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110º heat. Dirty wells. New video from @charitywater & helping 100k people in the Sahel: lv @scottharrison + team
RT @jessiwrites: I'm joining WIRED. <- One of my fav (a) reporters (b) thinkers (c) people (d) all of the above. D!
RT @shyp: This guy is with us! ---> RT @mabmierau: "Just entrusted hand-knitted dinosaur to @shyp Fingers crossed..."
RT @shyp: Hundreds of businesses including @Lyft, @airbnb, & @MaxtonMen use @shyp. Focus on your business, not fulfillment:
Every investor at YC demo day taking notes. Inefficient. Should form some noncompetitive investor cohorts & share collab doc.
RT @JTA4T: Could not be more enamored with how easy it is to use @shyp! Such a delight each and every time. :-)
Some smart tech co should sponsor coffees at the sbux across street from YC demo day.
Google's IPO auction process pissed off folks who talked stock down. But if you believed & invested $10k then = $139,458 now (+1,294%)
YC demo day can feel like....
RT @davidu: @hunterwalk as @sacca will say, and I agree, you'll never feel wealthier than when you go from negative net worth (debt) to $0.
The last time I saw a militarized zone like this was during 2009 trip to Baghdad.
RT @awwstn: My @lyft driver said that his first month driving in SF he thought there was a large company called Startup and everyone worked there.
And @marissamayer doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge w GoPro strapped to her head :)
YC demo day using Snowpiercer theme. Angels must fight from back car to reach the engine where startups await w SAFE notes & handshakes.
San Francisco neighborhood gentrification quiz... from 1985
RT @TalibKweli: 8. I have a son Mike Brown's age. It could've been him.
RT @TalibKweli: 6. Artists who make money off the community are obligated to be there when the community is being brutalized.
RT @TalibKweli: 4. We need to direct attention from the very small amount of "looters" to the true community protestors. We need to take back the narrative
RT @TalibKweli: 3. Mike Brown loved hip hop and wrote lyrics. He was a fan of hiphop. The hiphop community owes him.
RT @TalibKweli: 1. Tweets that arent connected to a movement can lead one to falsely believe they've done enough. I need to put my money where my tweets are
RT @TalibKweli: Reasons I'm going to Ferguson
Dance as if no one is watching. Love as if your heart has never been broken. Fav as if they weren't randomly inserted into others timelines.
My past is littered w the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on - NBA union dir Michele Roberts 👍
Until Twitter decides how it will be using fav signals, I'm going off-the-grid w manual "FAV" @ replies. FYI @tmobrien
Tired of the "so and so wants you to update your contact info" emails from @Humin. App is pretty cool, just turn down the viral dial.
WashPo (owned by Bezos) inserting AMZN "Buy It Now" buttons into articles. Via @tealtan
"How I got my startup to #1 on both Product Hunt and Hacker News by accident" #nomadlist fun postmortem by @levelsio
RT @joeziemer: @hunterwalk shocked @uber hasn't started delivering ice buckets for this. <- Uber + #IceBucketChallenge :)
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