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Darkskinned or Lightskinned? Crowdsourcing Blackness -
Metropolitan Museum Butt-Checks Kim Kardashian -
The Downside of Art Going Viral -
RT @TwoCoats: They export artists RT @hragv: OH: "I'm from Rhode Island. They don't really export anything."
OH: "I'm from Rhode Island. They don't really export anything."
RT @morninggloria: Whoa whoa whoa @NYTimes where is the #NSFW label on this article
As Martin Wong fan, glad to hear @DoyleNewYork set auction record for "Liberty Mourning…Death of Her Sister…” 137K
RT @KarlreMarks: Hey John meet Omar, Omar meet John. You have a lot in common. #matchmaking
RT @igorbobic: Just imagine his Facebook feed. RT @nytimes It's official: Mormon founder Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives
Construction site arte povera
RT @olireports: 9 Photos Of Oppressed People With Striking Eyes That Will Change Your Perspective On Something Or Other
RT @Cheesegod69: The new Star Trek movie looks lame
RT @DavidResilience: “@hragv: At the Nicole Eisenman exhibition @ICAPhiladelphia”. My painting on the bottom.
RT @1Lodgey: Best tweet of the day: "@ndnstyl: @LawladyINM"
RT @CassandraRules: For Veterans Day @BarackObama should #PardonManning
Shattered “Adam” Is Born Anew at the Metropolitan Museum -
Can we agree that art fair news is the worst news? 99% of the time it isn't really news.
British Colombia votes on Saturdays. Why doesn’t everyone else?
! "A recent poll revealed…a third of Israelis think that Arab citizens of Israel…should not have the right to vote.”
RT @lukeoneil47: Tinder but for drinking buddies in random cities.
RT @washingtonpost: How many black members of Congress have ever been elected, by state
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