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MIDDLE-AGED TWEET ALERT: I *love* the @TheAA_UK database of walking routes - - Iain
Microsoft makes more money from Samsung than from Skype, Windows Phone, and Xbox combined - Iain
Remember what the social web was like when it was brand new? That's what interests me about Ello: - Iain
New 3LH is about the importance of coming to terms with the fact that you will probably never be good at Dota: - Iain
Babies called Nevaeh in England & Wales since 1996 -
"I'm going to keep on dancing forever me, well at least until I remember where I put my car." - Iain
Cracked LCD- Reiner Knizia, Master of Theme. Great article! via @nohighscores - Iain
Wiggle | Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre | Road Race Tyres -
Whoa. Check out this frickin awesome footage of a volcano, shot by a pair of crazies! - Iain
Lost my phone at lunch time but found it using Android Device Manager. Set it up: - Iain
Played my longest game of DOTA 2 last night. 84 mins. Would be bitterly grumpy today if we had lost. - Iain
Check out the precision footwork in this slow motion video of skateboard tricks - Iain
Blimey. Wouldn't expect to hear this from a Telegraph columnist: - Iain
Vellum strips links out of Twitter and puts them on a clean page. Fits with how I use Twitter. - Iain
Joost Wichman, former 4X MTB World Champion at the 2014 Megavalanche - - Iain
This video of a nasty hailstorm hitting a beach in Novosibirsk is weirdly compelling: - Iain
What's it like to cheat at Titanfall? Well, lots of fun, actually. - Iain
eBay Searches for Super Mega-Excellent and Extremely Excellent Suits -
@se71 Powerline wireless extender. I barely use mine though as I've gone powerline wired wherever I can. - Iain
The Speed of Hypocrisy: How America Got Hooked on Legal Meth - Iain
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