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Re: Video Of The Week: Gary Vaynerchuck -
"I really liked Gary's comments on how patience is so underrated in the industry. Similar to Fred's observations on companies like Return Path. FWIW, I believe the "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" school of business has a lot to answer for. If you don't think it'll stick, don't throw it -- especially on someone else's dime." - David Semeria
Re: What’s Ahead: The Information Age Transition -
"Yes but it would still be a human reading the x-ray image. The ability to transfer large amounts of information merely increases the mobility of labour (the mountain can now come to Muhammad). I see no fundamental difference between this situation and offshore call centres, for example. The real question is: to what extent can machines *replace* humans?" - David Semeria
Re: Feature Friday: Voice Search For Your TV -
"The real game-changer for TV will be the content, not the interface. By coincidence, this game-changer arrived recently in the form of Popcorn Time. Finally, the service that everyone has been waiting for... It's like Napster for video - so I'm told ;-)" - David Semeria
RT @Caterina: "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons." - Popular Mechanics, 1949
Re: Feature Friday: Voice Search For Your TV -
"One of my favourite news articles of all time: If TiVo Thinks You Are Gay, Here's How to Set It Straight" - David Semeria
Re: What’s Ahead: The Information Age Transition -
"Albert, you write But the price of labor is under tremendous pressure from machines and from globalization. These are two very different issues. Globalization is not a new phenomenon. Already in the mid 1700s Adam Smith was laying down the fundamental arguments in favour of free trade between nations. What we are seeing today is simply the continuation of a longstanding trend where nations become more industrialized and begin to export their low labour costs. As David Byrne would say: same as it ever was. The current pressure from machines is, however, a new phenomenon. In recent presentations you have made the analogy between the industrial revolution and the current technological one we are seeing. You correctly point out that machines are now in a position to disrupt both non-industrial manual jobs (robots) and also professional ones (machine learning). I am less pessimistic than many when it comes to pressure from machines. I was reading the excellent feature on robotics in last..." - David Semeria
Re: Some Thoughts On Tweeting Vs Blogging -
"Don't worry, pretty soon you'll have a robot to bite them for you." - David Semeria
RT @qikipedia: "There are two rules for success: 1) Never tell everything you know" - ROGER H. LINCOLN
Re: Fun Friday: Which web or mobile services most inspire you? -
"Wikipedia" - David Semeria
RT @jeresig: Finding the statistical fingerprints of election thieves
RT @postsecret: Dad Adds Awesome Special Effects To Videos of His 3-Year-Old Son Turning Him Into an 'Action Movie Kid'
Re: Crowdfunders of the Maker of Oculus Rift Denounce a Facebook Buyout - -
"That's exactly the point. It will be interesting to see how backers react to similar projects in the future." - David Semeria
RT @mashable: This clever video mocks every cliche used in commercials
Re: Crowdfunders of the Maker of Oculus Rift Denounce a Facebook Buyout - -
"A moral rather than legal quandary. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out because it will set a precedent." - David Semeria
RT @qikipedia: The Albanian language has 27 different words to describe the shape of moustaches.
Re: The Search For The Next Platform -
"Geez Fred, it's obvious. The next big thing will be a platform where people can predict the next big thing. It's platforms all the way down." - David Semeria
RT @postsecret: Nurse reveals top 5 regrets people make on their deathbeds, after a career of providing care for the dying.
"You'd never get to Sunday, JLM...." - David Semeria
RT @dhh: Few things are more satisfying than taking a piece of convoluted code and make it delightfully simple.
Re: Books on the beach -
"Great write-up Arnold. I admire that you tackle such serious literature when on a hammock. In the same circumstances I tend to prefer the easy reads -- when I'm not napping..." - David Semeria
Re: Feature Friday: -
"Nice, but it's not clear whether the timestamp on the right hand side of each post refers to the time of the latest comment (not very relevant IMO) or the time when the post originally went up (which I think is relevant)." - David Semeria
Re: Decentralized Identity -
"Appcoin, Namecoin, Cachecoin... I'm getting me some Confusedcoin -- if only I knew where to buy it." - David Semeria
Re: The Russian Bear is a Punk -
"Around the turn of the century I spent a few days in Yalta which is the Monte Carlo of Crimea. I was staying on the 16th floor of its best hotel (easy at $50/night) when I heard music through the window. It's funny how you can always tell the difference between live and recorded music, even when muffled. The music was live, but on the 16th floor? Investigation was required. I made my way up to the roof-top terrace and found a band of middle aged men playing immaculately. I and my girlfriend made up the entire audience. When, during a pause, I asked them why they were playing so well when no-one was listening they simply replied: we're paid to play, so we play. Later, having talked with many more people from the ex Soviet Union, I found this simple phrase sums up a great deal about Russian thinking. They pay us to play, so we play. They pay us to wage war, so we wage war. We're not rock stars, we're not ideologues. It's more about what will happen to us if we don't perform... Later..." - David Semeria
Re: The Most Dangerous Man In Bitcoin Isn't A Criminal | Fast Company | Business + Innovation -
"The Most Dangerous Man in Bitcoin would appear to be journalist, Max Chafkin. From what I can glean from the article Preet Bharara only appears to go after the bad guys,.." - David Semeria
Re: Embedding High Quality Getty Images -
"People were doing that anyway. Read the post on The Verge." - David Semeria
Re: Embedding High Quality Getty Images -
"From the post on The Verge I linked to on usv: Peters' bet is that if web publishers have a legal, free path to use the images, they'll take it, opening up a new revenue stream for Getty and photographers. That sounds like someone I know talking..." - David Semeria
Re: The Pro-Rata Participation Right -
"However, the pro-rata right can create problems when you need to chase down lots of small shareholders to get their signatures. The legal docs should be structured so that no shareholder can hold the round to ransom." - David Semeria
Re: The Pro-Rata Participation Right -
"That's why capital raises are frequently referred to as "rights issues". Where the right in question is to participate." - David Semeria
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