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RT @davewiner: Scripting News: 20 years of blogging.
RT @MikeIsaac: twitter hinted it would sue the govt earlier this year if it didn’t make headway on NSA data disclosures. just did
RT @Profrehn: New post: Attention Mindfulness Journal assignment @DigLibArts @hrheingold @writingasjoe
RT @exis10s: Good thing we evolved with predators or else we wouldn’t be able to see all these beautiful shades of green.
.@tingkelly launching webdev biz for changemakers, nonprofits. She & partner @bjorncooley know what they're doing!
Learn to make things move. Intro to motors w/ #arduino Sept 4 6 PM Pacific. Grab a spot
RT @dmlresearchhub: New DMLcentral post: Paper Circuitry Illuminates ‘Writing as Making’ @MiaZamoraPhD #connectedlearning
RT @RobinGood: Crap detection resources - 99 tools organized in 15 categories - updated #journalism #tools
RT @cordym: @hrheingold I think you might like this Chrome plugin #thinkknowtools #collaboration
RT @Hermida: Timely advice: "You do not talk to your students; you listen to them." What students want from professors via @slate
RT @ginasue: How do technologies attach themselves to cultural forms that have power? @fturner on The Democratic Surround. #citasa
RT @bobbyfishkin: @hrheingold Citizen science. Citizenship as a science. Collective intelligence of citizens-
Just beginning to collect citizen science links
Citizen scientists of have helped find first particles of interstellar dust
9/9 effort to be aware of when you are directing it and when you are distracted.
8/9 class. If I was a student, I'd probably check my email a couple of times. The first step in controlling your attention is making the
6/9 becoming aware of that moment when they slide from intention to distraction. I also note that many of them seem obsessively interested
7/9 in their grades. Do they not know that in a small seminar the instructor knows which students aren't paying attention? It's a 3 hour
5/9 laptop to take a note, look something up - intentionally. Then you slide into email, Facebook, unintentionally. I ask them to start
4/9 I tell them that I don't intend to police their use of personal media, but I do expect them to work at doing it mindfully. You open your
3/9 collective note-taking all term. Usually, some say that they know they are paying less attention in class when they are multitasking. So
2/9 them for note-taking. So I tell them that if they open their laptop in class, I'll expect to see their name on the Piratepad we use for
1/9 I talk w/ students abt laptops, phones in class during our first meeting. First, I ask them what they think. Usually, many say they need
RT @dmlresearchhub: "The pen is not mightier than the keyboard." Study Proves Why We Need #DigitalLiteracy Education
August 28 5 PM Pacific learn about Hummingbird Robotics Kit from its inventor
Working under the plum tree again. Apples, pears ripen: still juice in this summer.
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