Drunk Dubai Guy Leaves Girl a Ridiculous Arrogant Funny Voice Mail http://t.co/Z9wBRhZbIp - Iain
Cool Tools – Halligan Bar - http://kk.org/cooltoo...
Signed up for Paym. Links your bank account to your mobile to send and receive money. https://t.co/n6GKiOY4Zw #uk - Iain
Ireland richer than UK which is richer than Germany. http://t.co/hzGSW289IM #economics - Iain
4 of the Most Important Financial Excel Formulas Explained | GOBankingRates - http://www.gobankingrates.com/banking...
Vampire Squid from Hell (literal translation of Vampyroteuthis infernalis) Turns Itself "Inside Out": http://t.co/36fmlACmW6 via @YouTube - Iain
Tax inspector in Finland died at his desk & was undiscovered for two days. http://t.co/ieAPDnUjNr - Iain
As I am obviously an adonis and have no tats to speak of, I found this sciencey video of tattoo removal amazing - https://t.co/hHrRYBfinA - Iain
@HardcoreHistory Pie chart: Roman Emperors' cause of death, 14AD-395AD. Ouch. http://t.co/yaD8aOoiyX - Iain
Diaspora, a failure? @JoinDiaspora remains one of the most actively developed open-source projects in the world http://t.co/CRwpeB43LI - Iain
The Phone Call, a short film about a life-changing telephone call http://t.co/ufHVVXMANQ - Iain
This made me cry MT @WhitsonGordon ... @mattnathanson's new video is amazing. Don't take your hearing for granted! https://t.co/CncqNiLVtm - Iain
Hexcells is a nice little time-waster similar to Minesweeper. £1.48 @Desura. http://t.co/2YItB2jgdq #games - Iain
A demographic breakdown of murder rates, based on which square you were born on. http://t.co/iFbEyQiUnV - Iain
MIDDLE-AGED TWEET ALERT: I *love* the @TheAA_UK database of walking routes - http://t.co/OtQ90Bioc7 - Iain
Microsoft makes more money from Samsung than from Skype, Windows Phone, and Xbox combined http://t.co/btmsDCm8vG http://t.co/5ans3AO9wx - Iain
Remember what the social web was like when it was brand new? That's what interests me about Ello: https://t.co/DtNsQ4NXLG - Iain
New 3LH is about the importance of coming to terms with the fact that you will probably never be good at Dota: http://t.co/68IgW3PxIS - Iain
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