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RT @michellebvd: @hunterwalk @aalndy Added. Thanks for the suggestion. <- very cool. thanks for adding devs name to @BuzzFeed article
If you give me your Uber user name & password, i can reset your score to 5.0
Your Uber rating is on a 10 scale
4.8 because I always make them u-turn to pick me up on the side of the street i requested #UberRating
"Why are people laughing at our very important documentary abt global warming?" - Sharknado 2 writer via @CaseyNewton
Actress @meganfox "I could find Bigfoot." I didn't have the willpower to not clickthrough
Solid profile LinkedIn CEO @jeffweiner by @adamlashinsky. Serious question though - Jeff, what beard trimmer you use?
RT @fmanjoo: How to Charge Your Phone in 15 Minutes, via @nytimes <- just #bought
Waiting for broadband providers to relabel net neutrality debate as "surge pricing." Hey, when our pipes get full we raise prices for a bit.
How commerce currently happens on twitter but without twitter getting the $
Great things can happen when you have the courage to be yourself - Michael Sam
Being a startup VC is hard. Being a startup founder is even harder. But damn it's fun when things come together.
Screens, screens, screens. Soon on your walls. @jrlevine's @ElectricObjects illuminated by @jennydeluxe
Want @ProductHunt & @HomerApp to have babies
What if @mlevchin had joined GooglePlus team after Slide acq? Now THAT would be interesting.
Wanna see my home screen? hunterwalk's apps, found on @HomerApp
RT @abrams: @hunterwalk You're going to tempt some entrepreneur into sending 10 pitches to 100 VCs & only building the 1 that get's the highest interest
RT @PandoDaily: You likely haven’t heard of Benchmark’s new GP and that says everything about where Benchmark is going
RT @JasonHirschhorn: What you didn't know you were interested could fill a newsletter. Get REDEF.
RT @josephwalla: Too much funding, not enough action:
Step 1: Start @homebrew Step 2: Back great founders Step 3: Watch those founders on @chelsealately Wait, what?
Step 1: Start @homebrew Step 2: Back great founders Step 3: Watch those founders on @chelsealately Wait, what?
People writing that Twitch "has officially sold" to YouTube but I haven't seen any confirmation. Just speculation from @VentureBeat.
RT @vibhu: @hunterwalk we had lots of fake “big company” type job listings to look like a bigger, more trustworthy company to curious customers
People build fake landing pages to test viability of new ideas. Does anyone do same w job recs to see if you'd be able to attract talent?
Who is featured in SF Biz Times for @twitter corp giving? #SavedYouAClick: my wife @CBarlerin
Things that should not be described as 'tragedies:' an app crashing, your uber being late, restaurant being sold out of the nightly special
RT @theskimm: So this happened. Hint: you should probably watch @chelsealately tonight #SkimmLife @chelseahandler @chuybravo
RT @kellybensimon: Current events delivered to you. They read, you skimm. Love @theskimm
Tired: Stain on my shirt Wired: Came from my daughter kissing me with cinnamon toast lips
Re: Average American Gives 3.1% of Income to Charity. Three Product Ideas To Help Me Be More Charitable. -
"that is so cool. Boulder FTW" - hunter walk
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