Surprise, Surprise, Jonah Lehrer Returns | Just Visiting @insidehighered via @sharethis
RT @seanmcarroll: Thoughts on becoming a (professional) science communicator. Other thoughts?
Strange: ‘A Singing Comet’ by esaoperations on #SoundCloud?
The underappreciated value of boring thruths
RT @PhysicsWorld: You can watch the whole #cometlanding live here on the @ESA_Rosetta website --
Springer and Peerage of Science team up
Comet-Landing: A Guide to a Spacecraft's Perilous Mission This Week
RT @gmusser: The mystery of perytons: radio-telescope signals that seem to be of terrestrial origin, perhaps meteor fireballs.
RT @maxplanckpress: Why are there still so few women in science—and how might that affect #research? RT@NatGeo
RT @orzelc: How is quantum physics like a crossword puzzle? Video promoting my new book (T-shirt by @minutephysics).
Fun facts: correlation between music taste and SAT scores
Top 10 science popularizers of all time
Make a guess, win a copy of @orzelc's quantum physics book. Post your guess in the comments on the blog, no tweets
RT @seanmcarroll: A feisty history of the Hot Big Bang model, by the son of Ralph Alpher, one of its pioneers.
RT @LloydEKnox: I remain amazed that we can confirm effects of sound waves from ~14 billion years ago. #SPTpol
RT @StartsWithABang: Nature is not symmetric Roses are red, violets are blue, it's time for monopole, number TWO!
RT @jackshope: Sharing my computer's down time with charity after reading “A better world, effortlessly” by @StartsWithABang
RT @physorg_com: Physicists hit milestone in accelerating particles with #plasma
RT @AstroKatie: This is where Australia's Research & Development funding stands in world stage. -@AdamBandt #RespectResearch
Gravity and Light, graduate student Winter school, Feb 2015, Linz. Application Deadline Dec 15
Scientific discoveries tend to be ground-moving rather than ground-breaking
It's not that women talk too little and underpromote themselves but that men talk too much and overpromote themselves
RT @JenLucPiquant: The 25 Greatest Scientific Hoaxes In History | IFLScience
World's Fastest Camera Shoots 4.4 Trillion Images Per Second - D-brief |
New academic novel takes the form of letters of recommendation @insidehighered
RT @RCScience: The smallest scale possible in the universe. By @skdh via @StartsWithABang
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