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Crowdsourcing crowds by @jobsworth (@herdmeister - you're gonna like this.) -
Crowdsourcing crowds by @jobsworth (@herdmeister - you're gonna like this.)
Crowdsourcing crowds by @jobsworth (@herdmeister - you're gonna like this.)
"* First and foremost, by identifying those present, it is possible to create first-hand and then and share eyewitness accounts for momentous events, perhaps again using Wikipedia * Secondly, researchers will have a well-defined base of people to talk to; this is particularly important for those events where the participants are approaching the end of their lives * Thirdly, I think there is some inestimable value in bringing together these event-alumni, even if only vicariously and virtually. Friendships could blossom, support groups could emerge, new facts could see the light of day." - zeroinfluencer from Bookmarklet
Robert Scoble
How Twitter (and FriendFeed) journalism works (we have an example here with ):
1. Someone posts something. It might be true. It might not be. - Robert Scoble
2. Someone retweets it. Still might not be true. - Robert Scoble
3. Someone else reaffirms it (still waiting on this in this case). - Robert Scoble
4. More people reaffirm it, posting photos, videos, and other things. - Robert Scoble
5. Mainstream media moves into the story and tells us what actually happened and quotes Tweets that can be verified. - Robert Scoble
3b: or someone posts that it isn't true. Or that it didn't happen like first Tweeter said. Or gives us another version. We're waiting on that step now. - Robert Scoble
I'm also checking Google News and other sources plus FriendFeed search and Twitter Search to see if anyone else has seen this event. - Robert Scoble
What is the original URL? For some reason, it's blocked in our network by websense (I mean doesn't open) - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Every minute that ticks by tells me this is a false alarm or not a bad event. After all, if it were really a plane in trouble Twitter would light up like a Christmas tree. - Robert Scoble
Nevermind, I assume its the plane engines on fire issue - Aaman (Clone of FF)
I always start out a bit skeptical anytime I see events like this and look for verification. Lots of pro journalists don't give Twitter credit for doing this. But here we're doing it in real time. - Robert Scoble
This is how we beat CNN to the Chinese Earthquake story by 45 minutes. - Robert Scoble
Aaman: you don't have to assume. I linked to the Tweet I was talking about. - Robert Scoble
I wasn't able to open the link, but the original tweet URL from your other post opened fine - Websense blocked the expansion - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Geer: that link was for a plane on Wednesday. This happened 20 minutes ago. - Robert Scoble
Geer, that was from April, let alone Wednesday and the wrong airport. - Louis Gray
It's an hour later and even the guy who posted the original Tweet admits that probably nothing happened, but that there was flames coming out the right engine. I bet that happens frequently and isn't worth news. Case closed. - Robert Scoble
WoW! - Chuck
You forgot the step where it becomes a trending topic just because so many people are asking "so what happened to #enginesonfire?" not because it's a real news story. - Sean Montgomery from iPhone
And how does this help on important but not urgent topics like, third world hunger, or global warming or obesity epidemic ? I haven't seen some one look at "It warm here for this time of the year" "I am having batter fried bacon" tweets and draw logical conclusions :) - Sriks7
Sriks7: facts alone do not journalism make. But, if 100,000 people all across the globe send in photos of how their neighborhood is being affected by climate change, then those 100,000 people are doing journalism. So is the person who goes through all 100,000 and finds a new pattern. So is the person who prepares that report for publishing by editing the words and fact checking everything. All of that could be done in public (we can argue about whether or not it will be, but that's a different argument). - Robert Scoble
I think Twitter/FF starts to blur the line between journalism & fact collecting. Someone can popst a fact, which spurs other people to read about it, or think about it, and *something* might happen. - Mitchell Tsai
At what point does a "story" develop? Does three-source fact-checking or research come into play? etc... - Mitchell Tsai
Robert, Louis, just checking to see who was observing the detail :) - Geer
Mitchell: I was one of first Americans to tell someone else about the Chinese earthquake. It started developing while the ground was still shaking. Five minutes later the USGS reported it. That really developed it. 45 minutes later the first mainstream news reported it. I guess that's when the pros would say it was developing. - Robert Scoble
This post and the comments are, taken together, one of the best posts on FF I've seen w/r/t journalism and the media. Excellent, Mr. Scoble. - Absentee
Scoble: Agree that they all do, and definitely there is a solid value proposition, but my point is that it is more suited for certain types of news stories (hence limited by it).While it is very easy for Joe Citizen journalists to confirm or deny if a plane is on fire or not, it is much more difficult say how well Cash for clunkers is working or the benefits of cap-n-trade. A... more... - Sriks7
Robert Scoble
@markvgti I use FriendFeed because it bundles all conversation into a single URL. Try to do that on Twitter. Go ahead. I'm waiting.
SPACEWAR - by Stewart Brand - Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums. -
1972 article for Rolling Stone - Scholz
Paul Jones
Digital Humanities and Arts? why not do Allen Kaprow-esque Happenings organized by SMS?
Scott Rosenberg
Nick Carr’s new knock on the Web: does it change how we read? -
Beth Kanter
Beth, do you have a specific URL for Chris Brogan's photo? I looked at his Flickr page and didn't find it. Love your presentations, would like to see one in person some time. - Howard Rheingold
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