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Peter goes to Iceland. It is the end of times.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: William Orbit (56), Scann-Tec (52) & M. J. Michael (42)
RT @umairh: One wishes that people with celebrity would use their voices to speak for something that matters instead of making ice bucket videos.
It appears that for rather too many years I have underrated the sheer talent that was Bobby Womack. This is being addressed.
RT @Adweek: British ad watchdog snuffs out e-cig ad:
'2 Quavers last as long as a Crotchet'. Not in my household buster.
Just pre-registered for @VelothonWales 120k - should be fun!
What is going on here? Client idea perhaps???? It's visual landfill whatever it is.
“@mediaguardian: BuzzFeed valued at more than three times The Washington Post” what happens when you put users first
University Challenge now. Haircuts/facial expressions just as bizarre as ever. Gorgeous. Should provide @RealBobMortimer with new material.
Perigee Moon - Perseids - must be August. #heavenly
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Billboards that turn adverts into shelter for the homeless
RT @adweak: BREAKING: No One at Agency Knows What "Chief Innovation Officer" Actually Does.
RT @STWuk: Moving speech by Brian Eno @ #gazaj26 London
Realised there are lots of Genesis tracks I have never heard. So, making up for lost time.
Just saw ISS go overhead. 'Waves hello'.
RT @kerihw: I see trees of green, skies of blue, clouds of white, and I think to myself, windows xp default desktop wallpaper.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Brian Eno (5), Tetris (1) & Carbon Based Lifeforms (1)
RT @TreeHugger: Should airline fares be based on passenger weight? Makes sense to me, @CBCThisIsThat
RT @davetrott: You want to know what went wrong with advertising?
Tesco fish ad has Taj Mahal soundtrack. I'm sold.
Solid 12 hr stint and this presentation still ain't done! Used my Artefact Cards tho...
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pink Floyd (4), Muse (2) & Ulrich Schnauss (1)
Anatomy of song/music genres. Brilliant:
RT @TweetMRS: From the archive: Peter Field & @aandeddb's Les Binet ask if marketers measure the right things, from IJMR 49.5 2007
RT @AdamDReader: Is the future looking rosé for Direct? By @MatthewHeath: via @HuffPostUK Everything that is wrong with marketing strategy and client driven lazy creative. Disgracefully poor. No tick.
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