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"no, there’s no middle ground. you're off in another story or merry-go-round. no, there’ll be no measured terms. you fly in the face of the way the world turns." - satine
sabahcilar icin de gelsin. - satine
bu "sabahci" tanimi cok sevimli, her gordugumde gulumsuyorum :) - grizabella
Öğlencilere sinir olurdum ben de grizacııım... - Spider Jerusalem
sıpaydırcıım benim okulum hep tam gun oldu, hic sabahci veya oglenci olmadim, ondan sirin geliyor belki de, boooyle bi ilkokullu bebe hissi verdigi icin :) - grizabella
ehehehe ilkokullu bebe olmak güzeldir grizacan... önlüğün mavi miydi senin hem hım? - Spider Jerusalem
yok, hic mavi giymedim. guzel guzel lacivert formaydi benimki once, jile mi denir hani, oyle bisi, icinde beyaz göynekli neyin, sonra ilkokul ucte siyah onluge cevirip kocaman dikdortgen formlu garip yakalar taktirmislardi pek bi uzulmustuk. - grizabella
himm... üzülünesi çünkü bayağı gayet, form faktörü gidiyor önlüğün. Bir de siyah kötü bir renk yaa :/ - Spider Jerusalem
valla önlük sevimsiz bişi, lacivert jile - beyaz gömlek çok daha hoştu ve mutsuz olmustuk degistiginde o ayrı da, siyah bile o iğrenç mavi tonundan iyidir. - grizabella
ivet... ama bilemedim... ben hiç siyah giymedim, biz maviş önlüklüydük grizacımcım. - Spider Jerusalem
ne iyi geldi - Çiğdem Zeytin
hoyda bre satineeeem! - Lilly Chapulton
keşke mümkün olsaydı da bunu sayfamın en başına sabitleyebilseydim. - satine
yalnız ne kadar çok moloko dinleyicisi varmış. :) - miocaro
miom, herkes moloko dinleyicisi mi bilmem. ama moloko'yu bilmese de fotoğraflardaki tipler pek şeker diye şarkıya şans verenler olmuştur diye tahmin ediyorum. drimim, aklın yolu birmiş :P - satine
moloko yüksek lisans tez dönemi demek benim için :) uykusuz günlerin, gecelerin eşlikçisi. yıllaaar sonra zamanda yolculuk yaptım yine feed'in sayesinde :) - miocaro
Up.! In the air - Tolgardo
aaa giderayak şuna bi hop yapmasam olmaz :) - satine
I'm coming!
hi!........^_^ - keiko-san
Cuteeee! - keiko-san
cute - MiniMage
hello, MiniMage, Miranda of FF!.......^_^ - keiko-san
hi again, keiko-san! - MiniMage
........^_^...... - keiko-san
hayaku ikanakya!......hurry up! - keiko-san
hi,Nima!!.......^_^ - keiko-san
ne~, asobo~yo~!..... - keiko-san
isoge~!....hayaku ikanakucha~!...... - keiko-san
hello, Berhan [Dederuhi] !........^_^ - keiko-san
hurry up! - keiko-san
hello!......^_^ - keiko-san
Let's go! - keiko-san
Run Fido & Fifi RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the king of the interweb
hello the king of the interweb!..........:) - keiko-san
hi :) keiko-san - the king of the interweb
kawaii ne! - keiko-san
:)) - Ömer
hello!.......:))) - keiko-san
kawaii ne! - keiko-san
oha bu bi zamanlar benim avatarimdi! ozlemisim. - yuvarlakkafa
Eric - Final Countdown
My Dream Cast For A Star Trek The Next Generation Reboot -
My Dream Cast For A Star Trek The Next Generation Reboot
"Let me make something clear - I love Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's my favorite Trek. Now...try not to hate me as I recast the series with new actors. I realize recasting and rebooting beloved properties is usually a big no-no to fans (myself included), but Hollywood being what it is, these kinds of things are bound to happen. You may remember seeing red when we posted our 10 Worst Case Casting Scenarios. In this case, I'd say prepare to see stars. While I made an attempt to cast actors I feel would legitimately do justice to the roles, I understand Trek is sacred. Keep an open mind and boldly go where you totally want to go - through the cast list!" - Eric - Final Countdown from Bookmarklet
Wow. I could actually get behind all of this. A lot of excellent choices. :) Although...I will have to fight someone on Guinan. I love Wanda Sykes but I don't know if she has the ability to bring it down all the notches that Whoopi did for the part. I remember being so irritated that they were bringing her in as a cast member, but then I really learned to just love her, even if she did... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
Amazing!!! - Cisco Solutions
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain
Especially if you don't survive the journey... - Charlie Barone
I love Twain. - سيما كيا Sima kia
Is there a message in the bottle??!! :-)) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
It is. It says: "I am like you" :) - Eivind
Reminded me of this: "....Walked out this morning, don't believe what I saw, Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore , Seems I'm not alone in being alone , Hundred billion castaways, looking for a home.... " - Aryo
:) - Eivind
Like for Twain + Eivind:-) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Eivind :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی
:) - Eivind
For the most part, I agree with that great sentiment - CarlC
i've travelled to NZ, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. met alot of good people, but also loads of prejudiced, narrow-minded bigots. no single country or culture has a monopoly on those traits. - Big Joe Silenced
hear, hear - CarlC
Joe, that's a given. Fear and skepticism about outgroup members is a common human trait deeply rooted in us. Experiencing other cultures helps overcome that. - Eivind
*bump* - felicious from FFHound!
Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants? -
Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?
In the lexicon of human migration there are still hierarchical words, created with the purpose of putting white people above everyone else. One of those remnants is the word “expat”. - Halil from Bookmarklet
expat is a term reserved exclusively for western white people going to work abroad. Africans are immigrants. Arabs are immigrants. Asians are immigrants. However, Europeans are expats because they can’t be at the same level as other ethnicities. They are superior. Immigrants is a term set aside for ‘inferior races’. - Halil
never thought about it this way before, interesting - Halil
Although expat can refer to both temporary and permanent residents, I always thought of it as temporary and immigrant as permanent. - Anne Bouey
I've wondered about this, though the first time I remember hearing the term it was used in a history lesson to describe both black and white Americans living in Paris in the early 20th century. The only times I can remember anyone contemporarily referred to as an "ex-pat" they've been white, and often have been living abroad for longer than the "immigrants" in the US on temporary work visas. - Jennifer Dittrich
It's not just about race. Actually, it is more about the status and profession of the person. A person with a higher social status and a job that requires hihger education, pays well and gives a position that is perceived to be more prestigious will be called an expat, regardless of his/her race or nationality while a simple worker will be called an immigrant. Likewise, you can well be... more... - grizabella from Android
Yeah, the difference does seem to be mostly about privilege on multiple axes. - Victor Ganata
after posting my comment above, i saw this on fb from a polish guy, which is more or less in line with what i think...and it is first hand experience: "Non-Eastern European white people.* I was an immigrant in America when teenagers holding the confederate flag egged my house and the police hung up on my father because of his accent, and I'm an immigrant here in Europe when people ask... more... - grizabella
Sure, privilege (and the lack thereof) functions on multiple dimensions and distinctions are on a spectrum rather than between discrete categories. It's never all or nothing, black or white. - Victor Ganata
I've always thought of it as a world relative to the group. If I settle elsewhere then I am an expat. To the people in the area I'm settling I'm an immigrant. - Todd Hoff
Yeah, expat is closer to emigrant, not immigrant. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
It probably varies from region to region, but my impression is that in the Philippines people from ASEAN countries and from other former colonies of European countries tend to get called immigrants while people from East Asia, Europe, or the Americas tend to get called ex-pats. It kind of seems to map along lines of privilege, particularly economic privilege and also by the perceived strength of the person's home country (and this perception can vary widely from person to person.) - Victor Ganata
؛ patrick
JaFFa (Java FriendFeed App/Tools) ver_1.1.4 has been released. You may download the executable file from:
12/12/2011 - Version 1.1.3 - Added Spam Cleaner || 13/12/2011 - Version 1.1.4 - Added ability to delete comments from blocked users - ؛ patrick
For instructions please see readme.txt: - ؛ patrick
Well this looks interesting... Is there any documentation on what it is/does?? - Lindsay
Please see "readme.txt". I sent the URL earlier. It basically gets a backup of your FF Feeds plus their files (images, mp3's, etc.) - ؛ patrick
@Marco, thanks for reporting it. I fixed it and uploaded the new version - ؛ patrick
Change Log: 11/08/2010 - Version 1.1.1 - Fixed the issue with reading backup_dir setting - ؛ patrick
دوستان اگر سوالی دارید بپرسید، جواب میدم - ؛ patrick
خسته نباشی‌! - apar(اپر)
مرسی اپر جان - ؛ patrick
کسی اینو تست کرد؟ - ؛ patrick
Eclipse project files come with the source. Download/install eclipse ( Then use Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace - and it will compile it for you. Shoot questions if you have any problem - ؛ patrick
مرسی گل آقای عزیز - ؛ patrick
nice! - .LAG liked that
Thanks. Did you get a chance to test it? - ؛ patrick
@ ؛ patrick: not yet, but will import it into Eclipse when I get a chance - .LAG liked that as advertised. i now have a folder full of XML - .LAG liked that
very nice. glad to hear that! - ؛ patrick
پانته آ جان اجازه بدید من فردا نگاهی به کد بندازم ببینم چه کاری میتونم انجام بدم که یک سری فیلتر بشه براش تعریف کرد - ؛ patrick
خوب من به برنامه فیلتر اضافه کردم ولی مطمئن نیستم این چیزی هست که می خواستی. مساله اینجاست که اگر برای لینکی لایک نزده باشی یا کامنتی ننوشته باشی، در لیست مای دیسکاشنز ظاهر نمیشه و در نتیجه دانلود هم نمیشه - ؛ patrick
بله حالا ورژن جدیده. فرصت بشه این قسمتش رو هم درست می کنم - ؛ patrick
any mac version? :D - نیک
شرمنده نیک جان. من مک در اختیار ندارم. اگر زحمتی نیست اون بچ-فایل رو یه نگاهی بکن ببین چطور میشه تبدیلش کرد به اسکریپت برای مک. اگر کار کرد که زحمت بکش به من هم یک کپی بده. اگر هم سوالی داری بپرس که جواب بدم - ؛ patrick
12/12/2011 - Version 1.1.3 - Added Spam Cleaner - ؛ patrick
13/12/2011 - Version 1.1.4 - Added ability to delete comments from blocked users - ؛ patrick
برای کسانی که می خوان اسپم ها رو پاک کنن، من یک قسمت جدید به برنامه اضافه کردم که میتونید لیست افرادی که اسپم می کنند را به فایل کانفیگ اضافه کنید و برنامه رو اجرا کنید. خود به خود تمام کامنت های این افراد را در هر جایی که زیر لینک های شما باشه پاک می کنه حتی اگر اونها را بلاک کرده باشید. ولی شرطش اینه که پابلیک باشید. مثلن اگر پرایوت هستید، میتونید قبل از اجرای برنامه برای چند لحظه پابلیک بشید و وقتی برنامه تمام شد دوباره پرایوت کنید - ؛ patrick
پاتریک، این چه قابلیت‌ها و ویژگی‌هایی داره؟ - آرشیو
ورژن قدیمیش که میتونه از فیدتون بک آپ بگیره. حالا هم یک برنامه بهش اضافه کردم که میتونه کامنت های اسپمر ها رو از تمام لینک هاتون پاک کنه - ؛ patrick
برنامه سراغ نداری که لیست کسانی را که بلاک کرده‌ایم یا ما را بلاک کرده‌اند را نشان بدهد؟ - آرشیو
;-) - ؛ patrick
it's a batch file. they don't need eclipse for it - ؛ patrick
it's okay :)) - ؛ patrick
دانلودش کن، به درد می خوره ;-) - ؛ patrick
اون دو تا بچ فایل رو باز کن، کامندش اونجا هست. شرمنده فرصت نشد برای لینوکس هم اسکریپتش رو بنویسم - ؛ patrick
مرسی. اگر ساکس رو اضافه کردی کدش رو به من هم بده اضافه ش کنم. یا اگر می خوای میتونم اضافه ت کنم به پروژه خودت تغییرات رو کامیت کنی - ؛ patrick
دو نوع فایل اونجا هست. یک سری فایل سورس هست (اس-آر-سی) و یک سری فایل باینری (بی-آی-ان). باید اون فایل باینری رو دانلود کنید. بعد توی یک فولدر آن-زیپ ش کنید. بعد یک فایل داره به اسم رید-می (مرا بخوانید) که همه چیز توش نوشته شده - ؛ patrick
بهتره به جای هارد کد کردن مقادیر تغییر پذیر از کانفیگ فایل استفاده بشه - محمد لی
پاتریک جان اینجا هم ببینید فکر کنم اگر چند نفر با هم دیگه کار کنن جالب باشه - uɐſʃɐʌ uɐſ
ahem... i'm very newbie and for me jaffa don't work (the .jar file is missing) - Elia Spallanzani
hesabı görünce şok. gjaskhjakhj
hesabı görünce şok. gjaskhjakhj
ahahahaahahahah - Osman Seven
ahaha yavrusundan korkan değilmiydi bu :D ahehaheahea çok iyi - siniradam
bu nası dosya adı lan: dumbledore-voldemort-bellatrix-harry-ordendelfenix.gif - siniradam
ahahahaha - ramiz
buna kopmuştum ama bi daha gülücem ahahaahahaha - Osman Seven
hauajuyuıahkşaha - Arapprensi
Ekmek yoksa bambu yiyin... - Monad Teodise
hahaha :D:D:D: - Yahya SÖNMEZ
ilk flört zamanlarinda kiz arkadasi ile Etiler`de gittigi bir mekanin cikardigi hesap ve cocugun halidir. Benim o. - Prinkipo
ahahahahaahhhahaha - ramiz
amin :) - ramiz
ahahaha :D:D - Gizem Kuzu
harika olmuş =) - Fatih Turul
süper yaa :) - Burak
Mikemmel lann :d - Halid Kalkan
ahahahaahahha - ramiz
up ? amin. - ramiz
yuh be manyak bişey olmuş - kargakargagakdedi
heheheh) - Elshan Mammadov
yine güldüm. - ramiz
bende :) - Cevdet Aykan DEMİR
de ayrı [ yıllardır bu anı bekliyordum ] - ramiz
ahahahhahah harika - Nucro
=_= - ramiz
hahahhahahahahhahha - InglorNenha
:D - rfeynman
süper öldüm gülmekten :)) - Just Eser
:) - ramiz
ahahahhahahahhaha - Hayalden İbaret
ulen bu ayı gibi yapanlar var hesap gelince:p - Hayalden İbaret
valla öyle hatta şahit oldum :) - ramiz
Ondan sonra vay efendim neden pandaların soyu tükeniyor. La dayadınız hayvancağızlara hesabı. Ondan sonra ne hal kalır ne can... Wi ar dı wörld - Murat K.-Beyin Ereksiyonu
Murah ahahahahahahahahah gjaskhjakhj - ramiz
karşıma çıktıkça ölçüsüz gülüyorum, gizliyorum bu feedi ahahahhaa - Hayalden İbaret
:)) - ramiz
200 kurtarmıyormuş :) - ramiz
hufff çok gülüyorum bununla ne zaman karşılaşsam. ahahaha keşke ses de olsaymış, hesabı görünce ayı gibi böğüren de var ahahhahaha - Hayalden İbaret
aahahahah :) - ramiz
off gene ahahahaha :))) - rfeynman
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa - KΛΛN
gülmek istediğimde işe yarayan gif :) - ramiz
:)) - ramiz
ahahahahahhaha - Hayalden İbaret
Öfff hortladıkça gülüyorum buna :)))) Aslı da komik yavrusu hapşurunca irkiliyor ayıcık. - Burçak Çubukçu
yine gülmek istedim :) - ramiz
çook tatlıı :) - kelembek
:)) - Elvan
Geçen gün balık yemeye gittiğimizde biz de böyle olduk :( - mehmet Murat
lan oğlum bunu kim zıplattı - ramiz
şunu zıplatan lan oğlum, sainfeild gifini de zıplatsana :P - Mavi
Joe Biden Gets Too Close To Anime Girls
Joe Biden Gets Too Close To Anime Girls
it was inevitable. - Big Joe Silenced
I almost spit on my computer. Lmao - Heather
oh yes... there was much dancing! - Johnny
شادی بعد از آزادی فرفر :)) - Noosha
That was my reaction this morning after seeing FF again :) - Mahdi
I was in bed (6am-ish). Woke up my wife. It was worth the pain :) - Johnny
I was in bed too. My friend woke me up and screaming :) - Mahdi
نوشا :)))) - Mahdi
=)))) - Viva Vida
اصلا عـــــالی:)) - قاصدک
I know the feeling - VALZONE#SCREWED
We have the same feeling :) - Mahdi
ویدا حالا زیاد خوشحال نباش :)) - Mahdi
آخه این یارو خیلی خوشحاله دلم نمیاد :))) - Viva Vida
این عکس العمل فرفریا بعد از فری شدن فرفره؟خونه ما که پارتی برپا شدمن سور دادم:) - p@RiS
ویدا پس خیلی خوشحال باش :)) - Mahdi
من از صبح هی اینو می بینم هی حال خوبمون یادآوری میشه برام :)) - Noosha
سمیرا عنوان رو خوندی :)) - Mahdi
arkaaşlar bu kadar bağımlı olmayın sizden büyük jonobilak var - Jarolim Gayri
نوشا دیدی گفتم یک روز خوب میاد :)) - Mahdi
دیگه ببین به چه روزایی قانع شدیم :)) - Noosha
نوشا واقعا :) - Mahdi
:)) - Mahdi
Ken Morley
Oculus Story Studio Aims to be Pixar of virtual reality -
Oculus Story Studio Aims to be Pixar of virtual reality
"I want to create emotions that are very appealing," says Story Studio's Supervising Technical Director Max Planck. - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
How did he not end up a physicist? - Ken Morley
Reverse Nominative Determinism - Pete's Got To Go
This young generation... always doing the reverse of what's expected. :) - Ken Morley
Andrew C (✔)
How To Tell If You Are In A Soft Science Fiction Novel -
How To Tell If You Are In A Soft Science Fiction Novel
"Racism no longer exists now that all of humanity has banded together to speak English, vote democratically, adhere to 20th-century American social standards, and battle alien intruders in a thinly veiled metaphor for anti-immigration sentiment." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"There are Core people and there are Rim people. Core people wear silver, gender-neutral clothing and love fascism and artificial light. Rim people wear floor-length WWII-era trench coats and love modified libertarianism. These are the only two kinds of people. Plus there’s one ocean planet full of mermaids." - Andrew C (✔)
Eric - Final Countdown
Scientists Observe 'Fast Radio Burst' In Real Time, One Of The Great Mysteries Of The Universe -
Scientists Observe 'Fast Radio Burst' In Real Time, One Of The Great Mysteries Of The Universe
"Fast Radio Bursts, also known as FRBs, consist of incredibly brief and intense bursts of radio energy that seem to originate from remote parts of space. The team that observed this most recent burst said it believes the burst came from a point 5.5 billion light-years away though it has no idea what caused it. Previously detected FRBs have come from twice as far away. John Mulchaey, acting director of Carnegie Observatories, part of the team of scientists that observed this particular FRB, has described the phenomenon as “one of the great mysteries of the Universe.” And since FRBs were first observed in 2007, theories about what causes them have proliferated. Some say they are the result of celestial collisions, or of starquakes occurring on extremely powerful neutron stars. Still others contend they are messages sent by intelligent beings directly to Earth." - Eric - Final Countdown from Bookmarklet
رادیومون مشترکه :))) - Ehsan Tarighat
افتخار دادی شما :)) - Monsieur
تمام اعتبار رادیو واس شماس سرور - Ehsan Tarighat
چاکرم احسان جون - Monsieur
:/ - Monsieur
وای این عالیه احسان ..همش گوش میدم اینو - nejat
نوش جان - Monsieur
شبانه - Monsieur
"bilgisayarımı kapatıyorum, sigaramı yakıyorum, arka fonumda bu çalıyor" şarkısı... bir nevi end title müzii. - Sertac
guselmiş baya. - Deniz Sui
Esasında Röyksopp bunların adı. Norveçli. Hem de nereden? Tromsö... Gaasaraylılar hatırlayacak. - Herr 5 Pos†asson
royskop işte.eple fln vardı.bişiler bişiler.gusel baya. - Deniz Sui
yarın yolculukta kitleneceğim parça budur :) - jazzlem
nedense röyksopp hep böyle birisi öksürürken çıkan sese benziyor, ya da benzetiyorum ;) şarkı da güzel o ayrı... poor leno baya iyiydi, ayrıca erlend oye, yani röyksoppun dört göz dahisinin kendi albümü de var, bi ara bişiler upload ederim ondan... - tunc barut
erlend oye sadece birkaç şarkıda destek oldu diye biliyorum ben ama emin değilim bak... kendi albümü oldukça iyi bence de, sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum tunç :) - Sertac
#aticonfave kötü geçen günlerimin şarkısı.. depresiflik verir bana :/ - Pichie Pich
I'm sorry, but development stopped a long time ago. Great idea, though. - Eivind from Android
hahahahahaha - Iain Baker
El Conejo Viejo
Cops Shoot and Kill Grandpa in Raid Based on Tip from the Thief Who Stole His Car | Alternet
Cops Shoot and Kill Grandpa in Raid Based on Tip from the Thief Who Stole His Car | Alternet
yikes - Nicķ
Todd Hoff
Milky Way is on the outskirts of 'immeasurable heaven' supercluster | Science | The Guardian -
Milky Way is on the outskirts of 'immeasurable heaven' supercluster | Science | The Guardian
Milky Way is on the outskirts of 'immeasurable heaven' supercluster | Science | The Guardian
"Astronomers discover that our galaxy is a suburb of a supercluster of 100,000 large galaxies they have called Laniakea" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Perhaps this is why we don't get visitors from other planets. We live in the sticks. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Which could be a good thing. - Todd Hoff
A cosmic cul-de-sac? - That's So CAJ!
this is an awesome simulation video.. shows how small our earth is - Peter Dawson
Barry, It's like UPS. When you live in the sticks, the deliveries don't arrive until later in the day. - Ken Morley
Todd, yes indeedy. Ken, yup. I wish my brain were big enough to take all this stuff in though. But even my tiny little brain is fascinated by this stuff. By the way, a big ol' comet is supposed to pass near Mars around Oct. 18th. Should be visible with a pair of binoculars. Or so I'm told. - MoTO Boychick Devil
4 Ways to Avoid Procrastination Today!
4 Ways to Avoid Procrastination Today!
The comic was the best part. - Nicķ
Sean McBride
Mathematicians Say It’s Probable That Alien Probes Have Reached Earth
Mathematicians Say It’s Probable That Alien Probes Have Reached Earth
«Nicholson and Forgana theorize that probes could slingshot themselves around cosmic bodies using the gravitational forces of those bodies. This slingshot maneuver, combined with an ability to self-replicate, could allow alien civilizations to probe the entire Milky Way galaxy within 10 million years without going faster than the speed of light» - 9000
ay keşke şöyle böcek boyutunda mini mini uzaylılar else masama benle konuşsa şimdi. ^^ - nomnomski
^ You know, Men In Black hid them all. - 9000
Awesome concept -- the slingshot maneuver. - Sean McBride
^ Widely used by intra-system spacecraft using planets, e.g. the Voyagers, Cassini, etc. - 9000
Alien Birds Space :) - ходячий мертвицит
Pythagoreans also say it's all math. ;) - Eric Logan
Jason Toney
RT @nasa_eo: What is causing California’s worst-ever drought? Via @PhysicsToday
RT @nasa_eo: What is causing California’s worst-ever drought? Via @PhysicsToday
Borg Cube Mini-Fridge: Freezistance Is Futile -
Borg Cube Mini-Fridge: Freezistance Is Futile
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Andrew C (✔)
The Rock Isn’t Black Anymore According To The Atlantic -
The Rock Isn’t Black Anymore According To The Atlantic
"So the Atlantic published an article about how racist the WWE is. Which I think we can all agree that the company and wrestling in general has a long, storied history of having some serious issues with race. Which you have to be sort of blind to not address. However, the Atlantic article addressed it in one of the worst ways possible:" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"[The Atlantic: ] In its 62 year history, WWE has never chosen a black wrestler to hold its world championship." - Andrew C (✔)
"But here’s the most egregious error in the article: it never once mentions Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You know, arguably the company’s biggest crossover star of all time. The guy who was the face of the company for years and a multiple time champion. You know, the guy who’s half-Samoan and half-African-American. His dad’s wrestling name was “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson for Christ’s sake.... more... - Andrew C (✔)
The Newest Ghost in the Shell Explores Romance in a Cyborg World
The Newest Ghost in the Shell Explores Romance in a Cyborg World
just started that the other day. the whole 'arise' series has been awesome - Nicķ
Todd Hoff
The Classic VW Bus Reinvented As A Greener Camper | Co.Exist | ideas + impact -
The Classic VW Bus Reinvented As A Greener Camper | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
Son of Groucho
Is anybody else having problems with the "Share on FriendFeed" bookmarklet?
Yes ... I gave up for time being!! - Sepi ⌘ سپی
For me, it started a month ago. - bentley
Yes. - Anne Bouey
Thanks, Amit, but these look a bit beyond my IT skills, even though great efforts have been made to make the instructions "idiot-proof"! :-) - Son of Groucho
doesn't work on chrome, works on any other browser. - ufuk
You've got this, Gordon. If you right click on your bookmarklet, there's an 'edit' option. Under that there's 'Name:' and 'URL:' Copy the text from Stepen's point one, and replace what's already in the URL field with that. And, voila, we live to post another day :) - Eivind
Now that I can manage---and it appears to work! You are a genius, Eivind! :) - Son of Groucho
Stephen is, of course, a genius too! - Son of Groucho
*basks* - Eivind from Android
Well-deserved basking... - Son of Groucho
Jason Toney
Doing too much. RT @BuzzFeed: Check Out The World’s First Base Jumping Dog
Doing too much. RT @BuzzFeed: Check Out The World’s First Base Jumping Dog
Doing too much. RT @BuzzFeed: Check Out The World’s First Base Jumping Dog
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
No one liked this? Victor? Jimminy? C'MON! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Because of that episode a couple of weeks ago about Finn's dad and because Jake's voice is also Bender's voice, I now kind of imagine them more like Luke Skywalker and R2D2. Except Zardoz is Luke's father, not Vader. :D - Victor Ganata
Bwahhahahaha! Zardoz. So true. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Plus Mark Hamill's hair color is closer to Finn's :) - Victor Ganata
I feel like Hans has the more adventurous spirit though. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
RT @stayathomemum: Do you do this too? #wednesday
RT @stayathomemum: Do you do this too? #wednesday
Me too. - bentley
Same with Connecticut. - John (bird whisperer)
WETNESS DAY - Big Joe Silenced
FebRuary.and Al - bu - quer - que. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
to get her - That's So CAJ!
What m9m said... - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Yes. :") - Jenny H. from Android
Wool-loo-moo-loo - Melly
An swer me that. - Joe
I blame Bugs Bunny for this. - Marie
I remember having a crush on a certain boy once and was crestfallen when he wrote me a note with "Wendsday" in it. - Melly
Sometimes, yes. I do also say "connect-i-cut" occasionally; I always pronounce the first "r" in February, too. Every once in a while, I'll even say "com-fort-able" - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I'm convinced I pronounce both of the 'r's in February, but none of the vowels in between them. - Deborah Fitchett
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @roborobb: "@AJKhn: WHITE PEOPLE RT @micahgoulart: Hands down the best photo ever taken at a dog show."
RT @roborobb: "@AJKhn: WHITE PEOPLE RT @micahgoulart: Hands down the best photo ever taken at a dog show."
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