Steve heard a parent yelling at their kid this morning... they missed the geese flying over that I was watching.
And I believe... it's only just beginning!
Steve reunited with friends tonight. long overdue, and GOOD times.
YES, we will.
Steve wow! Now That's RAIN!
I could be passionately indecisive on this issue, tomorrow.
...embrace the challenge. It will turn into a gift someday.
Steve don't bother asking... if you are my friend, YOU DO!
Steve don't bother asking... if you are my friend, YOU DO!
Steve circumstances don't define us. Our reaction to them does.
Steve all in the preparation.
Steve has learned that if you are a person that makes decisions intuitively, it can sometimes confuse other people. hmm, more lifelong learning ahead!
Steve hmm.
Steve up and to be done for me today.
Steve off to feed the kiddies full of halloween treats so they can be wired for their parents all night and I can go home and sleep.
Steve inconsistent thoughts could be our conscience challenging us.
I've heard it before.. but it's been a while......... I need more cowbell.
Steve there is so much talent around me, i could go home. Success!
Steve learned today that many answers can be found through silence.
Steve sometimes the best moments, are spent alone just watchin.'
....Here is to volunteers!
Steve canby cougar homecoming! On my way! I'll be there!
Let it ride...
I know a person looking to sell a successful house cleaning business to move on to other interests, in the greater Portland metro and outlying areas. Contact for info.
A new Real Estate Professional in our midst. Welcome to Canby Windermere Realty Partners Melodie Rice! Go Melodie!
Steve hair brush must have caught the edge of the tea bag in my tea. flipped it up in the air without me seeing it, and it came down on me and tea everywhere. Attacked by tea bag. Decision... move forward? or go back to bed?
"ain't no pillow wide enough"... g'night.
Alan gave me an energy drink this afternoon. still amped. oh my.. oh my...
Let the leaves fall, let the rain fall, let a naysayer take a shot... "we get up, we show up, we move forward, every day." I love Mondays!
Steve have a nice Sunday.
If you are a Canbyite, or not....welcome Sharon Dunn and Chad Bawden to Canby Windermere Realty Partners!
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