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Hugh Briss

Hugh Briss

Web developer, Internet entrepreneur, designer and blogger. Get your Twitter backgrounds at or visit my blog at
The Free Ride is Over. Are You Getting Off or Buying a Ticket to Ride?
How do you like the new LinkedIn layout?
Are you using You should.
I'm not sure I think the new Twitter font is any better than what they had.
My Newest Venture, Social Media Masterminds via @@hughbriss
My Newest Venture, Social Media Masterminds -
Showcase Pages Take LinkedIn Company Pages to a Whole New Level
Everyone will be switched to the new Twitter layout on May 28. Get your FREE cover banner now.
Designing the New Twitter Cover Banner So It Looks Good to Everyone
Does Your Social Media Branding Make a Bold Statement?
Need help getting your new Twitter cover banner to look right? I'll clear everytying up for you here:
Time to update your Twitter graphics. Why not take advantage of my free banner offer?
I'm so excited about the new Twitter design I'm giving away FREE Twitter cover banners.
FREE for a limited time offer. Click to get a free Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn banner.
FREE banners for a limited time.
Google+ Pages with 1,000+ followers can now create +Post ads, promote Hangouts on Air
All Grown Up and Still Learning Social Media
Join me and other social media professionals to learn, share and collaborate.
10 Creative Brands using Twitter's Photo Collage Feature #sminds
What Would You Do If Your Facebook Page Was Deleted Without Warning? -
What Would You Do If Your Social Media Page Was Deleted Without Warning?
I hope Starbucks won't mind if I bring my own mug tomorrow.
I've moved the via name to the beginning of the tweet since some get truncated when at the end. #sminds
Testing the #sminds hash tag.
Hello fellow Social Media Masterminds. If you add #sminds or #somemasterminds to a tweet it will post to the @somemasterminds page.
FYI, the group hashtag has been changed from #somemasterminds to the much shorter #smm to save characters since we have so few to work with.
FYI, the group hashtag we need to use has been changed to the much shorter #smm to save on characters since we have so few on Twitter.
Testing the #smm hashtag for posting to SoMe Masterminds.
Testing the new #somemasterminds tweeting option for the group.
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