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Karate – Number Six -
simplejson.dumps is slower then manual for strings and ints: In [39]: %timeit loads(dumps(1111111)) 100000 loops, best of 3: 10.6 µs per loop In [40]: %timeit loads(dumps(123456789)) 100000 loops, best of 3: 10.7 µs per loop In [41]: %timeit loads(dumps("stringy")) 100000 loops, best of 3: 6.72 µs per loop In [42]: %timeit loads('%s' % 123456789)...
Sidney Polak – -
Sidney Polak – WWW.TEKILA.PL -
Happy to announce PaPy: Parallel Pipelines in Python a Python module to construct and run data-processing workflows in parallel(local or distributed) and lazily(sort of) -
BioBayes: A software package for Bayesian inference in systems biology -
Plant-based dietary supplement increases urinary pH
whats wrong with the feeds? - marcin
Mathematical challanges reads almost like challanges in biology -
Alignment of protein structures in the presence of domain motions -
works really nice - marcin
Can you compare it to FatCat from Godzik group? - Pawel Szczesny
sorry I didn't use FatCat, this one has it all:) a clean interface, options, good output type (alignments and pymol coloring scripts), and at least with the structures I tried excellent alignments (as judged by MY eye) - marcin
Thanks - will try it. I was just curious if they can be compared, as they operate on different principles - Pawel Szczesny
BTW, it just appeared in my feed reader: "We developed a TOPS++FATCAT algorithm that uses an intuitive description of the proteins' structures as captured in the popular TOPS diagrams to limit the search space of the aligned fragment pairs (AFPs) in the flexible alignment of protein structures performed by the FATCAT algorithm." - Pawel Szczesny
so for the sake of "completness": multiple-structural-alignment with flexibility. Expect memory access violations etc. (but i finally got it somehow working) - marcin
why no scientfic discussions only meta-science peer-review, attribution and open-access?
Using Bayesian multinomial classifier to predict whether a given protein sequence is intrinsically disordered. -
nice intro on threading in python -
It took me a while to notice this very important point related to parallel processing and Python, so I'll paste it here: "... because of the GIL, the CPU-bound applications won't be helped by threads. In Python, it is recommended to either use processes, or create a mixture of processes and threads.". In other words ... using threads won't help you use that new quad-core CPU any more efficiently. - Andrew Perry
The risks of using samovars as the main tea-preparing facility in some Eastern countries. -
Thermodynamic Origin of Hofmeister Ion Effects. -
asymmetric unit outside the unit cell fixed -
Nick Drake – Fruit tree -
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