@lena331 I wish I had the time to.
I never get tired of updating my life away.
@iAmAddition You said my name earlier, I was wondering if you were trying to say something. http://tablefork.com/x...
@iAmAddition Did you mean to say something?
"My girlfriend told me I should be more affectionate. So I got two girlfriends."
Downloading music, trying to get album I missed the past few days.
@Rawbie Well good luck with your late movie watching.
@Rawbie I never do?
Time for another episode of Six Feet Under. It's Monday already?
@snipeyhead Looks like my grandmother.
I really wish people wouldn't spam me while I am sleeping! http://tablefork.com/x...
Cleaning my room, because I spilled Sprite all over the floor.
This is just amazing. I have not a clue as to why this isn't popular? I guess people don't track their earnings as much as I thought they did? Nevertheless, buy this! - "Joey"
brilliant. epic fail. RT @mattbrook: The pitfall of social networking: http://www.bitterwallet.com/status-... #owned (via @id)
Trying to get a grip on this file. It's handling me quite well.
@l4luvxo I wish I had The Sims 3.
Cleaning up dog piss, how lovely.
@ciaag3nt That's what I am currently using. :)
That glass of water, and bright red apple was fucking amazing.
Github, a home for me. <3
Just started my 4th load of laundry, and had ham for dinner. I ate a huge meal, better yet feast, and I gained 0 pounds? Back down to 156?!
@snipeyhead It is, and it doesn't exist lol.
I love getting put down. Laughing after they finish their rant leaves them breathless.
Thank you for the Mac keychain.
Stfu and Google my nuts.
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