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"Live web shows empowering amateur entertainers some of whom earn $90,000 annually, nearly 30x avg Chinese salary"
VC: Your blog gets you attention Me: just like writing but sure, helps me punch above my weight VC: Yeah way above Me: Thanks. hey wait..
next blog post has a title -> "The Belief Funnel: Your Term Sheet Waits at the Bottom"
RT @pmarca: 3/A private company in which a sophisticated investor has bought a minority stake for $X/share is not actually worth $X * total # of shares.
RT @ow: .@MicrosoftSteve is fake. It's serial fake account creator, @dailyexec
Um so former msft ceo @microsoftsteve is tweeting from an iPhone?
Ballmer is on Twitter. Maybe even let his kids buy an iPhone now? @MicrosoftSteve
.@jonathanglick "or let us livestream this ride for our latest original series 'Uber Confessions'"
"pay the $1 Safe Ride fee or watch this ad from a sponsor"
anyway, i feel 100x safer in the avg UberX than I do the avg taxi & Uber support always responsive if any issue
(i've never felt unsafe in an UberX but I'd pay some of those guys a $1 to learn SF geography)
Think of UberX $1 Safe Ride fee as a native ad for not being murdered
"Tinder is Pokemon for twentysomething women" <- now I understand
veeeerrrry interesting to compare & contrast the small teams that Yahoo & Dropbox are acquiring....
Having worked w the engineering talent from @dropbox acquisitions like Endorse & @hackpad I vouch they're getting incredible people
“@hackpad: We're proud to announce that we'll be joining the amazing team @Dropbox!!" <- GREAT small team doing collab docs. Boom.
It's not yet #ff but the tweeps that matter most to me are my wife @CBarlerin, my partner @satyap & my fund @homebrew.
RT @thekenyeung: Context Matters! Lessons Learned From YouTube Personalized Recommendations via @hunterwalk
RT @MediaREDEF: Context Matters! Lessons Learned From YouTube Personalized Recommendations (And Why This Matters... (@hunterwalk)
RT @davepell: @hunterwalk two reasons. First I'm an investor. Second, I manually retweet all hoe mentions.
4SQ founder @naveen "Wearables versus there-ables" & why the most interesting tech might not be glasses/watches/etc
Context! Lessons Learned From YouTube Personalized Recommendations (& Why This Matters For Twitter) [new blog post]
"We're on track to hit 2014 forecast #s by June" 😍💰
"Why Most Demos Confuse" -> tips from @BloombergBeta honcho @roybahat on pitching VCs
New UberX drivers should be given small allotment of "$5 off your ride coupons" to distribute to riders as they learn to navigate city.
Facebook Unbundling: turning the swiss army knife app into a toolbet of single apps by @om
.@hamburger Money @aplusk quote abt apps: "fans never go where the celebrities are — celebrities go where the fans are"
Following @zsims on @kickstarter proving to be expensive for me. Another notebook project discovered & backed:
Re: The Ethicist: VC Edition -
"reality for the types of deals we invest in is quite different than you suggest. All of them are competitive which keeps VCs from getting too cute on terms. Most seed financings in our geographies (SF, NYC) are clean standard docs." - hunter walk
RT @shellen: I could be wrong, but didn't Google Drive/Docs used to be great at opening Word & Excel files and now it's a horrible process filled w/pain?
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