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Dulcolax ad. WTF? How on earth did that get made? Maybe I dreamt it. No tick.
When you get the brief wrong, but just about pull it through
A must read - Faris interview - illuminating:
Are AC/DC really quitting? Say it isn't so!
Is there is an implicit hierarchy of fame value: filmstar beats music celeb beats food celebrity beats gardening celeb? Dead beats live?
RT @cluedont: My grandad had to endure both pepper spray and mustard gas during the war. He's now a seasoned veteran.
Nice execution from W+K for Lurpack - Tick
RT @bookslam: 'Your request to look at my left nipple last night finally convinced me that we must part' RIP wonderful Sue Townsend
The Rosser Reeves Fallacy exposed: nice:
I have just read a well-known lager's 'brand strategy' & essence deck and we are literally screaming with laughter. It can't be real surely
Barnette Voss is now following me on #Twitter!
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Illustration of anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Hoffman on bullshit in advertising. Genius:
New B&Q ad. Lovely. Tick.
RT @DBolelli: Frank Zappa with a good tip about parenting
The latest Digestives ad is amazing. It uses cats - haha - cats! Can you imagine! It's so amazingly funny. Golly - you planners - haha. Ha.
Anyone else using Emu?
RT @ProfByron: "Brands should establish and reinforce strong emotional connections to maximise social relevance." Let me write that into the brand plan.
Ha! Same panel of medical experts said the same about living in Newport few years back: oh wait!
Nice interactive music/synaesthesic game to lose a few moments with: Fun.
#AWEurope depressing focus on 'business performance' Those involved would do well to read this then debate it again:
Oh! They're 'pranks' not jokes? I see - my apologies. That's why there was no wit in any of adlands 'branded pranks' today. Silly me.
Worth a read - 'exhilaration' = key driver in successful shareable campaigns says Dr Karen Nelson-Field: Interesting.
Finding it hard to distinguish between shoddy tabloid journalism and April Fools 'jokes'.
The next person to use the word 'playbook' gets a free bacon sandwich (wrapped around a 'velocity-mallet').
Cow & Gate ad. Client wrote it/directed it/approved it/justified it with friends & family. Public point & laugh and say 'twat'. No tick.
Thank goodness for
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