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Allen Stern
i really wish friendfeed would change "like" to "share"
yea im just saying change the term that's all.. - Allen Stern
This has come up so many times. But Friendfeed has been resisting it for some reason. - The Fat Oracle
I wouldn't vote for that change... Maybe an addition. I like to like. - iTad
tad but how would you differentiate btw the 2? im suggesting share because many times i don't want to say i like something to share it with others - in fact i may very well hate it but to get you to see it i have to say like - it was "cutesy" when friendfeed launched but time for them to change it. - Allen Stern
But, I like Like. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Allen... But sometimes I don't want 'Share' something, I want to mark my approval of something or 'Like' that it is in my Feed. - Johnny
I like like - anna sauce
Matthew - are you saying you like like you that you like the like to which you have shown that you like? - Allen Stern
Like the idea of having a share link too... one that you could use to share across all filtered list... like when you subscribe... thats would be a neat idea... you could even have it so you choose the list you want to share it with ;o) keep the is, as its on each list seperate. :o) blimey...who am I to give been here a week.. but thought it was worth saying... tell me to shut if not lol. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
rob you may talk as much as you like - just look at scoble, he invades every thread and they haven't kicked him off yet! - Allen Stern
In some ways when you press like you are sharing because you bubbling up the post, on the other hand when you have liked you can reshare the entry so indirectly you are also liking it but putting it a place i.e a room where others could share and hopefully enjoy/find of relevant interest in the future. - Jason
Allen..scoble is like that everywhere tho... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
there is a reshare option. I like both - BEX
I think the verb should be open architecture. - Dave Winer
agreed. polydimensionality. - Phil Wolff
I think we need: Like, Share, Dislike, Run away from, Laugh, Smile, Cry, Get Angry, etc. And it shows up as "Chacha102 ran away from this." "Chacha102 got angry from this." "Chacha102 smiled from this." etc - Tyler (Chacha)
"In the English language, the word like has a very flexible range of uses. It can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, particle, conjunction, hedge, interjection, and quotative"... it'll do :) - Johnny
and add a "dislike" or something. Sometimes people post stuff I think is important, but I don't "like" the content (e.g. Mumbai attack, etc) - Dave Hodson
Gotta be careful of overkill tho eh... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
just change it to share - thanks! - Allen Stern
i think adding share and some other options to click would be a nice addition - (jeff)isageek
I already said it here: but basically, make an additional option of "Flag". All "Likes" would be "Flags", but not all "Flags" would be "Likes".” - Micah
Any change in the options would change the UI I'm used to, but I guess they could put stuff under More. - Rahsheen
I've thought a fair bit about the terms of "like" vs "share". There are pros and cons of each. However, when there is some bad news of some sort its very hard to click "like" when you really just want to share it because it's important... as Dave Hodson said. - Jesse Spaulding
I wish when I "shared" in Google Reader it "liked" the original article in FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
I wish I had a robot ;) - Joe Dawson
I prefer "bump" and "mark", personally... for stuff I wanna pull back to the top for whatever reason, and then totally separate bookmarking, either public or private. - abacab
I like Like. When I Like something it's not always to share, it's so it shows up in my LIkes/ Comments page so I can read it later. Leave it alone! - Nicola Quinn
I want more than just like. Just a few more, like 'i sympathize' or 'interesting' or 'user defined.' Like lists, i want to put FF entries into lists instead of users. Yeah you could reshare into private rooms but then you lose conversation and possibly more related links. I'd pay $20 a year for that and an app like Thunderbird with tons of filter abilities. - sergiooo
I'm happy that its' called 'Like,' I'm "liking" the article not "sharing" the article, the original OP is sharing it. If you want to share it then there is a 'resahre' option for this. I don't agree with having dislike added, let's try and be positive with things instead of adding negatively to a great community here. You would only get people question why you dislike it and cause arguments, I'm not here for this. - Kol Tregaskes
Besides if you dislike something, then 'hide' it. - Kol Tregaskes
<3 like - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Funny to read the comments now the like will dominate the world:) - Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarri
New Feature: Facebook now offers way to share stuff with everyone or just a specific list. -
New Feature: Facebook now offers way to share stuff with everyone or just a specific list.
this is actually pretty damn cool... - Zee.
smart move - Dobromir Hadzhiev
love this - have to get in and play around with it - Stefanie Hahn
funny you should say that Caleb - Zee.
ha ha facebook vs ff .same features in same time:) - Samir Kerimov
yeah Samir, not identical but very similar and ridiculously close in time... :) - Zee.
Fantastic! Now when I say less than flattering things about work, my coworkers won't see it. Thank you Facebook, you have cut down significantly on office drama. - Miss Elle
love it - stanleyyork
cool - Mike Montano
I also noticed today that on my Facebook wall a popup saying that there was new data for the wall and I could update without refreshing - similar to what we see on Twitter search. They are both getting closet to real time. - Robert Freeze
I keep refreshing hoping to see this, the custom seems like it could be especially useful. - Michael Turner
That's an old Pownce feature. Frienfeed doesn't support posting to a pre-defined list; you'd either have to DM them all at once, or get them to join a room. - Vezquex
I kept waiting and waiting and it never showed up. Turns out you need set Publisher Control Default to Everyone...then it shows up. Of course now that I've done it, I'm not seeing a way to actually search statuses. Seems somewhat least for the moment. - Michael Turner
MyNameisE ( now has Friendfeed integration - which means if you're both signed up to and have friendfeed accounts...the moment you exchange cards, you'll automatically become friends on here too.
Picture 14.png
For those of who haven't heard of it...MyNameisE is really the future of exchanging business cards. You just share your own MyNameIsE account and you become friends across all the social networks you've made public. - Zee.
Swapping business cards is not an indication of friendship (or intent therof). But otherwise, its a great idea. - Roberto Bonini
@Roberto agreed, but you have different business cards for different many as you like i believe - Zee.
Similar (better) than - Marcos
@Marcos does Chimp automatically make you friends across all your social media when you add each other on there? Genuine question...not rhetorical :) - Zee.
@zee thanks for sharing :o) pretty awesome - Aline Ohannessian
@Zee, I have no idea, but I don't think it does ;) I (shamefully) admit to only joining because of the invites hype, but never got any real interest in it. The services seems similar, thou; and that was the intention of my question. Are they? MyNameIsE is better? Anyway, my question was partially genuine partially rhetorical :) - Marcos
@Marcos: no it's different. On (not, you can do lifestreaming, mini-blogging, contacts organizing, etc. as well as OpenID provider and email forwarding. - Zulkarnain K.
Shame. No microformats. And why the heck they don't use semantically nice tags? <address> for eg. ? - directeur
I'd say, MyNameisE is similar with,, and - Zulkarnain K.
... and directeur's sorry I forgot :p - Zulkarnain K.
Oh no problem LouCypher ! Thanks for the mention :) - directeur
I pass my virtual biz card out everyday. It’s Internet-based and instantly updatable. There are Blackberry and iPhone apps that allow for direct calls to whichever telephone number I choose at that instant (to be followed by similar apps for other platforms). It’s simple and cheap. There are built in privacy levels so some people get more contact info than others. This virtual business card is my last name. Followed by .tel - A Mitchell
Kol Tregaskes
Six Ways that Google Wave is Going to Change Your Business, Career and Life | Think Vitamin -
Six Ways that Google Wave is Going to Change Your Business, Career and Life | Think Vitamin
Show all
"I believe there are six reasons why Wave is going to have a huge impact on you. However, this is all predicated on mass adoption of the technology. If no-one uses it, then obviously it won’t have a world-changing affect. However, I strongly believe Wave is going to achieve mass adoption for these reason:" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
1. Google has the world-wide audience necessary. - Kol Tregaskes
2. Google has the cash in order to market Wave and promote its benefits. - Kol Tregaskes
3. There is a huge financial benefit to working more efficiently. People who use Wave will be able to work faster, thus leaving behind those that stick to good-ol-fashion SMTP email. - Kol Tregaskes
4. Wave is open-source (more on that below). If you want, you’ll be able to run Wave on your internal corporate network, without ever sending a single byte of data to Google. - Kol Tregaskes
5. You can run it on the cloud, thus reducing in-house IT costs. - Kol Tregaskes
they're missing the point - you can run it in house on cheapish infrastructure and keep copies of all your data and interactions - while still having potential access to the whole network's worth of interaction and information - Iphigenie
If it's not an Intranet cloud... I shudder to think what would happen with my country's sorely-lacking International bandwidth... - Pandu ● IT Optimizer
looking forward to the release, great article - Bill Masson
CrunchPad: The Launch Prototype (it looks absolutely gorgeous) -
CrunchPad: The Launch Prototype (it looks absolutely gorgeous)
CrunchPad: The Launch Prototype (it looks absolutely gorgeous)
It's really hard to believe that the crunchpad has come so far. I remember the early talks of asking whether anybody knew of something like this that existed, then talks of building one themselves, and now finally a launch prototype. Very exciting - Wang Yip
Dimensions? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
pricing? - mikepk
Michael in the comments says 12 inch screen and 18 mm thick - Wang Yip
@Jason, precisely - chrisofspades
this'll get hacked to be awesome! - Stuart Evans
looks So Cool - Amir
kinda reminds me of a larger iphone - Stuart Evans
Will it run flash? If it's cheap enough for newspapers to subsidize for their customers, it could be a finger in the dike. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
yep, it does everything a browser does Kevin - Zee.
I like the idea of booting directly to the browser. For the average person, they can pretty much get by in the browser and something like this is all they would need. I would guess however, that this is not going to be targeted at the "average" person to begin with but nonetheless I think it is a move in the right direction. - Mike Bracco
Persistent data connection (i.e. 3G)? - Mike Bracco
Big important long after it comes out will it be available in Australia? I'm sold already on it. - George Hall (Australia)
Looks interesting, but what interested me about Kindle is the e-Ink technology - I don't want to read newspapers or books on a screen. Fine for a Netbook replacement, large browser, but seems to be a different use than the Kindle. - Stuart Miniman
This really looks amazing. - Vince DeGeorge
Are there speakers? Headphone jacks? - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
i'll believe it when mine arrives in the post (please) - Jamie Vidamour
wow, that does look positively amazing... WANT! - Susan Beebe
Sasha Kovaliov
Directory of useful web 2.0 applications and startups. User reviews, and ratings. Great! -
Directory of useful web 2.0 applications and startups. User reviews, and ratings. Great!
Directory of useful web 2.0 applications and startups. User reviews, and ratings. Great!
Directory of useful web 2.0 applications and startups. User reviews, and ratings. Great!
Doug Haslam
How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live - TIME -
TIME on Twitter - Doug Haslam
Robert Scoble
I'm making a list of hundreds of people. In checking that list on Facebook I learned 10% or so don't put their email address there. Why?
Because they don't understand their privacy controls can protect them from the wrong people getting it - Jesse Stay
Facebook is AWESOME as a rolodex. But some refuse to put their email address in there. Why? Facebook has made it pretty hard to get your data out of there (I have to manually retype addresses into other systems like Gmail or Outlook) and because you have control of who sees your stuff anyway, it seems pretty lame not to put your contact info in there. - Robert Scoble
Because they are brought up in tradition that displaying your e-mail address on the web is "a bad thing" - Jesse Stay
Probably the same group of people that does not put their picture up on facebook and hence have a book without a face? - Peter Simoons
Jesse: yeah, and these are all early adopters/influencer/entrepreneur types. Even some journalists (how do you guys get story leads, anyway?) - Robert Scoble
Maybe because they think that Facebook's private inbox is enough as a first interaction. - Nir Ben Yona
Danny paranoid about what? - Jesse Stay
Aren't e-mail addresses on Facebook obsfucated in that they are done as images? - Smashing
Peter: nah, most of my friends put their picture in there. - Robert Scoble
I'm surprised you found that many (90% show their email to friends on FB). It's a skew in your sample. But you're right, people shouldn't be concerned about it. - Kevin Werbach
Alx, yes, they're images, and protected by privacy settings - Jesse Stay
Danny so you think people can steal your e-mail by having your e-mail address? - Jesse Stay
Facebook doesn't teach it's users anything. If they taught them just a tiny bit about the privacy settings people would be so much more comfortable. - Shawn Hickman
Danny: my email has been on my blog for years. I don't get much spam. - Robert Scoble
Danny, who is going to get your e-mail address? Only your friends can see it, and it's an image, not text - Jesse Stay
Danny, or, better yet, gmail filters it all out for me. - Robert Scoble
And what Robert said - my e-mail address is up, with a link and plain text on my blog as well. I don't get much spam either. - Jesse Stay
Remember that the group of people who join Facebook is not the same as the people who join, say, FriendFeed. For example, I found one senior citizen in my list of Facebook suggested friends; this is a person who would never join Twitter or FriendFeed, but for some reason had decided to join Facebook. (The person joined Facebook at the urging of a Tea Party organizer; perhaps that puts... more... - John E. Bredehoft
The idea that if you display your e-mail address on your blog you get spam is a complete myth - Jesse Stay
Danny your paranoia sounds pretty unfounded then - Jesse Stay
John: my list only includes tech industry people. So I'm sure the number of people who put emails on Facebook among general population is lower. - Robert Scoble
You understand this Robert. "Hmm email; that is the sort of thing you'd use to send a thank you letter ... to your friend's ... parents" ... Oh and SPAM ! - John W Lewis
Danny must love getting Facebook messages. But because I don't have his email he can't get invited to whatever I'm sending invites out about. ;-) - Robert Scoble
I get more spam on Facebook mail than I do my own e-mail - Jesse Stay
Robert I won't get invites anyway because I can't be your friend on Facebook :-( - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I know where to find you! ;-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's why I put my e-mail address on my blog :-) - Jesse Stay
What's the list for Robert? - Smashing
@Scobleizer is really Santa. It's true. - No Name
Robert, if you're giving invites to Google Wave, i'm willing to put my email address on SF Golden Gate Bridge. - Nir Ben Yona
It is likely that people tend to join the first service that their friends suggest to them, and then stick with it until the need to switch becomes obvious. I started on CompuServe !! and then discovered that there was a thing called (Internet) email. - John W Lewis
Grayson I get more of that on Facebook than off :-) - Jesse Stay
Danny, so why not put that on your Facebook profile? - Jesse Stay
Robert: In Feb there was this post on All Facebook I know lots of folk around here spoke about limiting contact info to just close contacts after this - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Robert seems to have (inadvertently?) started a mini research project on use cases for the adoption of Internet communication services. - John W Lewis
Peter, I control that, too, but I always want to provide some way for people to contact me - Jesse Stay
Alx Klive: Our Building43 launch event. Unfortunately I only have space for about 150 people, so I'm forced into a bit of elitism. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Because some of the people I know on facebook are num-nuts - Asgeir
1. Paranoia 2. Spam 3. Ignorance ... Did I miss any other reasons? - Happy
A lot of people that follow you, Robert, are early adopters and technical types and yet still the FB privacy seems a mystery to some. Sound like it needs fixing to me. - Scott Kingery
Jess have to agree not being able to contact someone easily can be rather frustrating - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Based on the comments here, unless I am mistaken, everyone is making the same assumption: that these people use email. Although probably much less true of Robert's intended invitees, many Gen Z's (or the iGeneration or whatever) use Facebook, MSN, (Skype?), etc., but not email. - John W Lewis
@Davis Nice one - Asgeir
I think Facebook is considered nowadays like YouTube before. For serious messaging people use Twitter, Skype or PM like the one I use on - Marc Plancke
People fear spam - Louis Gray
People fear what they don't understand - Shawn Hickman
Yeah, I am also 'old school' about privacy, posting e-mail addy, etc. Very out of touch am I :-)! - JimmyJet
<Our Building43 launch event.> Please post video and narrative for the non-150 crowd, tks. - JimmyJet
I for one think it is the spam. I have not seen 1 filter set that effectively clears my spam problem completely and consistently. Even on FB I use a throwaway email that I screen for valid emails from FB. Anything valid gets forwarded to my real mailbox. Complicated, I know, but it has been effective on reducing my spam level from all the websites that I have accounts on. - Manuel Arroyo
*sing* You're making a list? Did you check it twice? Gonna find out who's noisy or nice.. Santa Scoble is coming.. to town. ;) - Daynah
FB profile = family and friends FB Pages = Spaceship Earth and low flying planets. My question is why do you need to put your email on Facebook? And why do you ask Robert? Do you feel strongly that people should? Dean - Deano @ Byron New Media
Byron: If you want to be invited to my fun parties you've gotta make yourself easy to get ahold of! So, yes, I feel strongly that people should put their email addresses on their Facebook profiles. I do, and I put my cell phone there too, and it's led to some great experiences over the years. - Robert Scoble
Until I figure out my spam issues, I really need to think about giving out email addresses in only on my own website and blog. Even with that, I wonder why I am getting so much spam still, :( - polou/indigo_bow
polou: it doesn't matter how public or private you are, you still get about the same amount of spam. I just use Gmail and it does a pretty good job of filtering most of it out. - Robert Scoble
Have had no problems with spam since switching to all Gmail. I didn't originally put email address on FaceBook for privacy reasons but that seems a little ridiculous in retrospect since that's obviously the last thing on my mind by being online in the first place. - Mike Elliott
If you're worried about spam, set up an OtherInbox account. Perhaps my most useful app. I have NOTHING to do with them, but I really swear by their product. - Mark Edwards
I'm afraid of spammers and identity theft. I signed up for Crederity to verify my digital credentials and to stand apart from fake users. - Michael_techie
If I list my email on there, I get spammed with crap I dont want or need. - krystyl
Liked sum of the recommends here, therefore should try some of the new implementations, which I haven't done. I think the phone thing, ah, not there yet. Lets get the handle of email first. - polou/indigo_bow
bc emails are starting to be OUT. Twitter IN. Maybe Wave will be IN too in 201x... - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
Kevin Rose
Microsoft Bing is Freakin Amazing! [PIC] -
I have yet to put it through it's paces properly but I already like the feel. It might even draw me away from Chrome - Kevin J Hatton
Why away from Chrome? Just go to Setting>Options and change the default search engine to Live Search. Live Search = Bing... Now all Chrome initiated searches will use Bing. - Jeff Weber
Nice tip Jeff thanks. Sort of best of both worlds for me. - Kevin J Hatton
Trying to use it more than Google to see how it works out. So far I am seeing pretty much the same results I'd see with Google. - Steve de Mena
Fergus Burns
This could come in very handy! - Richard McKay
My wedding anniversary yesterday .. 4 in a row for McIvors! Bottle of bubbly, nice meal then fell asleep on couch. Marriage takes its toll
Congrats McSkivor! - Richard McKay
Offshoring and Outsourcing
A shoe with a Nintendo inside, of course -
A shoe with a Nintendo inside, of course
Mike Fruchter
FriendFeed roll call: who's here?
raises hand - Nathan Chase
me2 - Peter Dawson
Yep. - Jandy
not here today (mostly) - Micah
[looking around] I was here a minute ago... - Sprague D
Me. - Rochelle
sort of here, sort of there - RAPatton
Just for a minute - Patrick Jordan
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Me, but off to take daughter to ballet soon. Daddy/Daughter time FTW! - AJ Kohn
+100 Brian :) so, yeah me too. - vijay
Yuvi! - Yuvi
I'm here, well, kinda ;) - Paula Hawk
This guy ---> - Derrick
tehGuy who makes dorky posts. - tehKenny
Me! - Jim Connolly
present, but not for long. - Trish Haley
Just in. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
I'm here...listening to a webinar - Damian Love
I'm here, just stopping by for a few mins. - Simon Wicks
I think MiniMage is missing - MiniMage
✔ Hola.☺ - Daniel Rowley
Me, as isual - Richard A. from Nambu
✓ useful character, thanks Brian - Jesper Lind
I am here & not know how that multi-tasking thing is. - April Russo (FForever!)
What are you going to do with this information? Trying to see how many weekend users there are? - Richard A.
You can't see me with my Cloak of Invisibility. - Anika
me! except i must go to work on my new mancave urinal - andy brudtkuhl
Uh, Anika? I think there's a problem with your cloak... - Jandy
Dangitall to heck! There. NOW you can't see me. Especially when I do...this! - Anika
Not here. In Vegas. Out. - Stephen Mack
Nobody is here. - Robert Scoble
here i am. - Jeremy Kunz
There and here - Gaby K. Slezák
word - Jamie
Finally up and here - Sandra
I'm baaaaaa-aaack. - Martha
✓ There!! - Praveen Vasudev
Present! - imabonehead
Present - James Myatt
Present and accounted for, thanks for asking!Here - Christian (Simply X)
Here, but not for long. - Brome
here! - Alp
me? I'm here - Kelly W.
Hello? Is this thing on? - Jesse Stay
What's next? - Amani
Yo! - David Cook
I was here, but I have to go work now. :( - Steven Perez
present - Parth Awasthi
here, there, and that's everywhere... - Bob DeAmbra
me! - AJ Batac
HERE! - Joseph Ferris from fftogo
me too - Reese Jones
Tardy, but present. There's no FF detention right? - Jeffrey Marsh
Jeffrey, I'm sure we could make a detention room - Jesse Stay
This is an autobot, LPH will be back momentarily. Please hold the line. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Hello - alexandere
(clears throat) - Bryan R. Adams
here - Ronald S
Jesse, hmmm...if there were to be a FriendFeed detention room/group...what would it be composed of? I suppose the most annoying components of 'social media' (for lack of a better term)...Britney tweets maybe? I know if there was Facebook detention room I would toss those darn quizzes in there..."so if you were a US President you would be John Adams huh? Imagine that..." - Jeffrey Marsh
Always here. - Louis Gray
Off and on throughout today. I'm fighting my yard. - FFing Enigma
✓ - Jay Neff
What's FriendFeed? - Mike Nayyar
FriendFlush? - mjc
✓ - Majento
I am not here.... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
hey hey - Mattb4rd
not here but you can leave a msg - Ryan Miller from Nambu
I'm vaguely here. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Present - Mark Traphagen
✓ here i am .. - CantorJF
Present - Gregory R
hello... - Zee.
here now - snowboarding earlier... - mike "glemak" dunn
a little late, but here - Vezquex
Here - TheHenry
+Vincent - Vincent Wright
I wasn't but I am now - Charlie Anzman
Half here! - DJ Twisty from twhirl
always :) - Jaica Kinsman
I'm back, did stop for a few hours of sleep - Richard A.
better late than later :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
still here. - Randy
Sooner than later is better than not at all! - Michael Krigsman
Nathan Chase
between Feedly, TweetDeck, and Friendfeed, I can see just about everything in my view of the online world - on 1 screen.
anyone else do something similar? is there something else indispensable to keep up with it all that you prefer? - Nathan Chase
No taskbar? - Vezquex
@Vezquex, I just left it out of the screengrab - Nathan Chase
<3 Feedly! - Michael Fidler
@Michael - Yeah, it makes for a great RSS feed reading experience. - Nathan Chase
now I just need to figure out a way for all of it to be in a single stream. FriendFeed can take care of the tweets, but importing my OPML as imaginary friends, having save for later functionality, or the ability to email a friend a story are still beyond the capabilities of what FriendFeed can do as of yet. - Nathan Chase
How often in one hour do you "view" this scenario? Once an hour, twice, 3 times a minute? How much time is - enough? - Ron West
I have 2 other monitors that are for work. I glance back at this one whenever I'm waiting for something to happen. So probably several times a minute I'll glance over, see if there's anything particularly interesting. If there's something long that I'll want to review later, I'll either favorite it in TweetDeck, Like it in FriendFeed, or star it/save for later in Feedly - Nathan Chase
What are you using to show FriendFeed in the sidebar? - Brian Sloane
Ah I found it. It's the realtime view when opened in the mini window. Awesome! - Brian Sloane
@Brian - - I'm also using the "Slim Edition" Stylish theme: - Nathan Chase
Netvibes, in one tab I have friendfeed,facebook, twitter, feedly, to as much as one wants... - sofarsoShawn
@sofarsoshawn, would you mind taking a screengrab of what that looks like for you? just curious - Nathan Chase
@Chris - Yeah, I wish it worked with Chrome. In due time, I'm sure. - Nathan Chase
@Carmen - yeah I've just recently been trying the all-on-one view... it seems like too much at first, but I think I'm getting used to it. - Nathan Chase
Feedly is on the verge of fully integrating Google Reader, Friendfeed and Twitter in an optimal way, with smart ranking of new items by personal relevance and global importance. From my perspective, Friendfeed has let a huge opportunity slip through its fingers. - Sean McBride
@Sean - agreed - all that's left is to figure out deleting duplicate stories - it would be awesome to have some sort of mechanism that hides any future retweet, repost, retelling of stories across news readers, FriendFeed, and Twitter so that all you ever see is the source. I'm sure it will happen - eventually. - Nathan Chase
omfg thanks for this post, feedly rocks!, been having fun with it all morning, so easy to share things its ridiculous - Kyle Weller
@Kyle - nice... yeah it gives Google Reader a LOT of expanded functionality - Nathan Chase
Nathan -- when I try to imagine the ultimate apex of news reading, I see the integration and deduping of feeds we have just mentioned, combined with a super-crisp and super-minimal display: 50 simple headlines on a screen in two or three columns, no graphics, items ranked in priority order, with a single click to dismiss the screen as read and to refresh. From there on, it will be all... more... - Sean McBride
nicely done. - Jim #teamFFrank
Feedly kicks ass. - Meryn Stol
@Sean - I do happen to like graphics & photos associated with posts, as that's how we've viewed news in magazines, newspapers, and television for years. It's natural. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes an image will draw me in to a story more than a headline ever could. - Nathan Chase
Nathan -- including or not including graphics definitely should be options. Pick your style of news display. Feedly's current style of including graphics with stories is brilliant -- the best display system out there. - Sean McBride
@Sean - absolutely. Feedly's definitely doing quite well in that regard - allowing a lot of "under the hood" customization - Nathan Chase
I would love to see Paul Buchheit and Edwin Khodabakchian get into some friendly but furious coding competition. At the moment, it seems to me that Feedly development is being driven more powerfully forward than Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
hmmm... gonna have to consider this - Jim #teamFFrank
Here is the feedly roadmap that says pretty much - Kyle Weller
Beautiful -- where is the Friendfeed roadmap? I have been very impressed by Edwin Khodabakchian's energy and openness in engaging with Feedly users about the future of Feedly. - Sean McBride
Feedly has a high-powered dev team for sure. - Meryn Stol
missing spot for porn? - mjc
@Michael - just subscribe to some of your fav adult feeds - :) - Nathan Chase
hehe, id love a android g1 app, you can post suggestions here: - Kyle Weller
I have either Feedly or Greader and the FF sidebar, I also I keep a tab with FF in case I want to investigate something that appears in the sidebar. I open Tweetdeck very rarely these days. I don't need much else as I have the feeds for all sites/blogs/forum that interest me in either Google Reader or FF. - M F
M F is what is known in the biz as an early early adopter. - Sean McBride
I'm very disorganised in my "real" life so I try to be organised at least when I'm online :) - M F
@sean & @nathan... How many feeds do you guys manage in feedly in how many genres? I fond feedly's effectiveness has an upper limit in terms of how many categories it can effectvely display. - David Wynn
@David - I currently have 29 categories. 297 sources. - Nathan Chase
رونوشت به رضا مقدری :) - mhmazidi
David -- just over a thousand feeds, and a few dozen categories. My Feedly My Digest page has become the stickiest page on the Web for me, because the recommendations are so good. I tend to read and process a Feedly My Digest page slowly, with great care. Two or three Feedly My Digest pages are a feast -- my mind feels full. - Sean McBride
I am not sure if mhmazidi's comment was written in Arabic or Farsi, but, again, I wish that Friendfeed would offer the option to automatically translate all foreign language comments. - Sean McBride
@Sean - yeah I was trying to find some sort of translator. would be nice to know what he said - Nathan Chase
And, conversely, not get anything done during the day, right? :P - Danielle Closs
@Danielle, it's there when I need it... if I've got my head down focused into completing a task, obviously checking it all out is not highest priority :) - Nathan Chase
@Nathan Maybe I'm the only one with the problem then. I tried a setup like this, and well, I had a hard time NOT looking at it, if I kept it up all day. So, it is good to have when you need it, but then, you don't NEED it up ALL day. Therein lies the problem. When it comes to work, for me at least, I have to turn it off a good portion of the day. To each his own right? :) - Danielle Closs
@Nathan And btw, I was only making a little joke :) - Danielle Closs
@Danielle - I know. :) I think it's definitely tough to do. I consider staying abreast of the latest news (especially in design/tech/web) as being part of being a good designer and knowing what resources are available to me. I've found so many incredibly useful tools and articles that have become essential to completing my daily work tasks. - Nathan Chase
@Nathan Don't get me wrong, I am very much grateful for the chance to grab important goings on in my field of study, and also general news, it's just that, for me at least, I need to limit the amount of time I have it up, or I will not get anything done! I do get a great deal of useful information from social networks, and they do help me with my work as well. I really wasn't trying to belittle the good of the resources, just my inability to deal with it in front of me all day, is all... - Danielle Closs
Thank you for all the kind words: it is a great pleasure for us to see feedly showcased next to such awesome apps! - Edwin Khodabakchian
@Edwin - thanks to you for your continued engagement with your users. It's paying off! We're glad to continue to help you make the best product possible. - Nathan Chase
I use Twhirl as you will see at the end of this post,. I use it for Twitter, FriendFeed, and to search for anything involving the word "Apple or "Microsoft" Or "News." So I have just about everything I need in one client. The problem for me with TweetDeck is that it uses up too much memory, at least for me it. That's the only reason I don't use it at all. - Patrick from twhirl
@Patrick - I agree that the TweetDeck memory usage is quite high, but then again, so is Firefox's. I've tried Twhirl, but even with all of the different color schemes, it still doesn't feel "right" as a UI to me. Something about it is just off. The FriendFeed integration in particular is just weird. - Nathan Chase
@Nathan Twhirl is very nice for twitter. I can look someone up and add them as a friend from Twhirl, However I can't do the same in FriendFeed. I can look someone up but I have to subscribe to them from the website, if you ask me it defeats the purpose. - Patrick from twhirl
@Patrick - I usually prefer to see their page - see what kind of background they have, follow/followers count, etc. - so visiting the site doesn't really seem like a bother to me, but an imperative viewing to determine if I'll follow someone or not - Nathan Chase
@Nathan I will do that too, now that I have auto follow on (without sending a dm) I will always double check to see if it's a spammer or someone who is trying to take over my account and I can't really do that with Twhirl. I do it with the website. - Patrick from twhirl
^_^ - Don Reza
I'm a bit late, but I do something like this, too. I also have FF Real Time up and using the Stylish 'Slim Edition'. Then, I have Twhirl running in the background and I click to it every once in a while to catch up on Tweets I missed. Plus, I have Netvibes open in a tab to catch everything from Flickr, FF, Twitter, LJ, Facebook, GReader, Myspace, etc. And when I really need to get work done I close the other two and leave only Netvibes on to look at every once in a while. - Araceli
That's awesome, I sometimes get lost in the haze of information overload. How did you go about setting the real time friendfeed updates in the sidebar? - Craig Deakin
@Craig D - - I'm also using the "Slim Edition" Stylish theme: - Nathan Chase
That's great, thanks for the response Nathan! Should help me to keep up alot better. :) - Craig Deakin
Robert Scoble
Shootout between Flip Minio HD and Kodak Zi6 HD camcorders. HD video and discussion here:
Do you ever sleep? (By the way) the Kodak looks crisper in Reg view from my paltry screen. - tony
The Kodak has the better microphone. I like the Flip video a tiny bit better. - Robert Scoble
It's a hard call. I actually bought a Panasonic TZ5 so I could get image stabalization and 10x optical zoom. However, its built in mic is worse than those two. I'm trying now to get a Co-Op internship position at Kodak in Rochester, NY to work in the usability department with the team that worked on the Zi6. Robert, have any connections? :) - Ian Mikutel
The Flip is far more "pocketable." - Robert Scoble
I've got the Flip HD and love it - haven't tried a Kodak so can't compare. But I love how portable the Flip is, the touch sensitive buttons. Clarity is great, sound excellent. Some noise in low light or washed out colors in low light - to be expected, IMO, at this price range. - Michelle MacPhearson
The Kodak takes regular AA batteries, and lets you close focus. Also, the Kodak does 60 frames a second HD and lets you shoot old-style video and HD video (old style makes movies that take less space on your hard drive and are easier to upload). - Robert Scoble
Panasonic TZ5 video (HD): - Ian Mikutel
hmm..looks like the Kodak video the whites are washed out. - Randy Ksar from twhirl
the quality looks alright. im looking for a camera as well. i'd like a viewfinder though, little old fashioned i know, but sun glare is a pest. - Terry O'Fee
The Kodak taking batteries is a big minus for me. Batteries are so 1998. :-) - Michelle MacPhearson
robert - same link for both :P - Terry O'Fee
Terry: they go to separate videos. I just tested them again. - Robert Scoble
Looked like the Kodak was a bit crisper on this. I use the non-HD Flip Mino. - Jesse P. Luna
they do now. sorry. when you first posted it was to the same. - Terry O'Fee
Michelle: if you are ever at a concert and your batteries die you'll appreciate being able to shove more AA's into it. The Kodak came with rechargeable AA batteries. The Flip has batteries locked inside its case that you must recharge. - Robert Scoble
The Panasonic TZ5 is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Best of both worlds. - Ian Mikutel
Are there any digital video cameras that take good stills, or digital cameras that take good video? With one of those and an iPhone I'd be set. - Paul Povolni
rob - what would you suggest for a more traditional HD camera, not pocket. talking about holidays so a bit of hd room, some zoom functions, and decent battery life? - Terry O'Fee
@scoble, then again as a geek you should have recharged everything just before going out ;-). I did have the n95 batteries almost die on me a few times whilst streaming events from the phone. - Richard A.
the n95 is decent if you're looking for something simple and nasty. 5mp camera and video isnt that bad, the storage space, the strange nokia software and lack of zoom are its only letdowns (i didn't buy it for the camera. its a bonus, though.) - Terry O'Fee
@Paul - Yes, the Panasonic TZ5 I reference above is a great all-around digital camera, with an impressive 10x optical zoom and wide-angle lens, that also does 720p video (with the added benefit of 10x optical zoom / image stabilization that you don't get with the Flips or Kodak). Check out the YouTube link above for an HD interview I shot with it, compare and see what you think. - Ian Mikutel
Terry: I don't know, I haven't looked into bigger cameras for quite a while. - Robert Scoble
batteries - one of the reasons i bought the psp over the ipod touch. sure, they're not AAs or anything but i can buy more than one if i ever want... - Terry O'Fee
Robert - I definitely see improvement in videos quality, since you got the MinoHD camera. Only problem is that they become much heavier ;) P.S - I like the Flip more. - Nir Ben Yona
I've had the Flip for several months and have only run out of battery juice once. I love it's portability. - Jesse P. Luna
@Robert Forgetting batteries can muck things up too! - Michelle MacPhearson
Missed out on the flip hd mino - got the regular one just before the hd version was released. Standard def for me for now. - Jonathan Grimes
@Robert, I love my MinoHD flip for the sound and image quality, but have to bring my laptop around with me JUST to charge it. anybody have any suggestions on a small portable charger specifically for USBs? - Marissa "malouie"
@ALL my MinoHD video (from Social Media Club SF) here: - Marissa "malouie"
Do you guys think a smaller version of this home made steady cam would work with the flip? - Travis Young
Or you could use the Panasonic LX3 which shoots HD with a better lens and you also get a great point and shoot still camera. Like two cameras for the price of one (albeit a more expensive one). Might work out cheaper than two cameras and less to carry around. - Todd Brunner from twhirl
Can't see the comparison-not a Facebook member. I really hate it when that happens! - Susan Dennis
Zi6. better lense, standard batteries, sd-card slot, brilliant mic.. and don't touch the new aipteks. i have 2 of them and the internal mic is oversteered like hell. You just can't us it. My Zi6 survived the CES and it did it in great style ;) - Sascha Pallenberg
I decided on a Zi6 for the reasons Sascha outlined. Only had it since around Christmas time but I like it.It is wider but not a problem for me. - Scott Kingery
@Travis that thing would work but I think it would be heavy as hell. Go to Vimeo and search for diy steadicam there are some great designs over there. Do the same search on YouTube as well. - Scott Kingery
We bought the Zi6 for our 35 community newspaper newsrooms and they've turned out to be a great choice. The SD storage and replaceable batteries have been exactly what we need. Yes, I wish it had image stabilization, better low-light performance, and either better sound or external sound, but at that price I can't complain. - Seth Long
I see a lot of discussion here about Zi6 having AA batteries - but not much about the fact it has SD card slot. My Zi6 and four 8GB SD cards = 9 hours of HD video. Zi6 > Flip - Ted Hosmann
@Marissa: My iPhone charger is a tiny plug with a female USB plug on the back. I just plug the Flip directly into that to charge it. No laptop needed. - Dylan Parker
@Scoble: Non-facebook links would have been appreciated. I hate having to sign in just to watch some short clips. Vimeo has great HD support in a beautiful UI. - Dylan Parker
Dylan: Vimeo sucks. Doesn't let me upload much per week and I don't like its UI as much as Facebook's. Sorry I made you log in. - Robert Scoble
@Robert I read that ABC actually used some Flip HD footage of the inaug, in broadcast. fwiw - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
I have used both and I'm more happy with the Flip HD - Ryan
Creative Vado. - Anika
Another option for Marissa and charging is one of the portable Belkin plugs that includes the regular plugs and two USB jacks for charging. Much smaller than a laptop (about the same size as a Flip). - Kenley Neufeld
Just bought the Zi6 and straight out of the box, I took it to a concert Friday night to test it out. I took a few sample vids, and am pretty pleased with the results. I plugged it into my HDTV, and was impressed with how they looked. The only problem I had was that when a white spot was on the singer, because I was in a dark auditorium the singer was all white. Rechargeable batteries,SD card and macro mode are +++. - Henry Burger
I have the Flip HD and love it, though I have heard great things about the Zi6 as well. Though the built in rechargeable battery did it for me. I don't like having to switch out batteries. Get a Vimeo pro account and you have a great way to share good quality web videos. - Kipp Bodnar
Do they record to MP4? - paul mooney
Anybody have trouble with Flip MinoHD mic at high decibels? Mic overload seems to muffle the audio for me at concerts and shows. - Cindy
@Robert Scoble: I don't have a Facebook account for many reasons, so it would've been nice if you had uploaded the videos elsewhere. I have the Zi6 and think it's alright, but video from my Panasonic LX3 trumps it. I would've liked to see a comparison video from the Flip since I don't have it. Oh well, it's not like I can't find Flip HD videos elsewhere. - Cheryl Jones
Image stabilization is an issue for me with the Zi6. I have a Flip and it's great, but we're looking to buy one to record class presentations and need more than 1GB space. Are the Zi6 stabilization problems really that bad? - Philip Ryan Johnson
Great shootout! I'll have to add you to list of our other comparisons! http://jennifercisney.pluggedi... - Eastman Kodak
I have the minoHD and love it--so far. Our first baby (girl!) comes in April and I wanted something small, lite, and simple: the minoHD is perfect for me. - Blake N. Cooper
Steve Sill
Starting to save cooking recipes Evernote. List is small right now, but hope to grow it. Figure that eventually I can type what I have in the fridge, and get a list of recipes that I like.
I've been collecting recipes for a while now too. FF is a great place for that with all the Foodies who post stuff. - Lindsay
I didn't really "get" Evernote, until i started throwing recipes into it and using the iPhone app at the store to plan my shopping. - Rob H.
I am going to start doing that as well. Thanks Lindsay! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Erhan Erdoğan
This was my most-interesting Facebook message!
I love web 2.0! - Erhan Erdoğan
biri bana şu 2.0'ı baştan anlatsın... *lost* - Handem
One day we will see these offers in Friendfeed public. We need to renew old recruitment articles about LinkedIn, Xing, etc.. - Erhan Erdoğan
Handem: Ne gibi tam olarak? Ben de *lost* oldum yorumunu okuyunca. :-) - Erhan Erdogan (Eski)
Is that real? I wish I could get one like that. - Steve Chou
Steve: Yep, that is old, real and funny. ;-) Best wishes! - Erhan Erdoğan
Really great news! - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
Ah they're using facebook :) lol :) - AlpB.
Ahmet: She did ask me for Yahoo Messenger, but we talked in MSN. ;-) Web industry is pretty awesome funny sometimes. ;-) - Erhan Erdoğan
Seriously funny. :D - Daniel Schildt
That's great! - Neya
If I was the one getting it, I'd probably think it's spam. - Amit Morson
Bill Sodeman
FastMac | Product - iPhone External Battery Pack -
FastMac | Product - iPhone External Battery Pack
FastMac | Product - iPhone External Battery Pack
Looks like I could graft the lens from a Griffin Clarifi case onto this battery pack! - Bill Sodeman
Robert Scoble
If you want more followers on Twitter and friendfeed here's what to do:
1. Stop begging for followers. It turns off all the interesting people. - Robert Scoble
2. RT smart people's stuff but add onto it with a good comment. - Robert Scoble
3. If you have something smart to say, say it to someone directly like "Hey @techcrunch you should check out the new Palm Pre." - Robert Scoble
I now await the inevitable flood of "RTs" of this message ;-) - Warren
4. Send wine or other bribes to people who make lots of noise. - Robert Scoble
Sounds like someone's running low on wine :) - Eric Florenzano
5. If you are friends with a real celebrity bring them around at blogger/twitter parties. Make sure you get them to follow you and remember your name. All good twitterers have iPhones or other phones that they can tweet from. - Robert Scoble
6. Put your twitter and friendfeed addresses on your business cards. - Robert Scoble
7. Talk shit about Eric Florenzano. :-) - Robert Scoble
Ok, well that's *someone's* blog done for tomorrow, then! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
8. Follow people back if they add value. 1938media has added 1,000 new followers since he started following everyone back. - Robert Scoble
What kind of wine goes with bribe? Did you ask GaryVee while in Vegas? - Dave Cadoff
9. Talk shit about that Scoble dude. Yeah, me. Sometimes it gets a link and a follow. Especially if you teach me something while you are calling me an idiot. - Robert Scoble
LOL *hands Robert a bottle of wine* Please add the "don't pout or make a twitter fuss when you notice someone drops you. Insecurity isn't a attraction" - Sprite
10. Be interesting. Craig Newmark got hundreds of follows in first evening (I was the first to follow him) after I tweeted about him. Why? Because he was interesting already. - Robert Scoble
Remember it's not about the followers - it's about the relationships. Your purpose of having many followers should be so you can build relationships with as many of them as possible. - Jesse Stay
11. Do something sensational like tatoo your twitter address onto your face. - Robert Scoble
BTW, (real-life) relationships then bring more followers - Jesse Stay
Wine? Bribe? Anything will get noticed. Better yet, put a custom label on it and include your Twitter address on it. - Robert Scoble
Liked for the 'talk shit about Scoble'. Also, Scoble, do you accept Mead? - Will Higgins™
12. Hang out with Jesse Stay. Better yet, bring him to Twitter's headquarters for an interview (that's what I did and it worked). - Robert Scoble
I've tried to do everything on this list, but the tattoo isn't going to work. I've already branded my twitter address onto several steers. - Mike Nayyar
13. Stalk Guy Kawasaki until he calls the cops on you or follows you. - Robert Scoble
14. Get naked. Take pictures. Include your Twitter address. - Robert Scoble
er - we've seen most of your body, Robert, so where's *your* tatoo? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
15. Tweet from a burning plane. - Robert Scoble
16. Tweet from jail. - Robert Scoble
17. Tweet your marriage proposal. - Robert Scoble
Robert, so you're saying I got you more followers? - Jesse Stay
18. Tweet you are dying. - Robert Scoble
19. Be a member of congress, or better yet, Barack Obama. - Robert Scoble
This would loose me followers. Trust me on this. It would also get me a few lawsuits I think. :D - MarkCarras
this is going to go on for like...days...isn't it :P - Erin @queenofspain
#18 is reasonable, as long as you don't actually die. Lowers your productivity. - Ken Brady
Jesse: hanging out with you made me far cooler than I was previously. - Robert Scoble
If I'm gonna get naked, I've got to have some sort of revenue coming in. At least enough to buy a netbook with. - MiniMage
Write a FriendFeed post about how to get others to follow you - Jesse Stay
20. Get your picture on the Twitter blog. (Actually that didn't work that well because they didn't include my Twitter address). Heheh. - Robert Scoble
be yourself and those that fit with you will follow? or at least seem a certain way for that audience? - David
21. Tweet while having sex. Or getting drunk. Or, better yet, doing both. - Robert Scoble
Robert, no, I must say I became much cooler hanging out with you - Jesse Stay
Will: Mead? Absolutely! - Robert Scoble
Jesse: that's what you think. Ask your real friends and they will probably tell you otherwise. :-) - Robert Scoble
22. get on Leo Laporte's show and have him order his listeners to follow you. He did this last Sunday to my son and you should have seen the followers roll in. That dude has POWER!!! - Robert Scoble
Robert, I asked them and they said you're the man - Jesse Stay
23. Get @garyvee to take you wine tasting. Tweet it. - Robert Scoble
24. Write a book about Twitter. - Robert Scoble
naked pictures drunk sex and dying. got it. Oh, also, be Barack Obama. ANything else? - Erin @queenofspain
25. Get Chris Brogan to say you are smart. - Robert Scoble
Be hot and make sure your avatar shows it - Chris Saad
WTF how pathetic do u have to be tohave this desire to be followed.Ppl follow u cuz they find u interesting & if not they will dump u period.Being a Personal Ball washer is just lame to get to have sure to hold ur ground. - Baba
26. Get into an argument with @techcrunch. - Robert Scoble
I've mentioned my Twitter account on The Tech Guy but I think my last name throws people. :D - MarkCarras
27. Question @loic's Frenchness. - Robert Scoble
Go to breakfast with @techcrunch and he tweets about it randomly - Chris Saad
"Have Scoble say you are interesting." Just worked for a few people I am going to "try follow". - Dean Clark
Erin, welcome to Twitter ;-) - Jesse Stay
28. Be like Baba and call everyone who worries about being followed an idiot. Or 28B. Agree with Baba. Personally, he's right! - Robert Scoble
Tell any blogger they're wrong - Jesse Stay
29. Claim you are above this stupid game. - Robert Scoble
Quit Twitter, come back after 2 months - Jesse Stay
All bloggers are wrong at least every few posts. Especially me! :D - MarkCarras
30. Follow more interesting people. That's why I've said for a year now it's most important who you follow, not who is following you. What I really was trying to say there is if you want better followers you've got to follow better people. - Robert Scoble
lol Jesse. Twitter? What's that? I thought I was learning how to sell a shamwow - Erin @queenofspain
What kind of wine are we talking here? - Chris Poirier
Mark, you bet, but we are all type-A personalities. We hate to be told we're wrong and will defend it to our dying day. :) - Jesse Stay
31: Give away something. Hold a contest. - Robert Scoble
Launch a great Twitter service and stick your twitter name in the footer - Chris Saad
32. Invite Louis Gray over for dinner. Make sure he brings his twins. Take pictures. 1000 extra points if you bring shirts for the twins with your Twitter address on them. - Robert Scoble
be in a warzone and don't die - Simon T Small
33. Do something outrageous for followers. - Robert Scoble
Start a thread going on and on about it on FriendFeed :) - Chris Saad
imagine what'd happen if you had sex with Obama on a burning plane heading for a warzone, whilst drunk, and piloting the plane? - Simon T Small
@Simon ROFL too funny - Chris Saad
34. Chris Saad is right. Speaking of Chris, if you party with him in Amsterdam you'll get more followers. Oh, and if you are the guy who wrote you'll get more followers. - Robert Scoble
Not 'Chris Saad' robert - @ChrisSaad :D - Chris Saad
Get in with the Mommy Bloggers and #GNO Tweeps - Jesse Stay
35. Get your Twitter address on CNN. UPDATE: Hey, Chris Saad here you have to put heheh. - Robert Scoble
Good call Jesse, I was going to say piss off the mommybloggers , but getting in with them works - Erin @queenofspain
I've had 2 new FriendFeed followers just from this thread. - Jesse Stay
Follow Garry Vee (don't ask me to spell his full name out at this time of night, please?) what kind of wine goes with Twittering. *lol* Well, Gary Vee is THE wine expert on Twitter. :P - Molly Song ;)
be Robert Scoble - Simon T Small
36. Jesse Stay found a new one: comment on lots of friendfeed threads! - Robert Scoble
@simontsmall post your Twitter feed here - Simon T Small
Erin, it is my goal to be King of the Mommy bloggers - Jesse Stay
Follow just 1 online multi-level marketer and you'll has a ton start following you - Paul Povolni
I buy dinner for anyone who comes to my area and contacts me through Twitter...and is following me. :D - MarkCarras
I find that not following people back increases the rate at which I gain followers - Simon T Small
Simon: being Robert Scoble is pretty hard. You've gotta keep coming up with new ways to find followers. It's easier to call him an asshole on twitter. Even better, call him, TechCrunch, 1938media, JasonCalacanis, Guy Kawasaki, and a few other people assholes. - Robert Scoble
37. Jeremiah Owyang found this one: stop Twittering. - Robert Scoble
I'm amazed I don't get called an asshole more often. I think this should be my New Years Resolution. :D - MarkCarras
38. Follow someone, then when they don't follow you back, call them out on it and say they are lame. - Robert Scoble
Robert: haha! I'll try it now :) - Simon T Small
39. Come up with a new Twitter game. Get it retweeted by Chris Brogan. - Robert Scoble
Make a real funny stream on Friendfeed, but better yet put it on your blog so SEO really gathers people to it and put your Friendfeed/Twitter handles right in the post - Ian D. Nock
40. Pay Magpie to spam everyone with your Twitter address. - Robert Scoble
41. Go to Gnomedex. - Robert Scoble
Oh don't tell people to talk shit about you. It's kinda sad to see people talking crap about you, then when you're some place they are, they turn all fanboy. - Anika
Robert: wait, not change in plans, I don't hate those people, damn it! - Simon T Small
No one gets to be King of the mommybloggers until I deem it so dammit - Erin @queenofspain
42. Hang out with @newmediajim at the Inauguration. - Robert Scoble
I figured it out before Jeremiah: - Jesse Stay
43. Hang out with Hillary Clinton in Davos (my dream). - Robert Scoble
Erin, but I thought you were the Queen of Spain - Jesse Stay
44. Come up with a new set of rules for Twitter behavior. - Robert Scoble
Oh boy, Mr. Scoble. I hope you are not Tweeting while getting drunk and having sex... Poor Mommy and son... Some things need to stay sacred. Do you really want the world at large to know what you are doing at all times? Quit goofing and send us more tech info we enjoy. Great videos from CES by the way. I even got my partner to come and watch some of them. Thanks for the good stuff! - Colleen
45. Get more followers on Facebook then get them all to join you on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
46. Be @god. Even better. Be @god and hand out beta invites to something cool coming soon. - Robert Scoble
Colleen: I didn't say I use all these ideas. But I've seen them work on other people. :-) - Robert Scoble
Don't forget the with @mchammer part - Jesse Stay
Give a talk at a geek event and make sure you give out your Twitter name for feedback - Chris Saad
47. Twitter the birth of your new baby (high risk, if you aren't there mentally during contractions you might see your iPhone thrown across the room). - Robert Scoble
Pay @MrTweet to recommend you to everyone - Chris Saad
48. Tweet exclusive Apple news before anyone else does. - Robert Scoble
49. Be the first to retweet a big earthquake tweet. - Robert Scoble
Got any more? - Robert Scoble
Throw popularity out the window and somehow measure influence (stay tuned) :) - Chris Saad
Make a list of ways to get more followers. - Scott Kingery
change your name to your @twitter handle - Simon T Small
Chris: hah, even better, have so many followers already that you break MrTweet. :-) - Robert Scoble
50. Post cleavage pictures of yourself with your Twitter name plastered on the picture CLASSY! - Mona Nomura
Ustream the birth of your new baby (even higher risk, but at least you have proof): - Jesse Stay
51. Follow everyone then unfollow as soon as you get a follow - follow that? - Mona Nomura
Chris: Influence is gold, like it, am tuned - Simon T Small
This post alone lets me see the value of FriendFeed over Twitter for conversations. Glad the list above isn't documentation of your personal twitter conquest, but a record of some of the looneyness of Twitter follower greediness - Paul Povolni
52. Move to SF and go to every. single. Tweet-up! YAY HOW FUN! - Mona Nomura
Be Warren Buffett or similar. - Moushumi Kabir
Scott: I don't know that this list helped me that much. But, how about a list of things that will get rid of followers? I bet that one would work better. - Robert Scoble
53. Set text alerts for Brightkite and follow all the huge Tweeter's comings and goings - show up and SUBTLY introduce yourself so you'll be name dropped. Keyword = SUBTLY - Mona Nomura
54. Go to every single conference and shamelessly pass out your Twitter in lieu of email! - Mona Nomura
Streak at the Supebowl with your twitter name on your front and back(side) - Simon T Small
Be a default on FriendFeed - Jesse Stay
Nice to see this list here instead of scattered across oblivion---I mean Twitter... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
use to find people that like what you like, @reply them and RT their stuff. :) - Simon T Small
Jesse: that only used to work. There are no defaults on friendfeed anymore. In fact, if you don't have any friends it won't recommend anyone to you. - Robert Scoble
Name drop as much as you can and do whatever it takes to get written up on ValleyWag (wow, I've learned a lot in six months!) - Mona Nomura
Get Robert Scoble to tweet that he can't believe what's going on at your birthday party even though it was a tame house party with friends - Chris Saad
Tell people to NOT follow you. I mean it. Don't. - Andrew Smith
Get your name on Alltop - Jesse Stay
another posting sponsored by Palm *yawn* - Dieter Schwarz from Nambu
Post a bajillion pictures of your kids, pets, and more kids. - Mona Nomura
Make sure you participate in every. single. Robert post and name drop him as much as possible. ;) - Mona Nomura
Mona, great one - Kids, Dogs, and Kittenz - Bacon, too - Jesse Stay
@Dieter if a post was sponsored by anyone scoble would let u know - trust me - Chris Saad
Go to every. single. event and take + post as many. pictures. as you can w/ the "famous" people and PING.FM THOSE PICTURES! - Mona Nomura
Here's a novel idea - Have something interesting to say and focus on producing value instead of your follower count :) - Chris Saad
Mona, Facebook and Flickr tag them as well - Jesse Stay
Always respond to people with an "@" ie: @scobelizer WOW this thread RULES - since you never know what Google's indexing! - Mona Nomura
Dieter: Huh? If anything this post would be sponsored by Seagate. You can follow them at (Seagate sponsors my video show, not my friendfeed account). - Robert Scoble
Mona: 'post famous pictures' Love it. Works a charm on facebook. - Simon T Small
i have a new one: use Browser bugs to greet your blogvisitors with their twittername @andreasklinger - Andreas Klinger
Chris: having something interesting to say? No, that couldn't work, could it? I'd rather talk about my followers. :-) - Robert Scoble
Retweet this thread (no, that's not a request, it's an idea) - Jesse Stay
Robert: U do both so its all good :) - Chris Saad
Chris Saad: yer talkin crazy with that last one. Focus on content? Insanity. - Scott Kingery
55: Dieter reminded me of one more: talk about products that already have Twitter accounts. When I talked about HR Block they followed me. So did Ford. So did Zappos. - Robert Scoble
Get a tshirt made with your twitter name on it... - Luke Harvey-Palmer
Find a unique thing that you can help another Twitter user on - the bigger the user, the better. Fix their problem. - Jesse Stay
So did @HeavyAsHell Oh wait, that's my site. :D - MarkCarras
Luke: T-shirts are so common. How about shoes? Jeans? Underwear? Don Box used to have his company logo on underwear. Called them "Boxer shorts." I still remember those, even though I've forgotten all the lame Tshirts I've ever gotten. - Robert Scoble
Only a slut is going to be able to advertise well with branded underwear - MiniMage
Compete for the most followers on Twitter - didn't Leo and Calacanis do that at one time? (or am I getting the contenders wrong?) - Jesse Stay
MiniMage: not true. Don Box is no slut. He now runs a team at Microsoft. - Robert Scoble
Spam FF with your useful knowledge - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Be an early adopter - be one of the first, get in early, and build a follow base early - Jesse Stay
Another one? Take pictures of Twitter users and follow them. They almost always follow back. - Robert Scoble
I aint never heard of Don Box, and that means I didn't see that underwear! ;). No, seriously, I concede, but I had to make a retort. - MiniMage
This thread is my bucket list. - Eric Florenzano
I think a good way to make more friends is to live an interesting life. Life is a journey. You meet people just around every corner. Twitter happens to be one of them. - Helge V. Keitel
Build up and help out a non-A list, but up-and-coming A or B list Twitter user or blogger. They will be more appreciative (it's those people that like the shirts and swag). - Jesse Stay
Tweet something like this: "I'm looking for funny people to follow, do you know any?" - Robert Scoble
Never sleep - Jesse Stay
#ces09 hash #mwsf09 tags #cwc09 use #sxsw09 them #snl as #jackiepetersspawn much · #gaza as #hiphop possible #burritos every #dubstep other #microblogging word = KEY (relevance matters not) - Mona Nomura
Get @gapingvoid to use your twitter address in one of his cartoons (he designed my business cards and you would be amazed how well that works). - Robert Scoble
@Mona use a hot suggestive silhouette as your avatar - that alwasy helps too - Chris Saad
Mona you are *so* followed - Jesse Stay
Take Louis Gray to a Vodka bar. You might not get any followers, but you will have a good time and he doesn't drink so you'll have a safe drive home, too! - Robert Scoble
Create a custom T-shirt with "I Love Your Stream" (mine) on front(or your own words) and your Twitter name on back. I did it with @crypticfragment at Still waiting for it. I didn't put twitter name on back though, should have, but not trying to gain HUGE followers, just the ones that would like to hear about furniture,interior design and eco home stuff! I put: twitter:FTW, on the back. - Leslie Carothers
Robert, not to mention get on the front of Valleywag - Jesse Stay
I keep hiding this but it doesn't stay hidden. :( - Mona Nomura
Jesse: I find that I get a lot of followers by keeping the A list on the A list. Who wants to deal with those assholes if they fall onto the B list? - Robert Scoble
I'm with @garyvee & how he encourages us to *execute the best YOU* - don't try to be anyone else but the *best* you... your passionate self. Peeps who resonate with you will follow. And for sure add value, retweet good resources, build peeps up, thank those who comment on your blog & RT you. - Mari Smith
58. Post to a list to get people to follow you. such as the one explaining how to get people to follow you... - Sheraz Mahmood
ROFL Robert! - Jesse Stay
share links to awesome blog posts - Simon T Small
Sheraz Mahmood I just tried that, thought i'd do something, but 10 minutes later and nothing *cries* - Simon T Small
59. Be the center of the universe...the rest will follow - Sheraz Mahmood
Unnecessarily talk about iPhones. - Mona Nomura
Start browser wars. - Mona Nomura
Re-Tweet all of Tech Crunch's posts. - Mona Nomura
Start Steve Jobs rumors - Mona Nomura
Name drop Hollywood celebrities even if you don't know them. - Mona Nomura
By the way, I'm following everyone who has participated on this so far. Why? Because only geeks would be online on a Saturday night and I want to follow all the geeks. So, everyone here has at least one follower on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
write a dramatic post about a family from Romania with a child with down syndrome and ask people to donate money. - Simon T Small
Robert: You'll need to unfollow me, its 6pm Sunday here in Aussieland, so I'm not a commited geek sorry - Simon T Small
Robert: Gotta do something while Windows 7 downloads :) - Scott Kingery
Haha!! So busted - very good point re your last comment, Robert. Thank goodness for fab understanding spouses is all I say. hehe - Mari Smith
60. Get on FriendFeed and Twitter super early and become de facto popular. And yes, #32 is a must. - Louis Gray
Another tip: Don't live in Australia nearly NOBODY here is on Twitter - Simon T Small
Compliment the crap out of "A-listers" and always laugh at all of their jokes. Make sure to add at least seven exclamation points. ie:"LOL!!!!!!!!!!" to stand out from the crowd. - Mona Nomura
Note: above only works if you participate in every. single. one of their posts on both Twitter and FriendFeed! - Mona Nomura
Mona: absolutely! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: 5:30 pm in Tokyo. I'm pretty much just getting going for the day. :-) - Ken Brady
Say something that makes a 200 + comment thread ;) - videopixil
When you send bribes, make sure to research. ie: LG doesn't drink but Robert likes wine. Subtly ask for preferences so they'll get something they actually _like_ <--KEY. - Mona Nomura
Use Tweetdeck and apply filters to see subjects you are expert in. You'll notice lots of people look for advice in certain fields so you can reply and show your expertise. I notice those people you help are happy and more likely to follow you even if you don't follow them. - Luca Filigheddu from fftogo
Have a sense of humor! - Mona Nomura
@videopixil Of course, that applies to most things Scoble says. - Ken Brady
@tkpleslie says," Ask people like @scobleizer sincere question about whether Nokia's new phone works for people, like me, that wear hearing aids when's he's in Japan in middle of your night at the actual Nokia conference where phone is being intro'd for first time. He did respond,nicely,but did not follow so I guess it doesn't work too well. - Leslie Carothers
Send Mona lego art wrapped in bacon. Oh wait, that'll get you friendfeed follows. - Yuvi
better yet. take Robert AND Louis to a Vodka bar - Erin @queenofspain
OMG iPhones are SO 2008. Becoming a Palm, Pre, and Nova fanbois = FUTURE - Mona Nomura
@Mona Humor is key. What better length at which to be witty? Any longer than this and most of us become dull. - Ken Brady
Robert, I kinda bagged you, with a positive spin, it got me on openzap 'today's best' - Simon T Small
This was before I really understood as @marismith says, that true value in twitter for me is having followers and following those people with intersecting paths because, like in real life, that's how interesting real conversations have a chance to develop into fuller, deeper, more lasting relationships. - Leslie Carothers
Robert, It's Sunday Morning in Loviisa, Finland ;) - Helge V. Keitel
Leslie: I did follow you here on friendfeed. I still haven't been able to find out if it works well for hearing impaired. I'm sure it does, though. The speaker phone on that device is pretty darn good. - Robert Scoble
Speak in SAT verbiage at all times to make yourselves sound smarter. - Mona Nomura
Never admit: ay kin knot reed end rite... :( - Mona Nomura
This is a great list Robert, I love making new friends. All those awful things people are saying about you must be wrong - aren't they? -] - Chris Loft
Post YouTube clips of classical music to make yourself seem more cultured. - Mona Nomura
Share everythign popular on digg because if it's on digg, it MUST be cool. - Mona Nomura
stop following people who post about following and follow people who don't try... - Ryan
mention yourself on Scobles friendfeed (@mattrendo) - Matt Rendo
Keep up with memes since everyone wants to hear what's been repeated on the web a trillion times without contributing a new opinion. ie: CES looks cool. - Mona Nomura
All great points. I've always hated requests for follows. I'm only attempting something like it for charity. In that instance, those who do the same should be very clear about WHY they want followers in the first place. Otherwise it looks like you're just in it for yourself. - B.J. Mendelson
@mattrendo, already been said up there! But you FAIL since you forgot the hashtag: #scoblizerrulesOMGWTFBACON. - Mona Nomura
Chris Loft: everything said about me is absolutely true! :-) - Robert Scoble
So it's true that you have huge... giant... socks? - Chris Saad
Thanks for the follow here on FriendFeed, Robert. I know this is where you interact. But,because home base for me is Twitter, I never saw your follow here until I went to comment on this thread! It's too much for me to constantly go back and forth and also keep up with work, life,friends and family.How do you guys do it? Thanks, tho, Robert,for letting me know. I learn from you ALL the time. - Leslie Carothers
I really am not obsessed with more followers. Sure I appreciated them as much as the next person. It is not a popularity contest for my use case. Hence, I will never be a "Top 100" person on Twitter. ;) - Rodney Rumford
If it's on the Internet, it is ALWAYS true, Robert. ;) - Mona Nomura
Try to explain yourself out of being a geek when you really are - Jesse Stay
I am indeed a failure, all the more reason to follow me... and that BACON Mona N. mentioned - Matt Rendo
Get Robert Scoble to Foreward/Afterword your book for you - Jesse Stay
@Jesse I'm incapable of explaining myself out of being a geek. Better to embrace it. - Ken Brady
61: Add on to a Robert Scoble numbered list with an incrementally interesting item. - Steve Garfield
Bacon IS the future, Matt! - Mona Nomura
Is this the biggest thread ever on FriendFeed? - Eric Florenzano
Get Rodney Rumford to Foreward/Afterword your book for you - Jesse Stay
This is an EPIC thread. Thank you Robert and THANK YOU INTERNET! - Mona Nomura
62: Follow Steve Garfield in a Scoble numbered list - Jesse Stay
I wonder how long it will take Friendfeed to add comment ratings like Digg? - Simon T Small
Hey Mr. Scoble! You make it sound like a bad thing to be online on a Saturday night. -Mr. Geek ;-P - Eddie Soto
Refrain from hijacking someone's thread by digressing with bacon - Focus, Matt. FOCUS! - Mona Nomura
Hilarious thread BTW!! - Eddie Soto
Content is king!!!!!!! (Mona see, 7) - Amit Morson
See... Me=failure A sense of humor seems to attract followers too. - Matt Rendo
Memorize this entire thread by EOD Monday and recite it back to Robert - on video! - Mona Nomura
Re-Tweet all 264 lines Googleplex times - or until the FailWhale / FailRobot appears. - Mona Nomura
Talk about how much you love Twitter and Facebook. - dont' forget the hashtags: pound facebook pound twitter. - Mona Nomura
Jesse. OK. Now I am smiling man... lol. By the way thanks for writing the afterword for my twitter book: Twitter as a Business Tool. - Rodney Rumford
Deem yourself a Social Network Expert and write a bajillion blog posts on "How to Use Twitter for Business" - Mona Nomura
Oops. Sorry Rodney. Bad timing... :) - Mona Nomura
Be consistently random - wait, no, then they will unfollow you :( - Matt Rendo
Always use emoticons as disclaimers! - Mona Nomura
What is this thread about?. I forgot by the time I read to the end of it. - Jim Bednarz
Bash on mattrendo - Matt Rendo
Always use *this* emoticon: :-) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Have foot in mouth moments. Oh, wait... - Mona Nomura
63: Profit!! - Aaron Baer
Be a spam artist - Matt Rendo
Follow everyone posting here - Sheraz Mahmood
back up your success with nothing more than 140 characters - Sheraz Mahmood
I've noticed that people who start a controversy, especially with a high profile person, get an immediate boost in followers. You'd think it would backfire but it seems to have the opposite effect. Maybe it's the trainwreck factor? People curious what on earth will be said next? - Liz
Apparently posting on Scoble's Friendfeed works... 6 followers in the last few minutes. - Matt Rendo
Woah. 278+ comments. Impressive! This is definitely one that will stick on FFholic for a while. - Phil Glockner
You forgot to add being Karl Rove to the list: - Roberto Bonini
Wondering is anybody will read all these comments. I do believe if twitter doesn't get it together, that a large group will flock out to another destination. ala: Poof! - Dave
Hey @scobleizer, your post would have been more appropriate on a blog. - Klaus Alexander Seistrup
Post photos of cute puppies on FriendFeed. - Amit Morson
To get followers, jump into a Tweetchat "room", get into the convo, follow folks then tell them in the chat room that you are following. For the "Happy09" chat, there were tons of people in there. Better yet, start your own chat/chat meme! - Jesse P. Luna
@ reply like crazy to let the person know you followed them ie: @Scobleizer HI I FOLLOWED YOU FOLLOW ME BACK repeat until FailWhale/FailRobot shows up. - Mona Nomura
Well, that's starting to work . . . anyone else getting lots of new friends? . . . and I didn't have to insult anybody. I think I might have to post one of my classical video clips for Mona - Chris Loft
Leslie, the N series work v well with the hearing impaired, but the iPhone works even better from my experience FTW! - Sally Church
One thing that annoys me: people who discuss their follower numbers on twitter. Its just not interesting! I just subscribed to someone and unsubscribed the next day as 4 tweets were about passing 10000 - I'm very glad for you but it is just noise in my feed. Now I understand the feeling - I was amazed the day 100 people followed me (it is all relative :) ) - but it is not necessary to tweet about it. - Iphigenie
I was going to send you some Swiss wine Robert, but I was told it doesn't travel well, so drank it myself. Just so you know, it was good :-) - Paul Shadwell
I'm paling up with several here, in spite of what Mr. Scoble says about Saturday night geeks. -Mr. Geek ;-P - Eddie Soto
Participate in a Robert Scoble's friendfeed conversation on Saturday night, have him follow you, post the screenshot of him following you - Bertrand Doux
On the subject of more followers, arrrrrgh! *runs screaming from room.... * - Sally Church
Tweet about Windows 7(or something equally as interesting), which I'll be doing a lot of in the coming days, It's installing as I type this! - Kevin Lloyd
Tweet, but don't tweet too much because people apparently don't want to hear from you (or is it just me! ;)) THAT much! :) - Christopher Kusek
I'm using Windows 7 right now! I've posted tweets and videos of it on YouTube - check it out! - Will Higgins™
Paul, what's that about swiss wine not travelling so well? It travels beautifully (but you need to get the good ones). It is so hard to find outside Switzerland because the swiss tend to drink all of it. - Iphigenie
Liz, I thought that was really funny cos it's Sunday evening here. I'm not some z-list geek sitting here wasting my time on a Saturday night. -[ - Chris Loft
point 4 above is shameless self-plug :) but entertaining :))) - A. T.
64. Comment on a Robert Scoble list at 2:21 AM in bed becausse you could not sleep - Tyler (Chacha)
65. Plan to write a blog post on thisentry in the morning - Tyler (Chacha)
66. Fail at placing a space between in this and entry on a scoble list ( iPod recognizes Scoble as a word and auto completed it) - Tyler (Chacha)
You guys are awesome by the way. - Tyler (Chacha)
Tattoo your twitter/friendfeed address on other people. - Kevin Leroux
lmao!!! great one Robert - Kaysha
get stuck on a bus in death valley in the middle of the night with robert scoble. - Christine Lu
Follow an obscure norwegian and get incoherent conversations about whales, blåbærsyltetøy, and the semantic web;) (which may make people curious.. or unfollow you actually..) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Get up at 6 am on Sundays if living in Europe because otherwise you miss Robert Scoble's craziest moments and most interesting threads = people *damn* I should have never slept in! - Gaby K. Slezák
A real one: Upload a sexy picture on your profile or your twitter bg !! - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
Claim that Scoble and Techcrunch are simply manufactured entities by a mysterious corporate power using Coke vs. Pepsi tactics to polarize the masses in an effort to conquer the world. - Bob Starr
RT @scobleizer Robert this is good advice, except I don't see any reference to bodacious tat-tas. ;) - John Craft
RT @scobleizer Robert wow, your post generated so many comments, is this the most number of comments from a single tweet in Twitter history? Can anyone confirm? - Alvin
Sorry not Twitter, this is from FriendFeed :) - Alvin
67. write about stuff you are enthusiastic about and that's only covered by a handful of people yet (like virtual worlds, metaverse) and shamelessly reveal that you are enthusiastic about that in one of the most commented on @scobleizer threads ;-) - Gaby K. Slezák
stop reading half way but say it was awesome anyway - Stephen Breen
You forgot about having a whole lot of time on your hands! - John D Reasor
yet still looking busy kthxbai - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Stop caring who follows you! - Elias Bizannes
I can't scroll to the bottom ;-) This list is hilarious! Robert, I'm glad you have been taking notes this whole time! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Do NOT use the phrase "social media" in your Twitter bio. - Frank Scavo
"16. Tweet from jail" ahahahahahahaha :) - disconnesso
I knew I should have tweeted from the back of that police van on the stroke of new year's eve, watching the fireworks. And walking away. Walking. With a big grin on my face. We'z not dus photoz. Doh. - Chris Loft
Write an "unofficial biography of Robert Scoble" and have it published? ;) - Tyson Key
Post a picture of you with someone famous... - geekazine
“Scoble's law of unfollows: for everyone who you get on Twitter that says they will unfollow you will get 87 new followers.” - Tapio Kulmala
Talk about the versatility of bacon - BACON - crisp, tasty BACON - BEX
Just noticed this is a very dude-heavy thread (not all but mainly) and that I mainly subscribe to guys on FriendFeed. But on Twitter I have about 60/40 men/women Following mix, I think. It was the comments about ta-tas and sexy profile photos that made me realize the difference. - Liz
nope its nun of the above; .they are just hacking into your FF account;If you really want more followers on Twitter and friendfeed this is what you do, its...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.they got me. - tomartomartini
Set up a low-wage tweet farmer in China. - Richard Sprague
Use Jennifer Aniston's cleavage as your avatar. - Jim Mitchem
omg I go to bed and you people KEEP GOING. unreal. - Erin @queenofspain
Yep .. I think this has reached the most active discussion .. ever (It past Dave Winer's post which is most discussed in past 30 days) - Tyler (Chacha)
Come on people! We need to reach 500 comments! - Tyler (Chacha)
Tweet unto you as you would like to be tweeted. - iamkhayyam
69. start a list and slowly move out of it as other members of the community move in to pick it up (there is no 68) - you are now running things without even being there. - Valeria Maltoni
Be a more interesting what Robert? :p oh and maybe follow the fastest top ten commenters here. - mrsha
I don't remember any friendfeed item getting more than 300 comments. I think this is now the new high water mark. Wow! - Robert Scoble
Or: Post a “If you want more followers on Twitter and friendfeed here's what to do:” tweet :-) - Marco Massarotto
Not being in this comment stream is so embarrassing. Wait, so is BEING in this comment stream! - Tom Guarriello
i wonder if you did it all wrong, would you really get no followers... - Iphigenie
Joelle: if you did it all wrong you would still get followers but they just would be all spammers. - Robert Scoble
Robert - define spam... Is this post spam? - Brian Roy
Comment on the longest thread in Friendfeed history. - Mike Lewis
You're right! I forgot about the spammers :D - Iphigenie
it seems pretty simple: post interesting things, interact thoughtfully, and be patient - Kelly W.
70. When all else fails, make interesting crap up about Robert, Gary, Brogan, etc.. - Todd Jordan
It isn't how many follow you... it is the quality of those you follow. But... that makes it hard to keep score and determine who is "winning". - Brian Roy
patient? I want 1000 followers and I want them now! ;) (actually, I am with Kelly on this one) - Iphigenie
How to get Robert et al to follow you - - Todd Jordan
Commentate on sports during the game or politics during debates. - Nicki Laycoax
Put a nice Twitter Icon on your blog like mine - Douglas Karr
You know... Chris Brogan liked a post of mine and retweeted it letting everyone know... it ended up bringing me about 800 new visitors in the span of 2 hours. There's definitely something to be said about being seen with the right people. :) - Steven Sanders
Hey Robert, say something positive about each of us today? Really be a boost. - Todd Jordan
AVG works just fine for me under Windows 7! - Dave Oliver
Todd: you all are beautiful. And smart. That's why I am following everyone on this thread. - Robert Scoble
It's simple, but just do two things (in order): 1. Create good content. 2. Market that content in an intelligent, non-spammy way. - Daniel Miessler
Daniel: marketing part is what we're really talking about here. How to/who to/when to/where to/what to market. - Todd Jordan
OMG this is STILL alive?! WOW - Mona Nomura
Keep it going!!!! - Tyler (Chacha)
I'm wondering at how many comments this will start crashing browsers - Iphigenie
That said: Talk about Twitter and FriendFeed all day every day. Don't forget to include: "I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT" in all of your profiles. - Mona Nomura
Make special badges that scream your self proclaimed title. You know, kind of like flair? Or girl/boy scouts? - Mona Nomura
@Mona - heck yeah, huge % of new followers claim to be soc media experts. - Todd Jordan
Todd- FAIL. You forgot Rule #163. NAME DROP. @scobelizer (I'm just namedropping but really addressing Mona... err @monaaa) - Mona Nomura
Not call anyone out but I think it should be: " I AM A SOCIAL MEDIA SLUT!1!" ;-P - Mathew A. Koeneker
Mathew - CRAP you stole my thunder... I'm working on a blog post entitled "How to know if you are a social media slut"... thanks! - Brian Roy
Brian - I hope that comes after: "10,000 Ways to Effectively use Twitter for Business" - Mona Nomura
I wish FF would timestamp comments. It'd be interesting to know how this conversation flowed...or jumped around. - Liz
Mona - pretty sure those two are the same post... No? - Brian Roy
Liz: Just hang out over the little convo balloon to the left of the comments. It shows you how long ago the comment was left. :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
Be serious at ALL times since analyzing Social Networks with charts and graphs is THE FUTURE! - Mona Nomura
Announce your twitter address after saying the pledge of allegiance over the school intercom system. - David Rose
I drunk tweet all the time, and it doesn't help. People just email you AA invitations. - Alex Wilhelm
+1 Mona! I'll make a video of this :D - Yuvi
Since you are all here... I was wondering. Have you seen my car keys? - Brian Roy
Will find out soon if becoming a social media diva pin-up acquires more followers :) - Nicola Quinn
PLAY with your followers and build a community of FANS. Start a meme, host a trivia session (@linnetwoods), do fun thematic sets (@jesseluna, @Dave_Malby), start a fun-spirited smackdown battle with another Twitterer (@Dana_Wilhoit and @SeanAMcAlister). UStream and play Wii while you're lightly toasted with a fun friend (@queenofspain) - Jesse P. Luna
Start your own threads using all and only Robert's suggestions. Originality means nothing, it's all about being a Robert clone! - Mona Nomura
Participate in memes where you can post old pictures of yourself from 70s, 80s or 90s. - Larry Kless
71. Create a list that combines Sex and Windows - Tyler (Chacha)
Hate on someone enough for them to write about you. It worked for Sean Hammons (Clicky) and Techcrunch.......... - Alex Wilhelm
i'm afraid some of those won't quite give you the right kind of followers - Iphigenie
entertain! - kosmar
I'm wondering if everyone who has commented here is at least following each other now. - Nicola Quinn
Nicola - no. I think I have a block on my account that I can't figure out. ;) - Jim Mitchem
Oh dear Jim, that doesn't sound good. Just managed to subscribe to you so that's ok then. - Nicola Quinn
Nicola Quinn: I have not had one new follower from this, but I did have an entertaining conversation. - MarkCarras
There Mark, you've got at least one :) - Nicola Quinn
@nicola you followed me :) - kosmar
Kosmar, I did! You following me? - Nicola Quinn
@Scobleizer so far I tweet from party, wc, roadtrip, first minutes of the new year, wc again, meeting, boring meeting, boring presentation, wedding, engagement, hospital... I think I am on good track !!! - Alemsah Ozturk
Talk like you are deluded into thinking the iPhone and Apple computers are superior machines. - Mark Stahler
Help Robert getting 400 comments or any other all time high on friendfeed! - Gaby K. Slezák
Wow. 400. - Robert Scoble
Here's the 401st for good measure! I kinda use Twitter and FF to keep up with new, and record ideas and thoughts for myself, but if some people out there find a common ground with me, that's very cool! I think too much is placed on these online friend / follower counts overall tho... BTW, this comment is probably on the "How NOT to get more followers on Twitter or FF" list. :) Keep feeding me the knowledge Scobs! - AdPanda
You can order custom wine labels to bribe Scoble with at - Gail Gardner
Spell @Scobleizer correctly when trying to drop a name ... lol. - Robert Couture
Bump .... @charlieanzman. I can't believe this thread! - Charlie Anzman
Charlie - the sheer #s of comments or the fact that this is such a popular topic? - Susan Beebe
How can you possibly read all of this and get anything done? This is an example of FF overkill. - Scott Maentz
@Susan folks are now commenting for the fun of it. :) - Todd Jordan
Wow! I remember when this began as three items, then Scoble got all giddy and inspired and started this hilarious chain of absurdity. Well done Mr. @Scobleizer - Paul Povolni
Make sure to be a hater and nit-pick on every. little. thing. someone does online! - Mona Nomura
Take everything someone says as a personal attack and rant! - Mona Nomura
Complain about every. little. thing. - Mona Nomura
no Mona you are wrong. - Brian Roy
Change your display name everyday aNd mAkE sUrE tO tYpE LiKe DiS - Mona Nomura
Make sure to kiss a whole buncha *ss and name drop, name drop, name drop! - Mona Nomura
every 3rd comment should be "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooopoopoooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppooooooooooooo oooo" wow... It is hard to enter that many o's on an iPhone. EDIT -> I put in spaces - apparently I annoyed Brandon... - Brian Roy
@Brian: Please edit your post so it doesn't break everyone's feed. I'd like to not hide this item. Thanks. - AJ Kohn
oh... Ok. It is hidden now. - Brian Roy
@Brian: Thank you. Greatly appreciated! - AJ Kohn
423 comments? :O - Will Higgins™
I think that I made a comment on this post but I can't find it. And Mona, you are cracking me up!! - BEX
I wonder if there is a limit to how many comments can be added to a post on FF - Susan Beebe
The funniest part about all this is that I've gotten a *ton* of followers for posting on this thread. Weird! I think once my programming-related FF activity resumes people will drop from my feed like flies :) - Eric Florenzano
Too bad I can't tweet the link (yet) -- of this 400+ comment -- I don't know how to call this. Not a Tweetversation by any means. A FFversation? Anyone come out with any sensible terms? - David Feng
I have some ideas, none of which are usable. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
subscribe to Friendfeeds for Twitter Celebs and read their Twitter hints... Start with Scoble.. - TechMama Beth Blecherman
I see "423 more comments". That's the most I have ever seen so far in FF! - Winston Teo
TechMama: that will work very well. Of course then you'll only be fed shallow news. The real good stuff is on the K list. They aren't on the bottom, so they have a few followers, but they really don't give a shit so they are very real and teach you stuff. Unfortunately they usually don't stay on the K list very long. They either get moved up pretty fast or they get put in rehab for social media addiction. - Robert Scoble
You don't. - David Spinks
What was this thread about? I forgot, AGAIN! - Jim Bednarz
Jim: me too, it's taken on a life of its own. Oh, yeah, it was about how to make money with friendfeed. Heheheh. Yeah, right! - Robert Scoble
Quick! Scoble's about to do a 'How to make money on friendfeed' post now. Looking for the hattrick ;~) - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Ed: heheh. how to make money in friendfeed? Get a million followers. The money will come. Or maybe not. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: I guess you could charge for seminars on how to get a million followers ;D - Seth Greenblatt
Robert - Think you broke your own record with this one. 255 Likes and 437 comments ?! Guess nobody's embracing Friendfeed tonight :) - Charlie Anzman
Nobody's gonna read this, but I can't help observing that "I've got 10000 followers" is kinda like saying "I have 1000 books on my bookshelf", as if the number, not the content, is the important thing. - Mr. Gunn
Charlie .. his last one has 300 comments and over 300 likes I believe ... But this thread is 70 people away from reaching every single person on Friendfeed. (Given the 500 like rule) - Tyler (Chacha)
Better than the cover of Rolling Stone!! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
ChaCha - Ya gotta love it. Now when he reaches everyone on the Internet ... :) - Charlie Anzman
Susan - Wasn't ignoring you ... just got lost in the middle of this ScobleChaChaMeMeWhateverItIs ... night all :) - Charlie Anzman
Most importantly, get followed by @scobleizer hope he retweets, likes and/or comments on your posts. - Christian Anderson
Christian: that's fair. I keep hoping you retweet, like, or comment on mine! :-) - Robert Scoble
Yikes, I see there are 442 "collapsed" comments that follow Robert Scoble's teaser! (I won't dare to "expand" them - it would take ages to read them all.) The subject clearly preys on people's minds... Scoble has a knack for hitting the right button! - Yule Heibel
I wonder if Mobile Safari would have such an implosion that the iPhone would shatter in my hands, if I tried to expand that thread. - MiniMage
doing video works pretty well too :) - Loic Le Meur
great, robert, this is *really* pushing the limit :) - Alberto D'Ottavi
tweet about the size of Robert's ..... =X - Rachael Depp
whoa comment frenzy! @FriendFeed can you please build a Comment Quality filter before I attempt to make sense of all this user generated erm "content"? Now there's a question: how do we measure Comment Quality? - Bob Hitching
And then you hate IM... - Dario Salvelli
I was lucky enough to arrive at his 3rd or 4th point... it was amazing to see it happen on the fly, as I and other people jumped in. It was like a chat room or IM chat. - Simon T Small
Oh, and by commenting a couple of times on this post, I got 36 new twitter followers and about 6 new friend feed followers in 12 hours - Simon T Small
omg.. why isn´t there a comment link on the bottom as well ? Especially useful on the iphone. I forgot the witty remark that would ensure me thousands of followers by the time I finger-scrolled to the top and to the bottom again on this insanely long thread. Oh, well, at least my comments are seen sometimes.. hello ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I do like how #1: Stop your bloody begging and whining for followers is still showing though. :-P - Mathew A. Koeneker
this is so last week... - Edward Zwart
Robert: You need to add one more. "Send Tweets from a Ferry when a plane crashes on the Hudson" like - Alex Sauceda
"Hudson-Plane" and the Web2.0 viralism response ; - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Re: 18., Tweet from the great beyond. INSANE follow numbers then. ;-p - mtlb
This is certainly quite interesting thread. I wonder how many Likes this will get. :D - Daniel Schildt
This thread has become a meme unto itself. As I once said, Robert Scoble plays social media like a virtuoso musician. FTW - Sheldon Steiger from twhirl
this stuff works for real! wow! - Siddharth Parmar
I felt like bumping the most discussed conversation ever on Friendfeed. Here ya go - Tyler (Chacha)
or tweet about this friendfeed-post! - bumping ;-) - Torsten Eckert
Become a Needle in a Haystack - geekazine
Have them join up on sprnch and watch them walk around in real time. - SpRnch
Link your Twttter Account @SAMMCOOPERMED on Http://SAMMCOOPER.COM via Twitter Link Pics All over your site! this really workS! - SAMMCOOPERMED
10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design -
10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design
Keywords that scare me on a profile: expert, trainer, coach, marketer, speaker, leader. (not deal-breakers, just scare me)
Well, as a former customer service trainer I say BOO =P - FFing Enigma
Obviously, it depends on context. "social media expert" and "Internet marketing coach" immediately make me believe they have no idea WTF they're talking about on either subject. Usually, it's not even a job title, just some junk they're saying they are. - Rahsheen
I can't include trainer, coach, marketer, or speaker in those. Those are generally valid professions. "Expert" and "leader" are titles you're not supposed to give yourself, with a few exceptions for leader, such as "team leader", "leader of x troops", etc. - xero
+1 - Jack Lhasa
I include those terms because, while they're valid professions, people re-purpose them for whatever they want when it comes to marketing online. When is the last time I saw an actual "coach" or "trainer"? Well, not sure I have yet. If I did, I didn't notice their title. - Rahsheen
guru is one that gets me - Ben Watson from twhirl
I agree with ben - the self proclaimed guru always makes me laugh. - Richard McKay
I can relate--and I'm a coach. :) - Molly Gordon
Erhan Erdoğan
Liliputing — Compact Computing -
Liliputing — Compact Computing
Liliputing — Compact Computing
"Liliputing is a news and information web site covering low cost, ultraportable notebook computers, often refered to as netbooks. A netbook is loosely defined as a laptop computer with a 10.2 inch or smaller display, which weighs around 3 pounds or less, and typically costs $500 or less, although some netbooks push these limits." - Erhan Erdoğan from Bookmarklet
Thanks! A site just for netbooks like the one I'm using right now! I <3 my Acer Aspire One! - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Stephen Spillane
Kate O'Neill
Have now set up my scanner with a "JPG to Evernote" option so I can lay a paper on the tray, select the destination, and let it do its magic. Works like a charm, and allows the image scanning OCR goodness to happen, as well. I'm getting the hang of it!
I need this. - Russellreno
Is that an option in your scanner driver software ? - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Thomas, yes, it is. Normally I'm not a fan of the HP driver for Mac because it seems so unpredictable, slow, and bloated, but it does at least give me this capability. My all-in-one unit's 'settings' list includes an option for "Scan To... setup" and whatever I enter there shows up selectable in the display of the all-in-one unit itself. Since this unit is several years old and not particularly high-end, I'd imagine this feature is available in most current units. Good luck! - Kate O'Neill
Great tip, Kate. I just set that up myself. - Mitch Wagner
time to get a scanner - Anant Shiva
Time to find room on my desk for my scanner? - MiniMage
Robert Scoble
Well, this is my last bit for 2008. Happy New Years everyone, see you tomorrow on @leolaporte's show.
Happy New Year to you! 2009 in my bit of the planet already. Enjoy 2009. :-) - David Feng
Have a good one :) - Araldia
thanks for doing the show today. keep doing what you've been doing. - Jerry Schuman
Happy new year Robert! See you in 2009 :) - directeur
Happy New Year - Looking forward to what 2009 will bring! - Martha
Robert, may you and your family have a Happy New Year and all FriendFeeders as well. (Thanks for the thought Chris). - Robert Miller
Happy New Year and thank you :) - Vicky
Happy New Year! Are you going to be on TWiT? That would be fabulous. - Veetrag
I'll be on TWiT on Sunday. - Robert Scoble
Merry New Year! - .LAG liked that
Happy New Year Rob, but where are you going? you know Paul and Co. have the keys they'll never gonna give u up!! - Jason
A happy Hogmanay from Scotland.(actually in London on a short break but heart in scotland) - Richard McKay
Jason: going out to dinner with family and Maryam's friends. Have a good one! - Robert Scoble
Robert, a very Happy New Year to you and the whole family! Have a good one! :) - Michael Forian
Thanks Robert, Have a Happy New Year:-) - Michael Fidler
You too Rob and best of Health to you all for 2009 and the age of the Instanet ;- - Jason
Happy New Year to you and your family! - Justin Levy
Let me join the list...Let us ALL be Blessed in this coming Year 2009..Happy New Year @bcultral - bcultral
Robert - Happy New Year to you too! I've thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you here on FF, reading / viewing your FF posts, twitter feed, photos, blog, videos too! Enjoy your dinner with family & friends... Cheers! - Susan Beebe
Happy New Year! - Chris Mayer
Happy New Year to you, Maryam, Patrick and Milan. Best wishes for a great 2009! - Karoli
Happy new year to you and your family Robert. Hope all's well. - Dennis Howlett
Happy New Year, Robert! - David Cook
Happy New Year Robert. Here is to a great 2009! - (jeff)isageek
Happy New Year, Robert! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Mrinal Desai
Justin Vernon (lead musician) of Bon Iver (music group) is a great success story of the power of social media
Robert Scoble
Wow, @misscharlie was a White House speech writer. The people you meet on Twitter are amazing. Bet she has lots of interesting stories!
robert - was she there for the colbert speech? i would of loved to have heard about some of those reactions... - Terry O'Fee
A music podcast I listen to mentioned something similar - Twitter enabled them to connect & interact with high profile people, artists, and musicians they never thought would care about them. - trextor is her page on Wikipedia. - Robert Scoble
Uh oh. She's going to get her first influx of new followers :) - Brandon Titus
Brandon: She's about to see the power of social media in action. - Michael Krigsman
I added her, and then responded to her 'Scoble Jackpot' greeting by telling her i thought she was Peggy Noonan. Hope she has a sense of humor. ;) - Jim Mitchem
It must be true if Robert reported it. He's got a lot of followers. - amygeek
George Smith
VERY interesting night full of beer and random conversation. Boulder is like that. If you've never been, come on out - mi casa es su casa.
Robert Scoble
The video I shot with is a good example of "real" entrepreneurialism that will lead to good things for all of us.
Is it the video you shot, or what 12seconds is doing? - Bwana ☠
Bwana I bet he meant 12seconds, which Scoble recently took a great video interview of - Susan Beebe
He's talking about the people - all hard workers, trying to do what they can to compete in a unique way, off their own dollar. - Jesse Stay
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