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Robert Scoble
What a big week for the iPhone. Can anything stop Apple from taking over the world?
yes, Google ;) - Helene
Apple? - Todd Hoff
Apple might yet stop themselves (see Google Voice). - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Apple = 10% Microsoft = 90%, Linux = maybe 1% . So for now M$ has won ;-) - arjo
the price tag - Mark
Two things that will stop Apple from taking over the (mobile) world: AT&T and Apple - arjo
stupid App store rules :P Oh yea, AT&T sucks too - Susan Beebe
I'm guessing the FCC... - WarLord
App approval procedure... - Alex Sauceda
It's not about quanity, but quality and that's why Apple rules! - orionstarr from iPhone
reason, but as most people are irrational, perhaps not - sofarsoShawn
They already have taken over my world. I've started referring to my iPhone as my "prosthetic brain", and I'm only partly kidding... - Josh Bancroft from iPhone
I wish Apple ran everything. - orionstarr from iPhone
FCC Puts Wireless Industry Under the Microscope http://is.gd/2D5rg - WarLord
exploding iPhones!!! - Jan Firsching
yes. the only thing that can stop Apple is....Apple - Ouriel Ohayon
Yes - their dumb app store policy. Now Spotify fans are mad. Android might just capitalize on this walled garden - Dave Hodson
Apple screwing/stopping themselves was the first thing that came to mind; looks like a few others think much the same way. - Nate DiNiro
Zune Pass App on the iPhone next? haha :-p - FullSite
Dave Martin
Lovin the brizzly so far.
I added my name to the brizzly list after I saw your tweet. Is it too early for you to tell whether you'll use the app as your primary Twitter client? - Molly Block
Molly, I am planning on using brizzly and nothing but brizzly once it is back up. - Dave Martin
I added my name for an invite also -- if you think it's useful, it must be! :) - Helene
Just received my brizzly invite yesterday, Dave. Looking forward to giving it a test drive. - Molly Block
Doug Levy
I hope there was only minor damage, but kitchen fires can be nasty: RT: @SFoodie Fire Closes Tadich Grill http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie...
Historical place, I hope the restaurant is okay! - Helene
Looks like it'll reopen tomorrow. All is well. Am about to leave LAX. How are you? - Doug Levy from email
Next Thursday - Advertising, PR, and Marketing Suck! Now What? SFAMA w/ @gkawasaki @loic & @scobleizer http://www.sfama.org/events...
Scoble will no longer be there. But he wanted to! - Louis Gray
thanks for the update! - Helene
and Louis Grey! Fwd: Next Thursday - Advertising, PR, and Marketing Suck! Now What? SFAMA w/ @gkawasaki @loic & @louisgray http://www.sfama.org/events... (via http://friendfeed.com/hkremer...)
alright, I admit, I'm beat after last night's Green Day concert - s/b Louis Gray :( - Helene
You can edit your updates in FriendFeed. :) - Louis Gray
Jim Connolly
FEEDBACK PLEASE: Anyone else noticing a surge in new subscribers, since the FaceBook buyout news broke?
I have had around 75 since last night. - Jim Connolly
I do. Don't get excited, though. These are the people that heard the news and wanted to try Friendfeed for the first time - Andre P. Siregar
I thought that originally too. Quite a few seem to have established accounts - probably didn't use them before. - Jim Connolly
Even I have Jim,and I'm not exactly a major contributor. - Paul Downing
Paul: I think Andre's right. It's probably just a stack of noobs trying the service out. - Jim Connolly
As for my case, these are people that found me on Twitter. I guess they then go to FF, use the Twitter import and added me - Andre P. Siregar
I wonder how many new users we will see in the next few months? Because I am so pro friendfeed, I'm getting email and (ironically) dm's on Twitter asking me about FriendFeed and whether I think it's right for them. - Jim Connolly
This is the advantage of joining a big company. I am seeing growth too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Me too, Jim. And Robert, I don't really see how this is a benefit of joining a big company when the only joining that has been done is on paper, it's not like the communities have actually been joined yet. Unless you're trying to say that FF is getting a lot of new members because of the publicity and that's what's driving everyone's subscription surges. - FFing Enigma
Robert, are you saying these are current users of Facebook that want to check Friendfeed out? I think it doesn't matter who bought Friendfeed in this case. FF is in the news, and that's what made new people join - Andre P. Siregar
Think of it as a really really small-scale Oprah effect - Angelo Rodrigues
Robert: There's no one left that's not already following you, surely? :-) - Jim Connolly
Jim: I've gotten hundreds of new followers in the past 24 hours. The news sure brought a lot of people here to check out FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
I can say I've suddenly come to look at my own, dormant account since the news. - Stephen Palkot
I'm more in here today than anywhere else, because I am interested in the opinions of the heavy users, that's all. - ilterocktive
Robert: The question is (as always) will they come back / stay? - Jim Connolly
i moved because of the news... - Chad Larson
Yeah. My queue was at 40, now it's 101. - Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Yes, this absolutely has happened. It was about 4x normal yesterday. - Louis Gray
Actually even I have new subscribers, I don't know why. Haven't shaved since monday. - ilterocktive
Yes Jim I have. Just wasn't sure what exactly was the reason for the surge but now that you mention it, does make sense .... Tim J @ WWW.MHWD.ORG - Tim Tunnicliff from email
I predict that the increase in users will be the same as Twitter: a large increase, people won't "get it" and then the regular users will be the only ones again, but w/ SPAM on the rise :( - Helene
Robert Scoble
So, what did Twitter do to piss off the bots? Twitter is under a denial of service attack. More here:
http://status.twitter.com/post... is Twitter's status update where they say they are down because they are under a denial of service attack. - Robert Scoble
Good thing this didn't happen a few days ago or else we'd be talking about ScobleGate II. :) - paisano
http://status.twitter.com/post... - "Update: the site is back up, but we are continuing to defend against and recover from this attack." Well it isn't back up. - Holger Eilhard
It wasn't Twitter it was you Scoble. Great jobs pissing the bots off. - Ryan Cummins
Holger the API is back up - Mike White
Robert, it seems every social network is acting slow, LiveJournal, Facebook, GoogleReader was, Linkedin, and even Last.fm - Matt Ruiz
Twitter was up again for a couple of seconds... will keep trying. - Jordi Soler
Mike: Tweetdeck hasn't updated for me. Wait, now it has... Site is also showing up again. - Holger Eilhard
Everyhing is slow except Friendfeed - Asgeir
I don't know... I am having Friendfeed problems too - Kimberle Kelly
I hate to say it but it doesn't seem likely that Twitter is the only target being DDoS'd. Facebook and LinkedIn have both been having problems with certain services since around the same time. - Michael Owens from iPhone
Yep. Seems Twitter's recovering: I've been able to log into it twice in the last minute. Haven't been able to post yet, though. - Jordi Soler
Looks like FB is also being fekked with by the DoSers, according to AP http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic... - Thom Kennon
Kimberle: FriendFeed is working here fine. - Robert Scoble
facebook is slow too - hows friendfeed then? - michelle harris
guys, I am hearing from sources on IRC on DALnet that Friendfeed is also being attacked - Mark
FriendFeed stopped loading quite a few times this morning. And a few of my comments failed to post too. ... like I just had to try twice to post this. - Daniel Sims
i've been getting lotsa latency on FF all a.m. - Thom Kennon
What does this mean? Are all sites susceptible to attack like this? (i'm not a geek enough to know) - Helene
yep, I posted on this an hour ago http://butyoureagirl.com/2009... - Adria Richards
This was a test to see if we would run to FF - and we did :-) - courtney benson
It looks like most of the prime players in social media aside from FriendFeed have been having problems all morning. Damn antisocial script kiddies! - Michael Owens from iPhone
facebook can't open... also i've problems with ff... i couldn't post my comments - Zeynep Okyay
wonder if this is the mullahs in Iran, hunting for green faces everywhere... - Thom Kennon
Note: I am getting 57% packet loss on Friendfeed right now - Mark
Facebook is struggling too. - L.P. NEENZ FALEAFINE
the grid is leaking! - Thom Kennon
Robetr or someone make a tinychat page or something we need somewhere to discuss this - Mark
Iran, North Korea... - Jason Nunnelley
funny how Twitter's problem is affecting the entire social networking world - Kimberle Kelly
I'd love to know what kind of a change in traffic FriendFeed receives when Twitter goes down. Can you see a spike? - Dan Monsieurle
If Twitter gets massive attack, could that cascade onto other sites. If so, how? Thoughts? - Bob Morris (polizeros)
I like how the NY Times started Digging their stories, instead of tweeting them, so they still show up here on FF. - Mike White
Hey, I've been able to post on Twitter! http://twitter.com/jordiso... - Jordi Soler
The script kiddies in DALNET and UNDERNET are saying Friendfeed is being hit by thousands of botz - Mark
is it just my connection or is FF now loading slowly? Does N Korea hate us because we're social? :) - jeff hammond
Bob: any site that polls Twitter for status updates, like FF and Facebook, would fail to receive a response. - Kevin Arth
Mark, i'm not seeing any slowdown in FF. - dthree
Severe packet loss still coming from twitter.com, many API calls are being rejected. - Mark
As long as i can see these comments and see there is a problem with Twitter and other social media, I am fine. Hope everything gets back to normal soon. - Ashish
I've put in an API call to get Scoble's list of followers about ten times now and every one has failed - Mark
loved the comment someone made about CNN it will take them two days to report the Twitter outage - courtney benson
CNN are reporting on (almost gushing about) the DoS. think maybe they're still pissed about #cnnfail ? - Jay Shapiro from BuddyFeed
Well what do you know CNN made it in two hours. Guess one of their 7 reporters got the news from the Internet. :-) - courtney benson
nothing on 4chan about the attacks in the random page from what I can see - Mark
here's something weird - i tried posting to FB update with link to a thread here and it fails, 3 x now - "network" error. - Thom Kennon
"Flickr has the hiccups." too... - Holger Eilhard
somebody call the sports writers over at ESPN to let them know too... they had their "social networks" turned off yesterday. now we know they feel. - Thom Kennon
hehe. It was about a year ago that twitter was really bad, do you remember? - Mark
Reposts from Twitter are staring to appear here on FF. Maybe the worst is over? - Bob Morris (polizeros)
I hope people are checking DNS servers. Often when multiple major independent services are DoS down it's via a DNS attack - Keith Barrett from Android
Facebook just came back for me - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Mark Twitter was almost constantly down in 2007 and 2008 and always showed off a famous graphic of a whale. Now known as "fail whale." - Robert Scoble
Members of 4chan's /b/ are indeed claiming that they exploited Twitter to cause the outage: http://ff.im/6fMrU -- whether they really did it or not is an entirely different story. /b/tards occasionally take credit for things that they do not do related to hacking / DDoS / etc - Michael Owens
I first found i couldn't tweet around 3 hours ago. Wondered what was up--now I know~! - Patricia Skinner
I get terrified of going to /b. never know if you are going to see naked images of 16 year old polish boys or photoshopped images of Sarah Palin having a shit. - Mark
Nah, probably some1 did it 4 the heck of it or 4 a challenge! sigh :( - polou/indigo_bow
@Apostol cannot be just by @RobertScoble by himself unfollowed 106,000 people on Twitter there r more reasons 2 DDoS. There r hobbyists that wants 2 challenge themselves or professionals doing those kinds of attacks 4 the reasons we might not even known until much later. - polou/indigo_bow
Live Journal acknowledged they're under a DDoS attack, too. http://community.livejournal.com/lj_main... - Amie Gillingham
Twitter back up on my grid, funny but zero trending topics in the right rail. Am using #dos as hashtag but not much found there, yet. - Thom Kennon
Twitter was back about 2 hours ago but again it isn't working. - Zeynep Okyay
We're wondering how long it will take for someone to try to blame 4chan for this. - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
We can survive future DDOS attacks by adopting an alternate, robust networking solution for tweets: http://crankypm.com/2009... - DGentry
I don't think its about just Twitter its about the Web's vulnerability and Google finally jump on the bandwagon to assist 2 investigate this DDoS attack. I start 2 notice that some websites all over r slowing down or degrading in some form today. - polou/indigo_bow
I had a feeling it would happen sometime. DoS attacks are not all that uncommon. - Nile Flores
I don't think it is coincidental that twitter just "warmed" up their malware filter and #boom DoS attack. Story about filter here. http://bit.ly/xdfvN(Cnet) orignal blog http://bit.ly/4zPddP - Ron Hudson
What I don't get is that some people are getting tweets out... and I can't get anything... - Robert Freeze
Robert apparently the site is "up" but the api is still shaky. Some apps are getting through while other's are still down. It probably has to do with network topography and where different apps backend servers are located. - Ron Hudson
I was able to post through friendfeed, and through twitter.com, but SocialScope is timing out :( - Ron Hudson
my friendfeed entries are having trouble posting on Twitter - is the problem twitter ? - Mekkar
I used Google and it was down for a couple of minutes I was going to tweet about it and that was down too I wonder if someone was doing a demo of a zombie network..maybe it was a sales pitch? - BairdWilliamson
open microblogging standards have a chance to distribute the functions over multiple heterogeneous networks - Mike Chelen
This morning, I noticed that FriendFeed 'lost' pictures I've posted from a Facebook page (but not the whole entry) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Disqus lost 1 of my comments about this DOS attack, on my own Tumblr. But I saw it.. twitted! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Louis Gray
Even the Drudge Report made Twitter's downtime a top headline. I guess that's as big a clue as any that the site is mainstream.
Picture 6.jpg
ha, like it's the only day Twitter ever stopped. - SolidSmack
Right. But the "newbies" don't remember 2007 and 2008. :) - Louis Gray
.... and that with all those millions, they still can't scale it. - Jim Connolly
too funny - Susan Beebe
They act like it's new news - Jesse Stay
and LOL that Louis reads the Drudge Report - *I* don't even read that ;-) - Jesse Stay
I dunno. If Drudge reported it, it probably isn't true. Heading back over to Twitter now... - Ben Greenberg from twhirl
I'd share this on Twitter... if I could. - Helene
Jesse, I check on the Drudge Report every once in a while. He doesn't have a real RSS feed, and finds interesting stuff (or has an amusing slant). And you thought I couldn't take in even more news... - Louis Gray
@trish thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. the day is now ruined ;) - Jenna Bilotta
Jesse - another Drudge reader here. Saw that too. Didn't know Drudge even knew about Twitter. - Hutch Carpenter
Drudge Report? Is that thing still around? - Dave Hodson
Robert Scoble
Twitter is down. Oh, what will the SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts do?
Come to FF! - Simon Wicks
Give Friendfeed a shot? - Rubin Sfadj
Hopefully they don't come to FriendFeed :) - Robert J Taylor
Hang out on FF - Roberto Bonini
they will spam friendfeed instead? - Denis
They are so freeeking out. - SolidSmack
I couldn't tweet about it, so I told my wife instead. - Patrick Lightbody
Big ups to the FriendFeed massive! - Josette
I tried retweeting that. *sigh* - Andy McIlwain
Call them to join friendfeed, and make - Madhav Tripathi
Hopefully FF won't get killed by the Tweeters flocking over here. - phil baumann
ok.. here ya go..twitter being down has forced me here. Haven;t tried FF yet so... - cheapsuits
I suspect the bots will rejoice.... - walidmREALTOR
just like ya possibly twiddle their thumbs... - Baba
Let's see where these so-called "social media experts" go to fill the void of Twitter. - Christian
I can't open twitzap.com - ybs
Can FF servers manage such a massive movement? - Samuel Goëta
since bots supply at least 25% of Twitter traffic, should we feel the worst for them right now? - Kevin Norman
write a post about twitter being down as a threat to humanity, may be?:) - Nikos Anagnostou
Twitter down... can't post on Facebook,,. so it's FriendFeed! - carrotmadman6
So your're not responsible for that ? Strange... :-) - Enikao
lay on the floor and spin in circles - SolidSmack
Maybe the SocMedExperts will go back to Plurk since Scoble likes Friendfeed. :) - Jay Gilmore
thank God, now we can get back to work - E.P. Scott
if they are the experts they claim to be then they should be here! - Mark V. Fusco
Facebook seems frakked too. - Gregg Le Blanc
I get tweet trough tweetdeck... - Giorgio
I need serious help with FF. For an idiot like me this isn't so intuitive really. Help section is nice but I need someone to hold my hand ..bleeech. Don't get me wrong I am sorry I was reluctant to try FF before - cheapsuits
I blame Scoble. It's always his fault :-) - Keith Barrett
but how am I going to tell the world I need a cup of tea???? nooooooo - Rachel Clarke
Giorgio - I'm seeing some activity through the Twitter API, too (that's what TweetDeck uses, I believe); not a lot, but some - Robert J Taylor
I thought it was just my connection. ;-) I'm also having problems with Facebook today. - Timothy Federwitz
yeah, it seems the web interface is down but the api is working.. - Giorgio
I think the social media experts are going to spend the next hour talking about Twitter being down - Keith Barrett
Maybe read a book for a change? - Yiorgos Adamopoulos
Scoble's followers where the glue keeping Twitter together! now that he's 'pulled the pin' and released them all, Twitter has fallen down and can't get up. - MikeAmundsen
I'm so lost this morning without my cup-o-Twitter - frank barry
They'll comment on it, much like I just did. - Marlin Forbes
Man imagine if this had happened on #followfriday... - Rob Paller
Facebook is copying twitter too closely...even to going down at the same time - Robert Littlejohn
Yiorgas: read a book for a change? I do that anyway, but only about 10/month. need more twitter time to balance it out - Rachel Clarke
Does Twitter have what it takes to be a big player? We've been working with their API on a project and every time there is something out of whack. Anyone else have the same issues? - Chris Nadeau
twitter is really down, I think twitter itself should have a site that tweets when it's down :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
They will use FF to inform their friend that twitter is down - Didier Girard
Show up here I'm thinking. :-) - Dion Hinchcliffe
Huge exodus to FF! - akihito
We will start feeding friends and keeping up our identi.ca 's - JuneM
What's been the longest twitter outage on record thus far? - Dusty Edenfield
hmm at least they found a solution with a blog :) - Ata İsmet Özçelik
I don't understand why you maintain an account when you have such contempt for Twitter & those who use it. - Liz
they will cry in their soup - Bobby Griffith
holiday - Ronald
Well Robert, where will you go when they all come here? - Tokyo Dan from iPhone
it's back up. made ya look - Kevin Norman
Strangely, search.twitter.com is up. - Marlin Forbes
Tokyo: I already have a private group setup. Sort of like a bomb shelter in case the rats take over. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
i noticed that twitter is down... anyone know how facebook is ssOOO slow 2...???? - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Just noticed it... - k00pa
twitter outage and news of the PubSubHubbub feature in Google Reader (http://is.gd/24YvH) make FF look pretty good right now. - Dusty Edenfield
friendfeed is having some issues but for the most part is still up and going :) - (jeff)isageek
find another medium such as friendfeed ;). - rick
Roger, Mr. Scoble! - akihito
@Sebastian they connected somehow... ahhh scary :) - Dani Martínez
good. so not the only one with issues with FB.. wel atleast is FF is going strong.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
what we all are going to do??? =) but if seriously i remember this video on youtube - trouble with twitter: http://www.youtube.com/watch... - obolonskyi
They will all sit in their chair and stare at their monitor! - Gabe Diaz
@Dani, who knows... the might merge or something... explain the strange twitter is pulling fb down 2.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Did Scoble bring Twitter and FB down as he unfollowed everyone ? winks -) - Del_
This is very interesting that it is impacting more than one social network ... can't even speculate what the cause is yet. Not getting much work done today I'm afraid, going to be following these conversations.. - Joe Magennis
I haven't been on twitter for days. I guess I picked the wrong morning to jump back in. - Jeff Stannard
Robert: The most important question>> How many new sign-ups for FF today? - K.N. Ajit Narayan
...and who wins? FF great :) - Dani Martínez
Was just able to post to Facebook but took several tries. Wow. FF FTW! - Tom Guarriello
so!! - abdellah
The smart ones will go to FriendFeed ;) - Helene
The spammers should go to MySpace... - Dennis Bjørn Petersen
Tweeple will come to FriendFeed! - LauraLee Dooley
That's why I joined FF a while back. Then I found all the useful features- and the bonus is having Scoble here to show the way. - Brenda Young
No, the smart ones are ALREADY on FriendFeed :) - Susan Beebe
and? - abdellah
@obolonskyi nice. vid.. ROFL... never seen it before... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
GUILTY ! I have had a FF account for awhile just never used it-- - cheapsuits
What the celebrities like you do. Talk about it on Twitter. - Tad Chef
This actually made me laugh out loud, because I was thinking the same thing! - Dan
Could this mean that CNBC was right??? Nooooooooooo! - travispuk
I was planning to unfollow a bunch of followers due to Twitter's follow limit rule kicking in at the ~#2000 user level. I have to wait with that then... ;) - Martin Lindeskog
FF FTW - Eran Even-Kesef
Let's see how well Friendfeed handles this Twitter outage :) - Rene Silva
Re previous comment of mine, 'Nooooooo!' was for CNBC being right, not that twitter is dead. ;) - travispuk
life goes on - Eran Even-Kesef
Hey don't tell anyone about this FF thing, its our little secret - Jeff Wiant
Twitter better be back up by the time Rick Sanchez is on CNN this afternoon or he won't know what to talk about ;) - cjcubs
telnet 80 twitter.com ? - Gordon Joly
@gordon wont work - k00pa
FF was down for me for about 10 min just now. - Dusty Edenfield
Blogger's having some trouble as well - Crispin Heath
No address associated with nodename (twitter.com) - Gordon Joly
If friend feed ever gets as popular as twitter were will everyone go to to avoid the popular crowd? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Panic? - Dean Clark
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Panic? Aren't we all used to this already? :) - Sasha Kovaliov
if this is the North Koreans with a coordinated attack I WILL laugh - cheapsuits
@scobleizer I'm seeing issues with twitter and facebook. Social website attack? - Michael Fierro
Robert, please follow back 106,000 and everything will be ok))) joke =) - obolonskyi
I can not play 140mafia!!! This sucks sooooo bad :( - Sam Beckett
Twitter outage is causing issues with both facebook and friendfeed. I guess we know where everyone is going instead of twitter. - April Russo (FForever!)
facebook? no way :) - Sasha Kovaliov
Twitter being down is a a relief to me this morning! Now I can stay OFF it rather than fitting it into every 30 second change of task! n - Arleen Boyd
at this rate they will have to start sending out junk mail via the post office again... oh the humanity - Terry Bruce
Nothing seems to work, I think it will be the Friend Feed greatest traffic boost ever - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
guys, is it Ddos attack? or smth like that? as I understand twitter is hosting somewhere and this datacenter is down. am i right? - obolonskyi
FriendFeed traffic is rocking now... - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
social media "experts" might need to actually find other work to do. - Luis Sandoval
thanks God, Youtube is working - obolonskyi
More info needed. Where is there an alternate feed to real time news? - SenderOK
seems unlikely I'll do anything productive in the interim - WarLord
Hopefully they will move to FF :) - Martynas
it could be ff provocation - obolonskyi
I feel like we are all stranded on a tropical Island together - Jeff Wiant
was afraid for a moment that out IT blocked all social networks or something horrible like that. Thank god FF came back up quickly. This might have gotten me to use FF more. I often neglect it. - Ryan Cummins
Wondered why tweetdeck wasn't loading anything. actually got some programming work done. lol - Justin Long
friendfeed rules! - Kevin Dolan
twits will move, but only until twitter is back online, then there will be a mass exodus. Remember during all of the 2007/2008 fail whales users still flocked back to it regardless. - travispuk
Twitter, Facebook, now Posterous... 4chan organize an attack or something? - Sam Harrelson from IM
Thank goodness FF is still working. :) - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
Friendfeed + Facebook :) - Rafa Lacerda
From status.twitter.com: "Site is down 1 hour ago. We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly." - Martin Lindeskog
Touché Robert, Touché - Jeff Woelker from twhirl
"We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly." from Twitter Status - Kurt Jarchow
North Koreans I tell ya.... - cheapsuits
took inordinate amount of time to get into ff today as well - A Zmaj
Hmmm DoS attack...someone wanting a ransom from Twitter? - Mike Gargano
Guess they'll have to either pick up the phone or do some work :) - Graham Bunting
Can someone with 94k followers really mock the the celebs and experts devoid of Twitter? - Augie Ray
Hey, no bogus follow messages in my inbox for a while! ;-) - Julie Barrett from twhirl
This is teaching us something about the framework of the current Internet traffic patterns. We're watching cascade scale problems from one major Internet program going down. - Melanie Reed
Facebook is giving up the ol', "Transport error (#1001) while retrieving data from endpoint `/ajax/inline_comments.php': A network error occurred. Check that you are connected to the internet" message now. - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
I think this is bigger than Twitter and FB... I think it's some interweb routes or something. I had a VoIP call going with a party local to me and two across the country and I lost the two across the country, but maintained the local party. And others are commenting on other sites showing signs of outages. - Timothy Federwitz from Alert Thingy
Twitter is Down....panic..run.,,SOS! - Veetrag
What will they do? Use FriendFeed! - Chuck Huckaby
It's official. Twitter's problem is a DoS attack per twitter/status. - Roger Jennings
shhhh they'll come here - andy brudtkuhl
The real bummer for me is, now I actually have to listen to the radio to get the word of the day! - Travis Owen
is twitter connected with FB or Friendfeed? I am having page errors with both, Ajax issues with FB intermittently , I am no tech geek so I have no clue whats up and come here to learn - lisa coultrup
Maybe Ev's interview on the BBC last night didn't go down well with the Iranians! - Andrew from iPod
Status Blog says "We are defending against a denial-of-service attack." Mmmm... http://status.twitter.com/post... - akihito
Friendfeed it is then. - Aren Grimshaw
Now, It's up! - Martin Sliacky
Posterous isn't working properly either, at least for me. - Steven Melfi
What does DoS mean? - Kimberle Kelly
denial of service - Justin Long
I meant what does denial of service mean? (dumb blonde here sorry) - Kimberle Kelly
If it's true..or is it propaganda? - Alex Schleber
It's down, again. - Martin Sliacky
Thank you :o) - Kimberle Kelly
Ev coming onto the BBC last night and saying that they were asked by the US Goverment to keep Twitter up and running during the Iranian protests cannot have gone down well in Tehran! - Andrew from iPod
DoS on large portions of the internet. Is this 4Chan... Chinese... N. Korea... durkadurkastan... - Ryan Cummins
now having trouble getting to Friendfeed - Justin Long
look, few days ago Clinton back home with two imprisoned american journalists from North Korea and today Korea is attacking twitter? it is revenge))) - obolonskyi
maybe Robert's great unFollowing crashed the servers... no loss! Go FF - Jay Shapiro from BuddyFeed
some government is DDOS'ing the real-time internet to cover up something :-) http://leeprovoost.posterous.com/the-twi... - Lee Provoost
hmmm - abdellah
As I said, I predict a baby-boom in 9 months... wait and see! - Jordi Soler
SEO Experts can analyze their charts, celebrities and wannabe's can entertain us with video (maybe some cool Twitter Whore like stuff) , and social media experts can quickly become Fail Whale Experts. - Michele Lorito-Chase
@Lee Provost don't you thing you're going to be a little apocaliptic ? :-) - Filippo Ronco
Twitter downing has to be a lesson for all of us. if sometimes gmail or even google will be down. what we all are going to do in that situation??? - obolonskyi
@Filippo i've been suprised many times that reality is often more wacked up than the conspiracy theories of geeks :-p - Lee Provoost
I'm hoping the social media experts go away and do something useful. - Parvez Halim
@Lee this is true too :-) - Filippo Ronco
@Jordi LOL, considering that there are a vast amount of single male computer geeks out there in the twitter community, baby boom effect might be negligible :-D - Lee Provoost
what is bad here? here doesnt exist reply button =( - obolonskyi
@Lee single male computer geeks - LOL)) - obolonskyi
Go back to MySpace? - Juliana
The twitter bots are rebelling - Charles
@Flynn, go check out this Greasemonkey script, solves it: http://userscripts.org/scripts... - Alex Schleber
Come here and moan about it! - Kami Huyse
Read post on 100k unfollow - I love how people are commenting and blaming Twitter being down on that! lol - Helene
AAANND.. it's back. At least for a moment I guess.. - Alex Schleber
AAANND it's GONE! ..Again. At least I managed to send out a quick FriendFeed SOS, as in: "Still think you shouldn't have all of your favorite tweeps in a "backup system" on FriendFeed? Join here: www.friendfeed.com/alexschleber " - Alex Schleber
Either collapse or back to use their phones in voice only mode, do some shopping, get eye to eye contact ... Blame god, and then. Give a serious try on FF ;p - Marco ILLESCAS from iPhone
I hope everyone will be ok...lol - April Mendez
Hey, can I hang out here on FF while my Twitter is down :) - Kevin Krewell
Welcome to FF Kevin! You can tweet from here too! - Arleen Boyd
Thanks Arleen. I hear all the kool kids hang out here now - like Scoble and you! - Kevin Krewell
I'm glad I joined FF yesterday, great timing! - CodeSamurai
I also micro-blog or create my own Twitter, but in more than 140 characters. - polou/indigo_bow
FF and Tumblr are working fine! :-) - Tim Moore
A good FF day- new familiar faces on this thread. - E-Advocate Network
What will the blackhat SEO experts, the SM spammers, and the social media experts do during a widespread outage? The answer is obvious: While sitting out the crisis they're fine-tuning their methodology. Seriously, your question offends me. There's a gazillion of SEO experts out there who do not abuse social media. - Sebastian
Sebastian there can't be a gazillion SEO experts! What's 10,000 keywords times 20?? (and that's being generous!) - Arleen Boyd
Would a social media expert consider it to be a crisis? If they rely so heavily on just one or two tools that it's enough to throw them into a tizzy, their expert status would seem to me to be ... questionable, at best. - Gord McLeod
Agreed. - Greg
Arleen, 10,000 keyword phrases times 20 is a tiny fraction of the search terms that are worth optimizing for. Think of the long tail. Also, consider lots of webmasters and even publishers / site owners / bloggers / Web developers ... SEO experts who are able to optimize their stuff quite successfully but don't sell or publish their expertise. Many of them, and even many SEO consultants, do make sensible use of social media, as plain users. - Sebastian
Gord, in a social media spammer's book 2 hours of outage, IOW 2 hours w/o sales from sneakily distributed links to questionable sales pitches, can sum up to way more than a good day's beer money. ;) However, "crisis" might be a term too strong for this potential loss. - Sebastian
+1 Sebastian - Bill Sodeman
I'm hung up on hop 12! - bev
I love FF! - John Giglio
come to Friend Feed? Not - Rob Cairns
You must be dying of laughter now Robert! - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: yes, reading this is fun. Sebastien SEO types are so easy to wind up. ;-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert, admit it, you broke Twitter by massively unfollowing people. The DDoS attack reports have just been a ruse to cover up the fact that you were the backbone of Twitter all this time. - Louis Trapani
Louis: that is true. I pissed the bots off. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Keep running into the wall a few times then find alternate outlets such as ff, linkedIn, etc... - Kirsten Mitchell from iPhone
Looks like the devious plan to move everyone to FF is working well. LOL :) - Geer
Ha! The whole Facebook Twitter slowdown may have been just people clicking on spam (not a DDoS botnet). How funny! Manual DDoS. See Bill Woodcock's theory at CNet, AP, SF Gate, and The Register http://ff.im/6gLmO - Mitchell Tsai
There you go again implying the only ones that use twitter is SEO experts, the celebrities, the spammers, the bots, and the social media experts - This is definitely SPIN. Perhaps you should join CNN also LOL - RetiredTeacherD
Ironic, given your status as a celebrity social media expert who constantly spams about bots... :-P - David Kettler
Now they'll have time to shower and do their laundry! - Summer Fling
Jay Rosen
Twitter says it's a denial of service attack http://status.twitter.com/ "We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly."
11:15 est "Update: the site is back up, but we are continuing to defend against and recover from this attack." It is not up for me. - Jay Rosen
Not up for me either. - Allyson Kapin
ah-nope. - Deanna Zandt
I was able to pull up my profile page once, and then it went unreachable again. I'm getting tweets from people I'm subscribed to on FriendFeed, so it looks like the API is still working. - Josette
Thanks for posting this. I thought the whole world had blocked me! - Shane Gibson
Still not available. - John Hood
half of my friendfeed friends are liking this story from about 500 websites, kinda annoying - Mark
There HAS to be a story behind this denial of service attack. - Jay Rosen
Happily we have FF to survive these dark times... - roland legrand
what does this mean?? are all websites susceptible to attack? I'm clearly not geeky enough to know the answers... - Helene
The search interface redirected me to http://search.twitter.com/... . Very strange. Could this mean that the attack was a flood of searches? I can confirm, no availability via http://twitter.com and API requests are not working either... OH IT'S BACK! - Ignace Rodriguez de R,
I've got it back... for now... - Jason Barnett
ugh - architecture fail - mike "glemak" dunn from iPhone
Twitter is back up for me. Guardian on the attack http://www.guardian.co.uk/technol... - Jay Rosen
Posts are not forwarding to FF from Twitter at a normal rate. - Jay Rosen
Jay: At this point, it looks like 4chan is taking credit for the attack: http://ff.im/6fMrU - Michael Nelson
Expect issues. Massive denial of service attacks don't just dry up. Defeating them is complex and countermeasures have collateral effects.. - George Frink
http://istwitterdown.com/ did not know about this before... - Jay Rosen
My 3rd party apps are randomly updating their streams but I still cannot successfully post a tweet. - Neeraj Kumar Agrawal
4chan calls the attack (: http://ff.im/6fMrU ) an exploit. "Denial of service" is the effect and tells us nothing about the nature of the attack. I was angry but bored at first. Now I'm curious. What caused this? - George Frink
4chan takes credit for everything. I call shenanigans. - Josette from fftogo
+1 josette/shenanigans - Deanna Zandt
LiveJournal is also under DDoS attack: http://community.livejournal.com/lj_main... - Josette from fftogo
Here's your story (via @davewiner): http://friendfeed.com/badhair... (edited to clean up my linkrot) - Josette
Robert Scoble
RT @dariusdunlap "for me twitter is for getting interesting insights and ideas. I'm sure not going to get them from those who follow me!"
I think it's funny that some folks aren't getting the joke. :-) Subtlety doesn't always translate in 140 characters. Working on a blog post about following, and specifically the strange idea that you should ONLY follow those who follow you back. Part of the power of Twitter is that you don't have to "be friends." I can listen to folks I find interesting, whether or not they listen to me. - Darius Dunlap
And now that Twitter's down, everyone can write their own blog post on why they're unfollowing their tens of thousands of followers ;-) - Helene
Agreed Darius. Scoble and the other big movers may not follow me, but I can listen to them and glean information that I find informative, even if they don't "follow" me. For people like me that can't be on FF or Twitter a lot during the day at work, I can still keep informed. - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
Darius: Very good point (humor understood). I am rethinking my stance on how to use/utilize twitter. - Timothy Federwitz
I don't understand why some people feel obligated to follow back. I want my incoming stream to have a very high signal:noise ratio. You've got to earn followage from me. - Pistos
gndn or GIGO - Rosemary Gongora
Rosemary + Helene + Pistos, I sooooo want to 'like' comments sometimes ... - Sebastian
@sebastianx: Me too. :) We'll have to settle for something like: @Pistos +1 - Pistos
Sebastian - and TAGS for comments. ;-) - Darius Dunlap
@Pistos @Darius I second that. In many cases comments provide way more value than the initial item. Just looking at who commented to an item offering those to possibly interested users based on whatever criteria is a good first step but not enough. - Sebastian
Joel Postman
My latest creation: A "lakes racer" made out of an old Sears adding machine http://socialized.tumblr.com/post...
It's beautiful, but i won't show it to my dad (he's a CPA); he'd fall in love! He just got rid of something similar within the last 10 years. - Helene
Robert Scoble
Who has coolest job in media? http://friendfeed.com/newmedi... -- he's running camera in the White House right now.
He's NBC's camera guy, nice guy too. He's on FriendFeed too. http://friendfeed.com/newmedi... - Robert Scoble
He definately has a cool job. - David Damore from iPod
it's fun when he sends twitpics, he's right there in the middle of it all! - Helene
Doug Levy
As troubled a person as he was, Michael Jackson transformed the music industry and created novel visual elements to songs. Sad.
Well put.... :( - Helene
Robert Scoble
Can you help teach a class in real time? Right now you are on the screen. Can you teach me everything about "leadership?" Help here:
Feel free to point to blogs, videos, or other things. - Robert Scoble
Hello Y'all - Kreg Steppe
Where do you want it, in the comments? - Ton Zijp
www.whitehouse.org :) - Stephanie Segel
hell NO.. too much noise !! - Peter Dawson
Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. -George S. Patton - Ross Miller
HBR : Ten Fatal Flaws That Derail Leaders http://hbr.harvardbusiness.org/2009... - David Peacock
or would that be www.whitehouse.gov -- dammit :( - Stephanie Segel
Leadership means taking risks, calculated or otherwise, and being willing to either fail or succeed, but to learn in any case. For many, social media's risky--and that's exactly why you may find leaders here. - dontgetcaught
"I'm going to do something I never do; give a direct order." Captain Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H - Dan: Bibrarian
WIKIPEDIA about leadership ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - @LarsenTweet
desmond tutu on leadership - http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Netbooknews
Peter Drucker's books are a good go-to for a start... - Helene
The Art of War (on Google Book Search): http://books.google.com/books... - Josette
If you have to say you're a leader, you probably aren't. - Ordinarybug Heather
658.4092 - Dan: Bibrarian
Best leadership quotes: http://houseofquotes.com/quotes... Because saying something is more important than actually doing it ;) - Carlton Prest
A leader is a dealer in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte - Stephanie Segel
VIDEO - Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe -> http://www.youtube.com/watch... - @LarsenTweet
Leadership is practice what you belive in..courage to stand up in hard times.. and the will to make a difference !! .. - Peter Dawson
Leaders know when to sit in the passenger seat and button the lip. Leaders empower others rather then themselves. - Vincent Lowe
Ken: this thread. This is awesome. - Robert Scoble
How long do you plan to run this class for? 10 years? Leadership is not taught, it's learnt. - thomasrdotorg
Let the students run the class. - Carlton Prest
thomasrdotorg: this thread goes forever. The physical class is for the next 50 minutes, though. - Robert Scoble
A leader is someone who allows his people to do what they need to do, stay out of the way, protect them from interference and let them shine. - Steve C, Team Marina
Carlton: you're running the class!!!!! - Robert Scoble
I haven't had this much fun in a class since I skipped history classes in high school.... - Stephanie Segel
Great idea for a thread but the best I could do would be post a reading list... Leadership is such a deep subject... Siddhartha, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Fierce Conversations... it could go on forever. - SAM
I remember someone from Pixar did a great speech on Leadership for TED not long ago. I can't seem to find the link. - DocileWalnut
Leadership: Don't fake it, people smell fear - Dave Hodson
Listen and take good notes! - Mark Layton
Leadership is standing up for what you think is right, and leading the way in that effort - Jesse Stay
Being a leader is very different from being a manager. - Ordinarybug Heather
open source leadershi p via joi ito :)- http://joi.ito.com/archive... - Peter Dawson
A leader does not command respect or demand respect, he earns respect. - Aron Michalski
"Leading Minds" by Howard Gardner: http://www.amazon.com/Leading... - Fred Yankowski
Compassion. - Kenley Neufeld
I can show it to you http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Lee
Larson, anything by Seth Godon is just brilliant - Shawn Hickman
Leadership - when you post a question on friendfeed and hundreds reply in several minutes. For free. :D - Sasha Kovaliov
I am trying to think of a way to tie the Darth Vader Corset featuring boobs into the leadership conversation. - Steve C, Team Marina
This is real, real time - watching the number of comments from 0 to 41, 42..43 44 45 - Ashu Joshi
Join Toastmasters - Prolific Programmer
Leadership is influence. - SAM
"A successful leader seeks and accepts responsibility and accountability"- http://www.scribd.com/doc... - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Leaders ask, listen, then decide...a lot like social media best practices. Maybe the technology's helping us catch up to where we should be. So let me ask: what do *you* think leadership is? - dontgetcaught
Leadership lessons from Ulysses S. Grant - Manuel Arroyo
good leaders listen and realize that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. - Sara DelektaGalligan
The picture says a thousand words, but a caption helps: http://www.mos95b.com/New... - Carlton Prest
teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves - Jan Dawson
agree with Sara - Manuel Arroyo
Be decisive - Shakeel Mahate
Asking the right question at the right time and listening for the answer. - Aron Michalski
To unleash creativity, sometimes you need to be ready to lead from behind - Sameer
do not be afraid to make decisions - Manuel Arroyo
Building a Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy: http://www.imdb.com/title... - Ton Zijp
Leadership: doing something no one else does...showing the way. Showing the possibilities. Paying attention. Engaging, reciprocal conversations. - Sheryl
A different way to learn about leadership is to read Memoirs of Hadrian, a novel by French writer Marguerite Yourcenar about the life and death of Roman Emperor Hadrian. http://www.amazon.com/Memoirs... - Paul Rodriguez
"The Art and Science of Leadership:" http://www.nwlink.com/~doncla... - Carlton Prest
Define a leader with Google Search: Just type this in the search field: define:leader - @LarsenTweet
The Purpose of Pedegogy - http://elgg.net/vinall... - Peter Dawson
Hello class: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Ohh, and you should bare in mind - Popularity is not leadership. - Nir Ben Yona
Henry Ford once said "If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'A faster horse'." So try something dumb or unexpected at least once in a while. - DocileWalnut
Best book I've read on leadership: http://www.amazon.com/Leaders... - Tim Costantino
Robert, are you putting this up on Kyte? - Manuel Arroyo
A good team makes a good leader. Without a good team leadership is nothing but herding cats. - Dilip Dand
Leadership = Responsibility. - Sasha Kovaliov
Learn from the mistakes of others, what you should not do as a leader - you cannot be partial to some, or have favorites, you cannot intimidate, you cannot lie - Shakeel Mahate
I disagree with the "waffling" comment. A good leader continues to consider new points of view and isn't afraid to say, "I've reconsidered." - Vincent Lowe
"A very generic concept of leadership is that of directly or indirectly influencing others, by means of authority, formal or informal, or by personal attributes, to act in accordance with one's intent or shared purpose" - same ref as my last - Capn' One Eye - adrift
The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leadershttp://www.insidecrm.com/feature... - Ton Zijp
Leadership: Having the best BS detector in the room. Even if the room is expanding and expanding... like this one... - Mark Zip
"If you're dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you're smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you." Issac Jaffe on SportsNight - Andy Roth
If you aren't the lead sled dog, the scenery never changes! - Jim Tierney
according to Carol Bartz of Yahoo, it involves "███████ drop-kicking people's █████ to ███████ Mars" - Karim
"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." -Rosalynn Carter - Leanno Software
oh I 4got to like this thought tapestry.. this is actuall open source cull point.. Scobles is da man !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Sorry, I'm not doing video, didn't have a video compatible ccomputer. - Robert Scoble
Leadership is Michael Arrington whining about the lack of a decent tablet device. Then making his own, and making it look really fantastic. - Carlton Prest
How does a company get Leaders in management positions? and why doesn't it happen more often? - Steve C, Team Marina
Monday Morning Leadership was also a decent book http://www.amazon.com/Monday-... - Manuel Arroyo
@Sasha it's more ... Leadership = seeking out and accepting Responsibility - Capn' One Eye - adrift
To lead you have to fight the urge to run when things are scary. If they're scary, that's exactly what you need to do. You grow by trying new things. Complacency achieves nothing. - Sheryl
Listen voraciously, speak cautiously, invest in others before asking for something in return, don't assume influence - build it, maintain vision, back it with understanding and knowledge, and continually focus on being the best most creative and humble person you can be. Then try to get others to do it all with you. - SAM
Here http://bit.ly/IRqOk - real time "leadership" on the net :) - Sasha Kovaliov
at this 2:38am all I can say, what my teacher once told me, take the responsibilities and don't be afraid of them, help people by showing the right way of doing things - Hameedullah Khan
In case we're in a techy mood, Steve Jobs once said that "“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Nir Ben Yona
When you scream, tell, me to do something be sure you tell me exactly what to do or you may find you get what you asked for. rough paraphrase of Neil Young (as heard on PBS earlier today) - Angela E. Taylor
@Capn' One-Eye ☠ - agree :) Btw, this is better than http://www.ask500people.com/! - Sasha Kovaliov
well said @Hameedullah Khan - Capn' One Eye - adrift
@Carlton , wth was that about leadership and Mike A ? thats Total BS !! - Peter Dawson
management can be taught, leadership cannot. - Sherri
Just read 'The Prince' leaders are defined by their victories; even companies its the same; once they win in a major market its hard to move to a new style of victory. - James Watters
@Sherri - leadership can be cultivated. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
If your looking for bullet points the John Wooden Leadership Pyramid is a pretty good place to start: http://www.entrepreneur.com/managem... - Bill Rawlinson
@Peter, the man wanted a decent tablet device. Instead of whining about it constantly, he decided to make his own. It's called initiative, and all good leaders have it. - Carlton Prest
@Sasha - agreed! - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Great Leadership doesn't boast. It doesn't need to. It's almost palpable. - Sheryl
@Capn' One-Eye - yes, but only if the seeds are there. - Sherri
Leadership theories in MS-Word format http://www.snc.edu/lsi... - LPH™ and his dog P™
@Sherri - yes that's true - Capn' One Eye - adrift
hey scoble! thanks for using social media to change the world! - Jason Pollock
I believe Leadership can be learned, by observing a good leader. I think this counts as leadership can be taught to those willing to learn. - Steve C, Team Marina
Are the people at this conference impressed with your social media prowess yet? i hope so! - Jason Pollock
An answer I posted on StackOverflow about leadership in tech - before I had an account - http://stackoverflow.com/questio... - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Leadership comes from people who have a clear vision of what they want and then they go out and get it. - Jason Pollock
+1 sheryl - mehdi
As a starting point I'd want my class to read and try to appreciate Machiavelli's "The Prince" within the context in which he lived: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Rick Bucich
Leadership comes from the dude with the biggest camera lens. - Jason Pollock
A leader does not have to ask to be followed. A leader is one who people want to follow. - Dilip Dand
@ Rick Bucich; The Prince is just about all you need to understand about leadership - James Watters
hey nobody brought up knowledge at Wharton - series :)- http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/categor... - Peter Dawson
Leadership is a cloudy concept because people confuse the art of being followed, with the art of directing followers well. - James Watters
Lead Follow or get out of the way! - DivemasterDoug
My answer on StackOverflow is the green one ;) - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Woodrow Wilson said: The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. - In other words, in order to lead you must pay attention to those around you. - Sheryl
leadership comes from people who take a chance when everyone else thinks they are crazy.. like the characters of my new feature film.. The Youngest Candidate, http://theyoungestcandidate.com - Jason Pollock
best read of middle eastern leadership :)- Dubai Media Deputy CEO Najla Al-Awadhi: Empowering Others through Information - Peter Dawson
The ability to move and direct people to a certain destination. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Leaders don't just post links or quotes - James Watters
oppyss heres the linky for my previous comment http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article... - Peter Dawson
Leaders don't need social networks either, James... - Ton Zijp
@ Peter Dawson; don't you think empowerment is slightly separate from leadership? - James Watters
I believe everyone is a leader to some degree... it's not a definition but an innate part of being human and being involved in society. Like a sense of humor... everyone has one, even if you can't detect it from the jokes you're telling. - SAM
@James, no its part of being a leader. empowering others ! - Peter Dawson
This exercise has proven a rare breed of leadership - realizing when those around can add incredible value and letting them take center stage. This is a very tough lesson for most leaders to master, but it's illustrated quite well here! - Tom Parnell
Leaders don't waste time being critical of others. It's to their benefit to raise their groups morale, not pull it down. - Sheryl
Nicholas, Zuckerberg needs money to be a leader. ;-) - Ton Zijp
General Petraeus at Harvard ROTC comissioning: "“1st, lead by example. If you lean forward in the foxhole, your troopers will too.”" http://www.julescrittenden.com/2009... - Charles Fenwick
@Ton; I'm not the leader in this case, scoble is, I'm just in the rank and file - James Watters
Interesting, the student is very silent. Is he listening or has ADD :) - Dilip Dand
Mental toughness. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
A leader listens - Michele Lorito-Chase
Robert, are the students commenting also btw? - Sasha Kovaliov
@James, most leader empower their team and then get the hell out of way so the team can run the race. they (the leader) are there only to remove the hurdles.. most CEO are chief Hurdle removers !! - Peter Dawson
A truly great Leader can lead with his mouth shut. - Sheryl
people browser is awesome - rich price
I maintain that leadership is just the art of being followed; management is what comes after - James Watters
Scoble, you mind if I sell this thread to Franklin Covey or John Maxwell? - SAM
Nicholas: so Zuckerberg is not a leader yet, one could say. - Ton Zijp
A leader gives credit when contributions are made, understanding that perceptions vary among the collective intelligence. - Michele Lorito-Chase
We are here posting for Scoble because he was one of the first big victors in corporate blogging; case in point; we arent posting for a also ran; being followed stems from victories and conquests always has - James Watters
@Scott, only if you give the $$$ to the SickKids foundation :)- LOL - Peter Dawson
Interesting that so many people are posting "traits" of a leader - only one portion of leadership. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Michele, there were lots of leaders who didn't listen, but they still lead. They should've, but they didn't. - Ton Zijp
@LPH - hey yeah traits are better, after all Hitler was a leader too !! let not forget that .. likewise Pol Pot, Stalin and a host of others.. there is the dark side of leadership too ! - Peter Dawson
Leadership is about being genuine, and enabling others to achieve their full potential with your guidance. It's the capability to deliver and achieve while compelling others to do so as well. - Louis Gray
@ Louis Gray; -1 squishy - James Watters
++1 Louis Gray ! - Peter Dawson
Nicholas: but maybe Zuckerberg is being lead too (not that I totally agree with what I'm saying myself, but I like questions ;-)). - Ton Zijp
A genuine person without a victory will not be followed - James Watters
Peter - yes - I was meaning traits is only one theory about leaders. Followers are just as important - as are circumstances - as are so many other factors. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Ton, you are correct. Bad leadership desires a thread of it's own. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Leadership is optimistic! :) - Sheryl
http://www.leadershipjot.com/ - Thoughts, suggestions, and tips to improve leadership. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
http://www.siliconangle.com/ver2... post responding to gap between social and business leadership traits - James Watters
The Leadership Challenge from Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner (suggesting leadership is a learned behavior) http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/WileyCD... - LPH™ and his dog P™
@Jeff +10 - James Watters
Jeff: talking about leadership is talking in cliché's? - Ton Zijp
don't be a turd. Bosses are normally turds. Leaders are people that lead first by doing and teach you how to do it the right way without being overbearing or conceded. - Zach Scott
When wolves fight for pack leader they don't fight to the death or great injury; just till the moment they know who would win - James Watters
It's worth noting (if it hasn't been already) that great leadership involves setbacks almost by necessity. It's how those loses are learned from and adapted that differentiate how well individuals move forward. - Rick Bucich
Leadership is not about directing followers, rather it's about influence; acting in a way that others find useful, interesting and engaging. - Marcia Conner
@ Marcia +1 distinguishing between influence and management; thank you! - James Watters
The best leaders I've seen are wise enough to surround themselves with very smart people. Smarter than the leader in many cases. - Kevin C. Tofel
If the students aren't interacting, this is like listening to 300 lecturers at once. - Bruce Lewis
+ Bruce - Todd Hoff
Did I miss someone posting about transactional leadership? People are motivated by reward and punishment. - LPH™ and his dog P™
@ Bruce; yes and since no one can clearly win for best lecture there is no leader - James Watters
Robert: I feel like a guinea pig. What are you teaching the students about this? :) - Sheryl
Nicholas: Yes - McGregor's ideas -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - LPH™ and his dog P™
Sheryl; I believe his hope was more about the human search and link engine than our personal thoughts - James Watters
did i make it to the screen - rich price
I'm spent. l8tr - Capn' One Eye - adrift
In a healthy environment motivation comes from within (not reward/punishment). We need people who think & act, not retrieve & salivate. - Marcia Conner
Don't be afraid to make mistakes... or own up to them. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
[adjusts monocle] ja, ja, but reward & punishment in ein hierarchy is der basis of der Führerprinzip ("leader principle"). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... a TRUE LEADER demands ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE from those below him. you Amerikaners are so soft.... [swats riding crop into palm] - Karim
Well, one thing you could teach is that geeks have a short attention span. Over half an hour and we move on.... - Sheryl
glad @marciamarcia pointed me to this. when I've led, I've followed 2 principles: 1) Shunryu Suzuki's principle of control: the best way to control a person is not to try to control, but to watch, and give them lots of space and 2) peer pressure. a person follows me as a leader because the group wants to and the person wants the acceptance of the group - Lou Clark
way 2 go, robert! - Adri Munier
Leading without being in charge: http://www.slideshare.net/selenam... - Michael R. Bernstein
Jeff, do the principles that effect good leadership change when you're doing it from the head of the pack as opposed to within? - SAM
Kouzes & Posner are the best foundation ever. 5 practices - their pentathlon: inspire, challenge, model, encourage, enable. Can't beat 'em. www.theleadershipchallenge.com - Dan Mulhern
What is the purpose of the class - why do you want to learn everything about leadership? Is it to improve the participants leadership skills or just to tickle their curiosity? If you really want your class to improve their abilities to lead, you need to put them in a position where they do lead. People learn from what they do. So go ahead and give each participant (or group of participants) a challenge: lead us out of this crisis! - Olavur Ellefsen
Jeff: +1 you make a great point. A person does not have to be a top dog, so to speak, to be a leader. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. (Statuses too) - Sheryl
WOW. The class was blown away by seeing this happen in real time. THANK YOU!!!! - Robert Scoble
Robert: How many in the class already use FF? - Sheryl
Sheryl: only a couple. - Robert Scoble
are you looking to train a new leader or just come up with metrics for identification, Mr Scoble? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Robert: WOW! That's amazing! We can still teach those young whippersnappers a thing or two! WOOHOO! :) - Sheryl
And was there somebody to film them being blown away? :-) - Ton Zijp
What an amazing accumulation of thoughts and links to pursue. Thanks for mentioning it on Twitter. - Violet Bliss Dietz
Never try to lead people. It doesn't work. Better off building and guiding a team. If you can organize a team that works well together, you'll spend less time trying to hold the team together and more of your energy guiding them and being productive. Treat every team member with respect. If you don't listen to them, they will not listen to you. Keep your ego and temper in check. It... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
Leader listens to everyone but when he/she speaks everyone listens. - Ashish
Leadership & personal development often go together. I'm inspired by @BrianKlemmer & http://klemmer.com. Repetition & Experience are best ways to remember & learn. Leadership is a choice and an ongoing way of life. - Courtney Engle
Leaders who inspire me have the knowledge: "If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants" Newton, etc. do not pop up in blogs much, but it seems the game changers know exactly who to thank. - E-Advocate Network
Stupid is as stupid does. - sime0n
What Only the CEO Can Do A,G. Lafley http://hbr.harvardbusiness.org/2009... - Jorge Barba
“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.” - Jorge Barba
Gary Hamel: How to Tell If You're a Natural Leader http://blogs.wsj.com/managem... - Jorge Barba
I was with a guy for 3 years, he always told me he loved me and that we wouldn't break up because if you love someone you make it work. We could never work out a time when we were both free and just a couple days ago he said we should just be friends. I know he dont me anymore. When we were dating he said to everyone that I was his girlfriend and introduced me, told his friends he... more... - Suzan Perry
Doug Levy
Trying to decide between another workout or lunch.
If I were you, I'd opt for the former. It's a rare opportunity to work out that much :) - Helene
@Lapp in the end, i just want people to know I brushed my teeth religiously
and flossed! lol ;) - Helene
Joel Postman
Instead of autofollow, I'd like to see a "smart" Twitter follow utility that lets you follow/not follow/block based on certain key words
or user's @ replies and proof of engagement - Helene
Robert Scoble
I am showing friendfeed to Rackspace's chairman @gweston. Say hi in live view here:
hi! - Sarah Lane
<immature> hi in live view here:</immature> - Zee. from IM
Hai - Simon Wicks
Howdy! - Justin Miller
Hello - John Oh
hello there - Ted Bradford II
Howdy - Andrew Smith
Hey Robert - Paul Maez
Hello from Half Moon Bay - Luke Kilpatrick
hello friend - Jamie Vidamour
Hello from Sweden - Niklas Morberg
hello - Bryan R. Adams
hI - Joel Moore
this is hypnotic to watch o_O - Robert DeBord
Hi from The Netherlands. :) - Meryn Stol
hi - Liviu Lica
Hello, welcome to the ski slope of data :-) - Joe Kavanagh
Hola. - Yolanda
Hello from Omaha, NE - Pat Hawks
getting dizzy - John Spyers
Now you see this commennt......now you.... - Marcus Beagley
Aloha! - Ryan
Hi from a Rackspace customer! =) - Jon Issler
Hello - Mark Ogley
Hi in live view here. Wait. Did I do that right? =P - vijay
Hello Sir :) - Ahmed
Hey there! - Michael McKean
bon jour - Jerry Schuman
Hi Graham! - Charnell Pugsley - Charnell
Hi! - bill giltner
This is unbelieveable. - Robert Scoble
allo. - jonstovall
Hello from Austin Tx - Tom Parish Inc. Love your hosted services! - Tom Parish
isn't friendfeed the coolest way to share thoughts and ideas? - Karl Kovacs
Hey from Canada! - Angelo Rodrigues
Hi from OKC, OK... - Nancy
Graham, you guys really built something great. Used to work for you -- and I still talk about how great the company is. Hey, "I'm a promoter" as you say. - Sam
Hello - Kim Landwehr
Hi from Toronto - Carey Miller
bring back the rackspace girls at the expos .. I say - Nik Butler
hi in live view here ;) - Rolf Schewe
yeah Rocks - Amir
Hi Graham :) welcome to Scoble's favorite toy (mine too) - Susan Beebe
howdy Rackspace - the company I work for uses your services. I connect to RackSpace daily for content uploads. :) - Nathan Chase
Hello from Wales! - Robert Gale
Hello World!!! :) - Amit Nangare
Hi Guy! - Bob Matsuoka
You are all up on our big screen.This is very cool and Graham is very impressed. - Robert Scoble
Hola! - Helene
hi there @gweston, how is it going ?? I hope Fine !! :) - Rocky
Hello Rackspace chairman 8]- - Frédéric Dénommé
http://beta.friendfeed.com/scoblei... for those not currently watching in the beta - Benjamin Golub
Guys! How 'bout another round? - vijay
Scoble have you gotten GWeston a FF account yet? If not, please do :) - Susan Beebe
oh hi there - Rob
Well, you guys should come and visit us over here "Cairo, Egypt" baby! - Ahmed
Hi from Finland - Tapio Kulmala
Rackspace is the bomb! Customer service is second to none. - Mike
Rackspace is great! - Forest Monsen
hola - Sarah Perez
Aloha from Maui! - Peter Liu
by the way Robert, great videos about friendfeed beta, FF fast and Furios !! beta LOL - Rocky
This feature alone may make me use FriendFeed dramatically more. - Paul Maez
Greetings from Mountain View, CA - Rick Bucich
Robert, I think you need to explain that not every FF user gets this type of engagement. You're demoing FF+"you" :) - Meryn Stol
+1 @Meryn ... but Hi Robert and @gweston, just the same :-) - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
howdy from Louisiana! - Stephen Smith
Cool. We weren't sure whether we liked FriendFeed. This helps. - Cristinella, Inc.©®™
the scoble effect! - Ahmed
Hi there! how you liking the new FF? - Charlene Li
Hi from a Rackspace (hosted exchange) Customer! - Mitchell Schneider
thats right Meryn , Scoble effect, as Ahmed says - Rocky
I think I might just drop my Skype Group Chats in favor of FF instead...this is really cool - Susan Beebe
Loved you on Gilmor Gang yesterday btw Robert..you were "representing" FF - Ahmed
Keep it up! Still on screen! - Robert Scoble
Who else is there Robert? - Ahmed
Greetings from MN! - Neal Williamson
Look at me!! *waves* - Simon Wicks
Hello Robert! Hi to @gweston - Barbara Giamanco
Greetz from Milwaukee, WI - Tegan Dowling
Hiiiii from Madrid-Spain!!! - Mariano Klein
wow! this FF beta is amazing !! - Rocky
Hi! From Greece! - George Kourkoutas
Robert - did Graham get dizzy watching your FF home feed in real time "beta" mode? :) - Susan Beebe
Hey man, welcome to the next big thing! - Darrin Crow
Susan: we are all dizzy. This is amazing to watch. - Robert Scoble
welcome - german toledano
hi @gweston - EricaJoy
Very cool. - Mickey Mellen
gave me scrolly text dreams - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Greetings from Scotland!! - Roberto Bonini
Hi gweston! - Jesse Stay
Saying hello to Rackspace, and then hiding so this thread won't take over my feed. - FFing Enigma
a quick hello from denmark, too... - Jesper Kjær Hansen
hiya--srenatee - missi
Hello from Maryland - Mlibrarianus
wait. BIG screen you say? Then there's LOADS of FF real-time action here - http://dffrnt.com/ffmulti... edit: 3 real-time streams running side by side. I think it shows updates from 'bout 1500 people. - vijay
hi! - Anne Bouey
hello from the east coast - Tyler Sterling
hi from Germany! - Marcel Weiß
Hello from Tel Aviv - Majento
Hello from Denver! - Jim Turner
Hi from Italy! - Francesco M.
Hi from Wisconsn, USA - Anthony Lodl
Hi from Tujunga, CA. What's for lunch? - Victor Ryden 美久太阿
I'm impressed too. Hi. - Bruce Lewis
Good afternoon - RAPatton
Hello from Dallas! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
This thread is like watching a jolly green giant plant cartoon! - Susan Beebe
Victor: we had lunch already. Sandwiches. - Robert Scoble
Somehow I doubt this post was made 0 seconds ago when it was 138 comments. - Akiva
are u showing new beta too ? - Peter Dawson
Hi in live view here - scott jarvie
Peter:yes. We are brainstorming about building43. - Robert Scoble
Nice! Hello from CA :) - MiaD
Akiva - no, we're just way faster than you today ;) - Susan Beebe
How do we know you're really with the chairman of Rackspace? - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: I could post a photo! - Robert Scoble
do it! - Susan Beebe
how do i digg down - Paul Young
maybe he s/ offer some server raq's at discounted prices for FF users :)- - Peter Dawson
Indeed, pics or it didn't happen. :P - Meryn Stol
Hi from Norway! :) (& from amazing beta FriendFeed !) - Hanna Wiszniewska
Hah, Susan, that'd be just about every day. - Akiva
Am I the only one that never bothered checking out any of Rackspace's offerings until this thread popped up? - Angelo Rodrigues
O HAI! - AJ Batac
wait! Eveyone's now posting where they are from? No fair. INDIA represent! - vijay
A good evening from London - UrbanRise
Hey, Graham... if you're still there - you should give FriendFeed a try. Very useful! - Jon Lebkowsky
Hiya @scobleizer and @gweston! whatdya think for friendfeed now? We love it in here ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
hello there - Bwana ☠
162 "hi" messages in under 20 mins. not too shabby - Christian Anderson
And here is a "hi" from South Africa! - Paul Jacobson
Hello. - Al Degutis
Hey - John Flynn
Hi!! - Heather Wood
Hola! :) - Julia
Hi Mr Weston - Friendfeed was recommended by Robert and he is right: I will switch my twitter interface to FF. - Harscoat
Hi there from Kenya!!! - Samuel Ochanji
hello? - MiniMage
MiniMage: sorry, got distracted. - Robert Scoble
Hello chairman @gweston. I like your company, but the word "Fanatical" in all the advertising really scares me. Have a great day! - Lindsay
Hi guys - Sufian Siddiqi
Lindsay: well, they really are fanatical about support here. They get really crazy about it. I should do a video of the kinds of things they've done to make their support best. - Robert Scoble
hi, @gweston! - MikeAmundsen
Sounds good Robert. Loved your first Rackspace video and would love to see what they've done with the mall. - Roberto Bonini
Wish I had something that produced enough of the green to use them - Ben
Roberto http://www.grahamweston.com has videos of the mall, which is named "the Castle." - Robert Scoble
Hi, sorry for the delay trying to get some real paying work done - Charles Hanskat
Howdy - Walinmichi
Thanks Robert. - Roberto Bonini
coooeeeeee *waves* - Tatty Gibson
@Robert, I get the intention... that word just has negative contexts associated with it... like "stalker" and "obssessed". There's got to be a better way to express that enthusiasm!! In any case, I've overlooked advertising before to support good companies. :) - Lindsay
Hi, Graham! And, Robert, I'm so impressed with FF just from this page that I "get it" and why you like it now. Impressive! - Robert J Taylor
You were discussing PR earlier today... Rackspace doesn't need PR now when you can garner 190 comments in real time while talking to the chariman of the company! - Herschel
Howdy! - Just Mrs. V
Hello - Frank
hello - Ryan Gerritsen
great - Sorin Jucovschi
hello there...welcome to friendfeed - (jeff)isageek
Hello from Northern California - Demian Vonder Kuhlen
Does he know that if you get angry you turn into the Sculk? - George F. Snell III
I don't really understand FF yet. - Brendan Clancy
BC: what don't you understand? - Robert Scoble
Welcome to FriendFeed! - Ari Braginsky
robert do you have Paul Buchheit's email address? I need to connect him with a reporter writing about FF. you can dm or send to me (me@seanpercival.com) - sean percival
BC, most of us didn't understand it when we first started. Takes a bit of getting used to. Let us know if you have any questions =) - FFing Enigma
Hi! - Jim Garrison
Hello - Tim Lai
Hi - Donna T. - DonnaSue
Hiya! - Casey Sheldon
Hi there :) - CantorJF
Robert - what was Graham's opinion of FriendFeed? I hope he likes it :) - Susan Beebe
Hi. We work for you in Europe. Look forward to seeing Robert in Europe - Guillaume Foutry from Nambu
Ahoy hoy - Joe
Erin @queenofspain
I had to just swear on my life never to tell my Grandfather about my cousin. This is insane. #myfamilyisfuckingcrazy
I'd participate in the family craziness stories if only my family members were not social media savvy #myfamilyisfuckingcrazy - Susan Reynolds
Sounds sad. I've chosen not to live dual lives. If someone has a problem with a (legalease kicking in!) heretofore unknown sibling/relative, that is *their* problem. I can't set that example for my son, have learned from my mother's and my MIL's mistakes :( - Helene
Louis Gray
The Gray Effect: Scobleizer - http://www.thegrayeffect.com/2008...
The Gray Effect: Scobleizer
The Gray Effect: Scobleizer
via my wife: "On Saturday the famous Robert Scoble and his adorable son Milan stopped by for a visit. It was great to finally meet Milan and know what we need to do to babyproof our place. The men talked tech and Milan and the twins got to know each other." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
jeezuz do you really want your kid to wear coke forever? - ernie yacub
Mathew is most squeezable! - Robert Scoble
least you got milan drinking diet coke i spose :P - Terry O'Fee
The coke can was empty. - Robert Scoble
Nice Friendivus shirt Scoble! - Ross Miller
hey the ad $ still counts empty or full! - martin ollman
You guys looked like you really enjoyed your visit; kids too!! :) I like the FF shirts for sure! - Susan Beebe
coke was empty! mean! :P - Terry O'Fee
Louis - You do realize that this now means the twins will now definately grow up addicted to Friendfeed 'by association' :) - Charlie Anzman
GORGEOUS kids! enjoy! :) - Helene
I think I started on diet coke about that young too ;) - Josh Haley
My Dad works for Coca Cola. I was bottle fed soda from birth! - Mike Lewis
Ryan Kuder
Random plain white blimp floating over San Jose this morning.
that blimp was over San Ramon a couple days ago.... hmmm - Helene
I got me a white girl!
What a cute couple! :-)))) -
OMG TOO CUTE! - FFing Enigma
Hung out with one of my really good friends today and got to bond with 7 month old Lucia. She ended up falling asleep on my chest, and I just about died. - Derrick
Gorgeous :D - Penny
Very cute - Rahsheen
she's a beauty! - Trish Haley
awwwwwww! - Mattie Kenny
that first pic is adorable. - Anika
She also has two tiny baby teeth JUST about to break through on the bottom. Doesn't seem to be bothering her in the least. - Derrick
little honey. kiss - OnoQ
Can't wait. - Akiva
Seriously, baby fever is kicking in. I gotta get on the ball and make something happen. Totally down with adoption, but not sure how they feel about the gays snatching up babies. Have to look into that. - Derrick
so adorable - anna sauce
great pic - she's precious and you ain't so bad yourself :) - BEX
Just sent pics to a friend who wrote back: "You need to have some kids. They'd be adorable little baby cubs!" Kinda flattered. - Derrick
Looks like you've got one of them "comfy chests". - Jack&Cleo
Cute kid! She likes you. - Louis Gray
what a gorgeous baby! - Helene
Helene, yeah, and the little white kid looks all right, too. - Akiva
This was awesome for me, y'all. For the longest time, me and kids just didn't seem like an option. I thought I'd just be a tom cattin' gay dude living his life. But I can't wait to settle down. And if I end up being a single dad, so be it. Loving these changes that wisdom and life brings to you. - Derrick
and a fine white girl indeed - Melissa Janine
CUTE! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Viacom and ATT layoff some people. (12,850 People) | Tech-Linkblog.com - http://www.tech-linkblog.com/2008...
More bad news... - Helene
Robert Scoble
Yes, there actually is something worse than a xxxxxx presidency: it is Oobi, a preschool show my son likes. Drives me to Fox everytime! :-)
I had to do a websearch. Is it that show with the hands with eyeballs? - Morton Fox
Hmm, I will have to check if my friend, Dave (aka Ghosty) does a voice on that show. I know he does ones for Viva Pinata and a couple others for Fox. - Molly Song ;)
Morton: that is the one! - Robert Scoble
Okay, that's not a show my friend does a voice for. I've seen that show and it gives me the heebie geebies. *shudder* - Molly Song ;)
You haven't watched Boobah, then. - Bryce Roney
I agree w/ Bryce, Boobah is w-a-y too freaky lol - Helene
Don't let your kid watch it... unless you want them trained to speak truncated English. - Gus
Jeremiah Owyang
Fill in the blank: Our grand children will laugh at us for "______________"
Wifi hotspots - Jeremiah Owyang
Keyboards and Mice as input devices - Jeremiah Owyang
racial prejudice (maybe not till great-grandchildren...) - Lindsay
asking why we still haven't seen a mobile phone that doesn't drop calls randomly - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
being bad at navigating 3D virtual space. - katie
AOL - FFing Enigma
trying to predict the future - Aviv
old-fashioned 'computers' - Bren
"hunching over laptops"; they will be used to more natural interfaces. - Andrés David Aparicio from twhirl
Bush/Cheney - Stephen Pierzchala
having to surf the internet in a SNOW STORM, UPHILL BOTH WAYS! - iTad
Thinking that Facebook was the 'Social Networking Platform', For treating Gay people like Black people and Women people back in the day and for thinking that geographic borders matter - Chris Saad from twhirl
mobiles - Dobromir Hadzhiev
super-size fries. - jeneane sessum
continuing to use disc based media. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
paying attention to anything related to Britney Spears. - Helene
power cords - Marko Bon
the Mac vs. PC debate - Marko Bon
pretty much everything. - Cathy Brooks from twhirl
being old - Marko Bon
burning coal and oil - Jeremy Toeman
Our stupidity, only they won't laugh.... - Patricia
pretty much everything. - Yuvi
using pieces of paper with no intrinsic value as a medium of exchange. - Morton Fox
using our hands to do anything. Cause in the future everything will be done with thought. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Crocs - Annette Schulte
only having one career in our lifetimes - Esther Schindler
ignoring Al Gore. - DJ Lein
+1 Annette Schulte - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
somehow everything !!! - Maryam Ardakani
ever?! - Tim Aldiss
partying so hard straight through the depression - joneilortiz
wow, hopefully all these things - +1 unnatural interfaces, +1 wifi hotspots instead of internet everywhere, "air"cards, +1 power cords, giant/heavy batteries, +1 using oil, having to charge your iphone daily, reading newspapers, not being able to get everything and anything online, clamshell flip phones, laptop bags that didn't charge your netbook via solar energy, textbooks, separate iPods from our iPhones, hmmm, and probably our clothes - Sarah Perez
being so excited about web 2.0 - mj
non-neural interfaces - Duncan Riley
saying things like "non-neural interfaces" - goddamn dude, what are you trying to do to us?? - Marshall Kirkpatrick
laughing at the two commenters above me - Jeremiah Owyang
Hey, Have You Quit Blogging Yet? - http://www.socializedpr.com/hey-hav...
by Joel Postman, socialized pr - Helene
Hey, Have You Quit Blogging Yet? - http://www.socializedpr.com/hey-hav...
by Joel Postman, socialized pr - Helene
Fatherhood, toddlerhood, humor, parenting | Salon Life - http://www.salon.com/mwt...
L+E Visual Thinking Archive - a set on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
brilliant stuff, if you can wrap your brain around it all! *whew* - Helene
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