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Hugh Briss

Hugh Briss

Web developer, Internet entrepreneur, designer and blogger. Get your Twitter backgrounds at or visit my blog at
RT @ChelseaKrost: If you want absolutely stunning graphics for your website, blog or social media profiles- The Best Designer is @HughBriss
RT @ChelseaKrost: @DanShrigley Well the top graphic and the graphic here on Twitter is via @Hughbriss . He is absolutely amazing!!
How to Clear Your Facebook Search History -
Archive of last night's excellent Twitter chat about Facebook's 20% text rule.
Looks like we're all running out of steam so I guess that's about it for tonight. Thanks for coming everyone. #somechats
Facebook advertisers can now add a trackable pixel to their final checkout pages to track ROI from ads and sponsored stories. #somechats
So, Facebook announced today a new way to track ROI on our ads and sponsored stories. Awesome, right? #somechats
How many of you have set up a new MySpace page? It's going to kick butt in 2013. #somechats
Did anyone care that LinkedIn is dropping Answers? #somechats
I wonder if I changed my timeline cover to just be the word Facebook really huge and way over 20% if they would mind? #somechats
An easy way to keep up with the chat is with and they even add the hashtag for you. #somechats
Speaking of Google+, lol, isn't it strange that they don't feel the need to control everything we do like Facebook does? #somechats
If you have a burning issue feel free to jump in any time the chat doesn't have to be only about the 20% rule. #somechats
If you have Graph Search your navigation bar will look different than it did. #somechats
Here's a handy tool to check what percent your image has. #somechats
I'll go first. Facebook telling us how much text we can put in images in ads and promoted posts we pay for is ridiculous. #somechats
It's 8 so you can come out of standby @doomzTO. #somechats
In addition to the 20% rule we can also talk about Graph Search. #somechats
lol, Jorgen. That really is starting to piss me off. I usually get this stuff early. #somechats
Welcome Angelique. I'm here. ;) #somechats
Come join in a Twitter chat at 8pm ET about social media and Facebook's crazy new 20% text rule. #somechats
Join me in about an hour, 8pm ET, for a social media Twitter chat. #somechats
Don't miss our Twitter chat tonight at 8pm ET. Among other topics, Facebook's 20% text rule. #somechats
Thank you @websuccess for giving me +K about Social Media!
Your 160 character Twitter bio is your best tool for getting followers, don't blow it.
Loving this Twitter page. @YourInAmerica If you're gonna tell people to speak English, make sure you can write it.
Help me build my list of social media thought leaders. Add yourself if you qualify. via @hughbriss
Retweet the wrong tweet are you're gonna get sued for libel.
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