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RT @M_C_B: Wow. Must read: "Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming" via @washingtonpost #attention
.@RobinGood & others continue to add crap detection resources. Comment-suggestions open to all. Ask 4 editing privs.
The season when I can work barefoot on the lawn has come again, for which I am thankful. Contact w/ actual earth restores, energizes me
I doodled this in a text during class my first year at Reed, 1964:
I wrote for @dmrlesearchhub abt what I learned from my online courses such as
Video: why the history of the public sphere matters in the Internet age
Video: why the history of the public sphere matters in the Internet age
Geekout/buildalong this Friday, 6 PM Pacific 4 #arduino beginners - controlling a Red-Green-Blue LED.
RT @geek_outs: GET STOKED! Getting Started With #Robotics Buildalong w @hrheingold
.@APassEducation de nada! More crap detection resources:
Looking for 3-4 learners to fill cohort: online Literacy of Cooperation course - email howard @ rheingold dotcom
RT @courosa: "Stanford researchers discover the 'anternet'" Ant traffic mirrors data protocols of the Internet.
RT @juneholley: Understanding The Effects Of Hierarchy In Society | @scoopit
RT @hellekin: "Overgrazing is a human invention" cc @hrheingold (video, 7min)
RT @hellekin: "Overgrazing is a human invention" cc @hrheingold (video, 7min)
Just need 4 or 5 more colearners to make up a cohort: Literacy of Cooperation Apr 30 - Jun 12 contact me
Few things are as beautiful as wood. Starting out as woodworker, today I procured maple, walnut, and hickory.
RT @pioneerrwjf: Fascinating talk by @NAChristakis on the evolutionary roots of social networks & how we can exploit them for health:
.@kwooleyy Correct link for peeragogy handbook pdf
Access online, download PDF (free) http://) or buy paper edition frm Amazon $20
10 co learners have signed up for Literacy of Cooperation online course. Cohort capped at 3o. Apr 30 - June 12
visual crap detection @hoaxoffame debunks online video hoaxes
.@EduQuinn Thank you, Dave. Not that I know of. My large, unsorted collection of crap detection links:
#lilypad geekout buildalong tonight 6 PM Pacific 4 slots left. Grab one!
RT @NietzscheTalks: Art is the proper task of life.
10 colearners have signed up for Literacy of Cooperation, need 5 more for minimum cohort
Today is a good day to exercise online crap detection
RT @RogervonOech: @hrheingold Actually, everyday is! Also: the "Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect"
2 spots left 4 tomorrow's wearables buildalong - multiple parallel LEDs & a switch or button. 6 PM Pacific
RT @timekord: Today is a good day for the @hrheingold special mini course
Online course on Literacy of Cooperation May 1-June 5. Limit 30 learners. Contact howard @ rheingold dotcom
RT @mccNYU: Attention by Design —> April 4 w/ @fturner, Natasha Schull & Joseph Hankins #NYU #sts
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