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"scientific merit, based on the opinions of experts.. should remain the primary consideration for awarding support"
The Kardashev Scale – Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilization
Girls Love Science. We Tell Them Not To. via @tauriqmoosa
RT @BenLillie: WTAF, Science?? RT @LSU_FISH: When we said we wanted more women in Science this is not what we meant. @AAASmember
RT @physorg_com: Test of #equivalenceprinciple searches for effects of #spin-gravity coupling
RT @mikraemer: A sign of leptoquarks at the LHC? Probably not, but something to keep an eye on: #fb
RT @FrankWilczek: Mass without Mass: where we stand
RT @StartsWithABang: How the experiment that claimed to detect dark matter fooled itself Great piece by @skdh!
RT @FQXi: US reveals its next generation of dark matter experiments
Fewer than 1% of scientists publish yearly
CERN makes first precise measurements of antihydrogen | ScienceNordic
Post-empirical science is an oxymoron. Or "Is string theory science?"
RT @StartsWithABang: Where will we all be in 100 billion years? Instead of a #tbt, it's a throw-forward Thursday!
RT @FQXi: Some Infinities Are Bigger than Other Infinities, and Some Are Just the Same Size
RT @PhysicsNews: Today’s physics news: LHC to search for fifth force of nature, and a flexible nano-pixel screen
Interview with Achim Kempf about the sound of spacetime I wrote about this here
RT @Myrmecos: Be aware. Don't let research happen to you.
RT @maxplanckpress: Free art in the sky: 10 incredible #cloud formations RT@wherecoolthings
Physicists defend Big Bang wave announcement
International Education: European Students’ Use of ‘Smart Drugs’ Is Said to Rise via @feedly
Nobel laureate: science is moving in a dangerous direction | ScienceNordic
RT @maxplanckpress: [video] Astonishingly beautiful: Transatlantic flight paths of 2,524 planes on a single day: via @guardian
No neutrinoless-double beta decay seen by EXO-200 experiment
Worth reading: A comprehensive overview of chemical-free consumer products
The Hair of Physicists (1930s) | Restricted Data
Paper about math-bio in previous tweet probably related to this:
RT @tcross81: I went to a physics lab and stood in the world's most powerful neutrino beam. I didn't get vapourised on the spot.
"We try to combine mathematical physics and biology into a picoscope of life."
Introduction to open peer review | Information Culture, Scientific American Blog Network via @sciam
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