the company I work for made #4 this year.
That's awesome, Dario. - Stephen Mack
We made the list too! #50, but on the list! - Jonathan Disher
Great job, Jon! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I didn't realize you worked for blue Kai. We do business with them. Congrats Jonathan! - Dario Gomez
Yep, since November. - Jonathan Disher
I thought I posted about Diablo, but I can't find the post on my feed? I thought I saw Stephen like it. Do post disappear like that, or I am just a noob in the way I'm searching for it?
I see it still. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Um yeah after almost year, I'm just a noob. I lost track of this post as well. - Dario Gomez
Are you still playing Diablo? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
My Girlfriend dressed up as a blood elf mage (video game world of warcraft for those that don't know) She entered an online costume contest. I figured I'd post here.
Do you play Dario? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I do. I got her into the game. The last few months too busy for the both of us. But in December she has a two week shutdown of work, I'm taking a week off, so we will be playing a lot on Surmar. For the Horde! - Dario Gomez
For the Horde! - Amit Patel
My company was featured in an article:
Bi-annual? (once every two years) Cancer scan results are in. I'm cancer free for 4+ years now. :)
Dario, I'm so glad to hear that! - Stephen Mack
Thoughts on "obamacare" now legally a Tax?
I don't even know what to say about this:
Loch ness monster being taught as proof against evolution. 0.o - Dario Gomez
Diablo 3 come out May 15th. Who's playing?
Dr who had a heart attack!
Whoa... - Stephen Mack
Wow! - Anne Bouey
One of those cases when correct capitalization of a headline counts... "Dr who..." or "Dr Who..." - Johnny
Easy ways to fail phone interviews: Hang up after the first question when and I don't know was ok. Hanging up on the second question, even when told you don't have to have the answer. Not being available at a special time you requested.
My first time as a hiring manager, I'm finding the process educational. - Dario Gomez
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
#fftop20Well here's my top 20, and Stephen leads it by a mile
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And I know 9 out of the 20 in person - Dario Gomez
How did I make this list? - Alex Scrivener
Stephen is automatically #1 on everybody's list. It's a bug. - Louis Gray
NOT A BUG. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Alex, it's easy to get on my list. If I commented or liked 2 or 3 items then you're on. You need not have commented or liked anything I've posted. - Dario Gomez
Happy Mexican independence day!
Can we please end the drug war? This is good news but the part that gets me is the stat at the end 37,000 dead since 2006:
Can any one find the stat of how many drug users have died in the US in that period? - Dario Gomez
I hate Cinco de Mayo. Mexican independence day is September 16th. Celebrate that!
But "dieciséis de septiembre" doesn't have same ring as cinco de mayo... - Stephen Mack
Going to vegas this weekend. Friends want a casual place to go dancing and drinking. Place should allow sneakers for guys flip flops for girls. Any suggestions?
I'll try to redirect some of the current and former locals I know here. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Looking for a club or more of a bar? - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
A bar with Music will work. We went to what I think was Hawain tropic last year, but I think they are now closed and not an option. - Dario Gomez
Also, it's cold there at night right now, like close to freezing... probably wont be in flip flops :) - Georgia
I only bring up the flip flop thing, 'cause we had two girls in the group in flip flops last January. - Dario Gomez
Downtown there are a couple casual places - Mickie Finnz, 425 Fremont St. (, beach themed, live band, not too crowded when I was there in early Nov.) and Hog & Heifers, 201 N. Third St. (, more of a "bikers and babes" place, sort of 'Coyote Ugly' - reputation only, I haven't been inside). - Ken Gidley
The Foundation Room atop the Mandalay Bay is pretty cool - great view of the strip, dark/atmospheric inside, pricey drinks (of course). No dancing when I was there, but they do have loud club/house music, so I expect dancing does happen. Dress code in force and/or enforced, though. - Ken Gidley
You could also hang at the numerous bars in the new Cosmo north of CityCenter and south of Bellagio. I hear the vibe is cool and no bottle service required! - Eric - Final Countdown
Oh, and lots of stuff to search here: - Eric - Final Countdown
hope you had a great time in Vegas - Allan Joseph
We did Thanks Allan! The ice bar at the monte carlo proved to be a good place to go (for women with foot wear that would not keep their feet warm they provide shoes for.). Thank you all for the suggestions! - Dario Gomez
I think if fans of a team wave anything white, the team deserves to lose.
This spot reserved for wsop event 45 updates.
/subscribe -- good luck, Dario! - Stephen Mack
GL!! - Ken Gidley
Boring update. At the free shuttle stop at ballys. First shuttle at 10 am. :/ - Dario Gomez from iPhone
Registered area yellow, table 123, seat 1. Now for my pre tourney sushi. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
20 min till game time and we're just now being allowed to our seats. Last post til break. Wish me luck. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
Good luck! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Good Luck! and have fun! kisses my luv! im off to watch Spain play a little futbol! - charlotte brower
At break. Started with 4500 chips currently have 2900. Got sucked out on early and then didn't play a couple of hands that would have been monsters. No one knocked out at my table. It's been fun so far. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
Ouch on the suck-out, how did it go down? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Good luck Dario! Sorry I missed this earlier!! - Georgia
GOOD LUCK! - Roger N
Well ace queen suited vs pocket kings and I'm out. Just missed a club on the river that would have given me the flush. Only had 1500 In chips after 3.5 hrs of play. Needed to make some moves as the small stack at the table, after 4 people had been knocked out. Maybe next year. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
D'oh! - Brian Johns
Awww, sorry to hear you're out, Dario. Sounds like you had a great time anyway. Better luck next one! - Stephen Mack
Sorry you're out, I hope you had fun! - Georgia
I had fun. Wish I had better cards. However went on tilt and......... asked Charlotte to come out at the last minute, and she agreed. She'll be on a flight out for Vegas at 10 pm tonight! - Dario Gomez
Stephen sorry I missed your post. The suck out went down as such. Another player and I limped into a pot. I had King queen suited. The flop came 7, 10, queen. I then pushed 200 chips in. The guy paused for a while, and then called. 10 came on the turn, I checked he pushed 400. I called, we both checked the river. He had Ace ten, and told me he was going to fold, but thought I was mad... more... - Dario Gomez
Some final thoughts on this little adventure. Not about tourney play, as I felt I played ok. In the future, I will get a more a plane ticket I can move and book the room in such a fashion that I don't have to stay the full duration in case I get knocked out early. - Dario Gomez
Also, to make it a group event and include people who aren't in it. I was so afraid I be in poker mode for at least two days, that I didn't think that I would be in my hotel room on the first night writing on friend feed. Other than that, I thought it was great and given the right circumstances I will try again. I would encourage anyone who is into poker to try it at least once. It's a... more... - Dario Gomez
Glad you had fun. Results are in for the event: Final winning hand: 7h-2h! - Ken Gidley
Pics of me at the table. Is that how I normally look playing poker? - Dario Gomez
Yeah, pretty much. That's your poker face. - Stephen Mack
I'd say you tend to smile more at our game. :) Serious Dario is seriously playing pokah! - Ken Gidley
Mexico loses, but move's on in the tourney, at the expense of the hosts (S. Africa). Bring on Argentina. :)
Oh come on Nathan, it's the biggest tourney for the biggest sport in the world. I wish lasted longer. However, we are now in the do or die part of tourney so it may be more interesting as it can't end in ties any more. - Dario Gomez
At least that true for group A, some others need to finish up their first group games. :) - Dario Gomez
Viva Mexico! El Tri beat France 2-0!
Did you enjoy the game, Dario? :) - Stephen Mack
I like the out come. But the game I saw looked a lot like the old text based adventure games. ;) - Dario Gomez
There is a football here. There are goals to the south and north. If you proceed you are likely to be eaten by a vuvuzela. - Stephen Mack
Lol, that is very close to what I was watching. - Dario Gomez
Losing a large percentage of what little faith I had in the general populace...
Check out the comments. The one from stinger_splash2017 is of special note. - Dario Gomez
And then seeing Jimminy Fullers post about how the state can take away parents children. Ug. - Dario Gomez
Yeah, I hear you. And that comment is awful. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm even annoyed at the other comments about how stupid the parents are, and how they should lose custody. They had one child already do this successfully. And she was not the only girl attempting it this year. For anything to be great or heroic there must be great risk. The risks were known and all involved took those risks. I hope she comes home safe with a story and experience of a life time. - Dario Gomez
Wow, those comments are sad, hope she's okay. I personally have a problem with not allowing your children to learn for themselves, should you try and lead them down a path that is safe sure, but you also shouldn't hinder them from doing something, in most cases. Also, Dario, if parents are truly unfit and placing their child in undue harm, the state can take the child, but there has to... more... - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cince de Mayo. My least favorite holiday. Do you celebrate? If so why?
Well, I'm eating mexican food for lunch... does that count? - Georgia
I sort of am (well the catering company my company hired thinks is mexican food.) But I am not celebrating. - Dario Gomez
Dario, why do you hate this day so much, tell me more! My least favorite holiday is - Stephen Mack
Well Stephen it's advertised as Mexican independence day. It is not, that actually occurs on September 16. What is celebrated by americans today (not really celebrated in mexico) is a single battle won against the french in a war we lost. Mexico had to wait until the United States finished it's civil war to regain it's independence. It's like celebrating a battle won in the war of 1812, and being done by the germans as an excuse to drink. - Dario Gomez
And Samuel I can't argue with that logic. - Dario Gomez
Well, it calls itself "Fifth of May" and you can't deny it happens on May 5. But interesting history there, Dario. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Dario, everyone I know here realizes it's not Independence Day (I live in California). It's more like a special US Mexican Appreciation holiday. There may be some Mexican folks that are turned off by it, but there seem to be plenty that celebrate too (I saw a couple guys on the street with flags today). Like Georgia, I just celebrate with tasty, preferably authentic food and thus love it. - Lo
I also live in California, where hispanics are the plurality (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). As I was also ranting on Facebook, my brother was good enough to let me know the following: - Dario Gomez
The commercialization of Cinco de Mayo started because Coors Brewing Company wanted to improve its image among Hispanics who used to boycott the brewing company for alleged discriminatory practices. - Dario Gomez
If you were to get a new 45-47 inch tv and new surround sound speakers and wanted to spend no more than $2,000.00 for the package, what would you get?
My company used this company: to put on a great team building activity. I highly recommend it. The also do occasional free events, so I will keep my eye out. Otherwise tell your HR dept or boss to have these guys host something for you.
I'm a home owner (ok condo)! I just got the keys to my new place. :0)
Grats! Party at Dario's! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Congrats! - Carl Haynes
POKER TIME! :) - Georgia
need a house (condo) warming party to "break it in" - Mekkar
congratulations! - Brian Johns
I'm starting to think we need special zoo laws. I was mad enough from the christmas incident, and almost wished all of the hoodlums had been mauled. But this is horrible. Shouldn't the guy be sentenced to a mental institute, at the very least? - Dario Gomez I'm not sure what trespassing is anymore?
Ha ha. From the article: "...had Herron stayed longer in the grizzly grotto Sept. 26, its two ursine denizens would probably have mauled him to death. 'The defendant jumped an electrified wall and a separate fence, jumped 13 feet into a moat, perched himself in the grizzly bears' living area and showed no signs of leaving before zookeepers fired a shotgun and forcibly removed him,' said Brian Buckelew, a spokesman for District Attorney Kamala Harris. 'If that isn't trespassing, I don't know what is.'" - Stephen Mack
Agreed. I can't believe that 'staying around a while' is a requirement for trespassing. So now I can freely cut through people's property, even if they have a fence and 'no trespassing' signs, because I'm not planning on sticking around? What?? - Kevin Fox
Can we wander around the white house lawn as long we don't expect to move in to the white house? - Dario Gomez
Dario: Yes. But after the secret service shoots you, at the trial you'll be exonerated post-mortem. - Stephen Mack
Good point Stephen. *note to self: don't run across the white house lawn* - Dario Gomez
Home loan approved.
Grats! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks Stephen. - Dario Gomez
What is it with people dieing at Marathons?
Ouch, so three died in a half-marathon in Detroit? A 65-year-old, a 36-year-old, and a 26-year-old. That's out of 19k participants. I don't think that's the general fatality rate for half-marathons, but 3/19000 puts that activity almost exactly as dangerous as driving for a year ( - Stephen Mack
Finished Half Marathon #two for the month. 2hr 29 min or so finish. Next up 5k!
Grats! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks Stephen. - Dario Gomez
Escrow the Sequel: Double the rooms but will the ending change?
So I won the bid on the above linked property. I've been in this boat once before, so we shall see if I actually get to move into the place. The MLS listing for those that care MLS# 80945045 - Dario Gomez
Good luck! - Brian Johns
Thanks Sparky, I'll need it. - Dario Gomez
Having lived near this area (just across the water a bit), be safe. - Neal Krummell
Hey Neal, really? How bad is it? - Dario Gomez
Is it really Tardis like? How is it a 956 sq. foot living space on a 912 sq. foot lot? - Stephen Mack
Good question. I'll see if there's a time lord involved.:) We'll see what the appraiser comes up with when it comes to square footage. - Dario Gomez
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