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Huy Q. Dinh

Huy Q. Dinh

PhD student at Vienna Biocenter campus
RT @Biologyreport: The Secret Genius Code - why students dumber than you are getting better grades -ad
That would be really cool! "magical transforming furniture"
RT @AgBioWorld: Guess which corn is GMO? (Held by a Honduras farmer)
RT @sciam: Science Book Wins a Pulitzer Prize
RT @JennyRohn: Fascinating info RT @jameswilsdon 'A faculty job is an alternative career': visualising the US PhD pipeline
Bac Pham Tuan la mot anh hung tam the gioi, co le la so 1 VN sau khi tuong Giap qua doi
It is gonna rock the world. OMG, the sequencer in iPhone size. The discovery race has been accelerated a lot.
It is gonna rock the world. OMG, sequence in iPhone. The discovery race has accelerated.
RT @ArtemisiaMemn: Grad school. That sounds like grad school.
RT @Aiims1742: #RIKEN committee finds evidence of misconduct in #STAP @NatureMagazine paper by disgraced scientist Obokata #stemcell
Either Messi save his best for the Brazil summer or he is having a terrible injury. Barca is too lucky to loose just by 1 goal.Bravo Simone.
Khi học thì phải nghi ngờ và khi làm thì phải có niềm tin. Có thể điều khiển được các nhà KH, nhưng không thể điều khiển được KH - Hồ Đắc Di
Hồi nhỏ mình cũng khát sách như thế này, giờ thì có nhiều quá, khát thời gian để đọc hết
"spending years in a job you dislike is a recipe for regret and a tragic mistake". :) I love mine every single minute
El Classico - be brave, Barca! Don't let CR7 score one though it is damn tough now. But Leo will give us the hope.
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars ... Les Brown
Quê hương ơi, ấm mãi đời tôi ... Tuổi thơ nào ngọt đắng vui buồn ...
Really considering to watch TV or not, mainly shooting incidents, scandal, crazy stuffs are being broadcasted. Could it be more positive?
good to know More than two millennia pass after Imhotep’s description until we once more hear of cancer.
I am leaving Europe, then Barca and Messi are leaving their magic. Co-incidence?
Moving from the capital of music to the capital of movies & entertainment is quite a change in spite of being expert in neither of them!
Congrats Austria for the winning of Foreign Film Language "Amour"!
Celtic gợi nhớ bóng ma Chelsea năm ngoái, Barca chưa thể giải quyết trọn vẹn bài toán xe bus 2 tầng, mới tháng 11 ...
iPS won a Nobel Prize just 6 years after the Cell paper, great Japanese #NobelPrize2012
Look at this, shame on the Marca journalist who did not vote for his compatriot whereas most of major countries did.
"This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." - a quote that inspired many generations. RIP
Yet another Vietnamese hero in science ... BA Stanford, PhD MIT, Prof Harvard. What a profile!
Still looking forward to a Science/Nature paper originally from Vietnam. But it is still cook to see how the news care
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