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Re: Paul Graham Dropping Serious Wisdom -
"Total truth" - David Semeria
Re: Paul Graham Dropping Serious Wisdom -
"Top quote: ...and you prosper only to the extent you do Or as I tweeted a while back: Riffing on Descartes: it's used therefore it is" - David Semeria
Re: Good morning New York! -
"Attaboy!" - David Semeria
Re: Good morning New York! -
"Very nice!" - David Semeria
Re: Fred Wilson Dot VC -
"Then find the middle ground. There's always a solution. Well played Fred." - David Semeria
Re: The Next Big Thing? (Techonomy Detroit) -
"That was fantastic Albert! I disagree with many of your assertions (mainly in degree, not direction) but you deserve much credit for stimulating the debate in such a structured and logical manner. I also loved the choice of images in the presentation." - David Semeria
Re: Fred Wilson Dot VC -
"Can't help thinking you're glad to be back in NYC. This is why I think you're unlikely to retire soon. Even if you did, I don't think it would last long. Some people are lucky enough to love their work...." - David Semeria
Re: The Bitcoin Hype Cycle -
"What do they *want* or what do they *think*. Now, there's a question..." - David Semeria
Re: Audio Books – Late To The Party -
"If had a long drive with just my wife, I'd go for War and Peace." - David Semeria
Super interesting talk regarding A/B testing at Etsy cc @awaldstein @fredwilson
Re: - - Setting Kids Up to Fail -
"Great post Charlie. As a parent I think about these issues a lot. The reverse of the coin is that modern kids have a lot more discipline. I did whatever I wanted -- which is both good and bad." - David Semeria
"How old is he? Scala is definitiely not for the feint hearted..." - David Semeria
Re: Rubicon. - Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. -
"Something will come up Carl. Probably when you least expect it." - David Semeria
Re: Today, September 10th, Is A Day Of Protest -
"Spotty, very good Dave." - David Semeria
Re: Documenting A Trip -
"There are 7 tips in that list and they're in 6 different languages. The language issue isn't really felt in the USA, but it's a big issue in most other places. This is one of the few areas where European startups have an edge over US ones." - David Semeria
Re: Goodbye Italy, hello France -
"Be careful if you go to Nice. On the surface is looks less dangerous than Genova, but the opposite is true. I was once at a red light when some kid tried to open the passenger door to steal my wife's handbag (the door was locked). Numerous friends of mine have also reported similar stories. That said, Nice is a lot of fun. The old market is great (if a little touristy) with some great restaurants. One of my favorite places (it's not in the market) is Cafè du Turin which is great for lunch. Boiled lobster and shelfish, etc." - David Semeria
Re: Casale, Alba, Piazza Duomo and Piedmonte -
"I was wondering if you would make it to the Langhe. Best food in Italy, by a country mile. It's a pity you're a couple of months too early for the truffles." - David Semeria
"I love Genoa, its edginess is typical of many port towns and reminds me in particular of my hometown, Liverpool. Tourists generally flock to the far eastern part of the town which is very pretty and quite safe. That said, I can imagine how walking though the centre of Genova could be unnerving for the uninitiated. Just remember that person-person violence is extremely rare in Italy. You're infinitely more likely to have your car broken into or bag stolen in a restaurant." - David Semeria
Re: World Order -
"Attaboy!" - David Semeria
Re: World Order -
"I recall Fred saying that he just wanted to chill with Joanne, which seems very reasonable to me. But then again you're right about the fish baked in 5 salt, it's worth crossing an ocean for!" - David Semeria
Re: World Order -
"As rare as hen's teeth as my mother would say." - David Semeria
Re: World Order -
"Nice one Arnold!" - David Semeria
Re: World Order -
"You've been amazingly lucky with the weather Fred. It's been the worst summer I can remember here." - David Semeria
Re: An Extended Vacation -
"Not *all* night Arnoldo ✌" - David Semeria
"I would rather people wondered why I was not prime minister than wondered why I was." - Dennis Healey, a remarkable man.
Re: The Unbundling of Scale -
"Broken record here. This again emphasizes the value of the local franchise. I always remember Peter Lynch's lesson on gravel pits: when transport represents the majority of the final cost and product differentiation is negligible, you'll very likely find yourself using local suppliers. Same goes for plumbers, electricians, car repair shops, hair dressers, dentists - the list is actually quite long -- and the list's length makes my point. An intermediate good like steel is an interesting example. A foreign supplier becomes interesting only when the extra transport costs don't outweigh the initial saving. This probably explains why the US has maintained a capacity to produce raw steel but has ceded many labour intensive manufacturing jobs to foreign companies. So you're right that services like AWS or Rackspace allow small companies to benefit vicariously from the scale of their suppliers, but the key question remains the same: to what extent can a given company effectively supply its..." - David Semeria
Re: Freemium In Education -
"Reputation on the web can frequently be an empty concept. Who cares how many badges you have on Foursquare? Or how many followers you have on Twitter? (What counts on Twitter is the followers/following ratio, not the absolute number of followers) Then again, not all reputations are created equal. A good Stackoverflow score is something to be proud of, to be sure . But this is where I think Duolingo has a huge opportunity. Unlike app localization, for which there are many companies who will translate your UI into Cantonese, there exists -- as far as I'm aware -- no equivalent service for UGC. The web is becoming ever more global, but language translation (especially for UGC) remains an unsolved problem. Duolingo has a clear opportunity to do for translations what Stackoverflow did for for technical support. And it all hinges on a respected measure of reputation." - David Semeria
It's only a matter of time before I see @darthpelo wearing a pair of these...
Re: Video Of The Week: New Tools For Filmmakers -
"Yes, it's hard to disagree with anything that was said during the video." - David Semeria
Re: Video Of The Week: New Tools For Filmmakers -
"This is the first time I've seen Andy on Video (although I've read a lot of his stuff). He came across very well, as did Jason." - David Semeria
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