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Hugh Briss

Hugh Briss

Web developer, Internet entrepreneur, designer and blogger. Get your Twitter backgrounds at or visit my blog at
Join us now for a social media Twitter chat. #somechats
If anyone is here besides me say hi and feel free to suggest a topic for discussion. #somechats
Join us in 1 hour at 8pm ET for another social media Twitter chat. #somechats
RT @AndreMcKayATX: @ChelseaKrost lye the new job Hugh Briss of @SocialIdentities did on your #Twitter page. Lay outs amazin and so on point
RT @ChelseaKrost: If you want absolutely stunning graphics for your website, blog or social media profiles- The Best Designer is @HughBriss
RT @ChelseaKrost: @DanShrigley Well the top graphic and the graphic here on Twitter is via @Hughbriss . He is absolutely amazing!!
How to Clear Your Facebook Search History -
Archive of last night's excellent Twitter chat about Facebook's 20% text rule.
Looks like we're all running out of steam so I guess that's about it for tonight. Thanks for coming everyone. #somechats
Facebook advertisers can now add a trackable pixel to their final checkout pages to track ROI from ads and sponsored stories. #somechats
So, Facebook announced today a new way to track ROI on our ads and sponsored stories. Awesome, right? #somechats
How many of you have set up a new MySpace page? It's going to kick butt in 2013. #somechats
Did anyone care that LinkedIn is dropping Answers? #somechats
I wonder if I changed my timeline cover to just be the word Facebook really huge and way over 20% if they would mind? #somechats
An easy way to keep up with the chat is with and they even add the hashtag for you. #somechats
Speaking of Google+, lol, isn't it strange that they don't feel the need to control everything we do like Facebook does? #somechats
If you have a burning issue feel free to jump in any time the chat doesn't have to be only about the 20% rule. #somechats
If you have Graph Search your navigation bar will look different than it did. #somechats
Here's a handy tool to check what percent your image has. #somechats
I'll go first. Facebook telling us how much text we can put in images in ads and promoted posts we pay for is ridiculous. #somechats
It's 8 so you can come out of standby @doomzTO. #somechats
In addition to the 20% rule we can also talk about Graph Search. #somechats
lol, Jorgen. That really is starting to piss me off. I usually get this stuff early. #somechats
Welcome Angelique. I'm here. ;) #somechats
Come join in a Twitter chat at 8pm ET about social media and Facebook's crazy new 20% text rule. #somechats
Join me in about an hour, 8pm ET, for a social media Twitter chat. #somechats
Don't miss our Twitter chat tonight at 8pm ET. Among other topics, Facebook's 20% text rule. #somechats
Thank you @websuccess for giving me +K about Social Media!
Your 160 character Twitter bio is your best tool for getting followers, don't blow it.
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