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Dear Jim Sleeper, Not Everything Is About Yale -
Dear Jim Sleeper, Not Everything Is About Yale
Jim Sleeper has been a fairly prolific HuffPost writer on Singapore, mostly because of the Yale-NUS College that appears to have caused him no small amount of personal grief. He has written about Singapore's repressive online website licensing regime and the Little India riot. In 2012, he wrote about the Israel-Arab war, using it as an opportunity to highlight Singaporean militarism and oppression. His latest offering touches on the ban of Tan Pin Pin's film To Singapore, With Love. In all of these articles he draws the connection to Yale-NUS, lambasting Yale's willingness to establish connections with authoritarian regimes. A friend cracked Sleeper's formula. It is as follows: 1) An event happens. It doesn't necessarily have to be local to Singapore. 2) Blame Singapore. Revise stock quotes about Singapore being "oppressive" and "illiberal" or "brainwashed". 3) Question Yale-NUS and its legitimacy. There are many problems related to human rights, politics and democracy in Singapore....
7 Made-For-Kids Drinks That Would Taste A Lot Better With Booze -
7 Made-For-Kids Drinks That Would Taste A Lot Better With Booze
Kids' drinks are served on the way-too-sweet side: They're so sweet it's near-impossible to sip from the straw of a juice box without ending up with sticky fingers. Our grown-up taste buds can't handle the beverages straight from their cartoon-clad packages, but we've found another way to drink the liquid candy. It pairs just perfectly with the astringent notes of alcohol, which is exactly why we've reimagined some well-known kiddie beverages into something appropriate to drink only after the young'uns are off counting sheep. Take a look at these concoctions below (and do note, these are for 21+ palates, only): Want to read more from HuffPost Taste? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.
HUFFPOLLSTER: Massachusetts Race Turns Competitive -
HUFFPOLLSTER: Massachusetts Race Turns Competitive
Martha Coakley sees her initial lead slip away in a Massachusetts race...again. Surveys disagree on candidates' popularity in North Carolina and elsewhere. And few people feel personally affected by the campaign against ISIS. This is HuffPollster for Tuesday, September 30, 2014. GOVERNOR'S RACE CLOSES IN MASSACHUSETTS - Massachusetts is blessed with more active local pollsters than most other states, and they have produced four new polls since last week showing a very close race between Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker. Three of the four new surveys -- Boston Globe/Social Sphere, UMass Amherst/WBZ/YouGov and Western New England University -- gave Baker the edge by a percentage point or two, while a Boston Herald/Suffolk University poll gave Coakley a 1 point advantage. Coakley had enjoyed wide leads in polls conducted earlier this year. The HuffPost Pollster poll tracking model, based on all of the public survey data, still gives Coakley a...
The Fed Is Even Afraid To Ask Goldman Sachs The Easy Questions -
The Fed Is Even Afraid To Ask Goldman Sachs The Easy Questions
There's a startling moment in the recently released audio recordings of Goldman Sachs bankers talking to their regulators at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. But it's not shocking for the reasons you might assume. The tapes -- secretly recorded by then-bank examiner Carmen Segarra, whom the New York Fed employed for seven months in late 2011 and early 2012 to keep tabs on Goldman -- don't capture any craven wrongdoing by the bank. (Goldman Sachs responded with a short, dismissive statement last week when the tapes were made public.) Instead, it's the New York Fed that comes off looking terrible -- deferential and ineffectual, and apparently concerned above all with accommodating the banks it was supposed to regulate. It's a perfect picture of a culture structured by regulatory capture. For instance: ProPublica reporter Jake Bernstein describes a meeting where a senior Goldman compliance executive "mentioned that Goldman's view was that once clients were wealthy enough, certain...
Doctor Writes Letter Of Gratitude To Dairy Queen Owner, Moves Her Former Boss To Tears -
Doctor Writes Letter Of Gratitude To Dairy Queen Owner, Moves Her Former Boss To Tears
After years of kindness, this restaurant owner is finding out that no good deed goes unnoticed. Nabiha Islam worked at a Dairy Queen in Markham, Ontario, under owner Yvonne Lavasidis. Though she stopped working there about three or four years ago, Islam didn't forget the care and compassion that the owner had for her. So recently Islam, who was a student when she worked at the fast food joint, sent a letter to Lavasidis thanking her. Lavasidis shared the heartfelt note on Facebook and one of her friends posted it on Reddit. It has since gone viral. The letter Islam sent to Lavasidis. "Well, I'm a doctor now! It's taken me a long time, I know, to come back around to Dairy Queen but I have thought of you and your kindnesses often," Islam wrote in the note. "You are an incredible boss and an even better human being." Lavasidis, who received the letter last Monday, said that she was moved by Islam's words. "Obviously I was so very touched. I was in tears when I read the note for the first...
Daily Meditation: If We Can Dream -
Daily Meditation: If We Can Dream
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life. Today's meditation features a poem by Rudyard Kipling, read aloud by Sir Michael Caine. "If" encourages everyone to cling to life despite all odds. If by Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,...
Faced with images painted by countless media stories, there are several choices, including admiration, enthusiasm, indifference, consternation, indignation, anger and laughter. The latter choice is all too rare an opportunity to miss. The recent March of official representatives of many different countries (People's Climate March) on climate change through New York, for the United Nations General Assembly, shining in the media spotlight, provided an ideal opportunity. Simply put, although it appeared to cause enthusiasm from those who saw here a willingness on the part of these leaders to finally take care of this serious matter, it triggered a wild laughter in me, followed by great indignation. Indeed how can one refrain from laughing seeing those who are supposed to rule the world, recognize inadvertently their powerlessness, glowingly pleased with themselves as they march with other protesters? It is like the CEO of a company marching with his employees in order to improve their...
Bill O'Reilly Is Just So Mad At Stephen Colbert These Days -
Bill O'Reilly Is Just So Mad At Stephen Colbert These Days
Despite just about everyone telling him that his plan to defeat ISIS using a vast mercenary army is really, really terrible, Bill O'Reilly is not backing down. (Surprised?) On Monday, O'Reilly lashed out at frequent foe Stephen Colbert, who had devoted a segment to ridiculing his scheme. Colbert, O'Reilly groused, was a "dumb" person with "no bleeping clue" (he actually said "bleeping") about what to do in the Middle East — unlike O'Reilly, whose plan has the support of 70 percent of respondents in a poll on WATCH: Watch the latest video at H/T Raw Story
For-Profit Prison Bankers Prey On Inmates' Families With Exorbitant Fees -
For-Profit Prison Bankers Prey On Inmates' Families With Exorbitant Fees
Editor's note: This is the first in a two-part series examining how financial companies charge high fees to the families of prison inmates. The second part, which will run Thursday, focuses on no-bid deals between Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the U.S. Treasury, under which they provide financial services to the federal Bureau of Prisons. JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — Pat Taylor doesn’t believe in going into debt. She keeps her bills in a freezer bag under her bed, next to old photo albums, and believes in paying them on time religiously. For Taylor, living within your means is part of being a good Christian. Lately, Taylor, 64, has felt torn between that commitment and her desire to be a loving, supportive mother for her son Eddie. Pat Taylor holding a picture of her son, Eddie, who is serving 20-year prison sentence at Bland Correctional Center in Virginia. Eddie, 38, is serving 20-year prison sentence at Bland Correctional Center for armed robbery. He’s doing his time at a...
Rocket's Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air Steal Global Climate Protests' Thunder [Pt. II] -
Rocket's Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air Steal Global Climate Protests' Thunder [Pt. II]
Part 1 focused on the People's Climate March, the UN Climate Summit, global climate negotiations, and the effects of the new Middle Eastern air war escalation on the media's desultory coverage of the global climate protest movement. Part 2 provides a brief critique of the Obama Administration's climate policies. Climate activists see the President piously jaw-boning about the need for action to protect the climate for our children while his Administration is busily throwing millions of acres of public lands open to oil, gas and coal producers even as the State Department promotes fracking abroad, as if fracking were a solution to climate change and not a part of the problem. We will one day come to regret brashly disseminating this harmful technology just as we should rue the post-World War II Federal program that spread nuclear power technology around the world in the name of commercializing nuclear reactors, only to multiply the risks of nuclear weapons proliferation -- much to our...
PayPal, eBay To Split Into Two Companies -
PayPal, eBay To Split Into Two Companies
SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The mobile payment service PayPal is splitting from eBay and will become a separate and publicly traded company next year. Almost a year after billionaire Carl Icahn opened a proxy fight and pressured eBay for a spinoff of PayPal, eBay President and CEO John Donahoe announced the split Tuesday. Donahoe will step down as CEO of eBay after overseeing the separation of the two companies and will not have a management roll in either of the two afterward. He may have a seat on the board at one or both, along with eBay Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan. EBay, based in San Jose, California, said that the separation was the best path for growth and shareholder value creation for each business. EBay is an e-commerce site that connects sellers to buyers. PayPal, acquired by eBay in 2002 for $1.3 billion, has been its fastest growing segment. In the most recent quarter, PayPal gained 4 million new, active registered accounts, up 15 percent, to 152 million. Consumers who...
How To Protect Yourself From Domain Thieves -
How To Protect Yourself From Domain Thieves
Most of us are aware that hackers can steal our financial information. But few people realize that hackers can also go after other valuable property online, like web addresses. Short, catchy URLs can be worth millions of dollars, making them prime targets for thieves. On Monday, The Huffington Post reported on domain theft, a scheme in which hackers steal valuable Internet addresses and sell them in online forums or extort their rightful owners. If a hacker steals your domain name, there’s often little you can do to get it back. But how do you protect your website from getting hijacked in the first place? BE SKEPTICAL OF EMAILS Start by questioning emails that claim to come from a domain registrar like GoDaddy. Hackers often steal website addresses by sending fake emails to their owners. The bogus emails include malicious software that allows thieves to gain control of their victims’ email accounts and approve the transfer of their domain names. The bogus email might say: “Urgent...
Frac Sand Rush Threatens American Towns, Advocates Warn -
Frac Sand Rush Threatens American Towns, Advocates Warn
Victoria Trinko hasn't opened the windows of her Wisconsin home in two years -- for fear of the dust clouds billowing from a frac sand mine a half-mile away. "This blowing of silica sand has not abated since the inception of the mine in 2011," Trinko, a farmer and the town clerk for Cooks Valley, Wisconsin, said during a media call on Thursday highlighting an industry proliferating alongside horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Frac sand is an essential ingredient in the process of natural gas drilling. Trinko is among residents, advocates and scientists warning of risks posed by the frac sand boom -- from heavy truck traffic and sleep-stymying lights and noise. At least one truck hauling silica sand travels a road by Trinko's home every three minutes. When HuffPost spoke with Trinko in 2012, she had just been diagnosed with asthma -- and her doctor suggested the condition was pollution-related. The industry is concentrated in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Rising demand, however,...
Sneaky Scientists Slip Bob Dylan Lyrics Into Articles For 17 Years -
Sneaky Scientists Slip Bob Dylan Lyrics Into Articles For 17 Years
How many times can scientists slip references to Bob Dylan lyrics in their research articles? The answer, my friends, is a lot. At least that's true for a group of five researchers at Sweden's famed Karolinska Institute who this week revealed that they have been sneaking Dylan lyrics into their articles for the past 17 years. It all started with an article about flatulence that two of the scientists wrote for the journal Nature Medicine in 1997. The title? "Nitric oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind." After that, three other scientists joined in, with all five agreeing to an informal competition: whoever snuck the most Dylan references into articles before retiring would win lunch at a local restaurant. "We're not talking about scientific papers -- we could have got in trouble for that -- but rather articles we have written about research by others, book introductions, editorials, and things like that," Dr. Eddie Weitzberg, a professor of anesthesiology at the...
The Fault In Our Email -
The Fault In Our Email
Conventional workplace wisdom declares email a daily scourge. We receive too much of it. We spend too much time replying to it. We concoct elaborate strategies to cope with it and avoid incurring a debt that downward-spirals to email bankruptcy. We bow down at the altar of Inbox Zero, the methodology that dictates we take prompt, concrete action to dispatch with every single message we receive. Reply to it. Or File it. Or Delete it. We turn the drudgery of processing the flood of correspondence into a game. Inbox Zero, FTW! Achievement unlocked…
15 Times The World's iPhone Obsession Went Entirely Too Far -
15 Times The World's iPhone Obsession Went Entirely Too Far
Each time Apple launches a lustrous new iPhone, it's a spectacle. Crowds cheer as they rush to stores in the eternal quest to obtain the latest and greatest gadget. But the blind fervor over Apple devices masks a darker aspect of iPhone mania: People go to truly desperate lengths to get their hands on one. Since the first iPhone shipped out in 2007, fans have gotten in fist fights, sold organs and even trafficked children in exchange for the devices. Others risked their own safety to recover lost phones. Robbers have killed just to make a buck feeding the iPhone black market. Here are some of the most extreme things people have done in the name of an iPhone. 1. One couple sold three newborn babies. A couple in China was charged with child trafficking after they sold three of their children over several years to pay for iPhones and high-end shoes. 2. A teenager sold his kidney. A Chinese teenager sold a kidney in 2011 and used the money to buy an iPhone and an iPad. Five people were...
Tipping Point: The People's Climate March -
Tipping Point: The People's Climate March
"If the planet dies, all causes are lost causes." -- Anonymous Humanity's fate hangs on a tight race between two tipping points: a scientific one and a cognitive one. Scientists use the term "tipping point" to refer to a runaway feedback loop that, when triggered, abruptly and irreversibly changes the behavior of a system, such as the climate. For example, when permafrost melts, it releases methane, 50 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Thus: global warming, melting permafrost, more atmospheric methane, more global warming. The worrisome cycle can easily spin out of control. But there's another climate tipping point: the tipping point of public awareness. If the level of climate awareness tips before climate catastrophe, we just might salvage a viable future. And if so, historians of that future will record September 21, 2014, as the day that saved planet Earth. I had planned to attend the People's Climate March (PCM). Our small town chartered two coaches --...
Humans To Blame For Major Decline In Wildlife Populations, WWF Report Finds -
Humans To Blame For Major Decline In Wildlife Populations, WWF Report Finds
GENEVA (AP) — About 3,000 species of wildlife around the world have seen their numbers plummet far worse than previously thought, according to a new study by one of the world's biggest environmental groups. The study Tuesday from the Swiss-based WWF largely blamed human threats to nature for a 52 percent decline in wildlife populations between 1970 and 2010. It says improved methods of measuring populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles explain the huge difference from the 28-percent decline between 1970 and 2008 that the group reported in 2012. Most of the new losses were found in tropical regions, particularly Latin America. WWF describes the study it has carried out every two years since 1998 as a barometer of the state of the planet. "There is no room for complacency," said WWF International Director General Marco Lambertini, calling for a greater focus on sustainable solutions to the impact people are inflicting on nature, particularly through the release of...
Worldwide investment in transit could produce massive reduction in carbon pollution, huge financial savings, says new report -
Worldwide investment in transit could produce massive reduction in carbon pollution, huge financial savings, says new report
More than $100 trillion in public and private spending could be saved between now and 2050 if the world were to expand public transportation, walking and bicycling in cities, according to a new report released by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and the University of California, Davis. Additionally, reductions in carbon dioxide emissions reaching 1,700 megatons per year in 2050 could be achieved. Carbon dioxide is a potent greenhouse gas and a cause of global warming. Further, an estimated 1.4 million early deaths associated with exposure to vehicle tailpipe emissions could be avoided annually by 2050 if governments were to require strong vehicle pollution controls and the use of ultralow-sulfur fuels, according to a related analysis by the International Council on Clean Transportation included in the report. Doubling motor vehicle fuel efficiency could also reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by an additional 700 megatons in 2050. Carbon emissions in the US...
Revisiting The Lehman Brothers Bailout That Never Was -
Revisiting The Lehman Brothers Bailout That Never Was
Inside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, time was running out to answer a question that would change Wall Street forever.
How ISIS Uses Wheat Supplies To Tighten Its Control In Iraq -
How ISIS Uses Wheat Supplies To Tighten Its Control In Iraq
By Maggie Fick SHEKHAN, Iraq, Sept 30 (Reuters) - For Salah Paulis, it came down to a choice between his faith and his crop. A wheat farmer from outside Mosul, Paulis and his family fled the militant group Islamic State early last month. The group overran the family farm as part of its offensive that captured vast swathes of territory in northern Iraq. Two weeks later, Paulis, who is a Christian, received a phone call from a man who said he was an Islamic State fighter. "We are in your warehouse. Why are you not here working and taking care of your business?" the man asked in formal Arabic. "Come back and we will guarantee your safety. But you must convert and pay $500." When Paulis refused, the man spelled out the penalty. "We are taking your wheat," he said. "Just to let you know we are not stealing it because we gave you a choice." Other fleeing farmers recount similar stories, and point to a little-discussed element of the threat Islamic State poses to Iraq and the region. The...
Three Accounts Of What Life Is Like With Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass -
Three Accounts Of What Life Is Like With Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass
Owners of Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass have had about a week to start carbo-loading. For a measly $100, one thousand lucky noodle lovers snagged seven weeks of unlimited pasta (beyond pasta, card-holders are privy to endless Coca-Cola sodas, breadsticks and soup or salad). Though the promotion didn't start until Sept. 22, it sold out in less than two hours the day it was announced (Sept. 10), and some card-owners even took to eBay, surrendering their endless eats to make a profit. Others, however, are using the deal as intended -- to eat limitless pasta bowls at Olive Garden. Hagana Kim writes on that he will "eat Olive Garden every day for seven weeks." On the blog, Kim documents the daily meal, total Olive Garden calories consumed, the would-be cost of the meal, the number of breadsticks consumed and his current weight (the writer actually appears to be losing mass). Kim is enchanted and consistently positive, so far. "This card is pure magic," Kim...
Spreadable Beer Exists, So You Can Drink Your Brew And Eat It, Too -
Spreadable Beer Exists, So You Can Drink Your Brew And Eat It, Too
Love beer so much that you wish you could eat it? The time has come. Birra Spalmabile is the brainchild of an Italian chocolatier and an Italian brewer: Accordingly, it spreads just like ganache and tastes like a brew (with an "irresistible hoppy scent"). A single jar contains 40 percent beer (and no chocolate). The product can be paired with both sweet and savory foods, like cheeses, meats, fruits and pastries. The spread is alcohol-free, so if you like, you can add it to your bacon, egg and cheese for a quality breakfast sandwich experience. It received some buzz back in 2012 in Italy, and has recently resurfaced for purchase stateside. You can pre-order it on Firebox. There are so many foods we want this spreadable beer to meet. For starters, we're thinking it would pair nicely with a grilled cheese, a warm pretzel, brie and crackers, a bratwurst on a bun and maybe even a savory peanut butter and beer sandwich. If you desire something a little more domestic, "beer jellies" can be...
U.S., Afghanistan Sign Pact To Allow American Soldiers To Remain In Country Past End Of The Year -
U.S., Afghanistan Sign Pact To Allow American Soldiers To Remain In Country Past End Of The Year
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan and the United States have signed a long-awaited security pact that will allow U.S. forces to remain in the country past the end of year. At a Tuesday ceremony in the capital, Kabul, newly appointed national security adviser Mohmmad Hanif Atmar signed the document along with U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham. President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who was sworn into office a day earlier, told the assembled crowd that the agreement signaled a fundamental shift in the country's relations with the world. "This agreement is only for Afghan security and stability," he said.
Apple Gets Illegal Tax Breaks From Ireland: EU -
Apple Gets Illegal Tax Breaks From Ireland: EU
BRUSSELS (AP) — Ireland appears to be granting Apple illegal tax rebates that may have to be recouped, the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday as it pressed on with an inquiry into the iPhone maker's overseas tax practices. If the EU's preliminary finding is confirmed over the coming months, Apple Inc. could face a repayment bill worth billions of dollars because it funnels the bulk of its international sales through subsidiaries in Ireland, where it benefits from low, negotiated tax deals. In a letter to the Irish government published Tuesday, the 28-nation bloc's executive Commission said the tax treatment granted to Apple "constitutes state aid" and therefore raises "doubts about the compatibility" with EU law. To keep market competition fair, the EU forbids governments from helping individual companies. The EU first announced the tax probe in June, also targeting coffee chain Starbucks and others as part of a crackdown on multinationals exploiting tax loopholes. The...
Jon Stewart Finds Out Why Congress Is Hiding Instead Of Debating ISIS -
Jon Stewart Finds Out Why Congress Is Hiding Instead Of Debating ISIS
While British lawmakers were called back into session to debate that nation's involvement in military action against ISIS, U.S. lawmakers have been everywhere but Washington. On TV, congressional leaders have said they would meet to debate the issues, but only if President Barack Obama asks. As Jon Stewart learned on Monday night's "Daily Show," these politicians don't actually need the president to call them into session to start debating. So why are they hiding? Stewart found a rare bit of honesty from the most unlikely source: an actual member of Congress, who admits that lawmakers are better off just sitting on the sidelines and criticizing the president than actually meeting and debating. And that left Stewart fuming. Check out his rant in the clip above.
Mummy Brain Imprint Found Inside 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Skull -
Mummy Brain Imprint Found Inside 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Skull
Scientists are getting a rare look at the brain of a mummy thanks to an imprint left inside the skull of someone who lived more than 2,000 years ago in Egypt. The mummy, found in 2010 with more than 50 others in the Kom al-Ahmar/Sharuna necropolis, is unique in that blood vessels of the brain were imprinted into the skull, according to Live Science. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Archaeology Magazine. "This is the oldest case of mummified vascular prints," Dr. Albert Isidro, co-author of a study on the mummy, told Live Science. During mummification, the brain was removed through the nose. Live Science reports that it's rare for any brain tissue to be left behind, but something must have happened during the process in this case that didn't...
President Obama's Goal Of Closing Guantanamo Bay Prison Stalled At The Pentagon -
President Obama's Goal Of Closing Guantanamo Bay Prison Stalled At The Pentagon
WASHINGTON (AP) — The transfer of prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay has ground to a halt amid a slow Pentagon approval process, causing deep frustration within the administration and raising doubts that President Barack Obama will be able to fulfill his campaign promise to close the offshore prison for terrorism suspects. A detainee sent back to his native Algeria in March is the only prisoner to have moved out this year, beyond the controversial exchange of five Taliban members in return for long-held captive U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The slow pace is the result of the law that gives Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel — not the commander in chief — the final authority to transfer any of the 149 terror suspects being held at Guantanamo. Pentagon officials say they must carefully consider the risks before signing off, given that others have returned to terrorism. The White House has reminded the Pentagon that recidivism risks must be weighed against the danger to the United States in...
Hong Kong Protesters Set Wednesday Deadline For Government To Meet Demands For Reform -
Hong Kong Protesters Set Wednesday Deadline For Government To Meet Demands For Reform
LOUISE WATT, Associated Press HONG KONG (AP) — Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong set a Wednesday deadline for a response from the government to meet their demands for reforms after spending another night blocking streets in an unprecedented show of civil disobedience. A brief statement from the Occupy Central civil disobedience movement said it had set an Oct. 1 deadline for the city's unpopular Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to meet their demands for genuine democracy and for him to step down as leader of Hong Kong. It said they would "announce new civil disobedience plans same day." Wednesday is a holiday for China's National Day, and even larger crowds are expected to flood the streets. The government said it was canceling a fireworks display planned to celebrate the National Day. One day after police shocked the city by firing tear gas at the crowds, the protesters passed a peaceful night Monday singing as the blocked streets in several parts of Hong Kong. They also staged a...
Police In Ferguson Lock Up Peaceful Daytime Protesters By Mistake, Chief Testifies -
Police In Ferguson Lock Up Peaceful Daytime Protesters By Mistake, Chief Testifies
St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, who helped oversee last month's aggressive response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, said Monday that communications failures led police to lock up peaceful citizens during daytime hours. Belmar testified in federal court about the so-called five-second rule that police in Ferguson allowed protestors before enforcing Missouri's law against refusing to disperse. Though the statute only applies to individuals who refuse a police order to leave an "unlawful assembly, or at the scene of a riot," police in Ferguson repeatedly demanded crowds disperse during protests last month of a police officer's fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18, who was unarmed. Police applied the rule to everyone, from protesters and journalists, to children and a 73-year-old woman. Even during daylight hours, officers arrested people who stopped moving for a few seconds, and threatened those who didn't keep in motion. The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri is...
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