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Hieronymus Murphy

Hieronymus Murphy

Cranky award-winning liberal journalist with no shortage of opinions, who's been producing a blues podcast for more than six years, more or less.
Justiceline: August 11, 2011 -
Wanna see the face of "crazy?" Jan Brewer is a perfect example. - Hieronymus Murphy
The Politics Of The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake -
The 50 Funniest American Writers: Who Made the List? -
MoJo’s digital ad revenue: up 97 percent over last year -
Good news for this progressive watchdog. - Hieronymus Murphy
Fox Ignores Cease-And-Desist Letter, Smears Van Jones As "Self-Avowed Marxist" -
More high-grade fertilizer from Faux News ... - Hieronymus Murphy
Breaking News: Kindle Cloud Reader -
After reading this piece, I went and tried Kindle Cloud — and wow! It worked perfectly. - Hieronymus Murphy
The 'Meltdown' Article; Also 'Passionless' -
Pregnant Woman Finishes Bar Exam While In Labor -
WHOA!! If/when I have any legal difficulties in the future, I want to hire THIS woman. - Hieronymus Murphy
now that's what I call multi-tasking !! - Chris Dair
Roosevelt University cutting costs amid expansions -
Roosevelt University cutting costs amid expansions
Matt Damon: Stop The War On Teachers -
'Debt Ceiling,' the rap version, dawg -
The passage in which Obama won tonight's speech-off -
Chicago's Taste of Lincoln Ave. - Blues Music Stage -
Even Beethoven is excited for the Donut Summit, you guys. -
Oklahoma, Where the Governor Tells Residents To Pray For Rain; Oklahoma, Where the Senator Mocks the Deadly Heat Wave -
And where, it should be noted, one of the local news weathermen in OKC has repeatedly spoken of his belief there is no global warming. - Hieronymus Murphy
What is this `CD' to which they refer? -
The Question Conservatives Can't Answer -
Colbert attacks conservative media outlets for rushing to blame Muslims in Oslo coverage -
Why Bad Writing is Essential to Good Blogging -
Anyone can do it — but most of them shouldn't. Writing high-quality, memorable content is not easy under the best of circumstances, and there's a tendency of amateurs to believe that anything they spew onto a page is worthy of attention. This attitude is reinforced by the success of authors like Danielle Steele and James Patterson, whose writing is, at best, execrable pap. The fact that Steele and Patterson release a ridiculous number of books per year makes writing look easy. The most important lesson to be learned from mediocre bloggers is: don't do it unless you have something important to say. Don't simply re-write someone else's blog post, and call it your own. Have an original thought, for God's sake. - Hieronymus Murphy
Don't pass up 2nd chance to crack open a good book -
It's the Empathy Crisis, Stupid -
Mix CD: Sexy Songs, Awesome Bassline -
The Real Education of Little Tree -
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