of new users are simply way down and when noobs join in, not many go out of their way to fully participate to get on the radar. - Rodfather
I'm my own clique too. - imabonehead
I say this all the time, you get what you give. If you put the time and effort into interacting with others you will get it back in return. It's like meat space, some people hit it off, connect right away and interact a lot. Others don't. It's pretty much normal group/social dynamics. Some people like to keep their posts private, and they should have that choice. Others, like me, will... more... - Mary Carmen
I agree with Mary Carmen. When I first joined, I didn't really know how to make FriendFeed into what I wanted it to be. Then I started posting in groups, where I got to know certain people better and then, when I had the time, I started commenting and interacting more in my main feed and then more people interacted with me. You get what you give. - Lis
Agree w/others, FF takes work to get into the community. The relatively high difficulty compared to other social networks may be what makes it so awesome, keeps out the lazy/morons. It took me months to figure out what was going on. - Lo
No, FriendFeed is very friendly :) - Citronella still FFing
There is only 1 clique on friendfeed that counts: Those That Participate And it's easy to get in it: Share, like, comment, repeat. - April Russo (FForever!)
I'm not exactly new, but I certainly came late to the party and was welcomed fairly easily. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
April wins! - Mary Carmen
I think there are a lot more users who are new(er) and say that they were welcomed and treated nicely when they joined and started participating than there are users who say they joined, tried to participate, but everyone ignored or was rude to them. - Rochelle
I don't think 'clique' is a perjorative, but then again, I don't think that being in a clique is the same as popularity. There *are* several cliques here. I'm always amused when the larger community protests that. - Anika
Well, I found 3 more people to follow from this thread, so... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Rochelle, that has changed, when I started greeting newbies they subscribed back and engaged more, but agree their feeds are fairly silent nowadays. - Kol Tregaskes
Volpone Steve, I you refering to me there? Not sure why I'm a loser. And if you're asking why my post is in your feed, it's probably because someone you subscribe to is subscribed to me and Friend of a Friend (FOAF) is in play. - Kol Tregaskes
or you both sub to the same room... this post (for instance) is in FriendFeed Talk - Chris Heath
If I see a private feed and the user has subscribed to me I generally request a subscription. To go off the point a little, it is a shame that you are then not notified by FF when a request has been accepted or declined but we'll just have to live with that. But back to point, it's up to the user to accept or reject my request so I see no harm in asking for a subscription to their feed. - Kol Tregaskes
I assumed that Volpone Steve was making a joke since this post was about finding new people who we may not be subscribed to already. - Rochelle
Lis, groups are great and very under-used on FriendFeed. I try and post everything into at least one group. It's my way of categorising the post. - Kol Tregaskes
I remember when I started posting proper on FF, it was several months after joining and a few months before then since it was launched. It took many months before people commented + subbed back and engaged with me but I kept at it during the period and got the reward in the end. I'm glad I stuck at it as I've finally found a community where the people make me feel at home (which has never happened before) and made all these lovely new friends. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Even when FF interaction has dipped over the last few months I've pretty much carried on the way I always have. I'm not interested in this popularity business but it is nice when you get comments and thus a conversation, like this, starts and you can interact with the community. I'm here for the chat. I'm happy to talk to anyone and will keep posting to some idiot turns the lights off at FF. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
What do you guys and gals do to search for new people? - BRҰANSAҰS
I don't think most long-term, active FriendFeed users care about popularity. - Akiva
Except for that Akiva guy...he's a real diva. Just the other night he had me over at his house separating out the green M&Ms for him. ;) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I don't like excluding people as I know how that feels! So I've tried to help new users along but FF really needs a better new-user system as most of them are left clueless after registration. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm a m*therfucking princess, yo. - Akiva
BRҰANSAҰS, groups. Always lots of people are found via groups. Searches too, new users normally announce they are new to the service so you can find them. And if you search for your favourite interests you will find like-minded people too. - Kol Tregaskes
BRҰANSAҰS, I have a saved search to find new people. Here's the URL for it (when search is working): http://friendfeed.com/search... - Rochelle
Awesome! Thanks Kol and Rochelle for the pointers. - BRҰANSAҰS
If building connections over a period of time is not your thing then FF is not for you at least if you want to have long discussions on your posts. But anyone can comment on other people's posts, anyone can join in with the groups, anyone can share posts and anyone can aggregate their social sites in FF. It depends how you want to use FF and what you want to get out of it. - Kol Tregaskes
To me if you were making friends or meaningful relationships in real-life you would have to work on it, it won't come overnight. FF just seems like that. Am I saying that FF people make for better friends or the community is stronger than other (more pick up n' play) social sites? - Kol Tregaskes
it takes time to see the value in any social network - most of us will fail to do it for more of the sites we register on. FF reached that point for me in... august 08, is it that long? Don't think I'm core or clique nonetheless, not good at popularity currying - I'm currently failing at getting R to try to engage here rather than just follow me to keep up with my stuff - Iphigenie
BRҰANSAҰS, I use a custom style theme that colors comments on threads according to whether or not I am subscribed to the person that made it. When I see comments that are not yellow, I know I am not subscribed to them. http://userstyles.org/styles... - April Russo (FForever!)
I think Joe misunderstood my comment (way up the thread; was away for a while). I meant people exclude others by taking their feed private AND THEN removing followers. I didn't mean either/or. I don't think a private feed is necessarily excluding anybody except search engines. - Bruce Lewis
I think it would be easier for noobs to hang regularly if FF was the only service of it's kind, getting used to it, mod and adapt. Interesting discussion, it's unfortunate that I lost all posting motivation for some reason (probably being in the way competition not only filled needs, but added much more on the managing side). Some said it, not only you have to build with time, but you... more... - Zu from AOD from iPhone
This is what I love about FriendFeed...The conversation!! - Elizabeth Muskrat
Same here Elizabeth! Just wish I could start one that's all. sigh - Technogran
Ditto, Elizabeth. - Kol Tregaskes
It's been ages since I started any conversation, if i ever even have (beyond 2-3 messages). But I'm perfectly happy with conversations I didnt start - Iphigenie
I'm happy just to be here and have the service, FriendFeed., at all. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Actually I'm very new and was met with a warm reception. I love the interaction and I try to comment when the opportunity presents itself. Thus far, I'm loving it! - Herman Davis from iPhone
@April Russo Man I'm slow. Just saw your post on the custom Style theme. That is pretty slick. Me likes! - BRҰANSAҰS
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Mosquito Tone Test, or How To Tell You're A Young'un // Plasticmind Journal - http://journal.plasticmind.com/ears...
Mosquito Tone Test, or How To Tell You're A Young'un // Plasticmind Journal
Can you hear all the tones? - Scoble, Alex Scoble from Bookmarklet
My wife can hear all of them, although the last two were only just. I, on the other hand, performed abysmally; I can hear the 11 and 13 only. Caveat: laptop speakers. How did you do Alex? - Mark H
I was using headphones and can hear all of them, although just barely on the last two. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I can hear them all and I hate them. And this is someone who has some fairly ruthless tinnitus. - Akiva
ROFL, Akiva, yes I would definitely not rate them as pleasant to listen to. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I can hear all of those. Once I got to 16 kHz, it started being more of a low humming/buzzing sound that I heard rather than the high-pitched whine, though, so I'm not sure if that means I heard the sound or not. I got one a few weeks ago where I could only hear about half of them, but that was using my bluetooth headphones on my laptop. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Paul Buchheit
No problem, we'll adjust the data to fit the model - http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~cook...
"It's good to have a healthy suspicion of "adjustments" or "corrections" to data, especially if (a) those corrections are made only after disagreement with a model has been noticed, (b) corrections are made to completely different datasets (as with the energy balance satellite data and the ocean temperature data from the robots), and (c) the corrections change the data to fit the model rather than the other way around. Be suspicious. Give the data and the corrections extra scrutiny, absolutely. Be on the lookout for biases introduced by effects 1 and 2 above, because those really do occur. But a healthy suspicion can be taken too far. Researchers can't be expected to keep using data that are known to have systematic errors, so one has to allow corrections to be made. And if, in fact, there is a model that correctly captures the behavior being measured, those corrections are going to lead to better agreement with the model." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This is why we need Open Source Science, like Victoria Stodden advocates http://www.stanford.edu/~vcs/ - Kevin Marks
We need a recruiting drive for FriendFeed. We need some fresh blood. Honestly, I've been poking around on some alternative platforms and they all still suck compared to FriendFeed. It's the best technical solution out there right now, IMO and I don't think I'm alone. It's the community that's dying, not the service. Breathe new life into it.
Akiva described the problem (http://friendfeed.com/akiva...) and science confirms it (http://www.sciencedaily.com/release...) so maybe we can turn it around... Is it worth a try? - Lindsay
A few likes... Any thoughts? - Lindsay from iPhone
I agree. That's why I get so miffed at the ones who buggered off early. Unfortunately, my friends are enamored of Facebook and I've been unable to persuade them. I suggest we all look for new people to sub to here. There's a lot going on outside our little group. - Spidra Webster
I'm a noob. What can I help you with? :P - imabonehead
I can't seem to pull people I know away from Facebook. They don't want to meet new people, just people they already know. - Eric - Final Countdown
Would that matter? People only comment on posts of people in their little cliques. Every once in a while they venture out/overlap, but new people see the cliques and walk away. - Anika
@Anika - FoaF has almost disappeared for me. Finding new people I had something in common with but still had a lot to learn about made FF a lot more interesting and valuable to me. - Lindsay from iPhone
I agree with Lindsay. I still use that and subscribe to new people when I can, but it has slowed way down. - Eric - Final Countdown
I figured there might be some people to recruit from Twitter more than FB. People looking for more than 140. chars to express a thought. - Lindsay from iPhone
Lindsay, honestly I think Anika's hit it. The most consistent, prolific posters in English speaking locales are either gone or already in the small, core group(s). There are simply too few people willing to kick the tires who'd be tenacious enough to invest long enough to start reaping commensurate benefits. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I've seen this happen in small groups that meet in the members' homes, and drawing in new people to a dysfunctional situation rarely fixes the underlying problem. - Micah
I'm giving it a shot. Putting out the request. - Eric - Final Countdown
Adrian's onto sump'in. - Micah
The only way you're gonna get new blood in here is if that Steven Perez fool stops talking all that political crap. - Steven Perez
LOL @ Adrian. Sounds like a plan! - Lindsay from iPhone
Could hand out free FF candy at COMICON! - Adrian
I don't have a problem finding new people. My point is that there are people here where I don't have to open their posts. I know it's the same 5 or 6 people making the same predictable noises. It's a turn off, so I take refuge in rooms and new people for content that's not all personal and is interesting. - Anika
@Micah - I think pulling in just a few would not help, you're right. It is hard to break into an established community, but that isn't really what I mean. I would like to try to recruit enough people that it is too many for me personally to keep up with adds. Give enough fresh blood to form new cliques of their own and branch out when it happens on it's own. One or two new peeps wouldn't cut it. - Lindsay from iPhone
In terms of my subs (what a lot of people equate with as getting noticed, I think they're overrated): Almost ALL of my new sub'ers are from Twitter, so I consider non-active/non participative, until I see a high numbers of comments/likes, & posts for that matter I won't sub back; but aside from the big the Twitters when I do see this, I will most definitely sub back - sofarsoShawn
If you're going to hang around, I'm sure we'll get to know each other. - Eric - Final Countdown
AC, I think you're right, to a certain extent. I think that there are a few nice people, but like I said, the cliques here are strong and many of them don't want to talk about anything that's not frivolous. There's a lot of snark, so it comes off as rude, IMO. - Anika
Oops, totally brainfarted: What I meant to also say is that there are some people here who could be "Here's my friend. Love her/him!" And everyone will. But new people without that introduction don't get that instant attention. - Anika
ROFL I think that's a personal choice, no? - Anika
AC Delco, it might help a bit if you wrote something about yourself in your profile bio. - Spidra Webster
Just some sort of synopsis of how you see yourself. Not everyone does that. Some people just write witty sayings there, but even that tells something about them. - Spidra Webster
Oh shit, I better update my bio! - Adrian
You can't hide your Hazzard County roots, Adrian. - Spidra Webster
Doh! I'z been found... yes sireee Bob! - Adrian
Lindsay you won't like what I have to say, but your a 'clique' on here. I post something and no one answers. None of you welcome new users. Some seem to prefer that is stays 'the same old crowd/ I agree with you FreindFeed is fab and you DO need new blood, but when a newbie posts, try commenting or liking. - Technogran
I only came across the people commenting on this thread fairly recently, though it's fairly likely I've been on FriendFeed longer than any of you. I'd say I'm subscribed to several different communities on FF, which don't otherwise intersect much. I guess I'm a bit like that in real life too. - Ruchira S. Datta
I didn't write anything in my profile bio. Why I keep getting new subscribers continues to baffle me. - Ruchira S. Datta
The fact that there are new people engaging here is a good sign. Subscribe and subscribe. Yay! - Adrian
I suppose I see some people less frequently than before, but then I've subscribed to other people and rooms to get about the same volume (i.e., as much as I'm comfortable with). - Ruchira S. Datta
I try to use it whenever I am in public so they know Friendfeed exists and also I make sure that I do not use Twitter or Facebook during that time. - Ashish from iPhone
I'm not on Twitter at all. - Ruchira S. Datta
I really don't feel like the community is dying. I still get way more active involvement here than anywhere else, even with Facebook where I know everyone personally. I've been pitching Friendfeed hard to a few people at work though, might wind up brining them around. - Louis Simoneau
@Technogran - I'm not sure I'm personally a clique, though I will admit that I developed the habit of depending on FoaF for a long time while FF still had influxes of new users (and sometimes it was really overwhelming and I just hung out in my lists because there were TOO MANY new people... miss those days almost). I quit subscribing to new people unless I interacted with them on... more... - Lindsay
I agree with Lindsay that this is still the best feature based service out there. I tried playing with Buzz for a bit but so far it's pretty crappy and they don't seem to be adding any features to fix their issues. I agree with Anika about the issue that FF is really about cliques. In fact I've had that same sentiment stated to me elsewhere from folks that abandoned or never got... more... - Mark Krynsky
I think it's only about cliques if you have nothing particular to talk about. E.g., I love seeing the Art Room in my feed, though quite often the comments are in some language whose script I can't even read. You can coalesce around shared interest, regardless. - Ruchira S. Datta
I'd recruit...but I like you guys. Why would I want to add more people like me to this mix? ;) - Just another Bubba
I've pretty much always thought of FriendFeed as a big party, but much less hit-or-miss. - Ruchira S. Datta
You can engage in cyberhypercavicunicucunctatalinkus without ever leaving the site. - Ruchira S. Datta
I *still* get almost zero engagement on Facebook. But then again, I see what other people post on Facebook and I don't find what they post very interesting. It's really interesting to just import all friendfeed content into Facebook, and see what people respond to. I get much more, detailed responses here when I do. - Andy Bakun
I agree that the FF community needs to evangelize more -- initiation to the community needs to be better - if we don't have a 'most important ff posts for noobs' post already then we should start working to create one, and then make sure that every noob is made aware -- i don't necessarily see the lack of new users as the problem (i've been meeting some new ffriends lately) but the churn seems to be the problem. lots of people give friendfeed a try, but most of them leave -- we can do something about that - Chris Heath
@Ruchira - Before the last few months when my FoaF still picked up new people FF was what you made of it. If you expected it to only be cliques and didn't participate except within cliques then it was about cliques. If you interacted with lots of people outside your favorites then it was about discovery and even about news. I used to be able to keep up with tech, science, photography... more... - Lindsay from iPhone
I followed people because of what they were sharing, that is what they were importing through their feeds. Do you know how boring it is, to see from a person solely personal posts when they used to share actual interesting content? - Anika
@Anika - why do people seem to have quit sharing interesting content? Is it because of the change in the community or what? I think when there was a larger audience that the interesting content got more participation... but since the audience has become less diverse and people get less feedback on non-personal posts they haven't been encouraged to post other things. What do you think? - Lindsay
I follow people who still share interesting content; in the majority of cases these are non-English speaking people. Of course, the trade-off is there's no interaction. I translate the posts to see what others are saying but feel there's no point in trying to post something when the translation could be wrong or my response might not be understood. I also try to share interesting... more... - Mark H
yeah Mark, i get a lot of the turkish posts via FoaF - some are really good - Chris Heath
I'm a latecomer and not sure what the FF community is/was but I love what you can do with it - particularly when a group forms and is active. The LSW group is more of a community-oriented online community than most. Another group I'm involved in has good people, but mostly feed links; it's only good when a discussion gets going - which naked links rarely prompt. - barbara fister
Well, I've just friended everyone on this feed (who didn't have a private feed) that I hadn't been following before. Every one of us went through the same "How do I get STARTED?!?" feeling; the way through it is interaction -- just keep liking and commenting on threads, and follow people who interest you, and suddenly you'll find yourself in the thick of things without even knowing how it happened. So welcome to all of our new members! - Ordinarybug Heather
it iIS all about the community here...wish there was a way to weed through the broadcasters in my friend list and find just the people who are engaging... And dump the rest. That's half the problem, sorting through the broadcast trash. The other half is no mobile app I can find for my phone. :) - Peggy Dolane
i don't have a problem with broadcast users, it does bug me a bit, but i realize that some people do their thing on their own sites and i'm happy that they at least came here to set up the feed so that i can find them and their stuff - Chris Heath
and when someone doesn't have their feeds coming into ff i'm grateful to the ff-team for giving me the tools to add feeds into 'groups/rooms' in the event that I want to add someone to ff that doesn't have an account - Chris Heath
Lindsay, I don't know. I think it goes back to cliques. Say Person A posts something. Then about 10 min. later, Person B posts the same exact thing, all of a sudden everyone is rushing to that person's posts to comment. Why? Because s/he's part of that clique. They both have the same people subbed to them, but it's all in who is doing the posting. One reason I'll post certain items to rooms as opposed to my feed to avoid the typical responses I know I'll get from some people. - Anika
on any social networking site you have this social network effect... while person a doesn't have that many friends person b does, and person b's friends are very active... it may seem like a clique but it's just a group of people interacting... the first person isn't in the circle of friends (or clique as you call it) http://www.google.com/search... --- by definition a clique is exclusive. here on friendfeed a clique would be a private group - Chris Heath
No, I was explicit. I'm talking about people who do have the same circle of friends (subscribers). It's just that one person can be ignored while the same item posted by someone else (visible to the same people), can be celebrated. - Anika
Trying. I stump for FF all the time and hate the thought of it dying due to apathy. - Martha from BuddyFeed
Why not welcome the new starters to FriendFeed: http://ff.im/hKE9o - Kol Tregaskes
Another thought: the real reason I got hooked was because of a person (no longer actively participating here sadly) who habitually reached out to new people and personally made them feel welcome. Enough of that practice spread regularly over time would so much to spread goodwill again outside of this network. I am by far not the most influential person here (and she was one) but if enough people commit to doing this, well, it's bound to make a difference ... - Martha from BuddyFeed
I got R to join - now how to rope him in... - Iphigenie
I think that cliques are quite normal in any social situation, the problem with FF is that its active (participating rather than broadcasting) user base has never been large enough to make the cliques less noticeable. The few people I introduced to FF left because of the US-centric cliquey atmosphere therefore I don't think I will try with anyone else. - M F
as far as I know there are entire mini ecosystems of people within friendfeed which we don't see or meet - perhaps we ought to snoop around and rope in the people who are already here - Iphigenie
I am unsubscribing to ALL of you. Buncha hippies. - Akiva from FreshFeed
*serious* lol - Mr. The Jason Fleming
So in the early days of FF I grow to love it for several reasons. The features / functionality of the service were awesome. My personal interests are fairly tech heavy and FF offered a great discovery engine for finding the interesting or most popular tech info/stories that were being liked/commented on by folks. It also offered a fun and balanced experience for fun stuff like sharing... more... - Mark Krynsky
Just subbed to you, AC. Echoing what other folks said - it would help if folks commented on newbies' posts. Otoh, folks don't comment much on posts in general. I don't *feel* like a newbie, but very little of my stuff gets much attention. (I don't think mentioning it is a good idea, in general.) Either that's true of a lot of people, or not everything I post is the stuff dreams are made of, or both. I deal, and am learning the difference. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
++AC Delco, a round of applause to Lindsay for starting this discussion! When I joined FriendFeed, there were very few people on it and most of us knew each other in real life. I'm learning a lot here about what it's like for most people when they join. - Ruchira S. Datta
Just kidding. You make some excellent points. - Akiva
+jcovertaxed on the money - Adrian
AC Delco really? Calling me a traitor? Is FF a country? I think it's exactly comments/attacks like that on people that turn them off to sharing & interacting on the service. Everyone chooses to use this service in different ways and it's the people you sub to and interact with that define that for you. I don't judge anyone for using the service however they want to and I'm just stating what has changed for me. I still love the service and have many friends here and continue to visit it daily. - Mark Krynsky
I love how most of you people are having a good time interacting with Cristo, I guess that's one positive to re-branding yourself. ;) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
You are suspicious as well Jimminy? - Chris Heath
Yes, was trying to be helpful, but come on! Still fun though. - Eric - Final Countdown
Chris, not suspicious, he told me so last night. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Jimminy, I think Cristo will be rather cross to see that you're revealing you guys' pillow talk to everyone. That stuff's supposed to be private! - Akiva
Cristo, it was out in the open, public fashion, now just to find out which thread it was in. EDIT: http://ff.im/iczAT - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Mark, for what it's worth, you're one of the people I feel does a great job of being friendly with all sorts of people. I would like to see the tech content come back a bit - it's how I hoped to up my geek cred. But there's so much here i'm always finding new stuff. I've found three new people just in this thread! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Stuck together? Loyalties? Not use other services? Slap out of it Man! The World Wide Web is a big place...Many of us import our activity from OTHER services right here so that we can share and help others discover great content and then have conversations sparked from those imported items. This isn't some island were we all have to isolate ourselves and sing Kumbaya...although I'd like to do that with Akiva one day... - Mark Krynsky
^________^ - Akiva
MaryB thanks...I've been here since the beginning and have really tried to steer clear from any personal attacks or some of the more heated arguments I've seen here over the years. I'm not here to push an agenda. I'm just here to discover great content and people...and wacky photo memes. - Mark Krynsky
I did my part! ... Actually, I probably made a few people leave. :( - Steven Perez
Cristo, yes that comment, but I also find it highly unlikely, someone would act like you, as well as using an image of Chuck Yeager. How many people do you think even know who he is, and the likelihood of picking that as an avatar? So combine the 3 factors, FF being the third, and it's seemingly more than coincidental. :) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
You really think that no one knows who Chuck Yeager is? - Akiva from FreshFeed
Akiva, I don't think many people know who he is, not that no one knows who he is. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cristo, they don't act like you, not many snarky remarks. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Akiva, might be believable, but then you would have to be Akiva and not Chris White. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I'm offended. I have never made a snarky remark on FriendFeed. - Akiva
It would probably be more feasible if I was AC Delco. *sigh* - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
*touche* I'm also trying extremely hard to pin it on you, which doesn't help my case either. If I was AC, I would admit to being Cristo in a post at this point to prove my case, that you're AC. Sadly, I don't so that won't be showing up. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah I think that too.Now That friendfeed moved to "Safe" Servers it's quite fun to use again - Svartling
Join Johnny and Steven at #UserDrive :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks all who have friended me from this discussion. Now all I need is someone to comment when I post something! Hey, things are looking up! I have been on Friendfeed a good while actually, I'm not a newbie but simply was ignored 'sob' - Technogran
Hey, will some of you debaters go put your money where your mouth is and actually answer my "burning" question? http://bit.ly/b8yRGF - Martha
Martha, it looks more like a freezing question. - Ruchira S. Datta
I think quitters are too public about the fact that they are leaving. I say just go and be done with it. I'm here using the service and if they are quitting then I am pretty sure it is someone I am not interacting with anyway in this space. so what does it matter to me? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Bret Taylor
We have transferred FriendFeed to Facebook's data centers, which has fixed many of the ongoing performance problems we have had with the site and will provide us more room to grow.
We still have a handful of ongoing issues with services like IM, but most everything else should be online. We will update you all here when everything has been transferred. - Bret Taylor
Thanks to Paul for putting in a lot of hours to make this happen this last week. - Bret Taylor
THANK YOU - Josh Haley
Friendfeed rocks :) - Ali Sözkesen
Thanks so much to all of you for all your work! - Ruchira S. Datta
I agree. FriendFeed seriously fills a community need that Twitter lacks. Great to hear! - Dave Friedel
awasome - giolekva
FF has been assimilated, LOL. Thanks for the update, Bret - LANjackal
In Bookmarklet we trust - Majento
:)) - Chris Loft
I can not enter my profile are Bret day :( - Aynebilim Aşevi
Thanks for the update, Bret, and Paul for getting in the trenches to make this happen. - Micah
Thanks for updating us. - Beau Liening
Thank you! - Anne Bouey
Hopefully - Özkan Altuner
Sweet! - Bo Stern
Dude... Dudes... *fist bump* - Johnny from iPhone
Finally! - Rey
Thanks for the work y'all have done! - LB needs a break.
Yes, it's much more responsive! Thanks. - Mark Layton
Resistance is futile. - Nicolas Le Gland
This solidifies FF as pretty much permanent, doesn't it? So long as it stays active. - Christopher Galtenberg
Thanks. It's much faster now - Xitong Liu
Good news. - Oguz Serdar
Finally search is fixed! Thanks. - Burcu Dogan
So why is it still slow? :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Works better for me today than it has the past few days. - John (bird whisperer)
It's as bad now as it was last night when I gave up on it. Is there something else wrong? Something at my end? Or are others still experiencing poor performance? - Kol Tregaskes
it's blazing for me. - Big Joe Silenced
Looks like a few others are finding it slow again: http://ff.im/hYXxl - Kol Tregaskes
Shortly after my last comment I started having some problems again, both with the bookmarklet and long waits for comments to post. - John (bird whisperer)
Seems like the problems are actually worse and things slower after the transfer -- so I don't think any performance problems were "fixed". - Brian Sullivan
Thank you very much! I had been wondering about friendfeed-reservation-02-07-snc1.facebook.com ( resulting from ping. It seems that SSL https connections are not working -- switching over to plain http for now helps. Is there a plan to somehow integrate FF services with FB? (FaceBuzz ;-) - Adriano
Is https still broken for you? It was broken yesterday, but was fixed last night at approximately 9:30 pm PDT. - Tudor Bosman
https was working for me as was the bookmarklet (which seems dependent) - but is now broken again. Just started working again. - Brian Sullivan
FriendFeed is very fast for me again. Fantastic work. Thanks! - Meryn Stol
Bret, thanks for the update! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
just, please, don't let this thing die. just don't. - LaurazetaTL
ummm...things seem to be broken again. I'm seeing comments disappear and I've got people showing up in my feed that I'm not subscribed too and aren't Friend of a Friend (which I've got turned off) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yeah just noticed a thread of mine where the comments vanished... after several refreshes they are back but it was still confusing! - Lindsay
cevdet ne yaptın..ingilizce yaz..thanks bret. - Aynebilim Aşevi
The disappearing comments are sometimes reappearing, so they're not gone gone...I made another comment on a post that had lost its comments, and they all came back. - Jandy
... also wondering if the database has changed from MySQL to something else like Cassandra at FB. - Adriano
Brilliant work guys, thanks so much for putting in the effort! - Glenn Slaven
thank you for keeping this site up and running - chaz2b
I'd really love for IM to come back. :/ - Marcel Weiß
Could things like this also be posted to your friendfeed feed on twitter? - Joe
I still will not open my account, when you resolve that? - Profesyonel Öğrenci™
aloooo kime diyorum.. help meeeeeeee - Profesyonel Öğrenci™
Best FF news in a long time - Chris Nuttall
Any chance to fix the Photos problem? I get "could not upload" error each time i try to add a photo to my post, for nine hours now. :( - Maxime
melaba bret - fındık kıran
Showing my sons Casablanca for the first time :)
Pausing frequently to explain background and allegorical information - RAPatton from iPhone
Just realized I'm older than Richard Blaine! - RAPatton from iPhone
Curious to hear what they think about it - I'm not sure I know many kids their age that would enjoy it, but then your sons are super-awesome. - Jandy
It's playing more freely now, but there are things they need to know - RAPatton from iPhone
Like that Rick represents the US and what foreign policy was at the time, what free and occupied France were etc... - RAPatton from iPhone
...why dropping Vichy water in the trash is significant... - Jandy
Exactly, Jandy. I started to explain the Vichy during dinner so they'd get it - RAPatton from iPhone
My favorite movie. - Steven Perez
I always wonder how many adults get nuances like that; I'm sure I saw Casablanca two or three times before I knew what Vichy was. But the film's well-made enough that you get the general narrative purpose of those things even if you don't get the specific references. - Jandy
I got those nuances as a kid, but I am into history and I had my dad to explain what i missed - RAPatton from iPhone
They are 10 and 12, they need the background data - RAPatton from iPhone
Yeah, but that didn't take place 70 years ago; they just rolled at the shocked at gambling/here's your winning moment - RAPatton from iPhone
In addition to historical context, telling them things like the La Marseillaise sequence is there grandfather's favorite part (didn't pause for that though) - RAPatton from iPhone
I usually don't pause, but I don't think they'd get what they need to out of it - RAPatton from iPhone
Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Last.fm users, do you scrobble whenever you listen to music or just sometimes?
Picture 6.png
Picture 7.png
When I'm at home, yes. - Steven Perez
Whenever I listen. - Ayşe E.
Though I've casually used last.fm for a year or so, I'm new to scrobbling. That's just sending meta data from a host (iTunes etc) to last.fm. Right? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Just sometimes. Sometimes I'm listening to Pandora and that doesn't scrobble. When I was working on the album, I had to remember to turn turn Last.fm off so I wouldn't blow what tunes I was working on. Of course sometimes I forgot so there are scrobbles up there of working versions of things. Grrr. - Spidra Webster
Scrobbler says which song/artist you're listening to. Last.fm keeps track of when you listened and how often you listen to a certain song/artist. - Spidra Webster
But the audio file doesn't reach last.fm via scroblling does it? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Anytime I'm using iTunes, and I scrobble when I plug my iPod in of what I'lve listened to as well. - Colette
Nope. If they already have rights to it, you'll be able to stream it on the site, but if it's not a song they have it's not like your scrobbling sends it to the site. - Spidra Webster
Thanks Spidra--I recently was listening to a bootleg recording & was taken aback when I realized the scobbler was on without being certain what data I was broadcasting. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
You can delete things you've scrobbled from your profile. You can do it on the web. - Spidra Webster
Then I began to wonder--what data is iTunes sending elsewhere? #paranoia - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Whenever I listen. But sometimes I prune repeat(n) earworm listening binges. - Adina Levin
If you use the Genius in iTunes, you're sending data to Apple. That's why I won't use it. (Although it's perfectly possible that it sends data to Apple without using Genius but just doesn't tell me.) - Spidra Webster
I haven't used the Genius feature either. It kinda creeps me out. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I prefer the human recommendations from seeing what last.fm friends are listening too, over the algorithmic recommendations in pandora or apple genius. pandora and genius get the sound and genre but people get the spirit. - Adina Levin
Thanks Adina, that's an excellent way of contrasting these features. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Okay, I just found evidence of some of the scrobbles I wish I could pull back. I credited the initial guitar-only tracks on my album to my guitarist. For my own consumption. But the scrobbler comes up automatically when I boot iTunes and sometimes I forget about that. So the tunes were scrobbled. While I can remove them from my own listening history, I cannot remove them from the artist... more... - Spidra Webster
It might be up to the artist to remove them? - mjc
When it's time for simple tasks (like the 1 Spidra describes above), that's where I find last.fm cryptic to use. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Whenever possible. I scrobble from iTunes, Spotify and my Sonos. - Louis Gray
I scrobble all the time. Most of my scrobbles come my ipod syncs since that's what I listen too consistently on a daily basis. When I play stuff within iTunes itself I scrobble that as well. I use Pandora.FM when I want to listen to Pandora but also have my plays scrobbled on Last.FM. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I'll take a look on my artist page, mjc, but they might not offer that option. - Spidra Webster
I wish Apple would incorporate some sort of robust Last.FM style reporting functionality into iTunes. I like being able to track and dissect my music and my listening habits. Last.FM helps with that but it doesn't let me get all the information and analysis I'm looking for. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Every song. - Kol Tregaskes
Whenever I'm listening, yes. - Mark H
Yes I do, and I was the one that pushed for the developer to add last.fm support to Trout (my audio player of choice http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums... ), just so I could do it. I am also one of the ones that pushed for win9x support in Trout so those stuck using win9x on an old computer would finally have something to scrobble with. - April Russo (FForever!)
mostly - .LAG liked that
Yup, once I figured out how to do it;) At home, I listen to music I generally haven't heard before, so my "favorite artists" isn't necessarily accurate. I listen to my favorite music in the car. - Lis
Pretty much all the time, but I pick and choose what the iPod tells it - Mr. The Jason Fleming from iPod
I mostly use the Zune software to listen to music, and that doesn't scrobble to last.fm. All of my other music software is set up to scrobble to last.fm, though. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
At home, at work and when I connect my iPhone or iPod the times in between. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
i scrobble when on a player that can - Iphigenie
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