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Josh Bancroft
10 Affordable Pens Geeks Love - http://www.lifehack.org/article...
Doesn't include my favorite, the Uniball 207 (make mine a Micro, .5mm tip, please). Got turned onto it at Moleskinerie. It's wonderful to write with, and the ink is fade proof, water proof, acid proof, and all kinds of other proof. Uniball markets it as "Prevents Check Fraud!!" (from check washing), but when I'm writing in my little Moleskine that I use for "deep thoughts", I like the idea that the ink will pretty much outlast the paper it's on. - Josh Bancroft
I always have the Fisher Space pen on me. It's on that list. So small and convenient! - Sam Grover
Here's the link to the review that convinced me to make the Uniball 207 my pen of choice: http://www.moleskinerie.com/2006... (hat tip to @tiesque on Twitter, who sent me that link when I asked for pen recommendations). It's easy to find (you can get it at the grocery store, Target, etc. as well as the office supply stores) and it's cheap (usually about $1.50 per pen). It comes in black, blue, and red. I love it. - Josh Bancroft
It's also the "official pen of that check forger guy behind the story/movie Catch Me If You Can", because the ink is chemical proof. Or something. :-) - Josh Bancroft
I'm mainly hooked on the Tombow Zoom 414 multipen at the moment - a nice metal multipen that takes standard D1 refills. Parker branded refills are nice - smooth and dark black. He does have some good choices, though. I'd second Josh's points on the Uni Signo 207, though - nice style and good to write with. I'm usually a fountain pen fan, though, and I love the Lamy 2000, and Pelikan Souverans. - Michael Randall
I'd add the Pilot Razor or Razor II (both fine-point felt-tips) and the Zebra F-301 (a small non-gel ballpoint that can go on a keychain). - Jon Adair
So odd that geeks should share preferences in pens. I am all about the uni-ball deluxe micro. And you can quote me. - Ed Guinn
Sarah Perez
my dad killed my website - he forgot that he gave me his cc# to build him his site/pay for hosting over on dreamhost. He disputed the charges and thereby killed his site and all of mine since Dreamhost thinks that a TOS violation. Thanks dad.
that sucks.. but ant the sites hosted under two different domains ? - Peter Dawson
omg, sarah. :(( - Hao Chen
Oh geez that's harsh... - FFing Enigma
wow - Michael W. May from twhirl
@Peter - all my domains were hosted at dreamhost, all were wordpress installs. I knew I didn't dispute any charnges, but after I finally got a response to a support ticket a day later I found out that someone did. After some investigation, it turned out to be my dad...who's now paying big time since I have to move 4 websites to a new host, wordpress installs and all. - Sarah Perez
Oh Dads. Dreamhost still stinks, though! :-P - Mark Trapp
as a dad of a college age online active kid, ouch is a good response :) - mike "glemak" dunn
yikes, that sux - Shey
wow, that really sucks Sarah. Good luck on the moves. - Rob Diana
Think of it this way, DreamHost is the suck. Now you can get a better host. It's just like moving, you get rid of all the junk and you come out cleaner, leaner and meaner after the experience. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
That's a comedy of errors; I'm sure it's tough on you. I hope you had some offsite backup. Hey, I need to go back up my blog now... - Daniel J. Pritchett
Sarah, that sucks! I was wondering what happened to your site as of lately. If you need any assistance moving the domains or with the wordpress installs, please feel free to drop me an email anytime - mikefruchter@gmail.com. - Mike Fruchter
Ohhh nooos, wow.....That's not cool! - Anthony Farrior
omg :( - Zulkarnain K.
uh oh - Jeremiah Owyang
OOOO MMMMMY GOOOOOOODDD... that's is simply unbelievable...wow - Susan Beebe
DAAAAAAD NO!!! - jeneane sessum
however, it is a good name for a new website: mydadkilledmywebsite.com, which is (what do you know!) available! https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop... - jeneane sessum
ouch! hopefully this doesn't equate to "deleted my website and it can't be recovered" - Abbas Haider Ali
Not really Liking, more a sympathy Like. - Hutch Carpenter
That's what parents are for (to wreck our lives, lol) - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
here's the full story (an email I sent to a friend who shared the ghacks story saying he never had any problems with dreamhost): http://sarahintampa.posterous.com/webhost... - Sarah Perez
@mike totally emailing you - Sarah Perez
yikes! - Mattb4rd
the issue here shouldn't be the credit card dispute. I think the bigger issue is that DH has a one-strike, no questions asked, don't let the door hit you on the way out policy. Mistakes happen, and it seems odd that the DH TOS don't care. - Shane Perris
Your site is back http://www.sarahintampa.com/ :) - Zulkarnain K.
Liking now, because sarahintampa.com is back online. - Mike Fruchter
Sarah Perez
Diebold Finally Admits its Voting Machines Drop Votes - http://www.schneier.com/blog...
Is it any wonder that exit polls have suddenly become inaccurate compared to the certified election results over the last 8 years? - Jason Carreira
Do not like. - Cyndy
What are the odds that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen through software manipulation and hacking? - Sean McBride
Robert Scoble
The changes Sinofsky is making on Windows 7 team will be studied inside business schools for years.
Interesting! Care to elaborate any further? - Grant Gochnauer
You know you want to fill us in! :P - Brandon Titus
lol, think he may be saving elaborating for the blog post... - Zee.
Yes, he flattened the entire multi-thousand person team. That is now seeing efficiencies and making low-level workers happier. Cut out a level of politics too. I will write more later. Gotta turn off my iPhone cause I am on a plane. - Robert Scoble
As do I. Very interested to hear about how you flatten a multi-thousand person team. - Stu Andrews from twhirl
Stu.. reading between the lines it appears they must have greatly reduced the managment overhead (and thiefdoms that are often created in bloated structures). - Jim McCusker
Sounds interesting. I wonder if Microsoft is moving towards Agile software development rather than using the old school waterfall method. - imabonehead
Jim: "pretend" i know nothing, heh heh .. what do you mean by "thiefdoms"? - Stu Andrews from twhirl
Jim: Forget it. I didn't read things right. Ha. Understood. So my next thought is .. in a multi-thousand person team, that's a lot of management overhead (and thiefdoms) to reduce. - Stu Andrews from twhirl
Way to build some interest in the post Robert. Show Stopper! was one of my favorite books for a while so I can't wait to hear this. - mattpovey
Guys, I think you mean fiefdoms. Thiefdoms are I think what occur in places like Iraq when you pump billions of dollars into a country and then don't ask where it went :). - mattpovey
Matt: Fiefdoms indeed. My reading of Robin Hood legends as a child is coming back to me :) - Stu Andrews from twhirl
The rule of thumb I use is 11 technical people under one manager, any more starts to become unworkable. At that ratio, 2 layers of management could cover a bit over a thousand and 3 layers would suffice for multi-thousands. If the Windows team used to be significantly more hierarchal then that, I'd agree that it was ripe for flattening. - DGentry
On the other hand if he's flattened the organization even more by having dozens of direct reports at each level, I'd wonder what kind of pixie dust he has access to in order to make that work for more than a few months. - DGentry
Louis Gray
ESPN - Matos faces lifetime ban after kicking referee following match - Olympics - http://sports.espn.go.com/oly...
ESPN - Matos faces lifetime ban after kicking referee following match - Olympics
"Cuba's Angel Matos deliberately kicked a referee square in the face after he was disqualified in a bronze-medal match, prompting the World Taekwondo Federation to recommend that he be banned for life." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
Lifetime ban? Holy cow - Kyle Lacy
The expression of referee ... priceless... poor guy, but again, the expression... priceless - Alemsah Ozturk
Pure Dead Brilliant - Roberto Bonini
Yeah, lifetime ban sounds reasonable for that. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
From article: "We didn't expect anything like what you have witnessed to occur," said WTF secretary general Yang Jin-suk. ... in other words: WTF?!?! - M. Donaldson
Maybe some imprisonment time as well for aggravated assault? - iTad
And before reading I'm guessing that Cuba will complain that it's not fair... - iTad
Imagine there is a FF referee and banning people for bad jokes, trolling etc. Like Soup Nazi ;) - Alemsah Ozturk
He should face assault charges. - Carolyn Chan
Perfect example of poor sportsmanship from an Olympian competitor. I hope kids will not follow his example. - imabonehead
Just read the article - they're banning the coach as well. Great. No official response from Cuba in the article, but the coach was totally unapologetic and said that Matos' opponent must have bribed the referee... - iTad
Oops... - friendfeed
that's kinda awesome - Cee Bee
Call it: bad sportsmanship. - Pete D
no video link? - Arash
What a jerk.. too bad he got just a ban. Not worthy for martial arts. - Jemm
At least the judges noticed this kick ;) - Chris Nixon
http://www.youtube.com/watch... i fond the video link - Arash
The word 'douchebag' seems appropriate here. - TDavid
thats amazing - Arash
That's not a man... it's some sort of animal. - iTad
Ridiculous! Complete lack of sportsmanship and grossly inappropriate behavior for an Olympian. - Anthony K. Valley ©
really wild - Arash
Should get multiple lifetime bans just like court. - Dave Ploch
He deserves what he gets. Deliberate, un-sportsmanlike, potentially deadly, generally and ass-hat type of thing. Boo. :( - Mathew A. Koeneker
LOL @Tad Donaghe, I going to go out on a short limb and assume, if this guy was a lighter shade, your comments would have come off a lot less KKK-sounding. But wow..."animal" and no one called you out on how incredibly racist that sounds? Okay... - Anika
Did Matos go mad? - Ekin Özçelik
Faboo: I only know Tad from his online rep but that was not a racist comment. That individual allowed his more primitive or "animalistic" behavior patterns to over-whelm the training that I know that he has had. I only made it to brown belt but it was instilled in us from the beginning to have respect for the referee and your opponent ie. the 2 bows prior to all matches. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Lifetime banning is the least Matos deserves. Hopefully Cuba has something else in mind. To faboo mama, the word made me squirm, but I don't recall TD doing anything else to make me wonder. On another note, if my roundhouse looked like that, I'm pretty sure Master K. would have told me to twist my torso more. - MiniMage
Woah - Faboo - I never even considered the color of his skin. What does that have to do with his behavior? Does it really smack of racism to call a black man an animal based on behavior like this? - iTad
@faboo welcome to FriendFeed, a wonderful place where we call stupid stupid no matter who brings it to the table. enjoy your stay. - idnan
@FaRzAd II (aghafarzad): Sadly, this IS how some athletes behave. It's unacceptable for all, but an Olmpyian who dares should be given sufficient cause to regret it. - MiniMage from NoiseRiver
Loic Le Meur
5 Ways To Get Your News Out And Why They Are All Broken - http://www.loiclemeur.com/english...
Kevin Fox
From a *Microsoft* recruiter's email this morning: "I came across your profile through our resume database (Google Search) and I will like to talk to you regarding our current openings." Seriously? Your resume database is Google Search? Points for honesty there...
I'm surprised it's not "Microsoft Live" search! (Note, I'm not actually surprised) - Cyrus Lendvay
I thought their resume database was the Google employee directory. - Amir Gharaat
@Amir hahahaha - Josh Wills
I don't think that they've ever managed to hire many people from Google though. Certainly the original push (when they were calling all of the engineers) was fruitless. - Paul Buchheit
Good luck on the interview, Kevin. Let us know how it goes. - DeWitt Clinton
why not to use http://www.msdewey.com/ - certainly nice HR representative ;) - A. T.
I found hits to my resume from IPs inside MIcrosoft and Yahoo referred from Google Search pages... - Stuart Woodward
Phil Windley
Is anyone else getting tired of swimming and women's gymnastics? A little variety would be nice.
you mean there are other events? - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
I guess track and field is next week - Hutch Carpenter
They're the only things Americans are winning gold in. - Sprague D
I heard those are the only events they put on TV because they are the only ones that Americans will sit thru commercials for. - mike
i so want to see excellent coverage of fencing. slow things down 10 times, show who has the initiative, enable thrust-by-thrust commentary. - Phil Wolff from Alert Thingy
Phil, you want Olympic Variety? Go online. They are putting up about 2,200 hours of Olympic sports. TV is only for the big audience pleasers. Phelps. Phelps. Phelps. And more Phelps. :-) - Robert Scoble
All Phelps, all the time. :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
i agree. that's what brings in the ratings though. that's what nbc is interested in otherwise they'd show the events live - Cee Bee
I'd also suggest DVRing the daytime coverage. Lots of variety there, as well. Prime time is meant for getting the highest ratings. - Mark Trapp
I don't know about where you live or what TV service you use, but Verizon has 4 channels right now just dedicated to the Olympics. Two of those are dedicated to specific sports, one is for soccer and I can't remember what the other one is, off the top of my head. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
track and field already started, CBC was showing 100m prelims last night. I'm watching indoor cycling right now on universalhd tho. - Richard Lawler from twhirl
archery just finished, those guys are insanely accurate - Richard Lawler from twhirl
Have you tried CNBC and USA (also NBC owned channels) for the *other* sports? - Czar
I'm waiting for the 10,000 meters. Does anyone know when that is to be broadcast? I don't watch TV much, don't have cable, and I don't buy the TV guide, and rarely traverse those sites. - Melanie Reed
track bike time trials are on right now, which is something i really enjoy - Cee Bee
check nbcolympics.com to see when it will be online. - Richard Lawler from twhirl
I hope they show more of the Track Cycling TTs than they did of the road race. - CJ
well, they also had men's gymnastics - HokieGeek from twhirl
Its an NBC fetish thing. Swimmers and gymnasts... - Brandon Titus
Thanks! @Richard. Will do. - Melanie Reed
I hear they're launching Swimnastics in London 2012. Actually, it's just Synchronized Swimming with a new brand and swankier swimcaps. - Kevin Fox
I can't wait for US vs. Saudi Arabia women's beach volleyball. - stretta from twhirl
We need to port the entire Ultimate Fighting Championship to the Olympics. - Glenn Batuyong from twhirl
not if they scored it as poorly as they do boxing. the scoring rules are asinine. - Richard Lawler from twhirl
Matthew, you've got to be kidding of course, :) Saudia Arabia, Women's beach volleyball? Not unless there is a radical change in team beach wear.! - Melanie Reed
Hutch, I just went to site Richard recommended and it looks like T&F have already started for the women. :( US took bronze in 10,000 meters on Friday (today for us EST) http://www.nbcolympics.com/trackan.... - Melanie Reed
Men's B-ball FTW - joshuabacker
I can't find a good picture of a woman in a suitable stance wearing an abaya to photoshop. I'm primarily interested in women's gymnastics, but I found the sync diving captivating. I've been watching badminton online a bit - saw China destroy Malaysia. Anyway, between the tivo and silverlight, there is a good selection. - stretta from twhirl
I've had it with beach vollyball. C'mon, that's not really a sport - PC Easy from twhirl
Philipp Lenssen
The Google Acquisitions Black Hole - http://blogoscoped.com/archive...
Another one of those 'Like for linking' not 'Like for content'. I really want Grand Central to be open for all, and Jaiku - we barely knew ye! - Kevin Fox
People don't seem to understand that the smaller Google acquisitions (not YouTube, DoubleClick, etc) are generally for the people, not the product (or at least not the product as it is). - Paul Buchheit
+1 Kevin. If a service has users pre-acquisition and the intention is that the service will be mothballed and the engineers re-distributed then that intention should be made clear to the users. I believe that Grand Central will eventually open up again, but Jaiku? And what's FeedBurner done lately? - Kevin Fox
@Kevin Given that all 3 services you've mentioned are working just fine and serving their existing users I'm not sure what more could be expected of them. Given that Google doesn't pre-announce stuff all you can know is that these things are still working. I think we all know better than to believe that because there are no user-facing changes or dramatic announcements that a service is dead. Sadly many of the pundits don't build software and so think that if you go more than a few months without feeding - Adewale Oshineye
the hype machine then you must be dead. There's no real way to refute these sorts of allegations without making thing worse. It's like being asked "when did you stop beating your wife?" - Adewale Oshineye
@Adewale: Sorry for any confusion. I wasn't making an allegation, I was raising a question. I honestly don't know what's going on at Jaiku, but I do know there are products that have been bought and augmented, products that have been bought, torn apart, and re-worked into other services, and products that have been bought for talent, where the service was mothballed and I'm openly... more... - Kevin Fox
As long as people understand that there is a difference between when they see on the outside and what is really happening on the inside. Obviously I can't comment on some stuff simply because it isn't public. But I appreciate that perception matters, of course. And vice versa, the public should appreciate that they're only seeing one part of what is going on. - DeWitt Clinton
@Kevin I can't speak for FeedBurner or even Jaiku. However the best way to learn what's going on with Jaiku is to join the site and follow jyri/teemu/termie. Drop me an email on adewale at gmail and I'll send you an invite if you don't already have an account. - Adewale Oshineye
@adewale, in your comment to Kevin, you said that these services were "working just fine." Maybe you don't use any of those services, or you have a very loose definition of what "just fine" is. These services are slowly being mothballed and deconstructed bit by bit. That is NOT fine. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Google used to define innovation now they simply stifle it. Their motto: If you can't beat em, buy em and bury them in the backyard. - Matt Shaulis
Matt, I'll play Devil's advocate: What did Google ever innovate? They weren't the first search engine. They weren't the first company to sell CPC ads by auction. They weren't the first to do web mail, online documents, web video, IM, blogging, wikis, or any number of other things. Google's strengths are making incremental, yet essential, improvements and doing it on an unheard of scale. Immunity to Not Invented Here syndrome is a positive. - Steve Weis
Everything is incremental. Products don't have to be entirely new in order to be innovative, and in fact an entirely new product would probably be completely incomprehensible. - Paul Buchheit
Call me biased, but I still think Google Maps was a damned awesome launch. If you want to talk about acquisition success stories, you can't get much better than that. Not every acquisition works, but I think Google has got a way better track record than most, including some total home runs. - ⓞnor
Yeah, Google Maps was great, though the acquired product was actually a windows client, so it's also a good example of changing the product direction post-acquisition (for the better). - Paul Buchheit
Google Maps was a game changer. It really changed how we thought about what could be done with the web. - Jason Carreira
Yes, part of why I call it a success story is that it wasn't just Google buying something and slapping the brand on it. Where 2 had this crazy idea that you could pre-render maps for the entire world and use that to drive a totally different user experience, and they had a serious passion for high quality map rendering. Google knew a lot about Web design and large scale services, and a combined team brought it all together to launch something neither company would ever have pulled off by itself. - ⓞnor
@Mark You state that "hese services are slowly being mothballed and deconstructed bit by bit." I'm on the internal Google mailing lists for 2 out 3 of these services. I see them writing and checking in code on a daily basis. That's what I base my belief upon. What basis do you have for your claim? - Adewale Oshineye
@Paul exactly, talented people are a great reason for acquisition. Precisely why Google took over jaiku. Not because of the service, but because they got their hands on some really talented mobile guys - Alexander van Elsas
Adewale: I base them on the fact that I've been users far before acquisition on two of the three, and the fact that I'm really observant. GrandCentral is rotting away and getting less usable by the day, and FeedBurner continues to be robbed of major features that make it in any way an attractive solution. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
"Why not build new services and integrate at the same time? There are lots of opinions about the best way to go through integrations. Our perspective is that the time you lose trying to continuously merge an updated legacy codebase with a new rewrite causes you be in a world of never actually getting the integration done because you're constantly working on merge problems, which gives... more... - Ionut
@Mark You're still not getting it. Ade just told you he see's code being checked in for 2 of 3 of the services you mention. How does this equate to "rotting away?" WRT FeedBurner, exactly what major features was it robbed of that makes it unattractive? I've been a huge FB user since long before the acquisition so I'm curious about the functionality I should be missing. Everything still works like it did before for me. - EricaJoy
No, I think it's you guys who aren't getting it. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of Google stuff, but you folks are killing some of my favorite features. Replacing FAN with AdSense? Completely dumb move. GrandCentral used to work reliably. Now, half the time I can't download or listen to voicemail. You guys may be doing stuff to the code, but I'm here to say it isn't improving the service. These aren't temporary problems or issues - these are shifts in service levels. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
This is the kind of awesome targeting we've seen from AdSense for Feeds since Mashable switched over from FAN: (http://mashable.com/2008...). Gay pr0n and ponzi schemes. As I said earlier in the week, robbing FeedBurner of the one key advantage for publishers (i.e. sophisticated monetization) will kill FeedBurner. It's trivially simple to set up RSS redirection, which is the only other major benefit to FB. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
As for GrandCentral, I and the Mashable Staff use it to record our phone interviews. Or I should say *used* it. Reliability on recording retrieval has gotten so shoddy that we now turn to *TalkShoe* for something that's more reliable. As Cyndy and Alexander will likely tell you, when TalkShoe is more reliable than your product, you've got a problem. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
"Given that Google doesn't pre-announce stuff" Not true. - Philipp Lenssen
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
That's what you get for ruining the damn prequels, Lucas. - http://www.geekologie.com/2008...
That's what you get for ruining the damn prequels, Lucas.
That's what you get for ruining the damn prequels, Lucas.
That's what you get for ruining the damn prequels, Lucas.
Awesome! - phil baumann
Excellent. - Mo Kargas
It's about time. - Zach Underwood
When I die, I want that to be done to my body :P - Michael Forian
WOW - Kate Mag from twhirl
He should have seen that coming! - João Almeida
So good. they should have done this to him after the first three (made). - Morgan
love it :) - (jeff)isageek
Like! - imabonehead
*Sigh* _Another_ prequel basher. Prequels=Windows Vista. Misunderstood. - Nate Pilling from twhirl
I agree with you, Dean Terry. But at the same time, Children of Men did have a whole heck of a lot of special effects. - Bill Bittner from twhirl
Whatever you think of the prequels, this Lucas statue is EPIC! - Josh Haley
I'm one of very few people who actually kinda liked the prequels. I'm easily entertained. - iTad
HAHA!!!!!!! I laughed out loud. omg Thats better than FAIL or FIRED. Seriously. - Mona Nomura
that is awesome - jason burton
This will also prevent Lucas from destroying my memory of the original trilogy any farther. - Pete D
I was wondering how long it would take for the geek Star Wars revolt to take shape with the animated prequel. - Ed Roberts from twhirl
The revolt should have started already. Talk about milking a cash cow to death. - Arlan K.
Tad... I'm with you. - Johnny
i'm sick of starwars already! - orionstarr
My theory on the prequel v original= the orginal trilogy was so open ended - it expanded the mind into this universe beyond imagination. Even in the first one - Obi Wan discusses The Clone Wars with little or no "dumbing down." A real conversation - like explaining to a teen ager old WW2 or Vietnam stories. But in the prequels - everything was dumbed down, explained - that massive universe from the first three was shrunk down and tied up all nice and neat. The mystery died - and so did the luster.... - George Smith
I agree with George. - Lisa L. Seifert
Many bothans died to bring us these photos - Josh Haley
I'm not sick of Star Wars...how could you ever get sick of that? I'm sick of the crapified versions of Star Wars that Lucas foisted on us in the last 10 years in order to sell merchandise. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
that Indiana movie wasn't good either. I did REALLY like "The Phantom Menace" though,,, but his batting average is not what it used to be. - NoahDavidSimon
Bwana ☠
Firefox 3 Direct download links
Wow! Thanks! That worked! - iTad from fftogo
This worked for me. Thanks. (I wonder if this counts towards the record). - Ben
That's how I managed to get it. Working great! - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
Works for me too, thanks. I am all for setting the record but if those dorks make it hard for me, then I won't bother - Bob Ngu
w00t! - dgw
Thanks a lot! - Wictor Wilén
You da man, Bwana - Rahsheen
Well done! - Rich
Careful with the overseas mirrors. They will not enable auto-update! - Charlie Anzman
Release candidate 3? I thought this was a final version? - Brian Sullivan
@Brian Sullivan: RC3 and Final are identical. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
Thanks Bwana! I'm downloading right now :) oh it's finished. see you then. - Kenichi Matsumoto
Yep what the heck, RC3? - Bob Ngu from twhirl
I went directly to the source -> ftp://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0/ - Mike Marusin
Shit it forces FF as the default browser -- no option to modify during install it seems. - Brian Sullivan
I guess no one in the tread is participating in the record :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Well done - Jican
ftp://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0/win32/en-US/ - Will M
Hmmm..custom installation wants Fx in ..Mozilla Firefox Beta 5 folder, is the link really the final release? - Wictor Wilén
Do we know that the FTP links count? - dgw
I would hope so: FTP and direct HTTP downloads are trivial to track. - Mark Trapp
shit - no firebug for rtm yet...B-(. scrambling to remember how to set "ignore compat" switch... - Shawn L. Morrissey
Will, is that RC3 link also? - Bob Ngu from twhirl
@Voyagerfan5761: Mozilla said they don't earlier. If you do get it from FTP, download it from the main site later. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
It just installs on top of the existing version. - Rich
What's the md5? My file (windows) has MD5 = c971bb2273d24d62dd15dcdbd6030ea3 - Rich
Dynamite! thanks bwana!!! - Noah Carter
Is really the final version identical to the RC3 and so the version we are downloading is just a set up for the firefox down(load) day - Stéphane Guérin
I've only downloaded the Mac version, but the md5 matches on both FTP and the link I provided above. Mac OS X md5: 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283 - Bwana ☠
I cant spot much differences between RC3 and the final version - Palin Ningthoujam
There shouldn't be many differences. But so far so good on my system. Seems a little snappier and uses less RAM than earlier betas. - Robert Scoble
excelent - Ruben Llibre
Did it. Can I go home now? :) - Naor Mark
is there somewhere (or some tool) to check compatibility with your addons? I don't want to have to go to each individual addons page and read the fine print. - Tim Hoeck
Palin, the final release of FF3 is identical to RC3. No code changes whatsoever; it's the same package. - Gregory Pittman from twhirl
Linked to this from RWW - awesome! :) - Sarah Perez
The welcome page says "Release Candidate 3" after I install from the Mac OS X dmg with an MD5 of 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283. However, the about page says just "version 3.0". - Fred Yankowski from twhirl
The "about" page has said just "Version 3.0" for a while (or at least it does previous in RCs). I can haz actual release and not RC? - Karim
Shawn, go to http://getfirebug.com. Under releases you can download beta 12. It works with 3. I'm not sure how stable it is, so, as with all betas, installer beware! They claim it to be stable. - Joel Gray
...getting off topic here, but I've been using Firebug on FF3 for weeks and it's very stable. - Daniel Shaw
Watch them live on Mogulus...they just said downloading from mozilla.org counts. http://www.mogulus.com/air_moz... - Bwana ☠
thank you, I can finally download FF3 - Rajiv Doshi
Thank you very much. - Kevin Porter
thanks for providing the link - Moksh Juneja
Wow, that link made it much todo about nothing. - Russellreno
My Mac OS version also has MD5 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283 - can someone confirm whether it's really final or RC3 (or provide an official confirmation that final == RC3)? - Chester
For those wondering, the md5 of the Mac OS X download from getfirefox.com and the one I provided above match. Both are 27ff7989db6a206cdfc8989aca9f9283 Those are the official versions - Bwana ☠
Dude. You're awesome! :) - Flora
Andrew Dobrow
Hahhaa, this is awesome. - Eric Florenzano
Great 404. - Courtstarr Runner
hmm.. and i thought the 404 is when it works :) - Naor Mark
When I was writing a blog post about SEO, I thought it would be great to have this guy saying "Leave SEO Alone!!" "Stop Keyword Stuffing!!" - Bill Stevens
That's almost the funniest thing that I've ever seen ... almost - John Blanton from Alert Thingy
John, then I guess you haven't seen this :-) http://friendfeed.com/e... - Andrew Dobrow
lol alright...via feedalizr - test123456789
I want to publish that too :-) - Florin Grozea
Robert Scoble
Best RSS Newsreaders [Hive Five] - http://lifehacker.com/390619...
Nothing special here. The same five feed readers that people have been using for a long time (although, I believe Sage is relatively young). Has all innovation died when it comes to feed software? - Akiva
I don't like using things that don't sync what I've read over multiple computers - if Google opened an API to reader, then I think there would be lots more innovation. FeedAIR is a nice app for GReader based on air, if you haven't already seen it. How have they made it sync with reader? - Rich from twhirl
Sure, ReadAIR is nice, but it has a few glitches and it got stuck couple of times, so i just deleted it. Btw, there is (some kind of) a google reader api. - Mladen Srdić from twhirl
I've been using ReadAIR for a couple of days, and with some minor annoyances, I really like it. Saves some desktop real estate, and for me the look and feel is great. - Henry Burger from Alert Thingy
Louis Gray
Robert Scoble
Using Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer (version: 0.0.4) - http://InternetDuctTape.com/tools...
Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer finds all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed and automatically subscribes them. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Scoble. - Mitchell Tsai
I'm running it now. I bet it barfs on an account with 21,000 friends. - Robert Scoble
account, but i only have about 100 friends - Chris Jones from twhirl
it barfs for me :-/ - HokieGeek from twhirl
just finished for me and worked like a charm - Chris Jones from twhirl
Hmm, I'll have to take a look at that. I use around 300 followers in my tests. - engtech
Thanks for finding and sharing! It worked great for me. Surprised that some of my twitter friends that I would think would be here on FF are not ...yet. - tagami
It failed. Sigh. Too many friends. - Robert Scoble
can't wait to see a web-based version of similar functionality - ben bloch
I want to see a Flickr version. (The Twitter version is fantastic.) - Russellreno
Hillary Clinton: white people like me better. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008...
I don't understand how this can be construed as anything but racist. - Christian
What's galling is that she makes these statements and then turns around and says they're not racially divisive. Clinton said, "...whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me." I can't believe she's running on a "the less educated you are, the more you'll like me" platform. What next, "People with Severe Brain Damage Prefer Clinton?" - Karim
Hillary is done. Time to wave goodbye. - Robert Scoble
Not THIS white person. She's really lost it now. She's taking something that could be so positive for our country and for her party and tearing it asunder. - Vince DeGeorge
Goodbye, Hillary. The height of your glory was during Bill's terms in office (pre Lewinsky). It is time to say goodbye. - Alexander von Halem
someone please stick a fork in her, please! - HokieGeek from twhirl
Clinton: "There's a pattern emerging here." Yes, there certainly is... - Ontario Emperor
Her earlier comment about not believing elitist economists and now this has soured my view of her for good. Too bad her desperation is getting the better of her. - Jim Goldstein
That's... incredibly bad. I don't think even Bush would be able to say something like that, even on accident. Oh well; Go Obama, Go! - Daniel Bruce
I don't think she is being racist, just stupid, it's not the kind of remark one should make, especially if you are running for office. - Clarence Westberg
Dems do that all the time. So much for supposedly being a fair and non-divisive party. - Morton Fox
Jesus, is anyone advising her anymore? Make her stop talking now! Before she does any further damage to herself. Hey Hillary, don't know if you're aware, but we elect presidents every four years. This is no Kang and Kodos regime; you'll get your shot again. That is, of course, if you go out with some dignity. - Carla Thompson
She's so done! I don't know why she keeps fighting at all. It's just going to slaughter her reputation, what's left of it anyway. - Damien Franco
What's wrong the Dems this year? First Obama has Pastorgate, now this? I thought they were smarter than this? (at least politicians in general) - darnell
Robert Scoble
When to use FriendFeed or Twitter? - http://www.seesmic.com/video...
When to use FriendFeed or Twitter?
Exactly. Twitter ~ Chatroom, FriendFeed ~ Forum. This is why I'll use both for quite awhile. - Jordan Hofker
I rarely post to Twitter, but when I do, it's typically from my iPhone. If I'm at a computer with a browser, it will always be FF. Then again, I'm someone who still doesn't "get" Twitter that much and have a difficult time following conversations. That's likely my own fault, though. - Vince DeGeorge
@J What s next one? ChatRoom twitter , forum ff, and....... FASTFOODR i think ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Twitter is a god. FF will be, once all its minions arrive. There's not enough of my peeps on here to make this fun yet, but the potential is there. - Chad Norman
I agree, great video. - Aaron Myers
The main thing that I like about Twitter is the 140 character limit which forces people to provide a succinct and somewhat precise message which make for interesting and unusual information. I just started using Friend Feed and like it because it aggregates information. Twitter is just plain fun and Friend Feed is a way of organizing all of that fun and then some for info whores like @scobleizer and myself. - James
I've been saying friend feed is to twitter as ESPN is to Baseball. - Sean Reiser from Alert Thingy
I use Twitter for broad discussion and new viewpoints. FriendFeed tends to be more intimate, but with people "like me" - Mike Reynolds
yeah I like that analogy too -- conversations between multiple ppl much easier to come by on FF than Twitter. - Shey
I tend to use whatever is "closest", most times I do post to pownce, and some things just are better as a twit. FF does help bring everything together, I wish more of my contact used it. - Grant Bierman
@M.D. I think you are a mosaic painting too, what an aristocratic background you have : ) Nice comment ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
Similar dichotomies have existed before (in Microsoft Exchange, for example, you have email messages vs. threaded conversations in Public Folders), but there's usually some overlap... the interesting thing for me is that Twitter seems to be an acquired taste: at first you're all, "Huh? This is stupid" and then (maybe) you take a real liking to it. Whereas I "got" the idea of FriendFeed right away, I could see the utility, but I haven't taken a real liking to it at all. Twitter is CB Radio. - Karim
ha, info whore - Andrew Smith
age on Twitter or wherever and it shows up on FF, ready for commentary. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Apples and Oranges. FF has the broader net. Twitter is the river. I check Twitter more often. FF of course has the visuals. FF needs friend tagging like Pownce has. Actually, Twitter needs friend tagging too. - Jonathan Leavitt
Grr. Try #2 - I dont post to FF as a "first level" channel. I use twitter or whatever and then FF aggregates it for comment. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Twitter is also *SIMPLE.* Twitter = iPhone, FriendFeed = Windows Mobile. Twitter is from Mars and FriendFeed is from Venus. Twitter is a hot dog and FriendFeed is escalopes de veau a l'estragon avec endives gratineed with cheese. - Karim
Ya know, I'm just jumping into the FF field, but it looks to me like you've nailed it. The most frustrating thing about Twitter for me is that it's like a chat room where you can't always see all the posts (if I'm not following the other half of a conversation); the FF layout solves some of that, as I don't need to be subscribed to everyone to see their comments. - Tim Glinatsis
friendfeed is the new irc...with a splash of rss - steveo
FriendFeed is from Mars, Twitter is from Venus. http://tinyurl.com/59rzyk - Hutch Carpenter
LOL Hutch, I stand corrected. A well-thought-out analysis you have there. It would be fascinating to compare male/female usage ratios of Twitter vs. FriendFeed. Are structured, threaded, hierarchical conversations from Mars, and free-form chats from Venus? Interesting question... - Karim
@Karim - thanks! There are differences between the two services, and I think the organization around content in FriendFeed creates some real differences with Twitter. Twitter is organized around the person you're talking to. - Hutch Carpenter
I share on Google Reader, update on Twitter, post on Blogger... FriendFeed catches it all as a nice archive (that I use to create a weekly/monthly newsletter for clients). I don't have the big community following so the commenting feature is not such a benefit. If/when I do get more conversations going, then I can see FriendFeed becoming more important. Twitter is more of an echo chamber when it comes to conversation. - Joining Dots
After watching this Post I will be using FriendFeed much more effectively and therefore Twitter less. - Brad Nix
I'm doing that already without being prompted, here provide's a very addictive source of information flow and discussion! - Joe Dawson
twitter is like IRC - FF more like blog/wiki/forums - interesting video clip! - Jeroen De Miranda
Louis Gray
(1) Learn something new every day (2) Often, the fastest way Up is Out (3) Reverse engineer the job you want (4) Education matters, but not as much as you thought (5) You are a company of one (6) Develop your plan, and put it in writing. --- In most cases, incremental raises are single digit changes (keeping above the inflation waterline). Occasional promotion low double digits. For those that move to new job positions, outside of their company, often expect a 20%-40% increase in salary. - Mitchell Tsai
Robert Scoble
Open FriendFeed call. Who is on FriendFeed who I have NOT subscribed to yet? You know how to let me know.
I'm not sure if this is how I let you know, but I'm here and super new to this. - Johnny Baker
You're not following me, yet. ;-) - Jordan Hofker
You are not following me yet... I am open to be converted :-) - Vernonkell
Robert Scoble is not subscribed to me - Shey
I don't think you are following me... - nsnadell from twhirl
You're not following me http://friendfeed.com/merrycr... - Mary Wehrle
I have yet to be microscobelized. - Sean O
How can I find out if you've subscribed to my FriendFeed? - Lawrence Liu from twhirl
According to the little bubble, not me. Even though you said the other day I was being added to the World Wide Talk Show. ;-) Oops, can't press Enter for a newline. What I was going to say, prior to the Post button getting unexpectedly pressed, is that I cannot imagine following 20,000 (or even some fraction of that) on FF. It's gotta be tough as it is on Twitter. - Joanmarie
Guessing that comments are the way to let you know :) - Jed White
Not following me! - brian junyor
I'm on both FF and twitter. :) http://friendfeed.com/oheresy - Beau Liening
Scobleize me. - Scott Edward Anderson
You're quick. Thanks for the follow. - Jordan Hofker
Letting you know. :-) - Ray Grieselhuber
someone said this was the line for the cattle call? - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Never mind. I can see ur FF subscriptions on ur FF webpage. Ur already sub'd to my FF. :-) - Lawrence Liu from twhirl
also all comment owners in here; add the others at the list : ) this is a may 8th; human feed day! ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
You are not following me yet. Ready for Scobleization. - Michael Pardee
Present. You're not following me on FF yet. - Oliver Ortega Chua
OK, it took me a disturbingly long time to figure out how to see IF you were following me, but I believe you are not. - Elisa Camahort Page
You're not following me with your software but you're following me with your subconscious. - Akiva
You aren't following me on FF yet. And I'm friends with Corvida! lol - Phil Glockner
You should be following me on FF and Twitter. I'm hurt Robert. Very hurt. - MikeonTV
I have not be Scobleized. - Stanton Champion
[watching as Scoblization Ray passes overhead] My God, it's full of blogs -- - Karim
I'm soo ronery ;)...http://friendfeed.com/lebard - Jeremy
I think you just found a way to unite FriendFeeders. Lots of new people to follow now :) - Shey
Wow you're fast! Truly a blogging god among men/women. - Stanton Champion
oooo ooo mr Kottah! mr. Kottah! you're not following me. ;) - Sean Reiser
Last time I checked you weren't following me :) - Larry Rubin
not subscribed to me yet - ben bloch
okay...sign me up...and, thanks for shopping - Michael
whell while ur at it - Mrinal Wadhwa from Alert Thingy
Sent mine to ya on Twitter... - Jason Nielubowicz
Always enjoy your posts, Robert. I'm http://friendfeed.com/brentne... - Brent Newhall
You're not following me either! :) - Vince
Ooh, ooh, ooh. Me, Me, Me!!!! - Rob H.
And me. :) - Jianjun Zhang from twhirl
Me too - John Spencer from Alert Thingy
Holy crap. You've practically got the SNN goin' on - Scoble News Network ?? You will all be featured this week on Fast Company TV - Submit bio to ... - Charlie Anzman
This is the greatest thing to happen to anyone ever! Cheesecake for everybody. - Akiva
I let you know via Twitter, perhaps this is more appropriate. - bill shamam
I don't think I am yet - Mike Wills
I don't think you're following me yet. - Sandra Sinclair
twitter yes, friendfeed no - Johnny Sewell
I'm availabe here friendfeed.com/sachendra - Sachendra
Now why do you want to follow everyone? - Tanath
Friendfeed.com/mentalist - Haim Schlesinger
You're not following me. You're really a sucker for punishment, aren't you? - Nathan Howell
start following me ;) - Timo Heuer
Hi Bob! - Guillaume Lemoine
You're also not following me... :) - Christian Bogh
ping, ping nhitze on FF - Nils Hitze from twhirl
ping friendfeed.com/steaprok - Steaprok from twhirl
IF you are able to WITHSTAND fair portion of Russian (sorry, but I try to bring here my community from Russian segment of livejournal.com after buyout disaster) and/or stream of Nokia-tablet/Maemo/etc related-stuff and/or a lot of bitch about this and that... http://friendfeed.com/silpol ;) - A. T.
or me...buddyboy2006 - Dan Delphin from twhirl
geeks gathering?? - PlaTyPuS
Ironically, I just looked at this yesterday and ya weren't subscribed to me.... - Paula Hawk
You have not subscribed to me. - Svartling
114 more FFs to go... - Anthony Farrior
you aint following me! http://friendfeed.com/wratty - Ian Rathbone
You're not following me - Martin Jonsson
http;//friendfeed.com/abecc - Augusto Becciu from twhirl
Richard Shulman or rich124 - Richard Shulman
Not me. - rodmitch
http://friendfeed.com/idonotes if I forgot to say so already - Chris Miller from twhirl
Scoble has gone nuts. - Paul Arterburn
wow, crazy, almost 200 comments. Awesome. - Thomas Hawk
Not following me either ;) - Kenneth Verburg
Robert, I appreciate your efforts, but I'm afraid that if I follow you (and you follow me in return), I'll have to deal with a lot of noise, and a lot of hype. Once you get worked up about something, you have this need to talk about it all the time, and to impose your point of view (ex: FaceBook). That's why I unsubscribed from your blog a while back. I couldn't deal with it any more. You shot down two of my comments without even bothering to consider them. Take this for what it's worth, no hard feelings. - Raoul Pop
You haven't subscribed to me yet. Thx http://friendfeed.com/warhawke - warhawke
You're not subscribed to me, here, but anything I have to say that might be interesting to you, I say in a comment anyway... I'm not very talkative, but I enjoy watching your conversation! - Kenneth LeFebvre
You are funny, Scoble. - Vishy Kuruganti
Added you on FF, expecting a prompt response :) - James Spinks
I don't think you've added me, you know I have you added (for a while) ;-) - Allen Harkleroad from twhirl
one1speed - Craig Dalton from twhirl
Automatically add all of your twitter friends to friendfeed http://tinyurl.com/4rr2fl - Nishith Shah
Kindly add Mark Dykeman - http://friendfeed.com/markdyk... - thank you Robert. - Mark Dykeman
why not? hi robert - bernie
me? - superbunker
Not following me either, http://friendfeed.com/robdiana. - Rob Diana
Kevin Fox
FriendFeed's speed on supporting Reader annotations is amazing. - http://www.google.com/reader...
Yeah, FriendFeed really rocks. Get rid of duplications, or at least cluster them all together, and then it'll be unstoppable. - Robert Scoble
It is already unstoppable. The duplicates issue is there to just slow you down enough so you don't surpass the speed of light and cause all sorts of problems. - Louis Gray
I agree! FriendFeed is amazing! Sometimes it becomes irresistible and eats up time!! :( - Jigar Mehta from twhirl
I was a few hours behind the times about GR annotations and FriendFeed had already adjusted. - Mike Reynolds
Duplicates spread the conversation over time, over different time zones. This creates multiple "talk shows" for the same item. If you miss the first, there will be a second. - mj
Mo: I don't think so. It's pretty easy to imagine and algorithm that'll cluster the same headlines under one item over here on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: the beauty of duplication preferences -- once they have them -- is they can set it up so that you can see it JUST once (my pick) OR every time it comes through or some hybrd. Viva la difference and all that. - Robert Seidman
Right now the best way to link disparate FriendFeed discussions on the same item is to conduct a FriendFeed search. But that doesn't work if the item has a generic name. - Ontario Emperor
Scoble: For whatever reason, you may miss the single cluster and that's a loss of an item that may have been of interest (esp. that it was well liked). On the flip side, if every comment or like pushes the story to the top, a FriendFeed page may be dominated by a popular item(s) and the news river gets shoved below the fold, unless comments were collapsable and collapsed by default. - mj
Ontario Emperor: (1) Try the title of the item in quotes. (2) Or add people's names (3) If 100s and 1,000s of results, add random words like "collapse" or "river" or "mango". :-) - Mitchell Tsai
One advantage of separate discussions is that each can take on a life of its own. For example, Chris Wetherell's discussion has concentrated on the permalinks. http://friendfeed.com/e... - Ontario Emperor
Robert Scoble
Based on my comments here I'm seeing some people really hate FriendFeed because it brings them way too much, and isn't neatly ordered like Google Reader or TechMeme. I do wish I could get a URL of my FF items just ordered by time. - http://scobleizer.com/2008...
I was about to say that I want a FF list/URL that orders MY items just by time, like a blog, or like Jaiku. Not influenced by conversation, as the "me" feed is. - Robert Scoble
friendfeed definately needs search filters, and search alerts, as well as topic filtering, and submission grouping, the ordering is horrible, although its fun to take the time to search - Kyle Weller
For me, FF and GReader are complementary - I use them both. GR because it's so organized and let's me go through an unprecendented amount of information really, really quicklky. And FF to see what the buzz is amongst the folks I'm following - to some degree GR provides breadth and FF depth. Blogged a little about it :) http://is.gd/cJR - felix
That's my main issue. It needs to be much more organized. It's fun to skim though. I can't guarantee I won't miss anything though. - Jesse Stay
@jesse. it's ok if you miss something. really. it is. - rob zand
Cains: that's the point: I am subscribed to more than 2,000 people, so my inbound is a constant flow. My outbound is bound to be noisy because of that. - Robert Scoble
@Kyle - search alerts can be done right now. See here: http://tinyurl.com/6qhk4n - Hutch Carpenter
It could be a left-brain, right-brain thing, Google Reader makes me feel guilty. I gave it up. I don't like news reading to be an inducer of guilt. I'll read when it's all eclectically spread out -- or not. - Prokofy Neva
i think greader is much better - qian
Gridjit is coming for FriendFeed very soon. Hopefully it will be a useful means to organize FF for some people. - Ray Grieselhuber
Maybe a GR display is exactly the way to go. Treat every person you subscribe to the way GR treates a FEED. Then you see a FEED view showing all the unread updates for each person you subscribe to and you can drill down into it. As you skim items for a person they automatically become READ. I can see this working. It would give me the choice to read the people that were more important to me first. - Kevin Shannon
Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez
LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account - http://www.labnol.org/interne...
Robert Scoble
Greasemonkey Scripts For the Social Media Addict - http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive...
Scripts for (1) Twitter (2) FriendFeed (3) Digg (4) Mixx (5) Del.icio.us/Ma.gnolia (6) Flickr (7) Facebook (8) Google Reader - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks, Scoble. Recently reinstalled Firefox on my Mac, and these will help a lot. - Dana Franks from Alert Thingy
I never got around to looking for a script that marked everything before my current point as read! This is awesome! - Phil Ashman
Thanks for helping promote my scripts! - engtech
I love Greasemonkey. I wish Safari had better support, as it's the primary reason I use Firefox on my Mac. - Bwana ☠
Dave Winer
Everyone who uses Twitter should read its Terms of Service. http://twitter.com/tos
Yeah, especially the parts where it says that they can kick you off for being a jerk. Yet they don't follow through. - Robert Scoble
@Scoble it's easier to enforce a TOS when you can afford to hire people to enforce it. There are some downsides to free and no revenue besides just scaling issues! - Robert Seidman
"We have the right to go down and not tell you unless you happen to be on the system, which would be down..." - David Bisset (sn)
I think it's also interesting that fake accounts aren't allowed & they reserve the right to appropriate a handle that is (tm) - tamera
Why should do that, Dave? - Michael VanDervort
Mike Hussein Cohen
Innovative newsreader changes how you read news - http://macmegasite.com/node...
For those that want the "feel" of a newspaper but with information from the web. Same idea as Zinio did for real magazines in a way. Good post, but some of the other news readers are grabbing my attention right now - Chris Miller
don't know who would ever pay $30 for a newsreader. - Nishith Shah
why pay when you can get free... hmmmn, there is really something? - Jack
Mac users are generally happier to pay for software than PC users. - Andy Murdoch
Robert Scoble
Iron Man Review (Verdict: 126 Minutes of Gadget Porn) [Iron Man] - http://feeds.gawker.com/~r...
I saw Iron Man last night. Very worth $9. The effects are unreal and so are the gadgets. - Robert Scoble
I can't wait to see it. - Piers Karsenbarg
The two trailers for Iron Man were great hooks for the film - looks a winner - Jican
We just saw Iron Man. It was awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect guy to play Tony Stark. - Lindsay
Sarah Perez
No, I am not related to Perez Hilton!!! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
No, I am not related to Perez Hilton!!!
Sarah Perez
Re: Greasemonkey Scripts That Make Twitter Rock - http://www.tw3nty3ight.com/2008...
"I found this post very inspiring. :) I've been meaning to put together a big ol' list of social media gmonkey scripts (I just did) Hope you don't mind I borrowed a couple from this list - because I agree, they rock!!" - Sarah Perez
Scott Beale
“Google Me” is a documentary by Jim Killeen who Googled himself & then traveled the world meeting other Jim Killeens http://twurl.nl/y6ef2b
Thankfully for his pocketbook, his name wasn't John Doe. - Jennifer Stavros
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