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RT @MagicSauceMedia: Well argued and sobering. "Has the Internet Run Out of Ideas Already?" via @kiwanja #innovation
RT @RollingStone: You voted for the best Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes of all time. Your top 10 (which doesn't include "Give It Away"):
Pls RT: Tell Facebook to withdraw support for #CISPA- the new #SOPA wd wreck online privacy. via @demandprogress
Pls RT: #CISPA is the new #SOPA. Click here to help kill it: via @demandprogress
Visually tasty tango! OK Go - Skyscrapers - Official Video: via @youtube #fb
Visually tasty tango! OK Go - Skyscrapers - Official Video: via @youtube #fb
Elected officials abandoning public interest & will in the face of corporate intimidation: Monsanto threatens VT: #fb
RT @GearPatrol: Photo: Extreme Kayaking off of Victoria Falls. More like Insane Kayaking.
Don't let Republicans block the Violence Against Women Act! @CREDOmobile #fem2 #p2
RT @mymodernmet: Spectacular Three-Dimensional Money Sculptures
London #Olympic Cttee: Why don't you find a sponsor the whole world can celebrate? Drop @DowChemical: via @sum_of_us
NYTimes: Elephants Down Under < "We've lost our ability to do big things together." Yep. #fb
RT @SFGate: Google’s first self-driving car user hits the road #fb
Which Industry Receives $126 Per Second In Tax Breaks? via @moveon #fb
I thanked @Starbucks for staying strong against anti-gay activists @dumpstarbucks. You can too! via @Sum_Of_Us #lgbt
NYTimes: A Festival of Lies < Clear-eyed thoughts, IMO, on the Middle East, which I'm currently studying in school. #fb
NYTimes: Rethinking His Religion < Liked these thoughts. #fb
Animal Memes: Insanity Pup – Try Fixing That #fb
Temp agencies allow WalMart 2 save pennies w/ illegal working cond- #fb
RT @SecretOfLife: “@Salon: Why brainstorming doesn't work” @pennjillette @clayaiken Maybe Penn was right??!?
RT @Chillami: My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure. Abe Lincoln #Quote
Playin' guitar in the sweet spring sun today! #fb
The Insanity Of U.S. Military Spending In One Chart via @moveon
Pls RT: ISPs are selling out customers by pushing a backdoor #SOPA. Take action: via @demandprogress
NYTimes: Why Bilinguals Are Smarter<Time to take up Spanish! #fb
Tell your Rep.: Co-sign Rep Pingree's letter telling @USDANutrition to drop Pink Slime from school lunches:
RT @bonappetit: A good brownie is a great thing - and we've got 10 ways to make yours even better:
RT @johncusack: Agree .RT @mindtraps Jack Cafferty: Military-industrial complex has this country by the throat | The Raw Story:
OMG homework! Also, guitar. #fb
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