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RT @JenLucPiquant: The 25 Greatest Scientific Hoaxes In History | IFLScience
World's Fastest Camera Shoots 4.4 Trillion Images Per Second - D-brief |
New academic novel takes the form of letters of recommendation @insidehighered
RT @RCScience: The smallest scale possible in the universe. By @skdh via @StartsWithABang
How to effectively convert energy to information
The PhD experience: this far, and no further via @timeshighered
Student may be jailed for posting scientist's thesis on web
wtf?? -> Physics student arrested after axe attack
Physicist develops stochastic model to describe interbeat variation patterns between musicians via @physorg_com
RT @StartsWithABang: The Smallest Possible Scale in the Universe Is there a "fundamental length"? @skdh explores.
“The Smallest Possible Scale in the Universe” by @StartsWithABang
Top 10 mathematical innovations
The Glory of Math Is to Matter | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network via @sciam
I've been singing again :) "When the day comes"
That's why I stay away from sites like IFLS: How I Became Thousands of Nerds' Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo
New Horizons Mission Catches Pluto And Charon Waltzing | Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog Network via @sciam
Well said: Stop the deluge of science research via @guardian
Rosetta countdown: Landing starts 10am CEST
omg: Japanese Researcher, an Author of a Discredited Stem Cell Study, Is Dead
RT @orzelc: Women of the Arxiv: Quick comment on @FiveThirtyEight's nice analysis, and what I wish they'd addressed more.
RT @StartsWithABang: The Man Who Invented the 26th Dimension A great physics+history piece by @phalpern!
Sad but true: Essay on the way academics must get used to friends moving elsewhere @insidehighered
Physicist Invents Color-Changing Ice Cream
Fluorine stars with added sparkle | ScienceNordic
RT @elakdawalla: Somebody has designed a LEGO Friends Lunar Lab with observatory, botany & geology labs, & more
RT @maxplanckpress: Turning failure into #functionality: the importance of curiosity-based #research RT @MIT
RT @maltesk: Norditas stjärnbloggare @skdh börjar skriva hos @StartsWithABang: (och Ethan är i Sthlm om 3 v vill jag minnas)
RT @StartsWithABang: A Warm Welcome to our New Writers! Stoked for @mandaYoho @Summer_Ash @BrianKoberlein @skdh @phalpern @jbprime!
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