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Re: Fun Friday: How Do You Take Your Coffee? -
"With those ingredients I suspect it just makes you *think* you're skiing better ;-)" - David Semeria
Re: Fun Friday: How Do You Take Your Coffee? -
"It is!" - David Semeria
Re: Fun Friday: How Do You Take Your Coffee? -
"Irish coffee is one my favourite beverages Richard. It was invented to calm the stomachs of passengers on transatlantic sea planes during the Irish stopover. However, it's quite different from caffè shakerato which is ice cold and contains no alcohol -- even though it's made in a cocktail shaker. The white head is simply the foam formed from vigorous shaking." - David Semeria
Re: Cassandra: tuning the JVM for read heavy workloads : Developers @ SHIFT -
"Highly useful information, presented very clearly. Many thanks!" - David Semeria
Re: Fun Friday: How Do You Take Your Coffee? -
"Caffè shakerato. Made with crushed ice and vanilla." - David Semeria
Re: The Pro-Rata Opportunity -
"That is clear. But the outcomes for the LPs would be the same in both cases. I suspect the reason is to keep each fund's performance separate so it can be compared like-for-like with similar funds." - David Semeria
Re: Is it 1880 or 1914? -
"That reminds me of the Bill Gates quote regarding years and decades. Again, I'm not sure I agree 100%." - David Semeria
Re: The Pro-Rata Opportunity -
"If LP's are obliged to invest in both funds, I'm struggling to see the difference between two smaller funds and one big one." - David Semeria
Re: Is it 1880 or 1914? -
"Albert, I don't want to sound like a broken record on this issue, but I still think you're overestimating how great the impact of technology will be. In many respects it's easier to create a self-driving car than a robotic plumber or carpenter or electrician. This is because the application domain for a car is actually much easier to define than for the others. If you've ever tried to install a fridge in a unit that was not designed to hold a fridge you'll know what I mean. I agree that many jobs -- where the application domain is more easily defined -- could shift either to other humans offshore or to machines. This includes previously "safe" professions such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. But I see a large rump of professions that will be safe, given the necessity of either physical intervention and / or unpredictable application domains. We have a good track record of overestimating the impact of technology. Blade Runner is only five years from now..." - David Semeria
Re: Independent Directors -
"There's a lot wisdom there, JLM. Managing a board is like playing chess: it's not enough to know the rules, you also need know the most common gambits. A bit like being a politician, sort of." - David Semeria
Re: Independent Directors -
"Yes Charlie, that was a cracking post." - David Semeria
The inimtable @awaldstein : "Nothing quite like a transaction to start the week". Chapeau
"Thanks an amazing clip, thanks for sharing. There were more insights into Job's psyche than in countless articles I have read." - David Semeria
RT @vla23: La Settimana Enigmistica Digitale...finalmente,penso,poi scarico e mi trovo la penna per scriverci dai..
Re: SeeChange: Video Will Be Everywhere (What Do We Want?) -
"I think we both agree regulation is pointless in this context. Real life will become like the web: default public (ie potentially captured on camera) unless expressly stated otherwise. It's interesting to think about Egger's monopolistic corporation in the light of Fred's recent post on winner-takes-all platforms -- in the sense the former is invented, whereas Fred's examples are not. If we can imagine a world in which millions (billions?) of live video streams are stored, indexed and searched, then we are also a forced to consider a world in which one dominant platform becomes the authoritative source for this information. Whilst the ability of one single organization to shape the future remains in the realm of science fiction, the ability to shape the recent past possibly might not..." - David Semeria
RT @qikipedia: Pineapples were such a status symbol in 18th century England that you could rent one for the evening to take to a party.
RT @L1AD: “@JonnyGeller: How to Write in a Few Sentences - very clever (via @LettersOfNote)” <== amazing
Spent an hour constantly refreshing a web page and smiling to myself. #FinallyFixed @awaldstein @vitarilassata @sa_su_ke @darthpelo
RT @billrobbins: This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs.
RT @qikipedia: In the Polish version of Scrabble, the letter Z is worth one point.
RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: Retweet once you spot what's creepy about this picture...
RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: "Here you go Grandma..."
.@spyced Jonathan, can you shed any light on this really curious C* behavior?
RT @qikipedia: A masterclass in inefficiency...
RT @timbray: I confess: I sometimes type git commands I don’t understand, when I’m told they’ll make a git problem I don’t understand go away.
RT @amol: Atoms make things up. @pmarca
RT @BkkGreg: Well, I found my new bike helmet.
RT @truthknight: Would you like to hear a TCP joke?
Re: Be Nice Or Leave -
"But I remember you saying on the blog several years ago that you frequently get low scores for empathy in psychology tests....." - David Semeria
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