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Mapping social responsibility in science | ScienceNordic
Rowan Williams: there’s no fooling about impact via @timeshighered
Bouncing neutrons probe dark energy on a table-top
No, physics doesn't have a problem describing the present moment - the "now" - as special
RT @seanmcarroll: Science writers of the 21st Century: they're not all men.
My submission for this year's FQXi essay contest is now online - enjoy :) @FQXi
"What do we do when cosmology raises questions it cannot answer?"
Blog coverage matters for citation counts:
Twitter by numbers: Tweets loud and quiet
RT @orzelc: RT @wilw Presenting the greatest Venn diagram shirt I've seen in months.
"incredulous laughter could be heard throughout physics departments across the land." - #c4news
On the size of sports fields
RT @amymaxmen: Difference between sci communicators & sci journalists. The latter expose the murky underbelly of science @NatureNews
RT @EmanuelDerman: The Corpoversity RT @chroniclevitae: Leaving academia? It's time to have 'The Talk'
RT @mikraemer: 2nd International Spring School on Particle Physics and Philosophy: transparencies of the lectures are online #fb
What is philosophy of science (and should scientists care)? | Scientific American Blog Network via @sciam
The world has voted. The most popular number is 7:
Will the social sciences ever become hard sciences?
RT @orzelc: High quality parenting advice. No, really:
RT @FQXi: Gravity in quantum mechanics
RT @FQXi: How Academia and Publishing are Destroying Scientific Innovation: A Conversation w/ Sydney Brenner via @jr_prtichard
Interesting Nature Editorial about quantum foundations: Be here now
RT @slugnads: The mystery of the missing black holes.
5 Things Dark Matter Could Be - The Countdown
RT @cosmos4u: One of the Norwegian geologists involved in the meteorite-vs.-parachute business responds to doubts about the story:
!! -> Skydiver nearly struck by meteorite via @amaragraps
Which large LHC experiment are you? via @play_buzz
RT @FQXi: Animation ‘The Fundamentals of Space-Time’ Breaks Down Complex Physics Concepts in Flipbook Form via @JenLucPiquant
RT @manahelthabet: The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle
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