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The more you do less, the sooner you can do more.
Do you know @iamkawehi? You should. She will enrich your life and soul. #nextbigthang!
Well deserved @feint, well deserved :)
Have you heard of @savedio? Now you have. Thank @feint for finding a simpler way to #bookmark! #NB
"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." —Omar Khayyam
Smashing Visualization and Explanation of Digital Predictions for 2014 | #NB
KW64499: @Draplin It happens. #YXE is a magical magnetic place at times. The Aurora Borealis is proof. #toontown awaits you :)
True story @Draplin! Thanks be to @FuzeConf @jtrainprince, @deeannmercier, @AlexandraStang @HarleyRivet @Draplin @Ms_N bcc: @peeweeherman
RT @Draplin: DDC7122: SPECIAL THANKS to @FuzeConf for a killer day! Yeah you, @jtrainprince, @iamkhayyam, @deeannmercier, @AlexandraStang & @HarleyRivet!
KW 64497: This dude is legit. It's been emotional @Draplin xoxo
“@TrendsSaskatoon: Khayyam Wakil, @iamkhayyam is now trending in #YXE” #bigtime cc: @FuzeConf bcc: @Draplin lol
RT @themeghanreport: @iamkhayyam says video is a pretty big deal and will keep being a big deal #fuzeyxe
RT @alishaedgelow: "Make a lot of mistakes and ask a lot of questions" @iamkhayyam #FUZEyxe I can do that indeed ;)
RT @chelsealynn: @iamkhayyam shared a quote @FuzeConf that stuck with me: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay
RT @Jesshub: Tweeting the shit outta this!! #fuzeyxe Awesome start to a presentation, excited for what's to come! @iamkhayyam
RT @deeannmercier: Learning to be a better human today @FuzeConf. Thanks @iamkhayyam!
RT @UnitedWayStoon: "Feel free to tweet the s**** out of that all day long." @iamkhayyam Some interesting marketing advice we received at #FUZEyxe
Font designer to teen, "Dear Teen, let me school you on a few things and fix your math" |
Font designer to teen, "Dear Teen, let me school you on a few things and fix your math" |
Teen to government: "Dear America, I can save you $400 million" | #brilliant! #innovation
People love to be included in what you’re doing and they like it when you do what you say you’re going to do. Do that. Repeat often.
This 5-Step Mental Workout Will Make You Smarter | #truestory
Graph Ratings of Your Favorite #TV Shows | //bloody brilliant!
Wu-Tang Clan Will Sell Only One Copy of Secret New Album | //could be dope brand activation - start your bidding :)
You're too kind @MarshaCollier :) Guess I have to start writing again since you're running out of good articles to tweet! lol
RT @SaskMarketing: As seen on CTV - Only a handful of tickets left for @FuzeConf feat. @mo_mobilize @Draplin @iamkhayyam & more.
Mobile Messaging App Lets People Chat Off The Grid | #inthemesh #nb
Apps Respond The Fastest In Canada, Says Report | //no way, hey?!
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