Stunning FabLab Passive House Unveiled at Europe’s Solar Decathlon -
Pretty impressive for a one-off showpiece solar home (for year-round sunlit regions), but how come nobody thought of including a couple of interior shots in the photo lineup? Perhaps this house is meant to be admired from the outside, not lived in - which, I suspect, would feel rather cramped and gloomy after a while. - ianf ⌘
Very well done, but I miss a key promise of HTML5's capabilities: a demo of locally stored in-page/contextual annotations complete with PERSISTENT granular [=user-extent] bookmarks. - ianf ⌘
Can the human eye see individual pixels on iPhone 4? -
Fox News, funded by terrorists! -
Idea: Make-out Hoodies -
These hoodies are meant to be worn while making out. Only when lips are locked do the images on the sides come together to make a complete picture. They can come in all sorts of designs with different images,... - ianf ⌘
I'm pretty good when it comes to grammar, but my wife is better, as I'm reminded every time I misuse the word lay and she corrects me. Some bad grammar sticks out like a sore thumb for me, but... - ianf ⌘
Stop Moose and Squirrel -
I really hoped there would be some sort of statue or monument when I got there. But no.... - ianf ⌘
Once upon an evening cheery, while I drank a mug of beer, he Came into the Boston bar, descending from the upstairs door. As I sipped, between drunk and buzzed, suddenly there the mailman was, Sitting near me at the... - ianf ⌘
Animated Subway Tiles -
Whenever I'm in the 42nd Street A/C/E station, I notice that the tile number 42's along the wall look like consecutive frames of animation depicting a jumping or sinking number. There are similar tile 59's at the 59th Street A/C/E... - ianf ⌘
The Best 3-D Experience I Ever Had -
I still own two film cameras. One is a Mamiya medium format camera. The other is a 1950 Stereo Realist 35mm 3-D camera. I’ve been creating and consuming 3-D content since I was young, using every technique I could learn... - ianf ⌘
Idea: HBO vs HBO fighting game -
The fighting genre of video games has some crossover titles like the Marvel vs Capcom series that pits Marvel Comics characters against fighters from Capcom's games. So you could end up with Iron Man fighting a Street Fighter character, for... - ianf ⌘
The RevMentor is IN -
Although Jerry has been crazy busy for a few weeks now, working with Sarah Reichelt to get Rodeo off the ground — plus preparing a few sweet new feature-updates for tRev (set for release over the next two weeks) — he's still available to help you get your own Revolution application off the ground. In fact, thanks to all the new tricks of the trade that he's added to his arsenal as a result of his work on Rodeo, tRev, and for current mentoring clients — he's more prepared than ever to help you over any nasty hurdle standing between you and Revolution success. Click HERE for details on the RevMentor program, prices, and scheduling. Permalink | Leave a comment  » - ianf ⌘
Santo Tirso Call Center by Aires Mateus -
Santo Tirso Call Center by Aires Mateus
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The plot assimilates a sequence of different levels, that can be seen from the higher city, in different points and moments. Its position marks the transition between the urban landscape of the city of Santo Tirso, and the natural landscape of a cultivated valley. The project is conceived starting from ... - ianf ⌘
Malva Lights by ett la benn -
Malva Lights by ett la benn
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Malva is a series of lights inspired by the natural qualities of cellulose and viscose: the objects are generated by the forming of moistened sponge cloth and its subsequent hardening by air drying on a mould. The translation of this customary material into individual design pieces through basic processes of ... - ianf ⌘
Redesign BP’s Logo -
Greenpeace have launched a competition to rebrand BP, Jennifer takes a look at what it's about and some of the entries so far. Related PostsHow do you Choose the Right Logo for your Business?Considering A Site Redesign? 5 Tips To Get You FocusedLondon 2012 Education Logo - ianf ⌘
Books: John Margolies, Roadside America -
Books: John Margolies, Roadside America
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Before the advent of corporate communications and architectural uniformity, America's built environment was a free-form landscape of individual expression. Signs, artifacts, and even buildings ranged from playful to eccentric, from deliciously cartoonish to quasipsychedelic. Photographer John Margolies spent over three decades and drove more than 100,000 miles documenting these fascinating ... - ianf ⌘
Whirlwind by A+A cooren -
Whirlwind by A+A cooren
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A+A cooren has designed a glass vase representing the shape of a water vortex or a tornado. Whirlwind by A+A cooren, Gallery S. Bensimon, June 9 to 14, 111 rue de Turenne, Paris, France, Photography by Joao Viera Torres - ianf ⌘
Nike78: Redesigning Trainers -
An interesting project to redesign the look and functionality of Nike trainers produces a wild array of results. Jennifer takes a look. Related PostsWin $800 for redesigning the London 2012 Olympic LogoOnline maps get flashyShould you spend more on technology or marketing? - ianf ⌘
Saturday Night Special: Poker Face -
Saturday Night Special: Poker Face
When he asked her to the prom, she said, “I guess.” (submitted by Andrew) - ianf ⌘
Even the tree felt this might be overkill. (submitted by Annie) - ianf ⌘
Old Media Meets New With The Ride Ride Kids Book -
A Japanese firm have produced a product which combines a traditional children's picture book with an iPhone app. Jennifer takes a look inside. Related PostsSitePoint’s First ASP.NET Book!37signals Announces New Business BookWeb Directions @media Interview: Jonathan Stark – Mobile Web Apps - ianf ⌘
Keep Your Blog Safe: Back Up Your WordPress Installation -
No matter how much you trust your hosting company, disasters happen. You should ensure that you have a full backup of your WordPress database and files to restore from easily, without losing any important data. In this article, Abbas explains how to back up your WordPress site manually and also describes some useful plugins that automate the process. - ianf ⌘
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most pregnant of them all? (submitted by Annabelle) - ianf ⌘
Marc Newson Works at Phillips de Pury Auction -
Marc Newson Works at Phillips de Pury Auction
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The upcoming Design auction at Phillips de Pury in New York includes some important early works by Marc Newson as well as some more recent prototypes. Top to Bottom: Pod of Drawers, 1987, by Marc Newson Fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin core, blind-riveted sheet aluminum, paint. Produced by Basecraft for Pod, Australia. From the edition ... - ianf ⌘
Candlesticks by Victoria Delany -
Candlesticks by Victoria Delany
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Silversmith and recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, Victoria Delany has designed a set of silver and lacquered wood candlesticks. The central wooden parts are interchangeable making an endless number of interesting and colourful combinations. The top and base of the candlestick unscrews allowing you to stack the ... - ianf ⌘
Idea: The Inverse of the Guggenheim -
The Guggenheim Museum has locations in New York, Venice, Bilbao, Berlin, and soon Abu Dhabi. The New York location was famously designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and resembles an upside down wedding cake attached to a more conventional structure: Looking... - ianf ⌘
Anything for the shot. (submitted by Beth) - ianf ⌘
Make Cool Funky Buttons (Or Badges) In Photoshop -
Jennifer shows you how to make a reusable design template for buttons (or badges) in Photoshop, using a small number of layer styles Related PostsCtrl-clicking Layers in PhotoshopCreate A Studio Style Backdrop In PhotoshopSelections In Photoshop, Part 4: Tips & Tricks - ianf ⌘
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