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Interesting article on the #CloudComputing playground and the dominance of Amazon | | Via @jseelybrown
Divertimento: jonge kinderen worden steeds volwassener! | | Via @jochemmyer
On redesigning #leadership as inspired by artists and designers by @johnmaeda | | #DesignThinking
Hoe krijg je gelijk als #informatieprofessional? Over het beïnvloeden van de macht | | #informatiemanagement
Recommanded reading: "Putting #design at the heart of business" by @PhilipsDesign | | #DesignThinking
Food for thought: Seven new rules for interacting with #technology by @slate |
"Wat is #wijsheid waard, als die je #verbazing wegneemt?" Oscar van den Boogaard, Het Verticale Strand
Implementing a culture of inquiry: why asking the right question is more important than answering the wrong one |
Mesmerizing weekend divertimento with rings: | #illusion
5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think |
Even genieten van deze Twitterconversatie over de stipte (Belgische) trein
What #management can learn from software development - every organization is a software organization @stevedenning
Aanvulling op vorige tweet: game changers in #consultancy | … Via @patrickvanee | @sioo @ArdPieterdeMan
Over de ontwrichting en herdefinitie van #advies & #consultancy bedrijven: @ArdPieterdeMan van @Sioo |
RT @AcademyForIM: Interview met #EMIM docent Jos de Mul in Tegenlicht over de kunst(ma)tige mens | | #AcademyForIM #filosofie
Interesting overview of #communication patterns around the world |
RT @AcademyForIM: Ons Creative Board lid en de Ronde van Vlaanderen: “@deleeuwrick: reed vandaag de volledige Ronde en is blij”. Gefeliciteerd!
Report by @TheEIU: Humans and machines - the role of people in technology-driven organizations | | #TheEconomist
Smile on a Friday late afternoon: don't forget to use your handbrake !
Exploring the role of questions, vulnerability and influence - @DanErwin elaborates on @jhagel 's blog post |
Smile: The best thing about pregnant women is the free Wifi | Via @zephoria & @feitclub
Splendid video o be viewed on a large screen: macro shots of coral life |
Entertaining food for thought (though not always agree): 10 Things Most Exceptional CIOs Never Do #cio #leadership
#Organisatiebesturing: van ‘controle’ naar ‘vertrouwen’. Over Simon's levers of #control | Via @W_Mastenbroek
Organisatiebesturing: van ‘controle’ naar ‘vertrouwen’. Samenvatting van Simon's levers of control Via W_Mastenbroek
Some reflections on different approaches to #prototyping | | Via @thulme | #DesignThinking #IDEO #LivePrototyping
Some wise and warning observations in FT | "Big data: are we making a big mistake?" | | Via @thulme | #BigData
RT @AcademyForIM: Als #informatieprofessional uw effectiviteit vergroten? Volgt de leertafel "Macht en communicatie" van AI&M |
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