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Sarah G.
Me and @MakeItHappenDay are the keynotes at the @SLAKentucky Joint Spring Conference in April
Me and @MakeItHappenDay are the keynotes at the @SLAKentucky Joint Spring Conference in April
The last time I saw Pocaro was at CiL 2010. It was about 2 in the morning and I was with Chadwick adn Royce. Long story short, Pocaro was horrified by us and pretty much literally ran away. I hope he remembers me. - Sarah G.
ah, the salad years... - Sarah G.
Damn, now I want a Reggie Deluxe. Nobody to blame but myself.
don'tcha hate it when you do that to yourself? - holly #ravingfangirl
Yeah... - Marie
Our library is hiring a Librarian for Collection Development & Evaluation. See the position posting at I am on the search committee and am eager to answer any questions you may have.
*APPLY NOW bump* - Marie
Mary Carmen
So this just happened to me:
*grabs popcorn* - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
went shopping at Target. By the parking lot entrance was an older looking man, probably 45-50, with a gas can, holding a sign that said, "out of gas. Please help." After I parked my car I walked over to him and gave him $20. He was very gracious, explained that he was trying to get back to Fresno and thanked me profusely. As I turned back towards the entrance, this woman stopped her car... more... - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Also, "these people." Lady you're lucky you were stopped where you could block traffic, because I had some thoughts to share with you about your word choice. Are people born this ignorant? - Mary Carmen from iPhone
People like that - those people, in fact (!) - are made. Sad. And good for you. And yeah, karma. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Dunno if you've read one of Jon Carroll's annual Untied Way column, where he advocates a day of personal Untied Way charity: you go to an ATM, take out as many $20s as you can do with it being just a little uncomfortable, and whenever somebody asks for money, you give them a $20. Without worrying about what they're going to do with it. - Walt Crawford
[No, I did not misspell United in the previous comment: This is the Untied Way, not the United Way.] - Walt Crawford
Walt, I have not, but I love it. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I'd rather donate and be "wrong" than not donate and be "right". Intent is all. - Mo Kargas
I make it a point to always donate bus money when asked for it. Most of the time "bus money" is a social fiction but pride is as valuable as any coins. And it reminds me of the "5cent economy" at my sister's school where people would ask friends for five cents and you had to give it unless you really didn't have anything on you, because what kind of selfish tightfisted jerk can't spare a measley 5c? So, same thing, but scaled up to adult salaries and needs. - Deborah Fitchett
I just ate a #Snickers egg and a #Reese's egg and now I feel rather sick. This is @hollysue's fault.
Nellie Oleson
Girl. This willpower ain't gonna be here forever. RT @hollysue: @thejournalista i was unable to resist this morning. WELP.
Going out to dinner, which means I need to try to go brush my hair and then put on pants. *groan*
The horror. - Joe
This issue of Library Journal just showed up in my work mailbox. I simply marked my name off the distribution list and put it in someone else's mailbox.
I should have put it in Jason P's mailbox. with a note that said there'd be a quiz on it later. ;) - ellbeecee
I kind of miss the print distributions sometimes. Not that I hadn't already seen most of the news (except the reviews--boy do I miss review magazines). We don't do that here. - Hedgehog
I actually have no clue whether Peer to Peer Review ever shows up in the print mag. I don't think it does. - RepoRat
Oh, this reminds me of a fabulous distribution-list-libraries story I need to remember to tell tomorrow for #SaturdayFF... - Catherine Pellegrino
It is Saturday! - Joe
So it is! - Catherine Pellegrino
Andrew C (✔)
RT @andyrichter: There's a few motherfuckers who might be getting some inspiration tossed through their window tonight
RT @andyrichter: There's a few motherfuckers who might be getting some inspiration tossed through their window tonight
Mary Carmen
Aquaman looks like Rob Zombie.
More Atlantean than Atlantean - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Time to start making up new lyrics to Devil Man, then. - Corinne L
Nellie Oleson
RT @versacecum: *inhales your opinion* *exhales the fuck i never gave*
Mary Carmen
Nellie Oleson
Dear Red Velvet Pop Tarts: I tried, but nah.
Oh gross. I don't understand the mad love some folks have for red velvet cake. - Corinne L
I like the cake, but not more than other chocolate cake? Not so much that I'd want everything else to taste like it. - Jennifer Dittrich
Last night I was at Cost Plus World Market and they had red velvet flavored coffee at the sample area. Took me a minute to register in my brain that I should not try it. - Corinne L
The Red Velvet Oreos are actually pretty tasty, but they're small, so they're the perfect size for me. Red Velvet is one of those things that I can take in small doses, but I usually can't eat a big helping of it (especially if it's store-made - and, therefore, way too sweet). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Nellie Oleson
Why is it taking my pot pie so long to cool off? This is some bullshit.
Laura Norvig
RT @wordwhispers: Proof that cats have been walking across things that people are trying to read since the 15th century:
RT @wordwhispers: Proof that cats have been walking across things that people are trying to read since the 15th century:
Kyle Kinane on creampuff metal and the problem with punk rock
"I still check out the lineup for Rocklahoma when I can and I always try to figure out when Tesla is playing. Now that Tesla is an electric car, it really fucked with trying to search live dates for Tesla." - Zamms
"Rush is the same thing as people that still get boners over Star Wars." - holly #ravingfangirl
true story: I was driving the other day and got the urge to listen to "Wait" which i still haven't done. MUST RECTIFY. - holly #ravingfangirl
also true story: i heard "Love Song" on the way home from yoga and that STILL BANGS. - holly #ravingfangirl
True story: a group of friends of mine and me entered my high school's lip synch contest with "Wait". Also, your true story above "Love Song" is true - Zamms
And I'm convinced that Elon Musk named his car company after the band, not the Serb. - Zamms
DB, Lil LB's Dad
Our son Lincoln is firmly in the #TeamNoPants camp now. He pulls off his pants within minutes of getting home from daycare and strongly resists putting his pants back on after diaper changes or when getting dressed in the morning. This brings his personal #TeamNoShoes and #TeamNoSocks triumvirate into completion.
We have to take his shoes off after strapping him into his car seat or he gets fussy. He takes care of the socks after that. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
He's also #TeamNoHat. He and Wifey do battle daily on that front now that it's Winter time. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
He's also #TeamNoCovers . Can't stand to sleep with anything covering him at night. We have to wait until he's asleep then cover him up. Even then he will have kicked the covers off by the time morning comes up. He's very hot natured like his Dad. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
My mom always half-jokes that babies and toddlers really don't need a lot of fancy clothes because they end up just wearing a diaper and t-shirt most of the time. - Katy S
THIS! So this. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
It used to drive me nuts to see kids running around with just a diaper on. Now I totally understand. LOL. I finally know the struggle. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Guess Lincoln is #TeamDiaper, then. :-) - Corinne L
The lack of pants also provides easier access to the diaper when it is time to change it. :) - Katy S
Honestly I think he could take or leave #TeamDiaper. They're a means to an end. He seems to have to have a fresh diaper for number 2. I thought Wifey was joking when she first pointed this out. It has proven to be hilariously true though. He's much more likely to do that minutes after you've changed his diaper than at any other time. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Sounds kinda like Peter MacNichol's character in Ally McBeal, who always wanted "a fresh bowl" when he would go to use the unisex bathroom. :-D - Corinne L
One of us. One of us. #TeamNoPants - Marie
I can't help but wonder if he shows his #TeamNoPants colors while at daycare. So embarrassing. How do you explain place/time context to an 18 month old? - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Best thread ever - MoTO Boychick Devil
anyone who works with toddlers already knows about this stage, trust :) - Starmama
Sarah G.
RT @tad_overdue: @ForgetTheMaine @jaleh_f Do you love passionately arguing about small details that really don't matter? Than THIS is the career for you!
I'm officially too old for this shit. - Sarah G.
Nellie Oleson
OMG. Me too. RT @girlposts: IM SCREAMING 😂😂
OMG. Me too. RT @girlposts: IM SCREAMING 😂😂
LOL. NOPE. - Jennifer Dittrich
LMAO I am still hollering - Nellie Oleson
and you can tell the one girl screamed. i'm fucking dying right now - Nellie Oleson
I love that second frame where they're all..... whaaaaaat? - Jennifer Dittrich
Nellie Oleson
*moves to holly's house* *takes off pants*
momo knows how it is here. - holly #ravingfangirl
Nellie Oleson
A guy at work says "kitten caboodle" instead of "kit and caboodle." I shouldn't correct him, right, because it's too adorable as is?
I could totally go for a caboodle of kittens. - RepoRat
Andrew C (✔)
RT @ynb: Guys! @TromboneShorty did an awesome NEW version of @TheOddCoupleCBS theme for our show! You can hear it HERE:
RT @ynb: Guys! @TromboneShorty did an awesome NEW version of @TheOddCoupleCBS theme for our show! You can hear it HERE:
Nice, but the original swings too hard to be denied. Now I've got a Neal Hefti earworm... - Spidra Webster
I'm teaching a library session to Master's in International Business Students Wednesday night. This is abbreviated to MIB nearly everywhere in the documentation and I get the giggles every time I see that abbreviation. I really want them all to be in suits and sunglasses when I show up.
At least YOU should be. With the thinger that zaps their memory, right? DO EEEET. - Julie Kane
If I had a black suit I absolutely would. Because it would amuse ME. - ellbeecee
you should totally dress like a MIB, or an LIB. :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Katy S
Meg VMeg
Muses Krewe parade
Love love love love love love love love - Meg VMeg from email
Oh. My #coffee is insanely delicious. I have no idea why it tastes extra awesome today.
Nellie Oleson
This was a real Yahoo Answers question y'all: Do anybody no some cute balck stylez with crimples or curls?
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