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What Global Warming, Energy Efficiency and Erlang Have in Common -
What Global Warming, Energy Efficiency and Erlang Have in Common
Impact of Software Language Choice and Architecture on Energy Efficiency Abstract Hidden in the discussion of rising energy costs and consumption in datacenters is the selection of software language. A physical server is an easy concept for the general public to understand since it compares so closely with a personal computer. Even the concept of virtualization, in which a host operating system, such as OS X, runs a guest operating system like Windows is somewhat intuitive, since it allows a "Mac person", to run their "Windows software on their Mac". Virtualization of servers in datacenters isn't that big of a leap from this concept, since it allows the running of multiple operating systems on one physical server.1 Energy efficiency gains with virtualization in a data center seem very logical since an operator can place multiple guest operating systems onto a physical server until that physical server is running at close to 100% utilization. Conceptually this is not much different...
Rewilding Our Hearts: Ecocide Is Suicide -
Rewilding Our Hearts: Ecocide Is Suicide
We're killing a very tired and less resilient planet at alarming rates. It's common knowledge that we're losing species and habitats at an unprecedented rate in a geological epoch known as the "anthropocene" -- the age of humanity. While the term has not been formally recognized as official nomenclature, we know we're deep into a time when humans are devastating numerous species and their homes and we are behaving in the most inhumane and selfish ways. Simply put, we humans are the cause of such massive and egregious ecocide because as big-brained, big-footed, overproducing, overconsuming, arrogant and selfish mammals we freely move all over the place recklessly, wantonly and mindlessly trumping the interests of countless nonhuman animals (animals). Every second of every day we decide who lives and who dies; we are that powerful. Of course, we also do many wonderful things for our magnificent planet and its fascinating inhabitants, but right now, rather than pat ourselves on the back...
DIY Invisibility Is Now an Actual Real Thing -
DIY Invisibility Is Now an Actual Real Thing
Scientists at the University of Rochester in the USA recently revealed how to make stuff invisible. Kinda. Most other articles and even the press release from the University of Rochester itself compared this discovery to Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, and nothing else. Which was a bit dumb for two main reasons. Firstly, this invention has nothing to do with Harry Potter as one is real, and the other is not. Also, one works really well because it's not real, while the other has taken a few good photos but that's about all. It's an optical illusion which disappears immediately once you shift your perspective, similar to holiday snaps of someone holding the Eiffel Tower between their fingers, looking down on the leaning tower of Pisa, or stepping over a seemingly tiny Sydney Harbour Bridge. Secondly, the concept of invisibility did not start with Harry Potter, although it's the only reference ever used. There's the invisible man, Wonder Woman's invisible jet, the way I was made to...
Getting the Most Out of Your Old iPhone -
Getting the Most Out of Your Old iPhone
As the weeks pass since the debut of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are less opportunities to get significant money from your old devices. For those of you who are now using a newest model iPhone, there is no reason to sell your older one for peanuts or shove it into a drawer. Get creative, and realize that long in the tooth iPhone 5 (or event) ancient iPhone 4 has more computing power in it than just about anything you've ever owned. In fact, iPhones released within the last four years have more computing power than supercomputers had 20 years ago. Further, that old iPhone 4 you have lying around has four times the processing power as NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover. This is strong stuff! Just because a phone is no longer connected to a cellular plan doesn't mean it can't connect to the Internet or other networks via WiFi. And you can still enjoy the majority of the apps and games, and basically all of the songs and videos you purchased from iTunes and/or loaded on older...
As Surveillance Reforms Languish, New Tools for Consumers to Protect Data Criticized by FBI -
As Surveillance Reforms Languish, New Tools for Consumers to Protect Data Criticized by FBI
Recent statements by FBI officials, including Director James B. Comey, are revealing and troubling. They criticize tech companies for deploying technology and privacy measures that more effectively protect customers' and citizens' communications and information from scrutiny. These statements are in response to mobile security features in the updated operating system accompanying Apple's recently released smartphones, as well as updates by Google. Other companies are expected to follow with similar long-overdue security enhancements in order to compete and meet consumers' demand. The newly strengthened smartphone encryption measures would simply remove device and software manufacturers from the middle of the security equation and instead let consumers take the steps needed to prevent hackers, identity thieves, stalkers -- and indeed, the government -- from easily intruding into their communications. The companies will provide greater security for their users' data by preventing...
Admitting To Those Social Media Sins Aloud Makes You Sound 100 Percent Ridiculous -
Admitting To Those Social Media Sins Aloud Makes You Sound 100 Percent Ridiculous
We are all guilty of doing embarrassing things on the Internet. Our minds can go to some pretty weird places when trying to decide which Instagram filter will make people most jealous of a meal, for instance. Now, just imagine what would happen if you 'fessed up. "I take at least 10 selfies for every one that I post," one person admits in the video. The confessions just get better from there. H/T BuzzFeed
Women Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Crisis Must Be Central to the Solution -
Women Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Crisis Must Be Central to the Solution
Medical authorities worldwide are struggling to contain the deadly Ebola virus wherever it breaks out, but one reality in the countries most affected is not receiving adequate attention. The outbreak is affecting girls and women more than boys and men - those who are infected as well as those who are not. In Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, women are 55 to 60 percent of those who have died, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Officials in Liberia estimate that up to 75 percent of the deceased or infected are women. It is a historic pattern: in Sudan's 1979 Ebola outbreak, 69 percent of those affected were women, and many more women than men were affected in Uganda's outbreak in 2000-2001. This is because women are often more exposed to Ebola risk than men. Women are the family caregivers who feed and clean the sick, exposing themselves in the process. Women are also the nurses and the maintenance and laundry workers in clinics and hospitals where infected people...
Horse Casually Saunters Into U.K. Police Station, Shows Himself Out -
Horse Casually Saunters Into U.K. Police Station, Shows Himself Out
Police in Winsford, U.K., had to rein in an uncooperative visitor this week, after the local resident sauntered into the town's station headquarters early Monday morning and insisted on horsing around. The visitor -- a brown and white horse, which apparently lives near the building, police said -- didn't hesitate to stroll in through the police station's sliding doors, despite a hot-to-trot officer's best attempts to shoo it back out. Thankfully, security cameras in the station captured the entire incident, and county police released the footage Thursday, along with this neighborly statement: We were somewhat saddled with our unexpected guest, who in the early hours of the morning quickly became the mane event of the night shift. We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ, and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security and appeared to be a well cared for animal [all sic]. If you'd care to look a gif horse in the mouth, here is the guest's casual entrance again,...
Maui Residents Put Anti-GMO Ban On The Ballot -
Maui Residents Put Anti-GMO Ban On The Ballot
Hawaii has long been considered "ground zero" for the debate over genetically modified organisms, but now one county is taking on big biotech in an unprecedented way. On Nov. 4, residents of Maui County (which includes Maui, Molokai and Lanai islands) will vote on whether to place an immediate moratorium on all genetically modified farming in the county. Kauai and Hawaii counties already passed regulations on the agricultural biotechnology industry last year, but if the Maui initiative passes, it would be the most restrictive law against biotech in the state. The Sustainable Hawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the Aina (or SHAKA) Movement submitted the moratorium to the Maui County Council earlier this year. The movement collected 9,062 valid signatures to get it added to the ballot; it represents the county’s first-ever citizen-initiated bill. If passed, SHAKA’s moratorium would be in effect until Maui County conducts an environmental and public health analysis of genetically...
Unnamed U.S. Officials Blame News Reports Based On Unnamed U.S. Officials For Militants' Escape -
Unnamed U.S. Officials Blame News Reports Based On Unnamed U.S. Officials For Militants' Escape
NEW YORK -– The Associated Press reported Thursday that the U.S. fired 46 cruise missiles last month at Syria-based terrorist cell the Khorasan Group, but only killed one or two key militants. U.S. intelligence officials, speaking anonymously about classified information, suggested to the AP that the strikes didn’t cripple the group “partly because many important members had scattered amid news reports highlighting their activities.” The AP’s Ken Dilanian wrote Thursday: News stories last month, including a Sept. 13 report by The Associated Press that first disclosed the group's significance as a terrorist threat, led some members to flee before the U.S. military had a chance to strike their known locations, U.S. officials said. And who revealed details about the Khorasan Group on Sept. 13 to Dilanian and colleague Eileen Sullivan? (Bold added.) While the Islamic State group is getting the most attention now, another band of extremists in Syria -- a mix of hardened jihadis from...
Where Henry Kissinger's Dark Wisdom Blinds Him -
Where Henry Kissinger's Dark Wisdom Blinds Him
For a man who's well-known to be prickly about what he's well-known for -- and who has just published World Order, a lofty, butt-covering assessment of how the world is unraveling without his grand strategy -- former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger can't have been happy to find himself in The New York Times two weeks ago under a headline, "Kissinger Drew Up Plans to Attack Cuba, Records Show." In 1976, the Times reports, he was so "apoplectic" about Fidel Castro's sending troops to support Communist insurgents in Angola that he wanted to, "as he said, 'cobber the pipsqueak," according to longtime Cuba expert Peter LeoGrande, who has co-authored a book with the relevant documents, newly declassified by the Ford Presidential Library. In a substantial review-essay on Kissinger and his new book in the Los Angeles Review of Books, I mention briefly Kissinger's Angola plan (which was never implemented) and his well-documented, cold-blooded supporting roles in the (fully-implemented)...
HUFFPOST HILL - Epidemic Not Sad Enough To Melt Grizzled Senator's Icy Heart -
A growing number of congressmen want to ban travel from Ebola-stricken countries, citing medical research published in the comments section of RedState by PATRIOTCON76_DEFEAT_NOBAMA. Alison Lundergan Grimes strenuously avoided saying whether she voted for President Obama, but we're sure the voters of Kentucky will accept a forced smile and "Go Wildcats!" as an answer. And Scott Brown said issues at the U.S. border aren't President Obama's fault. Then he said it again. And again. And then they cried and hugged. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Thursday, October 9th, 2014: JEH JOHNSON TO EVERYONE: SHUT UP - Elise Foley: "Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson shot down claims on Thursday that a 'porous' southern border is allowing terrorists, Ebola and a continued surge of unaccompanied minors into the U.S., despite claims to the contrary by a number of politicians…. 'Those of us in public office, and in the media – whether in describing the border, ISIL or Ebola -- owe the public informed,...
It's Time to Talk About Cuba -
It's Time to Talk About Cuba
I had to go to a health center on my ninth day in Havana. The skin on my chest had started to turn colors and peel, and it was clearly not a sunburn. I thought that I had become that American- having a reaction to the water, the food, the foreign landscape ninety miles South of my home country. After one look at my peeling chest, my experienced roommate informed me that it was nothing other than a fungal infection- that I could have gotten it anywhere, but it needed to be treated. It was 2007 and the Cubans wasted no time in getting my skin the attention that it needed. Almost before I realized that there was something wrong, every Cuban that I'd met over the last nine days was hovering over me-offering me water, coffee, guava, rum--anything to make me feel better. And their little gifts, these regalitos did make me feel better--until they escorted me down to the van that was supposed to take me to the clinic. It's no secret that Cuba is the Jurassic Park of automobiles, a living...
Rick Weiland Has A Minivan, $300,000 And A Guitar. Can He Get To The Senate? -
Rick Weiland Has A Minivan, $300,000 And A Guitar. Can He Get To The Senate?
WASHINGTON -- Can you win a seat in the United States Senate by driving around in a minivan, strumming a guitar and singing about the evils of money in politics? The question will soon be answered in South Dakota, where Rick Weiland, a former Clinton official and top staffer to former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, is running for the open seat. If you haven’t heard much about Weiland before this week, you’re not alone. He was cast long ago as a colorful folk-music-singing populist with virtually no chance in a state with strong Republican leanings. The race to replace retiring Sen. Tim Johnson (D) was in the hands of well-liked former Gov. Mike Rounds, a Republican. Even were Rounds to stumble, the natural beneficiary was Larry Pressler, the former Republican senator who is running as an independent, not the guy refiguring a Johnny Cash song into an ode to small town South Dakota. But a confluence of events -- chief among them, the bizarre embezzling scandal that’s engulfed...
Grads From These Colleges Are Supposedly The Most (And Least) Likely To Get A Second Date -
Grads From These Colleges Are Supposedly The Most (And Least) Likely To Get A Second Date
Sorry, Princeton Mom. The prestigious university's student body might not be the best place to find love after all. Matchmaking site The Dating Ring analyzed 7,500 post-date feedback forms submitted by 1,600 New York and San Francisco singles over the course of 18 months, all to determine which college or university's alums were most likely to get a second date -- and which were most likely to be left hanging. So which schools are producing the most crush-worthy prospects? Private liberal arts college Colgate University claimed the title of most dateable grads among The Dating Ring's clients, with 81 percent of suitors saying they'd like seconds with a former Raider. For some Colgate students, the school's attractive student body apparently even helped them make their college decision. "I looked at Colgate because my camp counselor said really hot guys went there," alumna Laura McDonald told The Dating Ring, according to a company press release. Although many of the schools featured...
These last two days, I've been sitting down with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, and this morning at the crack of dawn we left Washington and headed together to my hometown -- Boston -- to help ring a global alarm bell and focus on an issue that doesn't just animate President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron, but an issue that demands urgent attention from all of us: global climate change. In the year I was born, 70 years ago this year, Sir Winston Churchill first talked about the "special relationship" between the United States and Great Britain, and his deep conviction that unless always we kept the United States and the United Kingdom united in that "special relationship," untold destruction would be the result. Seven decades later, our two countries are confronting danger -- and defeating it -- not just on the battlefield against ISIL, but we are also together confronting the kind of "gathering storms" Sir Winston also warned about -- and global climate change is one of...
Are Kids Part of 'All Men Are Created Equal'? -
Are Kids Part of 'All Men Are Created Equal'?
After the Supreme Court refused to rule on same-sex marriage bans in Virginia and four other states - effectively making same-sex marriage legal - Virginia Governor Tim Kaine lauded the fact that the Justices had "given loving couples across the Commonwealth the freedom to marry." In doing so, Kaine claims, "we have taken a major step toward Jefferson's ideal that 'all men are created equal.'" What major steps remain to be taken? What about children? Do we consider them part of Jefferson's ideal? If so, is that reflected in our policies and laws? The noted British philosopher Jeremy Bentham, for one, upon reading our Declaration of Independence and coming across the phrase "all men are created equal," took 'all men' to include 'all children.' Bentham took great umbrage to this. "'All men,'" he wrote, "'are created equal.' This surely is a new discovery; now, for the first time, we learn, that a child, at the moment of his birth, has the same quantity of natural power as the parent,...
Jeh Johnson: Politicians Shouldn't 'Feed The Flames Of Fear' Over ISIS, Ebola -
Jeh Johnson: Politicians Shouldn't 'Feed The Flames Of Fear' Over ISIS, Ebola
WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson shot down claims on Thursday that a "porous" U.S. southern border is allowing terrorists, Ebola and a surge of unaccompanied minors into the country, despite claims to the contrary by some politicians. Johnson tried to dispel rumors and dial back fears during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, saying there have been improvements to border security. He said the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended in fiscal year 2014 was 68,434 -- considerably lower than a projection of 90,000. Claims that four terrorists had crossed the border were false, he said, and the government is intensifying efforts to keep Ebola out of the U.S. But that's not always what people are hearing from politicians or reading in the news, he said. "Those of us in public office, and in the media –- whether in describing the border, ISIL or Ebola -- owe the public informed, careful, and responsible dialogue, not overheated rhetoric...
Cameroon Releases 7 Suspects Accused Of Breaking Anti-Gay Law -
Cameroon Releases 7 Suspects Accused Of Breaking Anti-Gay Law
YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — An official says seven people who were arrested this month on suspicion of violating Cameroon's anti-gay law have been released but will remain under close observation. Donatus Sembe, a police official in Yaounde, the capital, said Thursday that four of them were released Wednesday for lack of evidence and the other three were freed earlier in the week. The group included men and transgender women. Lawyers working to defend them confirmed they had been freed. Cameroon arrests and prosecutes more sexual minorities than any other country in sub-Saharan Africa, according to Human Rights Watch. The country's penal code punishes homosexual acts with up to five years in prison. Sembe said the seven would be re-arrested and put on trial, if they engaged in "any deviant behavior."
Why Financial Inclusion in India Is Not Quite There Yet -
Why Financial Inclusion in India Is Not Quite There Yet
I was in India on August 15 when the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced an ambitious financial inclusion plan called Jan Dhan Yojana (JDY) in his Independence Day speech. I have been an avid campaigner of Financial Inclusion for the poor for many years now -- I co-founded and launched Financial Access at Birth (FAB) initiative five years ago. So the Prime Minister's plan to provide at least one bank account, possibly two, for every household in India delighted me. But a bank account represents only one leg of the three legs required to give financial inclusion stability and long-term viability. The other two required legs are incentives for people to use these accounts for savings and day-to-day transactions, and incentives for banks to provide ubiquitous and convenient mobile banking services at nearly zero costs to the users. How can we build this three-legged stool? By using the power of Incentives, Technology and Scale. First, the incentives. JDY offers a life...
Democrats Join Call To Ban Travelers From West Africa -
Democrats Join Call To Ban Travelers From West Africa
WASHINGTON -- Three Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have joined Republicans in calling on President Barack Obama to restrict travel by people from Ebola-stricken West Africa. "The United States needs to institute travel restrictions, enhanced airport screening and possible quarantine of individuals who have traveled to, or from, the West African countries that have been most impacted by this tragic Ebola epidemic," says the Wednesday letter. Reps. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) joined two dozen Republicans in signing the letter. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) is one of the only other Democrats who has called for a travel ban, most loudly advocated so far by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R). (Grayson first called for a ban in July.) As The Hill reported, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans support the idea. The Obama administration has resisted calls for travel restrictions, saying airport screening is effective and that...
Alison Lundergan Grimes Dodges Questions On Whether She Voted For Obama -
Alison Lundergan Grimes Dodges Questions On Whether She Voted For Obama
Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes on Thursday repeatedly dodged inquiries as to whether she voted for President Barack Obama, who remains extremely unpopular in the Bluegrass State. Sitting down for an interview with The Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board, the Kentucky secretary of state refused to answer the question and stressed her support for Hillary Clinton in 2008's presidential race. "You know, this election isn't about the president. It's about making sure we put Kentuckians back to work," she said. Asked again, Grimes said, "I was actually in '08 a delegate for Hillary Clinton and I think Kentuckians know I'm a Clinton Democrat through and through. I respect the sanctity of the ballot box and I know that the members of this editorial board do as well." Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) campaign has repeatedly portrayed the Democrat as beholden to Obama, including to his health care and energy policies. Asked a final time in...
Pioneering the Possible
True pioneers are fuelled by their vision of how a new world could be, and dare to take on what has never been done before. Now, when so few people have any vision at all of the future, the pioneering spirit embodies the kind of leadership so deeply needed on the planet. Today's pioneers are sufficiently in touch with the planet, and with their inner voice, to know what needs doing and how to do it. This begins in the radical mastery of one's inner being. Brilliance, charisma, eloquence -- these are wonderful gifts that a leader can possess -- but these gifts gain ultimate effect and coherence only when fueled and sustained by inner power. In half a century of work in the world, the most important lesson I learned from observing leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu at close quarters is that inner work is a pre-requisite for outer effectiveness -- that the quality of our awareness directly affects the quality of results produced. This inner power is the diamond formed by years...
Estonia Approves Gay Partnership Law -
Estonia Approves Gay Partnership Law
TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — Estonia's Parliament on Thursday narrowly passed legislation to legalize gay partnerships, the first such decision by a former Soviet republic. In a 40-38 vote, lawmakers approved a partnership act that recognizes the civil unions of all couples regardless of gender. Twenty-three lawmakers were absent or abstained in the third and final reading of the bill. The new law will give those in civil unions — heterosexual or gay — almost the same rights as married couples, including financial, social and health benefits provided by the government and legal protection for children. It does not give full adoption rights for couples in such unions but does allow one partner to adopt the biological child of the other. The law comes into force in January 2016, after it has been signed by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves who has supported the bill. The Estonian Human Rights Center hailed the vote as "historic," saying it would send a strong message to neighboring Russia,...
In Life and Death, Thomas Eric Duncan Exposed Severe Gaps in Anti-Ebola Efforts on Both Sides of the Atlantic -
In Life and Death, Thomas Eric Duncan Exposed Severe Gaps in Anti-Ebola Efforts on Both Sides of the Atlantic
How can you prosecute a man hanging onto a lifeline from an infectious disease? According to news reports published last week, that's precisely what Liberia vowed to do to Thomas Eric Duncan -- the first patient diagnosed with Ebola while on US soil -- if he ever made it back to the country. Duncan died on Wednesday from Ebola related complications. His tragic demise should represent a prick on the conscience of those who threatened prosecution. This is the same kind of insensitive scaremongering that has driven people underground, afraid to cooperate with authorities. With more than 3,000 Ebola-related deaths reported, double the number of infections and no indication of the outbreak abating any time soon, inflammatory statements about criminalizing Ebola only make matters worse. Though the backstory of Duncan's case is still unfolding, there was an underlying and perhaps faulty assumption that he knew about his Ebola status and deliberately lied on his exit form. In actuality,...
I am a big fan of Nicholas Kristof so I was disappointed by his argument with Sam Harris and Bill Maher and his defense of his position in his New York Times column today, "The Diversity of Islam." In it he restates his case, the essence of which is: just because some Muslims are bad doesn't mean all Muslims are bad and therefore we shouldn't criticize them. This misses the point of what Harris and Maher were saying. Some Muslims are chopping heads off in the name of god. Most Muslims believe their religion should get special protection from criticism. By demanding this, even moderates protect the worst aspects of their faith as well as the best. This makes them culpable. Kristof defends the moderate Muslim by saying, "Yes, almost four out of five Afghans favor the death penalty for apostasy, but most Muslims say that that is nuts. In Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world, only 16 percent of Muslims favor such a penalty." Indonesia has a population of almost 205...
Bobby Jindal Wants Teachers To Know They Have Free Speech Rights, Too -
Bobby Jindal Wants Teachers To Know They Have Free Speech Rights, Too
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) wants teachers to know they can complain about the Common Core State Standards all they want. On Wednesday, Jindal issued an executive order aimed at protecting the rights and freedom of speech of teachers. The order was issued in response to recent reports "about teachers who were quieted by local school officials after voicing concerns over Common Core," according to a press release from the governor's office. A subsequent press release from the same office implied that Jindal believes John White, the state's education superintendent, could be playing a role in silencing teachers. The press release for the executive order specifically highlights a recent article from The Town Talk, a Louisiana newspaper, in which an educator said she was "written up" by school administrators after writing a Facebook comment critical of the Common Core. "Teachers are the backbone of Louisiana's educational system and offer a necessary voice in the ongoing discussions...
Harvard Students Launch Petition For 'Yes Means Yes' Consent Policy -
Harvard Students Launch Petition For 'Yes Means Yes' Consent Policy
Harvard University students have launched a petition calling on the school to include affirmative consent in its sexual assault policy. Their petition asks that the school's policy shift its standard of consent for sexual activities from "no means no" to "only yes means yes," mirroring a law adopted by California last month. Three student groups -- Our Harvard Can Do Better, Graduate Students Advocating for Gender Equality and Harvard Students Demand Respect -- created the petition, which calls for a new "baseline for confirming that a sexual partner wants to be in that situation at that time." Our Harvard represents undergraduate students, while Harvard Students Demand Respect covers all schools at the university. Students have been pushing for the change for months, but even now, Harvard's administration won't say whether it will join others in the Ivy League in supporting such a policy. "Harvard has taken a number of steps to foster prevention efforts and to support students who...
Patrick Modiano: 7 Passages - In English - From France's Obscure Nobel Prize Winner -
Patrick Modiano: 7 Passages - In English - From   France's Obscure Nobel Prize Winner
Cabaret performances at the Moulin Rouge continued during Nazi occupation. This article first appeared at Worldcrunch. PARIS – The 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded Thursday to Patrick Modiano, a 69-year-old French author whose work you probably don't know if you aren’t from France. Indeed, most of his books have remained untranslated, though that may change after his Nobel win. The committee in Stockholm cited the author’s “art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies.” Much of his best-known work centers around the experience in Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II. His French fans here at the Worldcrunch office in Paris speak of “his own genre” …. ”really more poetry than prose” … “disappear(ing) into his language.” With the help of a Babelio fan page, we have collected and translated a small selection of passages from four of his books. The first come from the novel "Rue Des Boutiques Obscure" that shot him to fame after it was awarded...
Why Maria Hinojosa Is 'Less Afraid' Of How The U.S. Will Deal With Demographic Change -
Why Maria Hinojosa Is 'Less Afraid' Of How The U.S. Will Deal With Demographic Change
The days of a majority-white United States are coming to an end. But it's not something the country should fear, according to award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa. In her new TV series "America by the Numbers," Hinojosa, a Mexican-born anchor and executive producer of "Latino USA" on NPR, delves into the data behind the major demographic shift that Census Bureau projections have said will make whites a minority by 2043. Census projections released in December 2012 say the country's non-Hispanic population will peak at 200 million in 2024, while the multiracial population is projected to more than triple by 2060. "America By The Numbers," which premiered last week on the World Channel and PBS, aims to cover the issues facing both white America and these newer diverse groups, who make up what the Hinojosa calls "the new mainstream." The eight-part series was produced by Hinojosa's organization, Futuro Media Group, which is also behind "Latino USA." The series will run until the end...
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