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RT @katietoussaint: Every girl needs a role model. @ProjScientist invites #STEM Superstars to help girls picture themselves as scientists
RT @ScienceNewsOrg: Do fast radio bursts come from extraterrestrials? Not likely. But theories abound on these mysterious signals:
RT @Mario_Livio: RT @universetoday:James Webb Space Telescope’s Sunshield Test Unit Unfurled 1st Time #JWST
RT @mandaYoho: "We know dark matter exists, but new research aims to pinpoint its exact location." by @DrMRFrancis
RT @maxplanckpress: Scientists & existentialist doubt : ) [pic: The New Yorker, Bruce Allen Kaplan]
Great article about the status of direct detection gravitational wave experiments -> Physics: Wave of the future
RT @StartsWithABang: Is our Universe left-handed? Do we see a fault in the stars, or is the fault ours?
Can black holes bounce to white holes? My thoughts on Haggard and Rovelli's recent paper @carlorovelli
RT @FQXi: "I Saw the Future": … @skdh's musical entry to the #FQXIvideocontest2014 Vote now!
"Overruns have left fusion programmes with little cash for anything but ITER and the research efforts that support it
"scientific merit, based on the opinions of experts.. should remain the primary consideration for awarding support"
Light Show That Fizzled
The Kardashev Scale – Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilization
Girls Love Science. We Tell Them Not To. via @tauriqmoosa
RT @BenLillie: WTAF, Science?? RT @LSU_FISH: When we said we wanted more women in Science this is not what we meant. @AAASmember
RT @physorg_com: Test of #equivalenceprinciple searches for effects of #spin-gravity coupling
RT @mikraemer: A sign of leptoquarks at the LHC? Probably not, but something to keep an eye on: #fb
RT @FrankWilczek: Mass without Mass: where we stand
RT @StartsWithABang: How the experiment that claimed to detect dark matter fooled itself Great piece by @skdh!
RT @FQXi: US reveals its next generation of dark matter experiments
Fewer than 1% of scientists publish yearly
CERN makes first precise measurements of antihydrogen | ScienceNordic
Post-empirical science is an oxymoron. Or "Is string theory science?"
RT @StartsWithABang: Where will we all be in 100 billion years? Instead of a #tbt, it's a throw-forward Thursday!
RT @FQXi: Some Infinities Are Bigger than Other Infinities, and Some Are Just the Same Size
RT @PhysicsNews: Today’s physics news: LHC to search for fifth force of nature, and a flexible nano-pixel screen
Interview with Achim Kempf about the sound of spacetime I wrote about this here
RT @Myrmecos: Be aware. Don't let research happen to you.
RT @maxplanckpress: Free art in the sky: 10 incredible #cloud formations RT@wherecoolthings
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