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"Will anyone complain?" "You've worked with librarians for a long time." "Right, of course they will."
*complains* - RepoRat
"Does the cat have resting bitch face?"
my cat totally did. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
My old cat Shadow totally did. Everyone thought she was crabby, but that was just her resting face. - Jennifer Dittrich
"Something something Danger Zone."
Steve C Team Marina
We see what you did there and we are not amused. :)
In my defense, I was hungry. - Steven Perez from Android
You're failing at tummy time, Steve. - Kristin
I can't do tummy time till I lose my pregnancy belly Kristin. It's only been 6 months, back off I'm not a supermodel! - Steve C Team Marina
^hahahaha. - Jenica
Man, nothing gets the blood pumping like the phrase "RDA Preconference Event". (I don't think I'm kidding, either...)
nerd. - kendrak
Mary Carmen
I did all the holiday baking supplies shopping today. I now will pass out.
RT @mleacock: Watch Voice of America's coverage of #PandemicParties! with @richsommer at @GamehausCafe
RT @mleacock: Watch Voice of America's coverage of #PandemicParties! with @richsommer at @GamehausCafe
I'd rather watch the TableTop version: EDIT: But good for them for raising money to help fight Ebola. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
It's a really intense game. I enjoy it, but I need a couple of hours to chill after playing it! - Zamms
Yeah, we have it as well and things can go bad very quickly. (And often do!) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
LIBRARIANS ARE CRAZY. (I think I mean that affectionately.)
sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. - holly #ravingfangirl
We blow minds for a living.
Intriguing. - Julian
Lucky minds. - Steve C Team Marina
Mary Carmen
That Geico Push It commercial makes me laugh every single time I see it.
The guy with the lawnmower at the end..."I'm pushing! I'm pushing it real good!" Gets me every time. :D - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Petty LaBelle
Remember when I thought Steve C was another Cristo alias and Anne had to convince me otherwise? Haha. Good times.
I remember vouching for him. And the rest is history. ;-) - Anne Bouey
I don't know if it's an upgrade or a downgrade no longer being a Cristo alias. If it comes with retirement healthcare i'd like to go back to being an alias. But as always Anne is my savior. - Steve C Team Marina
When I'm gone, no one will remember Chris, but everyone will remember Cristo. - Heisenberg
There are many who will remember Chris. :) - Anne Bouey
I want to write a song that music writers will put on their top 100 songs of the year list & then write an album they all will despise.
Sir Christopher Lee's heavy metal Christmas songs side project never ceases to amuse me:
Rachel Walden
Random poking up of the head: I've been missing from the librarian interwebs for a while due to life stuff and figuring out my next step. Many of you already know, but starting in January I will be the new Associate Dean for Learning Resources in charge of the medical library and biomedical communications at ETSU in Johnson City, TN.
Congrats! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Yay and hi again! Sounds like a great move -- wishing you the best! - RepoRat
hooray hooray hooray! You deserve the change, and you will be awesome. - Jenica
Congratulations! - bentley
congrats! Awesome news! - ellbeecee
awesome sauce - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Thanks all! :) I'm pretty excited. In addition to jobby goodness, I'll be about an hour from where I grew up/where my parents still live, and close to the mountains again. - Rachel Walden
Congrats! - John Dupuis
Tell us about the biomedical communications part. I'm curious. - maʀtha
Congratulations! - Jen
Right now, biomedical communications is a digital design and print shop housed inside the medical library. They design & print large-scale items like research posters (including the fabric ones!). They do other signs, displays, table tents, etc. One project they did was to work with a pediatrician to produce a book for his patients. I think there's actually a lot of potential there re:... more... - Rachel Walden
that sounds SO exciting, Rachel. - Jenica
that is cool! - RepoRat
That's awesome! Congratulations on the new gig and best wishes for it to be a great experience! - kaijsa
Oooh. You kinda have a built in makerspace. - maʀtha
RT @kirstyyarr: Did somebody cast a spell that brings bad fanfic to life?
RT @kirstyyarr: Did somebody cast a spell that brings bad fanfic to life?
Sarah G.
I don't want to go to therapy today because I don't want to put on pants and my house is surrounded by geese. That sounds sane, right?
Re watching Dazed and Confused. I didn't remember how many people were in this movie.
Mills Jovovich - Marie
Parker - Marie
All right, all right, all right. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
i love this movie so much. - holly #ravingfangirl
^ yep, him too. :) - Marie
Petty LaBelle
Coffee at 2:30 p.m. because bitch mind your business.
Mary Carmen
Someone met Santa today.
Tjjtre myace avdistonct poisivitlitu I fravnk too muchn tomoght. (Translation: There may be a possibility I drank too much tonight.)
To follow up: the Gasthof we went to last night celebrated its birthday with free beer for everyone. I am pretty sure I drank most of it... - Zamms
"Wonderful Christmastime" is the Comic Sans of holiday tunes.
I will say, I would rather hear that than any version of the Little Fucking Drummer Boy. - Zamms
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
When the kick drum sound check rattles you rib cage.
It's all about the bass. - Janet
No trouble. - Joe
Meg VMeg
Tequila will help.
I might try that too. mixing it or straight up? - jambina from iPhone
With tamarind soda! - Meg VMeg
ooooh. I wonder if we have any flavoures San Pell. (no Jaritos unfortunately.) - jambina from iPhone
I HAVE POMPELMO - jambina from iPhone
omg so yum - jambina
Petty LaBelle
Reynolds Wrap RT @IGGYAZALEA name a rapper better than me
Petty LaBelle
Saran Wrap RT @IGGYAZALEA name a rapper better than me
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @anarchivist: "They're not archives; they're special collections" is the "It's not delivery; it's DiGiorno" of the cultural heritage sector
Fröhe Weihnachten! Der Glühwein ist zehr gut!
Fröhe Weihnachten! Der Glühwein ist zehr gut!
I'd have smiled if I wasn't trying to take this with one hand... - Zamms from iPhone
Meg VMeg
Never underestimate the shot-in-the-dark email.
"Million-to-one chances...crop up nine times out of ten." - Terry Pratchett - Andrew C (✔)
The long shot horse wins... is said at the track at least once a day - WarLord
Petty LaBelle
Alfonso Ribeiro and the Carlton Dance are featured in a new Starbucks commercial. I want coffee now.
Alfonso Ribeiro and the Carlton Dance are featured in a new Starbucks commercial. I want coffee now.
Sarah G.
TRUFAX: 79% of tech services librarians wait until they've picked out the good ones before emailing rest of staff that vendor left chocolate
Only 79%?! - Anne Bouey
Lemme guess, the ones that are left, you have at a minimum touched, but more likely poked a whole in the bottom to verify contents. - sglassme
I'm not/wasn't a tech services librarian. So by the time I got to the box, it was just nibs and a bunch of empty paper cups. >:( - Sarah G.
So the time in B-town when we had a box with a descriptor key and you touched EVERY SINGLE PIECE was an aberration? - sglassme
probably my career without chocolate is karmic retribution for that day - Sarah G.
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