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Selene M. Bowlby

Selene M. Bowlby

Web Designer + Front-End Web Developer // Specializing in creating Custom WordPress Themes //
RT @justinlevy: It's pretty cool that Google Docs viewer has launched support for 12 more file types
Terrible customer service by my client's webhost. On hold over 1hr so far following up w/ unanswered support request I emailed TWO days ago!
I did! Just tweeted - the real me on :D
Ha - recently moved my vegetarian blog to Tumblr. Didn't realize it would start spitting out posts (thought I unchecked that setting). :D
"Hello! My name is Selene M. Bowlby. I’m a web designer and front-end web developer with over ten years..."
"Please reblog if you are a vegetarian / vegan blog! You don’t have to be entirely one, but I want to..."
Question: Is there a magical tool to automate convert a HUGE (1k pgs) HTML site w/ OLD (ie tables <i> <font size=2 etc) to valid XHTML?
Question: Is there a magical tool to automate converting a HUGE (1k pgs) HTML site w/ OLD (ie tables <i> <font size=2 etc) to valid XHTML?
Nice! I have an unused personal url - hmmm... :) RT @pablolarah: - About Me @imjustcreative
Five Experts Shine Light on Graphic Design Careers via @North_Orion
Wow - just realized that this year will mark 10 years since I officially started my company! Where did the time go??? lol
RT @workawesome - WorkAwesome Rewind | The Zen of An Empty Computer Desktop
Saw "Inception" w/ Leonardo DiCaprio last night. Excellent movie! Can't stop thinking about it today, and kind of want to see it again, LOL.
Phew! I'm still a Leo after all! LOL
RT @MenwithPens: 9 common problems freelancers face - and how to solve them. Interesting read!
RT @FreelanceSw: Reminder to U.S. freelancers: Q4 estimated taxes are due Monday! (thanks to @JamiGibbs for the reminder!)
Question for those of you who use Tumblr - is there a way to backup info? (other than my iPhone, I'm still on a PC - yeah I know I know LOL)
RT @laurawalker86: Can anyone help? I would like to intern in TV/Film production in USA this Summer! If anyone has ANY ideas, please let me know.Thanks.
RT @glenngabe: So scary, they should make a horror film about this! :) Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC] @mashable
RT @behoff: Should you work for free? A flowchart by @jessicahische
Glad I'm not one of the 49! Stay warm, everyone! RT @GuyKawasaki: 49 out of 50 states have snow right now
RT @pablolarah: Web Developers: Charging Too Little Hurts the Entire Community | DevGrow
RT @wordpress: WordPress for iOS Update Available Now
New Veg*n Post: Veg Out (aka Where Do Vegetarians Get Their Protien From?)
Well that was scary! iPhone wouldn't turn on! Thank goodness for google!
Thanks so much for including me! RT @humbleuidesigns 45 Girly Geeks to follow on #twitter
New Veggie Post: Vegetarian Refried Bean Quesadilla Recipe (even the meat-eating husband loved it! LOL)
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