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Hugh Briss

Hugh Briss

Web developer, Internet entrepreneur, designer and blogger. Get your Twitter backgrounds at or visit my blog at
I hate it when an idea pops into my head and the hides.
The Power of Social Media Is Not In Selling Directly but In Inspiring and Motivating Others to Do It for You -
I don't like this one bit. - Your Twitter Feed May Soon Be Filled With Accounts You Don't Follow
If you're feeling good today, Sad Tweets is sure to bring you down.
Add a description with a link to your Facebook Page cover photo and it's a clickable banner.
Get the Full Benefit From Your Facebook Cover Photos and Add a Description -
We're all under the control of an ego maniacal madman.
How to Make Your Facebook Page Cover Photo Show Full Width in the Mobile App -
August 1, 2014, The Day Facebook Went Down and the World As We Knew It, Ended -
Facebook is down. This may be the end of the world as we know it.
Facebook is down. Everyone panic!
Brought to you by the Society for the Prevention of Meanness.
You can see all posts on Facebook if you just know where to look. -
Three Ways to See All Posts from Pages and Friends on Facebook
Want to learn more about me? Check out my page!
Don't forget to pin your best tweets to the top of your page.
RT @SHIFTcomm: Exciting news! @ScottMonty has joined SHIFT as Executive VP of Strategy.
"You're an interloper in social media, tolerated 'cause your participation keeps it free for the rest of us" @jaybaer
Who doesn't love a good Christopher Walken GIF?
Take Advantage of Pinned Tweets on Twitter and Don't Waste a Great Opportunity
Take Advantage of Pinned Tweets on Twitter and Don’t Waste a Great Opportunity -
"Jason Biggs Shows Us Three Things To Remember When Your Tweet Goes Wrong" -
Twitter Image Trick to Encourage Followers to Click to Find Hidden Tweet Treats -
Twitter Image Trick to Encourage Followers to Click to Find Hidden Tweet Treats -
Now you can use any name you want on Google+. Anyone want to be Just N. Beeber?
Just Like Facebook, Twitter's New Impression Stats Suggest Few Followers See What's Tweeted -
How To Set Up Twitter Cards and Why You Should Do So
How to See All Posts From Your Facebook Friends and Pages You've Liked
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