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This is my GIF masterpiece. No applause, please. // When Reality TV Imitates Art via @hyperallergic
I chimed in along w/ @artfcity @jomc @michael_connor @jasoneppink and others / What Is the Mona Lisa of Digital Art?
Tonight is interactive Polke event at @MuseumModernArt …if you’re into psychedelic shamanism & magic…this is for you:
RT @windspeakernews: If we tweet one name each day of 1181 missing or murdered Indigenous women - would not end until Aug.13, 2017! #mmiw
RT @RosieGray: Birthright Is Still Leading Trips To Israel Despite The War In Gaza
RT @johnpyper: @hragv @JoshuaSmith1983 the third time could be a food truck. The fourth could be a martial arts demonstration. The fifth could...
Get a grip // @NYDailyNews: An early look at tomorrow's front page.
RT @KunleIRAK: Ultimate power corrupts ultimately. It's only a matter of time before the oppressed become the oppressor. #secondclasscitizenspeak @hragv
RT @ImranGarda: Apartheid South Africa also used the human shields argument.
This is a work by Rasheed Araeen I saw in Sharjah in March.
Please explain // “@KunleIRAK: Civil rights is cyclical.”
RT @buckyturco: Unless you're reporting on an actual tree growing in Brooklyn, it's time journalists stop using that convention in headlines, etc.
Wait, I take that back. @ADL_National jumped the shark when they denied the Armenian Genocide:
ADL has jumped the shark / @ADL_National: Hate on Display: #AntiSemitism in Anti-Israel Demonstrations Across Europe:
Walked by this spot again and had to take a context pic.
RT @joshuadecter: @hragv Obristorium?
It might be time to call a Hans-Ulrich Obrist moratorium. #HUOfatigue
RT @alexnazaryan: Highbrow vandalism, East Hampton.
Forever inward?
Counter terror? //@alexbkane: NYPD counter terror unit shows up to help arrest protesters at Friends of the IDF
Not a high % // Nearly 1,600 hit Israel & 396 were intercepted by Iron Dome missile defense system via @jdforward
Sébastien Gorla, “Untitled” (2014) -
Sébastien Gorla, “Untitled” (2014)
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