Lars Juhl Jensen
#icsb2010 Tony Hey - Data-intensive scientific computing: The fourth paradigm
"This is known as the suitcase talk" (giving the closing lecture) - Lars Juhl Jensen
Has problems with the PowerPoint presentation - excuses himself that it is a Microsoft problem (Tony is from Microsoft Research) - Lars Juhl Jensen
The Data Deluge, we will create more data over the next five years than we have ever had so far - Lars Juhl Jensen
Expects sequencing costs to drop to effectively zero and that genomes will be used to predict who will respond to which drugs - Lars Juhl Jensen
Showing large data examples from astronomy and particle physics - too much data and too few scientists to analyze it - Lars Juhl Jensen
Citizen Science: Galaxy zoo - 200,000 people help classify galaxies - Lars Juhl Jensen
We made it! too bad we missed the ppt blunder... - Ricardo Almeida from Android
Plug to crowdsourced science - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Hanny van Arkle's Voorwerp - the bluest galaxy ever discovered (found by a Dutch school teacher among the masses of data) - Lars Juhl Jensen
The fourth research paradigm: 1. experimental science, 2. theoretical science, 3. computational science, and now 4. data-intensive science - Lars Juhl Jensen
Discussing the impact of big data to the way we work in science today and in the future. We need new skils in big data analysis, visualization etc - Pedro Beltrao from Android
(No hypothesis science ? Gasp :) - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Generic problems in data-intensive science: data ingest, managing a petabyte, common schema, how to organize it, how to reorganize it, how to share with others, query and visualization tools, building and exceuting models, integrating data and literature, documenting experiments, and curation and long-term preservation - Lars Juhl Jensen
Ingesting a petabyte is difficult. Sharing it afterwards is even harder - and actually illegal in some countries. - Daniel Jameson from iPhone
One of the big differences between data in particle physics and biological sciences is that the latter has many more different types of data - Lars Juhl Jensen
Computer science has failed to produce the tools that work for biologists - Pedro Beltrao from Android
The book "The Fourth Paradigm" is available under a Creative Commons license here: - Lars Juhl Jensen
Cc licensed book: The Fourth Paradigm. Free of charge, PDF and Kindle. - Ricardo Almeida from Android
Wow, mentions the problem of access to papers and open access movement - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Good plug for Open Access - if public money paid it, it ought to be freely available to the public - Lars Juhl Jensen
An e-Science example: machine learning and healthcare - Lars Juhl Jensen
Umm.. a weird analogy too long to explain - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Working on understanding environmental and genetic factors responsible for asthma and diabetes (and other diseases) - Lars Juhl Jensen - application of machine learning and high performance computing in HIV non-masking epitope discovery. - Ricardo Almeida from Android
Trying to use machine learning to predict which patients require readmission (i.e. who were sent home from the hospital too soon) - Lars Juhl Jensen is designed with Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. - Ricardo Almeida from Android
using machine learning with patient data to predict readmission - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Microsoft support and develop biologist's tools. Plugins for word for marking up with ontology terms. - Daniel Jameson from iPhone
He mustn't have heard of Endnote or Zotero.. - Ricardo Almeida from Android
Describing MS Word plugins for saving documents in PMC XML format and mark-up of ontology terms. Sadly they don't work on OS X. - Lars Juhl Jensen
Trident scientific workflow tool looks to be worth a look. Missed the URL though. - Daniel Jameson from iPhone
Plug ins for excel... networks in excel ... scary - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Excel is the curse of all data if you wish to subsequently process is automatically. - Daniel Jameson from iPhone
.net libraries for biology ...sounds interesting - Pedro Beltrao from Android
(I plan to make a plugin to put Neil out of work ;-) ) - Lars Juhl Jensen
Systems Biology is looking at biological systems. - Daniel Jameson from iPhone blenX something about language integration - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Ethanol or whatever! - Ricardo Almeida from Android
Kind of scatered, talking about different collaborations - Pedro Beltrao from Android
.net is all well and good, but we aren't all developing for windows only - infact that's an incredibly bad idea... - Daniel Jameson from iPhone
Here comes the azure plug - Pedro Beltrao from Android
What's a cloud? There's a definition... - Ricardo Almeida from Android
100K to 1MK servers with big cost savings. Container size modules.questions on energy efficiency etc. Half billion for the chicago center. - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Different models of cloud computing - platforms and softw as services - Pedro Beltrao from Android
Future prospects, semantic computing in the cloud - Pedro Beltrao from Android