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.@spyced Jonathan, can you shed any light on this really curious C* behavior?
RT @qikipedia: A masterclass in inefficiency...
RT @timbray: I confess: I sometimes type git commands I don’t understand, when I’m told they’ll make a git problem I don’t understand go away.
RT @amol: Atoms make things up. @pmarca
RT @BkkGreg: Well, I found my new bike helmet.
RT @truthknight: Would you like to hear a TCP joke?
Re: Be Nice Or Leave -
"But I remember you saying on the blog several years ago that you frequently get low scores for empathy in psychology tests....." - David Semeria
Re: What Seed Financing Is For -
"Bingo Arnold!" - David Semeria
Re: What Seed Financing Is For -
"The "man" is the person deciding whether or not you've achieved PM fit. Given that most VCs are men, I'm comfortable with what I wrote." - David Semeria
Re: What Seed Financing Is For -
""One person's meat is another person's poison" -- just doesn't sound right." - David Semeria
Re: What Seed Financing Is For -
"Well, a lot depends on how you define product / market fit. One man's thousand users is another man's million." - David Semeria
Re: Blended Learning -
"Blended learning sounds similar to the Montessori approach. I'm a huge fan of making school fun, and of creating an environment where children learn rather than being taught. I also read this very interesting BBC article about a school in NYC which has been taking this approach for years." - David Semeria
RT @mahemoff: The weakest link /via @cramforce
Re: The Coming Information Age (Possible Book Outline) -
"I think your outline covers a lot of ground Albert. What is perhaps missing is a description of the overarching thesis. For example, I'm a fan of Darwinism as applied to many areas, not just biology. I think this was the key problem with Communism: it contained no mechanism for natural selection. If I understand your thinking correctly, you're saying the overall rules of the game will remain Darwinian, but the features necessary to prosper are undergoing very profound change. I think the reader would appreciate a simple such summary (an elevator pitch if you like) -- it's something they can keep in mind as they process the various sections of the book." - David Semeria
Re: Greatest GIF Ever -
"David Karp: Thank you, Mr. President, for inviting Tumblr to your house. President Obama: Well, it's a rental house Quality." - David Semeria
RT @HistoricalPics: Keith Sapsford, the 14-year-old boy who fell out of a Japan Airlines jet as it took off from Sydney in February 1970.
Re: Technology, Time Preference and the Return on Capital (Companies) -
"Indeed. But how can one "buy attention out of cash flow" if one needs attention to get the cash flow in the first place? I agree that attention is the scarcest resource of all, but there is a finite number of Kickstarter projects I can get organically interested in per month. After that, my attention is essentially bought..." - David Semeria
RT @HistoricalPics: A man begging for his wife's forgiveness inside Divorce Court. Chicago, 1948.
Re: Technology, Time Preference and the Return on Capital (Companies) -
"Albert, I think you're only looking at half of the equation. If it's true that it's now much cheaper to get into business, that must also be true for your competitors. In other words, the capex barrier has simply been moved from the launch to the traction phase. I would argue that bottom-up, zero SEM, initiatives like Google, Facebook and Twitter will go down in history as statistical blips. In a market as efficient as the web, access to capital -- I believe -- will represent a key advantage, simply for the exposure it can buy." - David Semeria
Re: This Is What Happens When You Let A Monopoly Own The Last Mile -
"This is remarkable and, to us Europeans at least, pretty un-American. What was the logic in allowing local communication monopolies?" - David Semeria
RT @dpinsen: MT @MarkSimoneNY: 28 Beautiful towns in Italy cc @hymanroth
RT @danielme_com: RT @pickover: The divorce complaint of Richard Feynman's second wife, hater of calculus.
Re: Some Thoughts on iOS8 -
"That's very smart Fred. Even if you, like me, resent much of Apple's "control freak" DNA, a world with just one dominant mobile OS is not a nice world..." - David Semeria
RT @calimagna: "The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net"
RT @History_Pics: Uncropped version of Jeff Widener's famous photo of Tank Man on Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 1989.
Re: Health Care’s Inflection Point -
"That, as you know, is the (temporary) price one sometimes has to pay for being disciplined." - David Semeria
Re: Health Care’s Inflection Point -
"Rigor on investment thesis and rigor on price. It's remarkable how many professional investors have neither." - David Semeria
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Retweet this and you will win the lottery. I guarantee it.
Re: Fun Friday: What Sports Team Would You Buy If You Could? -
"The Mighty Red Machine -- Liverpool Football Club" - David Semeria
RT @monkchips: "This question requires an answer." - no, it really fucking doesn't. this survey is now wasting my time.
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