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Huy Q. Dinh

Huy Q. Dinh

PhD student at Vienna Biocenter campus
RT @lee_c_wei: I can't help but feel extremely sad for those whose family & loved ones involved in #MH17 #GE222 #AH5017 & #MH370 😞
When you are adult, and failed at learning a new language, trying harder doesn't help much.
If you lose the final, no one will remember how you played before. And the same if you win. It is all-in or nothing, none in between.
Any two other countries meet twice in the final? Germany and Argentina made 3 times, that's incredible too see the two best generations
Thiago Silva proved that Brazil would still lose with him in the semi-finals. Well done, Dutch! I wish Argentina play Brazil right now :D
I love this song so much: Messi ... will bring the Cup to us, Maradona is greated than Pele :))
It's really difficult for English people, both of the teams they hate most go to the Final.
Amazing people strip in buenos aires: Argentina celebrating their Independence Day and making it to the WC Finals.
RT @heidiklum: Can you believe this...I cant . 1...2...3.....4....5....6.....7...⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
The same should stop now! 200 million Brazilians could not suffer more. Poor them!
The Japaneses are taking it very seriously. The whole research center could be shutdown//
Thật quá đau lòng! Cầu mong các anh yên nghỉ !
It seems be Messi's World Cup :)
A plea for Argentina's 'flea' - via @ESPNFC
Linguistics @edXOnline #moreedX.
Interesting Worldcup Goals plot
RT @kopite_jack: He's our Generations best player there's no doubt in it its just pure pleasure watchin him play we are witnessing history..#Messi #ARGvsNGR
RT @E_N_l_G_M_A: Image: All #Iran players between #Messi and the goal when he scores via @onematara
RT @nytimes: What does Lionel Messi have to do to make Argentina love him?
RT @PlantEvolution: Really S(ingle)NPs, or seq not covered by short reads? RT @PacBio: 200,000+ SNPs missed by short-read assemblies.
RT @vindugoel: Facebook to Let Users Limit Data Revealed by Log-Ins.
#PepGuardiola did not see how #Barca was beaten by ... #Bayern last year (e.g. heading). #Tikitaka is simply not working for a German team
RT @UnlockLifesCode: You have a genome; therefore, you are alive to celebrate #DNADay
RT @Biologyreport: The Secret Genius Code - why students dumber than you are getting better grades -ad
That would be really cool! "magical transforming furniture"
RT @AgBioWorld: Guess which corn is GMO? (Held by a Honduras farmer)
RT @sciam: Science Book Wins a Pulitzer Prize
RT @JennyRohn: Fascinating info RT @jameswilsdon 'A faculty job is an alternative career': visualising the US PhD pipeline
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