Robert Hoehndorf
Talk: Cross-product extensions to the Gene Ontology: Chris Mungall
GO primarily used for humans - Robert Hoehndorf
Problems: maintenance and errors by combinatorial terms and tangled polyhierarchies - Robert Hoehndorf
Solution: normalization + reasoning - Robert Hoehndorf
Logical definition structure:An X is a G that D - Robert Hoehndorf
Necessary and sufficient conditions that mirror text definition - Robert Hoehndorf
Expressivity: equivalence axioms between named classes and positive conjunctions of named class and one or more existential restrictions - Robert Hoehndorf
There is (or seems to be) an OBO principle of "positivity" - Robert Hoehndorf
Mitochondrial translation =def translation that occurs_in mitochondrion - Robert Hoehndorf
13k classes have provisional logical definitions (46% of all classes) - Robert Hoehndorf
Uberon: multi-species anatomy ontology - current ontolgoies are species-specific - Melanie
Implicit multi-species anatomy ontology taken out, now called the Uberon anatomy ontology - Robert Hoehndorf
uberon for metazao - they won't cover plants for example, too different - Melanie
segmentation, chebi slim, RDBMS reasoning to prevent issues with reasoners not scaling size-wise - Melanie
inferred superclasses are asserted (did I get that right?) - Melanie
not sure that the claim about not being able to reason in-memory on these is true any more - Alan Ruttenberg
"uberon for metazao - they won't cover plants for example, too different". Only metazoans huh, not too ambitious then... - dosumis