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RT @moleskine: Take a look at all the #CreativityChallenge submissions: which was your favorite?
RT @CreateWriteNow: RT @soulseedz: By forming relationships with those committed to pursuing the best of life, you will always have good company.
I have tweeted more over the past week of my vacation than I have in months. Realize how much I've missed it.
RT @gtdguy: Sufficient care must be taken, with the right things, at the right time, in order to be care free. #GTD
RT @AmberCadabra: How I almost let the haters win. Almost.
RT @jjauthor: Has anyone ever explained this? #tcot
NYC traffic sux
Ello new york
Hello New Jersey! 5 states in 4 hours
RT @gzchef: I've said it before: if it's not good enough to drink alone, it's not good enough to cook with!! #TheKitchen @FoodNetwork @SunnyAnderson
Hi there Pennsylvania!
Hello Delaware!
RT @tahDeetz: RT @PatDollard: Latest Estimate Of Illegal Alien Population Exceeds Unemployed #jobs #tcot #news
RT @aallemanwrites: A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles. --Ralph Waldo Emerson
RT @guarnaschelli: Fried chicken. For breakfast. Chicken thighs. Paper bag of flour and spices. Fried in duck fat. Lemon wedges. Sea salt.
"@guarnaschelli: Fried chicken. For breakfast. Chix thighs. Paper bag of flour & spices. Fried in duck fat. Lemon wedges. Sea salt." Yum!
RT @GALACOMMUNITY: Volunteer of the Month: Beth Ruark!
RT @GaryLoper: Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance ~ Eckhart Tolle
RT @chefsymon: i love a soft poached egg w/a nice runny center on just about anything...what is you favorite style of egg?
RT @mindfuleveryday: "He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has." ~ Epictetus #mindfulness
RT @RepRideout: B Proud #NH Pets Have Legal Rights but Wanted Unborn Babies Do Not #NHHouse #NHPolitics #ucantmakethisup Elections have consequence
RT @MeghanMBiro: What Happened to the Middle Class? [Infographic] via @MelissaOnline
RT @mindfuleveryday: Try not to let your attention get dragged away by stuff that's not important. #mindfulness
RT @FreeRepublicUSA: Obama announces Russia is free to take ALL of Ukraine. #TCOT #teaparty #p2 #pjnet #GOP @nra #ccot #2A #tlot #lnyhbt
RT @TheTammySimmons: #NHHouse Dems wanting to add 75 cents TAX on every gallon of paint sold in NH. Is there anything the Dems won't tax??
RT @Conservativeind: Seriously? #NHHouse #Democrats want to raise taxes on paint thanks to special interests #NHPolitics #SierraClubHacks
RT @DLoesch: If a restaurant can refuse service to gun owners, a baker can refuse a cake. That's the point, for those who completely missed it.
RT @ahc_tv: #OnThisDay 1941, 99th Pursuit Squadron #TuskeegeeAirmen, the 1st all-African American unit of the U.S. Army Air Corps, was activated.
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