It's Monday, let's make some magic happen this week!
Friday, Friday, Friday!
happy Friday!!
official weigh-in this morning: 215 pounds! a good start... #30poundsin90days
Good morning folks! It's Monday, time to kick some butt & get things done!
RT @karlrockenhaus: @RBPundit @charliespiering as he puts on his mom jeans.
RT @RBPundit: *rolls eyes* RT @charliespiering Obama says that GOP ideas should be called the "stinkburger" or the "meanwhich"
RT @DaphodilB: @charliespiering Allow me to speak to you on your own level, @BarackObama. You, sir, are a poo-poo head.
It's Huuuump Daaaay! Let's buckle down and get some things DONE!!
RT @diannahuff: If "brands" spent as much time making a great website as they did getting FB Likes, they'd be much more successful.
whew! yoga workout complete, some muscles I haven't used in a while are quivering... Q2 goal: lose 20 pounds!
Oh, good. N & S Korea "exchanging fire" across the border... expect a strongly-worded series of selfies from #0bama and #JohnFingKerry
RT @JenTravelsLife: The Hotel & Concierge Weekly is out!
RT @KnifeandMise: New post: my favorite #breakfast #sandwich Souped-up Short Stack Pancakes
Happy Monday! Q1 is almost done, did you get your goals accomplished?
RT @KnifeandMise: New blog post: Fixing Canned Soup!
I have a new recipe on my food blog, Chilled Seafood with Cilantro-Jalapeno puree
RT @KellyAyotte: To frame what Ronald Reagan said: “of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong”
RT @moleskine: Take a look at all the #CreativityChallenge submissions: which was your favorite?
RT @CreateWriteNow: RT @soulseedz: By forming relationships with those committed to pursuing the best of life, you will always have good company.
I have tweeted more over the past week of my vacation than I have in months. Realize how much I've missed it.
RT @gtdguy: Sufficient care must be taken, with the right things, at the right time, in order to be care free. #GTD
RT @AmberCadabra: How I almost let the haters win. Almost.
RT @jjauthor: Has anyone ever explained this? #tcot
NYC traffic sux
Ello new york
Hello New Jersey! 5 states in 4 hours
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