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"The official AP stylebook has dropped the hyphen from “email.” The AP will no longer..." - http://yes.torley.com/post...
Yeah, sometimes the AP is a little like your cranky old auntie. - Hieronymus Murphy
Tony Steidler-Dennison
Sue - Friendfeed is best
The meat in the dragon rolls is not really dragon meat. What a ripoff.
How can you be sure? - Brian Sullivan
It might depend on how you define dragon. - Brian Sullivan
This is making me hungry for unicorn sushi. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Do they make sushi from unicorns? - Brian Sullivan
silly, dragon rolls are prepared by dragons; you don't think Acadians are put in cajun food, do you? ;) - MiniMage
If I can't have real Girl Scouts in my Girl Scout cookies, the terrorists will have already won. - Just another Bubba
My friend assures me Girl Scouts are in those cookies; I guess I just wasn't tasty enough to make the cut. - MiniMage
You're doing it wrong -- they aren't in the cookies -- you have them on the side. - Brian Sullivan
Thomas Clifford
Posted via email from Tommytrc - a day and the life... - Thomas Clifford from Posterous
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Brian Spaeth
I can still dunk
Darren Rowse
the more I think about social media influence the more I realise it's mainly about being a good person and normal r'ship skills
Mark Forman
RT @clay_cotton: After eating, do amphibians need to wait an hour before getting OUT of the water? hahaha
Robert Scoble
Welcome Ryan!
Congrats Robert... best wishes to all - Rhys Amos
Congrats. Now the fun begins!!! - Mike Shields
Awesome! - dstamand
Congratulations! - Stephan Planken
Congratulations! Welcome, Ryan! - Lance M. Brown
Awesome - RetiredTeacherD
Yay! Congratulations! - Jesse Stay
YAYAYAYAYAY! Congrats to you and Maryam!@#!@#! - drew olanoff
congrats Robert and Maryam, Welcome Ryan. - rick
Welcome to the world. - Dave Mora
Congratulations!!! - Mike Doeff
Born 11:32. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Yay! Congratulations to you and your wife! Now off to buy RSS and iPhone - Lise
Congrats!!!!! - Mark Evans
Congratulations! - Kenneth
I hope you're well rested, Robert ... ;-) - Hieronymus Murphy
Congrats Robert! - Charlie Anzman
Congratulations! - Antoniu
Congratulations! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Congrats to you all - JanLawrence
Congrats Robert and welcome RSS! - Robb Brock
Congratulations! Happy Birthday Ryan! Lots of love to the whole family. - Jodi Church
SUBSCRIBED! - drew olanoff
Hello World! - CannonGod
Congratulations!! Welcome to the world Ryan!! :) - Laura Zickus
<rss> awesome! </rss> - sean percival
welcome to the new world little one! all hail our pink squirming screaming overlord! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
20.5 inches long. 7 lbs. 13 oz. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
nice alpha version. welcome RSS ! - Kaïs Miled
congrats!! welcome rss! - Barbara R. S.
Congratulations :) - امیرعباس
RSS is finally here! Congrats Robert & Maryam - Dennis Jernberg
Congrats Robert... best wishes to all - joupy
Congratulations! - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Blessings, and the best Robert! - Nakeva Corothers
Cute! - Charlie Anzman
مبارک باشه Congratulations - هامد
Congrats!!! - Jim Williams
Grats! - Denverken
مبارکه رفیق رابرت . خدا حفظش کنه - جـوان ایرانی
If Dave Winer comes on here and claims to have invented RSS I will smack him. - drew olanoff
Congratulations and all the best. - Bryce Roney
Welcome Ryan!!! - Phil
Welcome Ryan :) - giuseppe c. | markgreene
Awesome. Congratulations! - John McCrea
Congratulations! - anna sauce
Congratulations :) Welcome Ryan :) - Mohamed Marwen Meddah
Congrats, Imagine where RSS and the web will be when he turns 30! - James Watters
Congratulations to you both. - Don McAllister
congrats Robert and Maryam :))))) - Conformist
congrats to the family!! - erik yuzwa
Welcome to RSS in Pubsubhub mode :) - Ouriel Ohayon
Congrats to you all!! We had our second child, a boy, on Tuesday. Enjoy!! - Alex Cordiner from iPhone
Yay! Congrats to you, but mostly congrats to your wife for doing all of the hard work. ;-) xo - Jennifer Leggio
Mazel Tov! - Robb Vaules
Congrats Robert....wishing all the best to your family.... - Carlos
Congratulations! Wow! Seems like we were there just the other day! Looking forward to your late-night feeds and tweets and blog posts! - Louis Gray
You rock! Congrats. Thanks for sharing. How's mum doing? - Steve Lacey from iPhone
Congrats Robert - It is a fine family.... - Simarprit Singh
"beautiful new baby" by Robert Scoble, photojournalist. I stepped away for coffee and bang! RSS - Brian Hendrickson
nice! - Josh Haley from iPhone
Thank you so much for sharing - Sherrie Belken
:) congrats - Shandiz
Born on Talk like a Pirate Day, too! Yarrrr! - Josh Haley from iPhone
congrads ms & mr scoble, :) - chaz2b
congrats!! ^_^ - Christine Lu
Steve: mum is sleeping but got to hold Ryan. Instant love! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Welcome, Guest dear to our world / Now the world is on your own - Conformist
that feels good - Brian Hendrickson
Congratulations! - Parth Awasthi
Congratulations. Hope Maryam iis doing well - Rachel Clarke
Congratulations! Wish him all the best! - philos
Welcome Baby Ryan!!! My baby Ryan (17 years!) and I are honored to welcome another superstar to our planet! Love, hugs, and lots of kisses to Baby Ryan, Mommy Maryam, Dad Robert and big brothers Milan & Patrick and of course Grandma!!! My guess on Ryan's arrival (predication) was only 23 hours off. I thought he would arrive on Friday, Sept. 18th at 11:45 pm. Love to all, Kelly & Ryan Kim - Kelly S. Kim
Congrats, Robert and Maryam. - Derrick
Congratulations Robert, and well done Maryam! You are truly blessed :) - Nicola Quinn
So happy for you Robert and Maryam. Yeay...another FF baby! - Mark Krynsky
Congratulations! - Surachart Opun
What a moment, eh? I remember when my daughter came into this world, it was so exciting there were no words for it. Congrats on your wonderful baby boy! - Michael J. Carrasquillo
Congratulations - testbeta
Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Ryan. :-) - Yvette Ferry
Congratulations Robert and Maryam! And welcome Ryan. If I was having a baby today, I'd begin a blog for him/her straight away as an online diary they could look back on when grown up. - Technogran
he's so cute... - Sinem Vural
Robert, Congratulations to you and Maryamie! - Mike Fruchter
Wow, congrats to all of you! - Paul Salzman
Congratulations to you both! - Forrest W. Kobayashi
Great news guys! All the best! - Chris Nixon
الهــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــی چقده ناز نازیه.اینو فارسی نوشتم مریم جان بخونن ....راستی به باباش که نرفته:)) خوشگلتره:)) پس به شما رفته - joupy
congratulations!! - Jeroen De Miranda
Congratulations to you and your wife Robert! - Randy
Congrats Robert! - Terry Jones
congratz and welcome RSS! - Jon Winters
Congrats Maryam :-) - Terry Jones
Felicitations and humble prayers for your new son. - Victor Panlilio
congrats and best wishes! - Mike Chelen
Congratulations Robert! Welcome Ryan! - Jeff P. Henderson
Congrats!! - Tan Kaiquan
congrats and best wishes to all. :) - Naor Mark
I was a c-section six week preemie in an era when that was seriously life-threatening, they didn't know if I would make for the first week. It always gets me a see a c-section / preemie come howling into the world. Welcome, little guy! - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Beautiful baby! Congratulations daddy man :) - Gary
:) Congrats Robert... best wishes to your family! Get her name in twitter and ff! - Business Blogger 【ツ】™
Congratulations to you and Maryam! - Elwin Witzke
AmazinG!! congratulations :) - Nakul
Ryan, good to see you. - Burçak Çubukçu
تولدش مبارک ^_^ Congratulations! - ‎‎Emad
Warm wishes and congratulations. Love that you posted him crying. - Irene Koehler
Congratulation to all of you! All the best for baby ryan!!! - Arne Krueger
woooow like :) - کلـیـشه
Congrats M. & R. - GM
Congrats Robert and Maryam, Welcome to geekdom Ryan! - Andrew Wardlaw
Contrats!!! I'm so excited!! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Congrats.That pic brings back memories of my own baby's birth only ten months ago. C-section baby boys rock! - Georgiana Comsa
Mazel Tov to you and Maryam. - Michael Markman
Congrats... a few more Scobles make the world a better place ;-) - Aad 't Hart
Congrats... and Welcome Ryan. Good to have you among us. - Sativa
Congratulations! I - Michael Fidler
Wonderful news. Congrats. - Keri
Congrats Robert, and the best to you, Maryam, and of course Ryan! - Chris Charabaruk
Congratulations Congratulations !! - Farzad
Congrats - Sandeep Swaminathan
looking to to the same in 3 weeks - ROBIN SMITH
Congrats on the blessed event! :D - Joel Lovato
Congrats Robert and Maryam. Welcome Ryan !!!!!!!!! - Nir Ben Yona
Congratulations, Robert! - Mark Trapp
Congratulations to Robert and Maryam. - George Hall (Australia)
Right ON! I am so happy for you. I have 4 kids of my own and they are my greatest joys. Take care and I hope all goes so smooth for him and mom. - Robert Anderson
Daddy Scobleizer!!!!!!!!!! First things first....when will he be signed up for Twitter and FF? - krystyl
Congrats!!! - eric susch
welcome Ryan, it's a beautiful world - Michele Costabile
Congrats!! - Olivia Lovag
Congrats to the Scoble family from South Africa! Welcome to the world @RSS - Shaun Trennery
Congrats, Robert! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations Robert, and welcome Ryan! - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ
Congratulations Robert and R.S.S.: "Hello World" Cheers! - Louis Trapani
warmest congratulations - Peter Holland
what a beautiful baby=)Congratulations=) - Candan Celik
Such a miracle and a blessing - Congratulations to you and Maryam and "big" brothers! - Marla Schulman
Congrats, Robert. Amazing pictures! - Jordi Soler
Congratulations to all of your family! Enjoy! - Ed Richardson
Congratulations ... enjoy! - Hitesh Parashar
Congratulations!!!! He's beautiful! Welcome little one! I'm proud to share a birthday with you! - Martha
Congratulations Robert and Maryam! Welcome to the world Ryan :-) - Rasmus Lauridsen
happy birthday BABY - ≤ M@RzI
Best congratulations!!!! :) - CantorJF
Congrat Robert. It is wonderful what this new media could do to share your joy! - Gianto Widianto
Congratulations! - Steve Garfield
به به . قدم نو رسیده مبارک مریم جان . خیلی نازه :) - RokhSaare
Congrats on the blessed event! Welcome to the world, Ryan - Jazz Baker
Congratulations! - Jim #teamFFrank
Congrats :) - Maryam Ardakani from FreshFeed
He was delivered by a Blue Man? - paul mooney
Congrats Robert. It's allways a special moment. I still have my child birth in my memory! - Rui
What a happy day! A healthy new Scoble and mom. - Dave Winer
آخي ، بچته ؟؟؟ مبارك باشه تو روز به اين عزيزي به دنيا اومده ، بت نميخوره بچه انقدري داشته باشي شيطون - lenin
My goodness, congratulations! - DGentry
Congrats! - Ivo Mortani
Congratulations!! and best wishes - Johni Fisher
congrats! - Il fu mass
Congratulations! I hope everyone's ok?! - Holger Eilhard
حاجي خانومت ايرانيه جدي ؟؟؟ پس خيلي مباركه ديگه - lenin
Congratulations, Scoble family! - scherbi: bottom dweller
wonderfull - Claudio - braciolanet from BuddyFeed
Congratulations to you and your family Robert! A very handsome baby boy! Cant wait to see more pictures! - TiffanyCarr
Congratulations, Robert. - motownmutt
congrats :) - £lham
مبارکه :) - خیزران
Congrats! - Roozbeh
Congrats to Robert and Maryam! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
WooHoo! My best to the whole family. I hope Maryam is getting some rest after all that hard work! - Robert Couture
Congrats to you and your fam, Robert :) - LANjackal
Ryan was born when the Berlin Marathon was finishing. Perhaps he'll be a long-distance runner. Congrats. - Carl Jacobsen
Congratulations to you and the wife, Robert! Job well done. I see he is gonna take after his Daddy! ;-0 ,hehe:-) - Duliece
One more congrats won't hurt, right? Thanks for sharing the pics. - Kevin Sablan
Congratulations :) - A35G
Congrats - Exciting & now the fun begins :-) - PXLated
Wishing you and yours the best on this wonderful day! Congratulations! - DJ Stevie Steve
Starting today. Sleep will be nothing more than a fond memory. :) Congrats. - Richard
Congrats! - Herb Hernandez from iPhone
Congrats! - Yusuf Ozan Taşdemir
Congrats Robert!! - Taehoon Kim
Congratulations! - Thomas Hawk
Congratulations to all! - malackey
fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - michele ficara 
Awe!! Congrats =) - Brodie Beta
Congratulazioni!! ^______^ - Andrea | amnesiak1978
congrats!! - clarita
Welcome Ryan! Congratulations Robert and family! - Tim Probst from iPhone
Congratulations!!! God bless.... - Bob DeMarco
Congrats! - Jason Williams from iPhone
Congratulations Robert, Maryam and Milan! All the best to the four of you. - Eiso Kant
Congratulations :-) - Jalada
Congrats! Enjoy. - Jim Peake
Congrats - Bee
Congratulations!! - Paolo Leonardi
Congratulations! - John (bird whisperer)
Congratulations. - Ashish
oooww wonderfulll :)) - Ucandepik
Well done, my son's name as well. - Robert Kenney
Congratulations - Caleb Scribner
Congrats - Manuel Mas
Congrats! Best wishes to you, Ryan and all your family! - Lenny Post
congrats ^_^ - Furkan Tunalı
Conga Rats! - Michael R. Bernstein
Wonderful! Enjoy! - Alan Morris
Absolutely wonderful. Welcome to the world Ryan! - Loren Heiny from iPhone
Congrats :) - Hasan Al Shehabi
Congratulations to both of you. - Roberto Bonini
Congratulations to everyone! He looks healthy! I am sure you must all be very happy! ;) - Altan Khendup
Congratulations! May your tribe ever increase in happiness, joy, and fulfilment. - trey pennington
Congrats! - Ben Parr
what would be ryan's reaction when he would read this post someday, so many folks who knew dad congratulating him! - testbeta
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
hiya RSS! - Laura Norvig
Yah!! Congratulations. - Micah
Congratulations to the whole Scoble family! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congratulations to the whole family! Enjoy these most precious times. - Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
best wishes to all - Hamza Şamlıoğlu @TEAkolik
congrats Robert and Maryam - Kevin Tunis
Congratulations, Robert! - Sabri Küstür from FreshFeed
Wonderful. Best wishes to Ryan... - Mitchell Tsai
Congratulations to the whole family :) - Chris Saad
Congratulations - Samaneh
Congratulations. First picture on twitter! - Cindy Makonin
I just came to make sure you were getting a proper congratulations - Sherrie Belken
congrats;) - Elham
Congratulations to the Scobles! - Carlton Prest
congratulations, Robert and Maryam. - Valeria Maltoni
congrats! - Daniel Brusilovsky
WOW - what a miracle - congrats! - Mark Harai
Congratulations Robert & Maryam! - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
Congrats from Italy, Ryan! - Federico Bolsoman from iPhone
Congratulations Robert and sorry for delay, Best wishes - erfan
He is crying: "I want an iPhone". Felicitations! - William Mougayar
May he be blessed throughout his life! God bless you, Robert and Maryam! - Melanie Reed
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! - Greg Ness
congrats :) - erd
Congrats Robert & your family :) - Sampad Swain
what a beautiful little guy! congratulations! rock on! - B.L. Ochman
great day, congrats - imran
Wow congratulations to both you and Maryam you must be so proud :) - David Richardson from Android
Wow, Congratulations, Robert and Maryam!! Ryan looks beautiful.:-) - Cathryn Hrudicka
Congrats man. That's so awesome. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Happy Babbie Day! - Jack&Cleo
Congrats! I wish a long and healthy life. - Muammer Okumuş
Robert, you newest addition is too freaking adorable. I hope you and Maryam are doing well. Congratulations! Here's to a long, prosperous future! - Mike Nayyar
congrats to you and Maryam! And welcome, RSS! - Joshua Allen from fftogo
congrats!!! Welcome to Ryan - Dario Salvelli
Congratulations to you and Maryam! E benvenuto Ryan! - Marco Fabbri
Congrats! :) - Emmanuel Anumonwo
Congratulations! - mlazopoulou
Such auspicious times... Welcome, Ryan! - Red Label
O HAI, Ryan! Congratulations to Daddy and Mommy, too! - Ordinarybug Heather
قدم نو رسیده مبارک!congratulations - uɐſʃɐʌ uɐſ
Congrats Robert! Welcome Ryan! - Garin Kilpatrick
Awesome, Congratulations Robert and Maryam! And welcome to the world Ryan. - Mitch Baldwin
Happy parenting! Congrats! - Natalie
Groovy + one geek on the planet - Yann Ropars
Congrats!!! Robert - Steve Chou
To the proud Papa.....Congratulations!! - Bonnie Foster
Congratulations Team Scoble. Best of good wishes to all of you. - Morrie Johnston
Congrats Robert and family!!! Welcome Ryan :) - buvanesh
congrats Robert! - Joshua Guffey
Congratulations! RS - Sean Kelly
Congrats :D - Emre Misvaklı
Congratulations. he's so cute :) - Armando Grati
Beautiful! - Ryan Sholin
Congratulations - Kreg Steppe
Congratulations! - Gordon Saunders
Congratulations! - Hamid Reza
Congrats Robert....How amny more before you have your baseball team :-) - Alex Marrow
Seriously, Best whishes.............God Bless...... - Alex Marrow
Mazal Tov! - Raanan Avidor
All the best! Fun Times!!!! - Jim Turner
congrads now the fun starts, beautiful baby - Debra Moore
congrads ! - ★ Soner Gönül
Congrats and Best Wishes! - Tracy Benham
Looks like the baby's first trip to the dentist - Steve Borgman
Welcome, Ryan! Congrats, Robert! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Robert Scoble
Hurry up and wait:
They have me waiting outside while they prepare to surgically deliver Ryan Soroush Scoble. His life should start within minutes. I wonder what he will be like? What technologies will he see in his lifetime? - Robert Scoble from email
still with my premature congrads, and the techs will be what we cant imagine, :o - chaz2b
sending well wishes.... - Denverken
Is this the first time you've disclosed his name? Best to mother and child. Good health to all! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I have a feeling it's gonna be a smooth ride for Ryan tonight - Brian Hendrickson
Ah! Wonderful times that pass so fast! Following from South Africa! Our thoughts are with you and your family! - Andre
best wishes to mom and Ryan - Amit Nangare
shouldn't be long now and he'll be there in your arms :-) - Jodi Church
Three boys. Cool. - Victor Panlilio
Was just sharing this amazing experience with my family. Best wishes to all of you from India! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Best wishes to you and your family. - Henry
Best wishes... - esaarem
Robert - best wishes - imagine the world and technologies Ryan will see in his life, likely into the 22nd century! - Shannon Clark
Any second now... - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Maryam is sleeping through it. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Anticipation is making you wait ... - RetiredTeacherD
best wishes - Conformist
Best wishes to you, your wife and little baby Ryan! - Laura Zickus
Exciting - sending positive thoughts. - Mike Doeff
Congratulations and Sweet wishes ! - Honey
Robert Scoble
Gotta run, little Ryan is coming soon. Excitement!
Good luck! - Mark Krynsky
Best wishes, Robert! - Hieronymus Murphy
So excited! - Jesse Stay
All the best Robert - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
Rachel Hurley
Yankee Foxtrot Hotel never gets old.
Dave Winer
Ever since RSS got started, the tech industry has been trying to kill it. It's the people's tech, of course they don't like it.
September 2, 2009 from Twitter - Comments disabled - Share
Good point. Never thought about it that way. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
that's bullshit, Dave. I have supported RSS and you from the beginning. - Steve Gillmor
You're having an Emily Litella moment Steve. I wasn't talking about you. - Dave Winer
who then - Steve Gillmor
I think the wikipedia article on RSS sums up what Dave's trying to say: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I have been one of Dave's principal allies since those early days. He calls TechCrunch names, he's calling me names. - Steve Gillmor
like I said Dave, when you say something, stick with it or look like you're faking it - Steve Gillmor
I don't want to fight with you Steve. I don't want to fight with anyone -- I just want to write code and work with other developers and users. - Dave Winer
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Fwd: 3,000-year-old Michael Jackson statue? "This Egyptian bust has become a popular attraction at Chicago's Field Museum because it's a spitting image of Michael Jackson, complete with a tweaked nose. It was carved between 1550-1050 BCE and depicts a woman." - http://www.boingboing.net/2009... (via http://friendfeed.com/philbau...)
Fwd: 3,000-year-old Michael Jackson statue? "This Egyptian bust has become a popular attraction at Chicago's Field Museum because it's a spitting image of Michael Jackson, complete with a tweaked nose. It was carved between 1550-1050 BCE and depicts a woman." - http://www.boingboing.net/2009/08/07/3000-year-old-michae.html (via http://ff.im/6kLv1)
Robert Scoble
Twitter heading off editorial cliff? (Scripting News). The choices that Twitter has made editorially are wrong and very poor. Sigh. - http://www.scripting.com/stories...
Great post Dave, keep pointing this out. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Isn't it the responsibility of an individual who they follow? It was my assumption from the start that the SUL is biased and effectively worthless to me. - Sawyer Training, Inc.
Interesting. I hadn't considered the potentially insidious effect the Suggested Users List could have. - Teri Gidwitz
Great post and i really liked the link to professional poker and Twitter. - John Ford
This was an excellent post and Dave is 100% correct - The SUL is total bullshit! - Jim Connolly
Wow. I guess I didn't realize the extent of this situation. Great post by Dave - very eye-opening. - Curt Mercadante
Refinement of the system by which it is determined who follows whom could represent the next great leap forward for social networking. As this SUL issue exemplifies, there's a ton of inefficiency in how these choices get made. The SUL will soon give way to subtler, more intelligent ways of sparking connections. The paradigm of each person having static, manually managed list of... more... - Joshua Maurice
the biggest challenge here is understanding that Twitter is turning into an editor/publisher; not just a provider. could be a slippery slope. - MikeAmundsen
You can see the sense in having a SUL -- some people get on Twitter and have no idea whom to follow. Maybe they'll follow no one and join the large percentage of users who never come back after signing up. So giving some recommendations helps people get involved. But it seems like just about the bluntest possible instrument for achieving that end. - Joshua Maurice
The SUL as it stands isn't all that useful. It would be more useful (to users) to have one based on a friend-of-a-friend type of algorithm. - John (bird whisperer)
The SUL is, sadly, not based on quality - It's based (according to Biz and Ev) on people they 'just happen' to like. - Jim Connolly
Wait a second, did I read that right? The people on the SUL are working in concert with Twitter to follow a code of conduct that Twitter approves of in order to be selected and remain on the SUL? WTF? I thought it was just a list of random people they thought would be interesting to new users. If commerce is involved as an end result doesn't this violate some laws too? Doesn't this also effect Twitter's Safe Harbor? - Adam Turetzky
Adam: I was kept off the SUL because I talk about friendfeed too much. - Robert Scoble
Sounds like bitter grapes from W(h)iner. Steven Johnson was put on the SUL and says he was surprised to have been selected. And Robert we know you don't really care because as you've said so many times it's not how many people follow you that counts it's how many *you* follow, right? - Sprague D
I think John (dendroica) is onto something with the "friend-of-a-friend type of algorithm." Let's try to keep the focus on this constructive question of how to advance social networks to the next level. We seem to be on the verge of being able to integrate semantically annotated content (the "what" of social networks) with the metadata about who, where, and when, and using all these to... more... - Joshua Maurice
Currently the SUL is a list, the next iteration will be a directory and later on natural and sponsored lists generated from keywords will be available to help new users start their Twitter experience, the ideal will be that the lists are ranked by quality but since this is difficult due to the number of profiles we will settle on popularity... sigh - Alberto Saavedra
Sprague: the number of followers does matter to many in society, as this post points out. By the way, why do you think I say that who you follow matters so much? Because your input will affect your output which will get you more followers. But my point is that you can either get followers by gaming the system (or having it gamed on your behalf like with the SUL) or you can get it by... more... - Robert Scoble
The whole idea of having some people you follow, and others you don't follow, will appear crude very soon -- I will want to see SOME data emanating from even the most "boring" people, and will want to filter out SOME data emanating from even the most interesting people. - Joshua Maurice
[deleting my own comment after regretting useless snarkiness] - Fred Yankowski
Seems a tempest in a teapot to me. Most don't even know the SUL is there. And others, like me, make a point of ignoring such lists assuming they'll be fluff and because they specifically don't want to read what everyone else is reading. Many websites routinely post Best Of lists and no one insists they divulge their editorial thinking or hints at dark conspiracies because they do so. So why the hubbub? (Unless of course, they get paid by those being ranked. Then, yes, absolutely, it should be made public.) - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Bob: the problem is that the SUL has artificially raised people's follower numbers. For instance, I've always had more followers on all social networks than TechCrunch. Including on Twitter. But when that account got added to the list it went from about 50,000 followers and today has more than 700,000 followers while I went from about 60,000 to about 95,000 today. So if you are a business that relies on audience (and you could say that about me) you are at a HUGE disadvantage if you aren't on the list. - Robert Scoble
I posted a comment on a TC article they wrote about twitter asking if the fact they are SUL does that influence the way they report about the company. My comment was promptly moderated into non-existence :0 - David Lloyd
Wish all these threads had ajax or something and I could drag them around in the order I want them. Make it happen please Robert! - David Lloyd
Mark: exactly. The SUL is a huge gift to media companies and certain people and they all know it and many have even changed the way they deal with Twitter. - Robert Scoble
When twitter grows exponentially some of these accounts are gonna have 5 or 10 million followers. That's a lot of $'s of value. - David Lloyd
ive said all along that certain blogs are able to pay at least one writers salary on the SUL bonus - Allen Stern
For me I guess it's a transparency issue. I don't care about getting on the SUL (I'm not that interesting), but I'd like to know what people and companies are doing to try and get on the list. - Eoghann Irving
Egohann: lots of people I know want to be on the list. I've heard that if you beg to get on the list, though, that you'll be blacklisted. I wonder how long it'll be before someone creates an account specifically to try to get onto the list. - Robert Scoble
"Sooner or later someone who they propelled to the top will do something bad." Dave Winer, 21 June 2009 - David Lloyd
I guess the concern is will people start doing "favors" to get on Twitter's SUL? Since there's no defined way to get on the list, it would be very easy to abuse that. You could end up with a lobbyist system almost. - Eoghann Irving
how does SUL figure into monetization of Twitter? both for Twitter owners and SUL account-holders? when money is linked to the SUL, how does that affect the content of those on the SUL? could you lose your place based on your content? does losing your place remove all your followers? does the content of SUL-ies get preferential search status? added reach outside Twitter? do these values go away if a SUL-ie is bumped off? - MikeAmundsen
Mike: no one knows because the SUL is totally at the whim of Twitter. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: if a SUL-ie pulls lots of followers, then is removed, i doubt the followers disappear. from my POV, this is another example of @Biz and @Ev not quite thinking through the implications of what they are doing. i admire their success. i'm happy for them. however, i think, as Dave implies, this is gonna turn ugly at some point. and i think Twitter may turn out looking bad in the process. - MikeAmundsen
mike they dont get removed - when i brought twitter the cupcakes to get on the list - i was told justine was removed yet she keeps her 500,000 followers - Allen Stern
plz understand that twitter is a marketing network, period. - Allen Stern
Twitter is used for marketing, but I don't think it's just a marketing network. There are a lot of people using it without any commercial interests at all. - Eoghann Irving
@Allen: yep - totally makes sense. now i imagine some future scenario where someone on the SUL starts saying really bad things about Twitter (or anything else Twitter-folks care about). Ev/Biz can pull them, but they've already created a monster; can't put the toothpaste back in the tube; etc w/ the cliches. now multiply this by the number of folks on the list and that's millions of bad news threads in the blog-o-sphere. - MikeAmundsen
Mike - I call this "keeping the top on top" and Twitter isn't alone with this problem... - Allen Stern
Tony Steidler-Dennison
Tony Steidler-Dennison
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