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The Black-Footed Cat Kittens Are Back And Hunting Crickets -
The Black-Footed Cat Kittens Are Back And Hunting Crickets
Grieving Father Writes Open Letter To Putin: 'Thank You For Murdering My Child' -
Grieving Father Writes Open Letter To Putin: 'Thank You For Murdering My Child'
The father of a 17-year-old passenger aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 wrote a heartbreaking public letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Thank you very much, Mr. Putin, separatist leaders and Ukrainian government! For murdering my sweet and only child," Hans de Borst starts his letter, published on his Facebook page and in the Hart Van Nederland newspaper on Monday. De Borst's daughter, Elsemieke, was one of 298 passengers aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that was brought down over eastern Ukraine Thursday on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. The girl was traveling to Malaysia with her brother, mother and stepfather. "Gentlemen, I hope you are proud to have shot her young life in pieces, and I hope you can look at yourselves in the mirror tomorrow!," De Borst writes, according to a HuffPost translation from Dutch. The grief-stricken father concludes with a personal message for Vladimir Putin. "Mr. Putin: I hope your intense conversation with our Prime Minster Rutte...
Judges Describe Toll Of Court Vacancies: Burnout, Delays, Pressure To Plead Guilty -
Judges Describe Toll Of Court Vacancies: Burnout, Delays, Pressure To Plead Guilty
WASHINGTON -- Federal judicial vacancies are causing unsustainable courtroom delays, resulting in evidence going stale, witnesses dying before they can testify and, in some instances, people being pressured to plead guilty just to get out of jail faster, according to study released Monday by the Brennan Center for Justice. The study, featuring interviews with more than 20 judges, clerks and lawyers in 10 federal court districts, offers an in-the-trenches account of what happens to the people trying to carry out the work of a court when their senators take months or even years to fill judicial vacancies. More broadly, the study sheds light on the ill effects of roughly 50 district court vacancies around the country. Most of the judges who were interviewed for the report describe vacancies translating to heavy caseloads for other judges and delays in administering justice. That increases pressure to hurry up and resolve each case in order to get on to the next one. "We are seeing...
Honoring the HIV/AIDS Activists Killed on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (AUDIO/VIDEO) -
Honoring the HIV/AIDS Activists Killed on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (AUDIO/VIDEO)
Photo courtesy of International AIDS Society/AIDS2014 As people throughout the world mourn the passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, HIV/AIDS activists are particularly heartbroken over the loss of some of the world's leading researchers in the fight against the disease, who were on their way to the World AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) taking place in Melbourne, Australia, from July 20 to 25, 2014. I dedicated a recent episode of Nicholas Snow Live to the memory of those lost. LISTEN: SnowbizNow on BlogTalkRadio (Listen to this episode on the BlogTalkRadio Network.) The Legacy of Joep Lange: To mark their 25th anniversary, the International AIDS Society captured the memories and observations of all 13 IAS presidents from 1988 onwards through a series of video interviews. Each president speaks about his or her tenure as IAS president and reflects on the development of the HIV epidemic and what impacted him or her the most over during the last 30 years. Watch Joep Lange's video below:...
Accused Killer Of Irish Soldiers Arrested In U.S. On Immigration Charges -
Accused Killer Of Irish Soldiers Arrested In U.S. On Immigration Charges
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — Federal agents have arrested a man the Irish government calls a suspect in the abduction, torture and killing of two Irish soldiers serving as United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon 34 years ago. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Tuesdsay arrested Mahmoud Bazzi at his home in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. The agency arrested Bazzi for "administrative immigration violations" and not directly in connection to the killings in Lebanon, spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told The Associated Press. She said he would be held "pending removal proceedings." While not specifically citing the accusations against Bazzi in his native Lebanon, Gillian said the Department of Homeland Security "is committed to rooting out alleged human rights violators who seek a safe haven in the United States." "ICE's Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center investigates human rights violators who try to evade justice by seeking shelter in the United States, including those who...
Obama's Immigration Dilemma -
President Obama faces a dilemma on immigration reform, and it goes beyond the current problem of children at the border. If he sticks to his announced timetable, Obama will act in some way on immigration reform in the next month or so. The Republican House has already signaled that it not only won't vote on the bipartisan plan passed by the Senate last year, but also that it won't hold any votes on immigration reform at all in the foreseeable future (before the midterm election, in other words). This means if anything is going to happen, Obama will have to make it happen on his own. Obama's real dilemma is that no matter what he does, it's not going to satisfy everyone. In fact, it may not satisfy much of anyone. But it is sure to annoy and even enrage certain groups. No matter what Obama does, if he acts in any meaningful way at all he's going to enrage Republicans -- both the politicians and their base voters. It's a pretty safe bet that the word "amnesty" will figure prominently in...
Lifting Up Copán Ruinas, Honduras to the World -
Lifting Up Copán Ruinas, Honduras to the World
It takes just over three hours to drive from San Pedro Sula to the historic town of Copán Ruinas (near the world famous Maya ruins of Copán). Yesterday, I drove back from Copán Ruinas to San Pedro Sula's Ramón Villeda Morales airport and made it in 3 hours and 10 minutes. Spectacular drive. A bit slow going in the winding mountains, as our busito only had four cylinders, but we made up for it bigtime in the lush valleys. The road is okay. There are a few sections after the town of La Entrada de Copán that need some serious fixing, particularly parts of the road from the town of Santa Rita de Copán. Messy when it rains hard. But overall, not too bad. Hey, you're in a developing country! On Saturday, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández announced that the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) will be financing the construction of a new road from Chamelecón -- a suburb of San Pedro Sula -- to La Entrada. The project will also include work on a new road from La...
Remembering My Friends Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren, Lost on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 -
Remembering My Friends Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren, Lost on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Joep Lange saved my life. Twenty-seven years ago, while I was living in Mexico, I learned that I had HIV, and some friends put me in touch with him. I was given AZT, the only medicine available at the time. But the virus quickly adapts to the AZT, and after a while it became resistant. At that point Joep arranged to get a different medicine for me, one that was still in the experimental stage, and when the effect of that wore off, he made sure I got another, and then another. "We have to fight for a combination therapy," Joep always said, expressing an opinion that was not shared by all his colleagues. In 1996 I finally obtained access to that combination of medicines, which was more effective and longer-lasting and had fewer side effects. Nevertheless, in late 2001, the virus attacked my brain and triggered encephalitis. For weeks I hovered between life and death. Every day Joep came to see me, and he was also intensively involved in my recovery. Things have been going well for years...
This Bad Week in News: Are People Created Equal? -
This Bad Week in News: Are People Created Equal?
Too many bad things happened this week. Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, Israel began a ground mission in Gaza, and children at the southern border of the United States continue to live warehouse-style while politics stifle any resolution. Meanwhile the conversations in the news (from my western POV) reek of the distinct language of dehumanization. It is hard for people to relate to other people -- empathy may be one of the most civilized traits a human can develop. That said, it seems that we as a human race would accomplish much more if we ingested the things we see happening as happening to fellow humans, rather than things happening to "others." Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was a tragedy in every single way, but the political implications intensified when it was discovered that Europeans were onboard. The reasoning for this is political; the situation is bad for Putin and his relationship with the rest of Europe. But what if the plane had been carrying...
If Gaza's Dead Were America's Dead -
If Gaza's Dead Were America's Dead
On the face of it, the casualty figures in Gaza may seem not that horrific to Americans -- unless you transpose that same level of death and mayhem to the United States, 176 times the population of Gaza. For instance, so far reportedly 571 Palestinians have been killed, including 154 children. The total wounded are approximately 3,550, of which 1,125 are children. If the United States were to be hit by a similar bloody onslaught, the number of Americans killed--most in just five days -- would be 101,000, of which 27,000 would be children. The number of Americans wounded would be 627,000, of which 198,000 are children. Another comparison: That number of dead Americans would be almost twice the number of soldiers that the United States lost in 10 years of fighting in Vietnam. (58,000). It would almost equal to the 116,000 American soldiers killed in World War I. It's more than one third of the Americans killed (291,000) fighting between 1941 and 1945 in World War II. It's almost equal,...
Chokehold Death Puts New York's Controversial Police Chief Back In The Spotlight -
Chokehold Death Puts New York's Controversial Police Chief Back In The Spotlight
NEW YORK -- On a freezing day this past winter, a small group of protesters gathered outside police headquarters in downtown Manhattan. They were barely noticed by the throngs of reporters who streamed through the doors of 1 Police Plaza to watch a celebrated cop be sworn in for his second turn at the helm of America's largest police force. Calling themselves "New Yorkers Against Bratton," the protesters warned that the new chief, William J. Bratton, wouldn't mend the New York City Police Department's troubled relationship with people of color. Some had lost family members to police violence, and they had not forgotten who led the force when cops gunned down 13-year-old Nicholas Heyward Jr. in a housing project in 1994, when they strangled 29-year-old Anthony Baez in a scuffle after a football hit a police car the same year, when they filled Anthony Rosario and his cousin with bullets as -- according to one investigation -- the two men lay facedown on the floor of a Bronx apartment in...
Netflix Is Going To Start Selling Gift Cards In Stores -
Netflix Is Going To Start Selling Gift Cards In Stores
You may soon be able to get a Netflix subscription at your neighborhood grocery store. The streaming video service announced in a letter to investors Monday that it's going to start selling physical gift cards in "select stores" in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Germany -- a small number of the more than 40 countries where it will operate by fall. Apart from serving as a last-minute gift from the relative who has no idea what to get you, the gift cards will allow people to pay for Netflix without a credit card. Indeed, the picture of gift card in the investor letter shows it emblazoned with the phrase "no credit card required." "In mature markets, gift cards will extend our brand presence and make it easier to access Netflix," the company said in its letter. "In newer markets, gift cards help build the brand and provide an easier alternative for consumers to join Netflix in markets with developing online payments." In the U.S. and Canada, it'll be great marketing for Netflix to have a...
The U.S. Must Lead on Climate Threat -
The U.S. Must Lead on Climate Threat
During a Congressional hearing this year, Texas Rep. Joe Barton (R) invoked Noah's Ark saying, "I would point out that if you're a believer in the Bible, one would have to say the Great Flood is an example of climate change and that certainly wasn't because mankind had overdeveloped hydrocarbon." Really? Because 97% of the world's climate scientists beg to differ today. Pope Francis, who also reads the Bible, understands the current threat better than Rep. Barton. He said recently that we must be "custodians of creation," respecting the "beauty of nature and the grandeur of the cosmos." He noted the failure to address the warming planet could bring apocalyptic consequences stating, "Because if we destroy Creation, Creation will destroy us! Never forget this!" Three authoritative and frightening reports on climate change were released this year. They come from completely different sources: the U.S. Global Change Research Program; the United Nations; and the U.S. Department of Defense....
The Unregulated World of YouNow -
The Unregulated World of YouNow
An 11-year-old girl lies on the floor of her bedroom. On the desk behind her is a trophy that clearly identifies her name, her hometown, and the school she attends. She stares at her computer and responds to questions on the screen with a winning sincerity. 'Do you dance?', 'Yes, badly'. 'Do you have a bf (boyfriend)?', 'No, what for?' She appears to be video-chatting and is comfortable enough to be doing it in a loose t-shirt and pajama shorts. What's wrong with this picture? Mainly the fact that the girl has no idea who is on the other end of her Internet connection. For example, she has no idea who I am but I am looking into her bedroom watching her answer increasingly personal questions from more than a hundred other anonymous viewers. Welcome to the world of 'YouNow.' is a website self-professed to provide 'the best way to broadcast live and get an audience to watch you.' At any given moment there are hundreds of live video feeds and watching them requires no...
Defeating ISIS in Baghdad Is a Long Shot Given ISF History and Current Realities -
Defeating ISIS in Baghdad Is a Long Shot Given ISF History and Current Realities
Co-authored by Michael Pregent, former U.S. Army officer and Intelligence Specialist. Watching Iraqi security forces (ISF) crumble in Northern Iraq several weeks ago and suffering defeat yet again in Tikrit is painful to swallow. Hoping for a best outcome in the long run is not looking better. Our experiences highlight the fact that ISF won't get anywhere from Baghdad soon. In concert, 300 American advisers armed with conventional military tools of thought won't be of much help. Why? ISF have been down this humiliating road before and realities on the ground are ever more complicated than during previous US deployments. US advisers need to understand the synthesis of past and the present, and be equipped to plan and advise Washington accordingly. This latest episode of Iraqi forces failing on the battlefield is the third iteration since Saddam Hussein was forced from power. The first incident was in April 2004, during Fallujah's first flare up. US forces were engaged in a battle...
A Grandmother on Moon Thoughts, 45 Years Later -
A Grandmother on Moon Thoughts, 45 Years Later
Time and attention are quirky. We were in Washington when the Russians launched Sputnik in 1957 starting the Space race, aware but focused more on new baby, new job. We had returned from Malaya on our first Foreign Service posting and were in Virginia on home leave on May 25, 1961, when John Kennedy, new, young and charismatic, speaking in a special joint session of Congress, challenged Americans to land a man on the moon and safely home again by the end of the decade. The TV was on and we heard it. Good thing, too. The space race punctuated our lives that decade. But what I remember is that it was a particularly cool spring. We had been two years in the tropics and only had warm weather clothes that fit our growing young so had to scrounge sweaters, overalls and footed jammies from friends. On the first hot day, June 4, we left again, headed to the American Consulate in Kaduna, Nigeria; fifteen degrees above the equator, a four-hour bumpy ride south of Kano and the NASA talking...
Progress: How Badly Do We Want It? -
Progress: How Badly Do We Want It?
It's easy to make fun of the far right. Their obsession with guns, their desire to push their preachy religiosity on the rest of us, their denial of basic science, their weird focus on women's reproductive systems and their hypocritical self-loathing view of Americans make them easy targets. Facebook is full of memes poking fun at open carry ammosexuals, misspelled signs and all. Indeed, the far right would be funny, if they weren't winning. The shrill voices of extremism are no longer caricatures operating at the fringes of our political discourse. Rather, they are remarkably effective at shouting down moderation and having an outsize influence at the ballot box, in our legislative process, and even at the courthouse steps. Take immigration reform, for example. 71% of Americans support comprehensive immigration reform. Yet, the Tea Party, which only 22% of Americans identify with, successfully killed the bipartisan immigration reform bill in the House. Democrat-leaning policies enjoy...
Senate Confirms Obama Pick For UN Aviation Job Following Downed Malaysian Flight -
Senate Confirms Obama Pick For UN Aviation Job Following Downed Malaysian Flight
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has confirmed President Barack Obama's choice to serve as U.S. representative to the U.N.'s International Civil Aviation Organization, which has sent a team to help investigate the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine. By voice vote on Monday, the Senate endorsed the choice of Michael Lawson of California. He will hold the title of ambassador. Last week, Ukraine asked for assistance from the organization, which was created in 1944 and deals with air safety. The U.S. has said it has strong evidence that pro-Russian separatists with Russian support shot down the plane, killing 298 aboard. Russia has denied the allegations. Lawson has been a major contributor to the Democratic Party and a fundraiser for Obama.
White House Blames Russia For MH17 Crash, Saying There's No Believable Alternative -
White House Blames Russia For MH17 Crash, Saying There's No Believable Alternative
WASHINGTON -- Top Obama administration officials said Monday they have high confidence that Russian influence and weaponry was directly responsible for downing Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 last week. In a background briefing with reporters, these officials offered no specific new evidence to substantiate Russia’s culpability in the crash that killed all 298 people on board. They said they would release whatever intelligence they can declassify as it arises. But they stopped short of saying they would present a case against Russia before an international body or audience. Instead, the officials emphasized the lack of any coherent alternative theories to explain the plane’s crash and the compelling, circumstantial evidence linking it to Russia. The officials said it was clear Russia had provided training and anti-aircraft weapons to Ukrainian separatists, that a surface-to-air missile was launched from an area controlled by Russian-backed separatists, and, of course, that the wreckage...
John Kerry Pushes For Cease-Fire During Cairo Trip -
John Kerry Pushes For Cease-Fire During Cairo Trip
By Arshad Mohammed and Yasmine Saleh CAIRO, July 21 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry began a diplomatic push on Monday to secure a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, but senior U.S. officials acknowledged this would be difficult. More than 500 people have died in the Gaza Strip fighting, the vast majority of them Palestinians, as Israel has pursued an air and ground offensive to stop rocket attacks on its territory from the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip. Kerry began his consultations, which are expected to include meetings with top officials in Egypt and possibly elsewhere in the region, by meeting U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Cairo on Monday night. "We're deeply concerned about the consequences of Israel's appropriate and legitimate effort to defend itself," Kerry said as he and Ban posed for pictures before their talks, according to a U.S. reporter who attended the picture-taking session. "No country can stand by when rockets are attacking it." "But always, in...
Bowe Bergdahl's Attorney Eugene Fidell: Fox News Vilified My Client To 'Bludgeon' Obama -
Bowe Bergdahl's Attorney Eugene Fidell: Fox News Vilified My Client To 'Bludgeon' Obama
As the investigation surrounding Bowe Bergdahl’s complicated story begins, Bergdahl's attorney Eugene Fidell is speaking out against his client’s critics, specifically Fox News. In an interview with HuffPost Live, Fidell accused the cable network of politicizing Bergdahl’s case in an effort to affect the public’s view of President Obama. “It’s very unfortunate that Fox News has an opportunity to use this case in an effort to stir up the base, use this in an effort to vilify my client, who everybody knows has gone through a terrible five-year long captivity among the bloodthirsty and ruthless Taliban, and use this case as a lever to bludgeon President Obama,” Fidell said. Although Bergdahl’s release from the Taliban was at first celebrated, the wave of public opinion quickly changed when news of Bergdahl’s past as a "deserter" surfaced. But as Fidell explained, it was “not a hard decision” to take Bergdahl’s case. "The case has important issues in it, obviously. There have been people...
The Israeli-Palestinian War: Which Channel to Watch? -
The Israeli-Palestinian War: Which Channel to Watch?
We have all seen the deaths in Gaza. We are appalled. Terrible violence. We see it. There is outrage. Rightly so, we want it stopped. And when it stops? We change the channel and go on to find something else to watch... that drama is over as far as we are concerned. The details of what the real issues are don't hold our attention. How to end the real crisis and bring about a resolution just isn't compelling TV. The plight of the Palestinians is a long and complicated history, but we don't have the time or the patience for the complexities of the region, or the real needs of those people. We don't like too many words or too many people debating or too many complicated problems. It exhausts us. The visuals of the killings are over, therefore the drama is over. Just give us the unwatchable/watchable videos of death and destruction. No modern story holds our attention without compelling video. No matter how heinous an event may be, without the accompanying video, it doesn't exist to a...
Malaysia Airlines Black Boxes Handed Over By Ukraine Rebels To Experts -
Malaysia Airlines Black Boxes Handed Over By Ukraine Rebels To Experts
DONETSK, Ukraine, July 22 (Reuters) - A senior separatist leader, Aleksander Borodai, handed over two black boxes from an airliner downed over eastern Ukraine to Malaysian experts in the city of Donetsk in the early hours of Tuesday. "Here they are, the black boxes," Borodai told a room packed with journalists at the headquarters of his self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic as an armed rebel placed the boxes on a desk. Both sides then signed a document, which Borodai said was a protocol to finalize the procedure after lengthy talks with the Malaysians. "I can see that the black boxes are intact, although a bit damaged. In good condition," Colonel Mohamed Sakri of Malaysian National Security Council said in extending his thanks to "His Excellency Mr.Borodai" for passing on the recorders. Borodai also said a train carrying the remains of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane catastrophe has reached Donetsk. It is on its way to Kharkiv, some 300 km (186 miles) north-west. The...
Cuba, the United States and Human Trafficking -
Cuba, the United States and Human Trafficking
This post first appeared in Opera Mundi The United States has once again placed Cuba on the list of countries involved in human trafficking. However, international institutions repudiate Washington's perspective. On the other hand, according to Human Rights Watch, the United States is the only developed country to legally permit the exploitation of child labor from the age of 12 years. In its 2014 report on countries that engage in human trafficking, the U.S. State Department has once again included Cuba, even placing it in its worst offender category. According to Washington, "adults and children [on the island] are victims of sex trafficking and forced labor. Child prostitution and sex tourism in Cuba is a reality [...]. There were allegations of forced labor during missions abroad conducted by the Cuban government." (1) However, Washington acknowledges the lack of reliability of its own sources: "Some Cubans participating in the work missions have stated that the postings are...
Hillary Clinton Urges The U.S., Europe To Get Tough On Russia -
Hillary Clinton Urges The U.S., Europe To Get Tough On Russia
WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that the U.S. and Europe should work together to develop tougher sanctions on Russia while she backed President Barack Obama's calls for a thorough investigation into the passenger jet that was shot down last week over Ukraine. Clinton said in a Facebook chat from the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., that tougher sanctions would make clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin "that there is a price to pay for this kind of behavior." The former secretary of state said she agreed with Obama's comments earlier Monday urging "immediate and full access" for investigators combing through the wreckage of the downed plane. "We should do more to ensure a thorough investigation that not only respects those who were murdered in the attack on the plane, but also tries to find answers to who is responsible," Clinton wrote during the question-and-answer session on the popular social media site. Obama accused pro-Russian separatists of...
Abandoned Kittens Are Now Raising Awareness For Pet Adoption, Lookin' Cute Doin' It -
Abandoned Kittens Are Now Raising Awareness For Pet Adoption, Lookin' Cute Doin' It
These are more than just lovable kittens, they are living reminders of the importance of adoption. In May, Israel-based photographer Alex Greenshpun and her partner found a box containing five abandoned kittens, according to her post on Behance. They took in the tiny creatures, who couldn't have been more than a few weeks old, and nursed them back to health. Greenshpun photographed them constantly, and decided to use the photos as a way to draw attention to the need for animal rescue and adoption. So far, three of the five 2-month-old kittens have already been adopted. "The goal of this photo project is to raise awareness to the beauty and significance of animal rescue and adoption, as well as to the importance of spaying/neutering pets," Greenshpun told The Huffington Post in an email. "There are countless cases of orphaned and abandoned animals each year. Most are not as lucky as our little kittens have been." Meet the five little kitten advocates below: To see more of Alex...
Vet, 97, Booted From Retirement Home Into Shelter For Ukulele Playing, Other 'Disturbances' -
Vet, 97, Booted From Retirement Home Into Shelter For Ukulele Playing, Other 'Disturbances'
At 97, James Farrell doesn’t need much. Just a safe place to play his ukulele and tell the occasional battlefield story. But the three-time war veteran nearly lost out on reveling in these pastimes after getting kicked out of his Napa Valley retirement home and turning to a homeless shelter for lack of a better option, according to the Napa Valley Register. According to the Register, Farrell’s lease was terminated at the Redwood Retirement Residence in Napa, California, on July 6 because of a $1,500 cleaning bill he racked up, which nearly wiped out his savings. He was also told that his singing would “disrupt” others, according to the news outlet. "Management would stop me and say these words: 'Go back to your room!' Like a kid," Farrell told CBS San Francisco."No more." He stayed at a local motel for a few nights and at first, was told he wouldn’t be able to move into Piner’s Nursing Home until Aug. 1, after the next installment of his Social Security and veteran’s pensions would’ve...
The Dangers of Flying Over War Zones -
The Dangers of Flying Over War Zones
The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 over the troubled region of eastern Ukraine raises many critical questions, especially for the loved ones of the 290 civilians on board that commercial flight. But for other travelers who must or want to travel internationally in the future, how can we trust that we are truly safe in aircraft that necessarily transit hostile and roughshod regions of the world at 37,000 feet? One thing that should make travelers feel secure is that airlines and their passengers do it all the time without incident. I recall a few years ago taking a flight from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi and noticing that our flight path included the air space over the East China Sea, where China is now threatening a military response if aircraft don't ask it's permission before traversing these international waters, Pakistan and Afghanistan, in which al Qaeda and Taliban rebels have been waging fierce wars on the ground and even in the air for a decade, and Iran, which doesn't exactly...
These Photos Show Why North Korea Isn't As Robotic As We May Think -
These Photos Show Why North Korea Isn't As Robotic As We May Think
"The Other Hundred" is a unique photo book project aimed as a counterpoint to the Forbes 100 and other media rich lists by telling the stories of people around the world who are not rich but whose lives, struggles and achievements deserve to be celebrated. Its 100 photo stories move beyond the stereotypes and clichés that fill so much of the world's media to explore the lives of people whose aspirations and achievements are at least as noteworthy as any member of the world's richest 1 percent. Jung Pyong Ri, North Korea Photographer: Eric Lafforgue “Everywhere I go, I try to show the human side of a country. What’s behind the headlines that you see or read in the media,” writes Eric Lafforgue. “I’ve been six times to North Korea. Every time they’ve opened new places to visit, and I’ve kept on meeting local people. My contact with them has always been good. On my first visit in 2008, they wanted to see the pictures on my camera screen. Nowadays, especially in parks and at funfairs,...
U.S. Urges Global Push For Israeli, Hamas Cease-Fire -
U.S. Urges Global Push For Israeli, Hamas Cease-Fire
CAIRO (AP) — With high hopes but low expectations, the U.S. stepped up calls Monday for an international push to end fighting in the Gaza Strip as President Barack Obama sent his top envoy to the Mideast to help broker a new cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants — the third since 2009. Voicing fresh concern about civilian casualties, Obama reaffirmed his belief that Israel has the right to defend itself against a barrage of more than 1,500 rockets being launched by Hamas. Yet he said Israel's military assault of Gaza had already done "significant damage" to Hamas' network of tunnels, safe havens and other infrastructure, and said he doesn't want to see more civilians getting killed. "We have serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives," Obama said in Washington. "And that is why it now has to be our focus and the focus of the international community to bring about a cease-fire that ends the fighting and can stop the...
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