Dario Gomez
This spot reserved for wsop event 45 updates.
/subscribe -- good luck, Dario! - Stephen Mack
GL!! - Ken Gidley
Boring update. At the free shuttle stop at ballys. First shuttle at 10 am. :/ - Dario Gomez from iPhone
Registered area yellow, table 123, seat 1. Now for my pre tourney sushi. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
20 min till game time and we're just now being allowed to our seats. Last post til break. Wish me luck. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
Good luck! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Good Luck! and have fun! kisses my luv! im off to watch Spain play a little futbol! - charlotte brower
At break. Started with 4500 chips currently have 2900. Got sucked out on early and then didn't play a couple of hands that would have been monsters. No one knocked out at my table. It's been fun so far. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
Ouch on the suck-out, how did it go down? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Good luck Dario! Sorry I missed this earlier!! - Georgia
GOOD LUCK! - Roger N
Well ace queen suited vs pocket kings and I'm out. Just missed a club on the river that would have given me the flush. Only had 1500 In chips after 3.5 hrs of play. Needed to make some moves as the small stack at the table, after 4 people had been knocked out. Maybe next year. - Dario Gomez from iPhone
D'oh! - Brian Johns
Awww, sorry to hear you're out, Dario. Sounds like you had a great time anyway. Better luck next one! - Stephen Mack
Sorry you're out, I hope you had fun! - Georgia
I had fun. Wish I had better cards. However went on tilt and......... asked Charlotte to come out at the last minute, and she agreed. She'll be on a flight out for Vegas at 10 pm tonight! - Dario Gomez
Stephen sorry I missed your post. The suck out went down as such. Another player and I limped into a pot. I had King queen suited. The flop came 7, 10, queen. I then pushed 200 chips in. The guy paused for a while, and then called. 10 came on the turn, I checked he pushed 400. I called, we both checked the river. He had Ace ten, and told me he was going to fold, but thought I was mad because we were always playing against each other. So called out of thinking I was just trying to bluff him out. That was the last time any one thought I was bluffing for the rest of the night. But I went from being chip positive to negative, where I stayed the rest of the tourney. - Dario Gomez
Some final thoughts on this little adventure. Not about tourney play, as I felt I played ok. In the future, I will get a more a plane ticket I can move and book the room in such a fashion that I don't have to stay the full duration in case I get knocked out early. - Dario Gomez
Also, to make it a group event and include people who aren't in it. I was so afraid I be in poker mode for at least two days, that I didn't think that I would be in my hotel room on the first night writing on friend feed. Other than that, I thought it was great and given the right circumstances I will try again. I would encourage anyone who is into poker to try it at least once. It's a lot more casual than one would think. And the play isn't as good as one would think either. The strangest thing that happened was when a girl was seated our table after the first person was knocked out of our table. She she stated she only had two hours of sleep. About 15 minutes later she starts to bet aggressively pre flop , and re raised all in. She had 3, 6 suited and basically gifted her chips to the player to her left. I hope one day I have a player like her to my right in a big tourney. - Dario Gomez
Glad you had fun. Results are in for the event: http://www.wsop.com/tournam... Final winning hand: 7h-2h! - Ken Gidley
Pics of me at the table. Is that how I normally look playing poker? - Dario Gomez
Yeah, pretty much. That's your poker face. - Stephen Mack
I'd say you tend to smile more at our game. :) Serious Dario is seriously playing pokah! - Ken Gidley